The SP Timeline 2019

Hiatus 2019

  1. March 5, 2019 - 'South Park' Creator Trey Parker Files for Divorce from Wife If Trey gets what he wants from this, Betty will still do a voice for the show... at least for this year. But it's just another indication that the show will soon be over.
  2. March 15, 2019 - The “South Park” Season 22 Cover Art For The Home Release Is Epic Coming soon!

    Set to release on May 28, 2019 is the all-new South Park Season 22 home release. The upcoming release will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray and like most of the home releases for South Park will include social commentary episodes, mini-commentaries from South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, deleted scenes, and all 10 uncensored episodes which, from this season, is a pretty big deal.

    Two and a half months away!

    Coming soon!

    Set to release on May 28, 2019 is the all-new South Park Season 22 home release. The upcoming release will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray and like most of the home releases for South Park will include social commentary episodes, mini-commentaries from South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, deleted scenes, and all 10 uncensored episodes which, from this season, is a pretty big deal.

    NEW YORK, May 14, 2019 – Trapped! Caught in another one of Cartman’s schemes, fans of South Park will enter and try to escape the most diabolical and evil place ever invented: SKOOOOL! South Park: Cartman’s Escape Room will make its debut in Chicago on Wednesday, May 15 followed by additional openings in New York, Denver and Los Angeles, with more locations to be announced this summer. Escape the Room Chicago is located at 60 Oakbrook Center, in Oakbrook, IL – 30 minutes from Downtown.

    The nationwide launch of South Park: Cartman’s Escape Room will offer fans of the iconic series a truly immersive experience featuring original dialogue and animation, providing an exciting new experiential initiative where participants will be transported into a standalone South Park experience. A pop-up prototype of the escape room was staged at the most recent Comic-Cons in San Diego and New York and was a huge hit among fans. It was recognized as of one of the best activations at each convention. For more information about this one-of-a-kind experience or to make a reservation visit

    Escape rooms are a form of immersive reality entertainment designed for participants of all ages. The live action puzzle games each have their own theme in which players utilize clues to complete a mission or escape the room in 60 minutes or less. The experiences utilize the best in technology to immerse the players into the unique atmospheres of each room.

  4. June, 2019 - KFC is now selling bags of fried chicken skins. This would make Cartman a happy boy indeed! :D
  5. July 12, 2019 - I guess Trey won't divorce Boogie after all. He has reappeared on @thesouthparkers on IG since June 8.
  6. Jylu 16, 2019 - South Park didn't show this year - no nomination. Also, S23 begins on September 25, per banner sightings at SDCC. Still no contract renewals announced.
  7. July 20, 2019 - Califari sells shirts and artwork celebrating marijuana, so I'm expecting no more than that through this new venture. But if actual weed goes on sale, there will be demand!

    Jason McHugh promises shirts, artwork, weed, and so much more!

  8. July 21, 2019 - Is South Park Ending This Year? No new contracts announced yet.
  9. July 30, 2019 - The Blackout Club Now Available
    The story of Redacre is about to unfold as Question are officially releasing The Blackout Club today on PC, PS4, and Xbox One! Purchasers on consoles can enjoy a 10% discount off the $29.99 USD price to celebrate the week of launch. Question has also shared a launch trailer today to set the scene for new players entering into Redacre’s horror-tinged co-op world.
  10. August 13, 2019 - On the 22nd Anniversary of “South Park”, CBS Merges With Viacom And It Leaves Us With Questions
    1. Disney now owns Hulu, so Viacom and Hulu are splitting up
    2. Viacom and CBS have joined up once again, so SP may end up on CBS All-Access. SP used to air syndicated eps on KCAL 9, a CBS station. I was gonna check out Pluto TV, as some other cartoons are on there, but CBS also announced it will dissolve Pluto TV and fold it into CBS-AA. Matt and Trey will continue with the show until it gets cancelled.
  11. August 26, 2019 - Beyond Meat and KFC partner to test fried plant-based ‘chicken’ This would be Heidi getting back at Cartman for making her eat meat back in Season 20. :)
  12. September 11, 2019 - Four Out Who's Inside You Find out which South Park characters you're a mixture of. :)
  13. September 12, 2019 - As 'South Park' Gets Renewed On Comedy Central Through 2022, Matt Stone and Trey Parker Also Have New Movie Ideas
    1. South Park is renewed through Season 26, or 2022. :) Three more years!
    2. Matt and Trey have some killer movie ideas, but they're keeping mum about them.
    3. No direct-to-video or direct-to-stream option for them - they'd like people to see their movies in the theater, and they like premiere parties, lol.
    Eleven days from contract announcement to season opener is the shortest time ever! Dayum!
    The second shoe has yet to fall. Who's going to provide streaming service if Hulu won't be doing it now that it's part of Disney?

Fall 2019

  1. September 24, 2019 - Welcome to Season 23! We begin with "Mexican Joker." :)
  2. Episode 2301 - Mexican Joker

    ICE shows up at the Broflovski house, and Kyle finds himself among the illegal immigrant kids in an ICE detention camp. Meanwhile, in the pilot episode of his new hit series, Tegridy Farms, Randy battles home-grown weed and comes to terms with the fact that he might be a towel.

    We Got an Anonymous Tip
    ICE shows up at the Broflovski house.
  3. October 1, 2019 - We continue with "Band In China." :)
  4. Episode 2302 - Band In China

    Randy sees an opportunity for TEGRIDY in China, but gets in big trouble during a visit there. Meanwhile, Stan starts a band to work out his frustration over having to move away from South Park.

    Drum Up a Little Business
    Randy heads for China to create more opportunities for Tegridy.
  5. October 2, 2019 - No Live Tweet this week. Looks like they're not coming back. Which means they won't be part of the home video releases either.
  6. October 6, 2019 - We continue with "Shots!!!" :) Looks like the Live Tweets have been discontinued, so they just might be a special feature on the home releases from now on.
  7. Episode 2303 - Shots!!!

    Randy revels in a Tegridy Farms milestone. Meanwhile, Cartman stands his ground and refuses to get a shot.s

    The risk of becoming artistic.
    The boys try to convince Cartman of the importance of getting immunized.
  8. October 13, 2019 - We continue with "Let Them Eat Goo" :)
  9. Episode 2304 - Let Them Eat Goo

    Cartman has a heart attack. The citizens of South Park are moving toward a completely plant-based diet. Cartman is pretty sure the new food in the cafeteria gave him a heart attack.

    How do we sell more weed?
    Randy sits the family down to talk about the family business.
  10. October 18, 2019 - 'South Park' Streaming Rights May Fetch Up to $500M in Bidding War. Six compnaies are vying for those rights.
  11. October 28, 2019 - We continue with "Tegridy Farms Halloween Special." :)
  12. Episode 2305 - Tegridy Farms Halloween Special

    It’s Halloween and Randy is dealing with his daughter’s marijuana problem. Butters gets an unexpected surprise when he visits the Egyptian Artifact exhibit at the Denver Museum.

    What's your problem?
    Randy and Shelley discuss her marijuana problem.
  13. October 29, 2019 - 'South Park's' $500M Library Lands at HBO Max
    South Park is moving to HBO next season! Seasons 24-26 will stream from there, so expect to see major changes at South Park Studios next summer. Hopefully we get a new message board. The one we currently have really sucks ass now. HBO will also get the South Park library - all seasons up to 23 - and stream them from HBO Max. Makes sense, as the show has been critical of Disney, which now owns Hulu, and devoted a trilogy to Game of Thrones, which aired on HBO.

    Two things to ask about:
    1. Will the Muhammad episodes return to the stream? Next year will be 10 years already. Currently they're banned from the stream, but are available on R1 home video releases.
    2. Will the show air during the summer. or will it remain in the fall?

  14. November 4, 2019 - We continue with "Season Finale." :)
  15. Episode 2306 - Season Finale

    The Mayor has evidence that Randy blew up his neighbor’s yards in protest over homegrown weed and then blamed it on a Mexican Joker. Now the citizens of South Park have had enough of Randy and Tegridy Farms and they just want to lock him up.

    Enough of Tegridy Farms
  16. November 11, 2019 - We continue with "Board Girls." The custom of intregrating two stories in one title continues. :)
  17. Episode 2307 - Board Girls

    The Annual Strong Woman Competition pushes everyone to their limits. In the season opener, an even stronger woman causes big problems for PC Principal. Cartman, Stan, and the rest of the boys meet their match when some of the girls join their board gamers club..

    Dice Studz Gamers Club
    Cartman, Stan, Butters, and the other boys play Dungeons & Dragons.
  18. November 24, 2019 - We continue with "Turd Burglars." . :)
  19. Episode 2308 - Turd Burglars

    Kyle and Ike are desperate to keep a lid on their mom’s medical condition. Kyle’s mom looks so good after her fecal transplant that everyone wants to get their hands on her goods. Cartman and the boys jump into the quest for the best microbiome.

    She Must Poop Two Pounders
    Cartman, Stan and Kenny are out to collect some fecal matter from Sheila.
  20. December 2, 2019 - We continue with "Basic Cable." . :)
  21. Episode 2309 - Basic Cable

    Scott Malkinson is desperate to impress the new girl in his class. Scott Malkinson’s future with her depends on him getting the latest and greatest streaming platform. Scott’s dad works for the local cable company and refuses to move beyond basic cable.

    Love Advice From Cartman
    Scott turns to Cartman for advice about girls, but Cartman doesn’t believe in happily ever after.
  22. December 9, 2019 - The Season Finale has arrived. We end with "Christmas Snow." Happy Holidays! :)
  23. Episode 2310 - Christmas Snow

    The Holidays are off to a rough start. It’s a bleak Christmas Season in South Park this year and it’s all Santa’s fault. He is single-handedly stealing the joy from the holiday. The town just wants their Christmas Spirit back but that will take a Christmas miracle..

    Santa's PSA
    Santa is stealing all the joy from the town’s Holiday Season in the Season 23 finale.