The South Park Police Department

by Wild Willie Westwood

The South Park Police Department has grown and changed over the yeras. It began with just one officer patrolling the entire town from a one-room jail, but now it's a full-fledged police department serving Park County. Several officers have the same appearance but different names attached to them. Sometiimes they appear in other cities.

The Police Force

Officer Barbrady - the only South Park Police Force

Officer Barbrady, used to be the only law enforcement in town. He was found to be illiterate, so he spent some time in class with the third graders. He finally got literate enough to keep his job, but learned that reading sucks ass. He remained the only law enforcement until Season 5, when some new officers appeared. In season 6 he was elevated to police chief, as the field reporter in "Fun with Veal" notes: "The police chief of South Park says that there will be no negotiations with terrorsts." When the FBI arrives and asks who's in charge, Chief Barbrady says he is, but doesn't want to be.


In "Butters' Very Own Episode" things begin to change. Here is a police chief and two officers who investigate the Stotches' claims that their son was abducted by some Puerto Rican guy. The police chief appears as a detective... "Child Abduction is Not Funny" explaining to Tweek's parents how Tweek was abducted by the Ghost of Human Kindness.

Season 7 is when the department really changes.

Officer Barbrady is still in charge when Policeman Brown appears in "Toilet Paper." Barbrady calls him Policeman Brown and Josh teases him about it, saying he wasn't good enough to make officer. By the same token, Josh calls Barbrady Officer instead of Chief.
These two officers appear in "Fat Butt and Pancake Head" to arrest the real Jennifer Lopez.
Here is Lt. Dawson from "Lil' Crime Stoppers." He oversees the detective section of the PCPD, including the detectives below.

Det. Murphy (left) and Jenkins. Jenkins appeaers as a police chief and Murphy appears as a lieutenant in "Super Fun Time." Murphy appears in "Inseurity" in the navy blue uniform other officers wear.
Det. Hopkins

Sergeant Yates and the Park County Police Force

Here is the detective who appears in the FBI in "Christian Rock Hard." Someone who looks like him appears in "Lil' Crime Stoppers" three episodes before, but with thinner eyebrows and no mustache. Harris also appears there as we know him. In "Christian Rock Hard" this very detective is seen when the FBI agent leads the parents away to show them the evils of pirating music. The FBI agent enters the Park County Police Department as...

Sgt. Harrison Yates, in "The Jeffersons." When he goes to the Jefferson estate he brings four officers with him.

Harris, his partner



In "Cartman's Incredible Gift" Yates appears as Sgt. Lou and Harris appears as Mitch Murphey. He's Murphey from now on, with Harris being reserved for Harrison Yates. Murphey appears in "Eek, A Penis" simply as Mitch. In "Free Willzyx," Yates appears in Denver as a sergeant, and Murphey is right there with him. In "The Coon" Cartman calls Yates "Commissioner." (in keeping with the Batman theme of "The Coon")

Other Officers

Here is Officer Nelson, who was Policeman Brown in "Toilet Paper." He reappears in South Park in "Bloody Mary," "The Snuke" and "Super Fun Time." He appears as Foley in "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy." This officer appears in "The List" to arrrest Bebe for tampering with the list. This officer appears in "Super Fun Time." He was also in "Butters' Very Own Episode" and in "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy." This officer appeared as far back as "The China Probrem." Here he is in "A Nightmare On Face Time." He didn't get his name, Mitchell Adams, until "#HappyHolograms" Peterson appears in "Pee" as an unnamed captain and in "A Nightmare On Face Time" as a regular officer. He got his name after being shot countless times. He got his first name, Tony, in "Buddha Box" when the desk officer asked him if he knew of PC babies protesting at the Mexican border. This officer appears in "201." Looks like Peterson, but with brown hair. Officer Stevens appears in "Pee." This officer has appeared as a background character before, but got his name, Barkley, in "Obama Wins." He appears as Officer Brown in "Time To Get Cereal."

Diversity in the Force

A Chinese officer shows up at P.F. Chang's in "The China Probrem."

This black officer appears in "City Sushi" and in "Insecurity." He was in "Medicinal Fried Chicken" as well.

Police Buildings

The original police station in town, it was the whole department. First seen in "Cow Days," last seen (interior) in "The Snuke."

The new police station. Other cities in Park County have their own stations. First seen in "Lil' Crime Stoppers," three episodes after we get a good look at Barbrady's station in "Toilet Paper." It was a branch of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation in "Christian Rock Hard." When it reverts to the Park County Police Station, the FBI detective becomes Sgt. Yates.

Barbrady has neven been here.

Yates has been here at least once, in Season 7's "Casa Bonita" when everyone was looking for Butters, whom Cartman was hiding in a bomb shelter (and before Yates was given a name). By the time Season 8's "The Jeffersons" aired, he had moved to the Park County Police Station. Barbrady did not make the move.
Yates and Barbrady were seen close to each other in "Casa Bonita" (where Yates was still unnamed), "Medicinal Fried Chicken" and in "200." They were onscreen in "201," but not at the same time. Barbrady was doing crowd control on the street in front of City Hall while Yates was upstairs with the Mayor and others.