The History of South Park, Bigger, Longer, & Uncut

The Development of South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut

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Video Sales Position
for SP:BLU
From Billboard Magazine


June 23 6
June 30 3
July 7 2
July 14 3
July 21 3
July 28 2
August 4 3
August 11 3
August 18 5
August 25 4
September 1 5
September 8 4
September 15 6
September 22 3
September 29 5
October 6 6
November 11 10
  1. December 1997 - Rumors of a South Park movie begin (but see above). Parker and Stone confirm this and add that the budget for the film is $1.5 million. Turns out that Paramount is the studio interested in making a South Park movie. Parker and Stone agree to it so long as it is an R-rated movie, and they get final cut. They begin working on the script.
  2. January 1998 - Parker and Stone reveal that they'll make an R-rated film like their short, The Spirit of Christmas.
  3. February-April 1998 - I dream of a South Park movie which has several musical numbers, none of whose names I knew at the time. I dream of Stan face down, unconscious on the ground, then of him looking up at a large glowing… you'll have to see the movie if you don't already know. I dream of Mr. Mackey and the kids in "It's Easy, Mmmkay", of the kids dancing in the playground during "Kyle's Mom's a Bitch" (okay, that name I did know, since it first played in "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo"), even of Mrs. Broflovski dancing across the living room. Stan and Kyle's line in "La Resistance (Medley)" come to me during the day. Same with Satan's lines. That's it, though.
  4. April 1998 - the film is to be made using construction paper, like the short.
  5. June 15, 1998 - The script is completed.
  6. July 1998 - Canada is to be featured prominently. Terrance and Phillip are Canadian, right? On E! Online, Matt mentions the film will come out in March.
  7. August 1998 - the first draft of the script is delivered to Paramount on the 20th. The movie opens with Saddam Hussein about to be sentenced to death in the electric chair. After speaking his final words ("How about you get me the fuck out of this chair!" Matt Stone said) Saddam is dispatched in a way that creates much blood and gore. We now know that Phillip, not Saddam, says this line. He and Terrance are not dispatched after all. Isaac Hayes says they're aiming for a Christmas release. Maybe he meant that they're aiming to finish the film by Christmas, which is what happened. Script supervisor Paul Shomer says the film is due out in February.
  8. September 3, 1998 - The film is being done by another crew in another building. Copies of the script are on red paper to discourage unauthorized copying.
  9. October 2, 1998 - Production begins on the film. Later in the month, in an interview with Mr. Shobiz Trey says the movie will come out in April. The second draft is handed in.
  10. December 1998 - The first trailers come out. Just Cartman dancing or commenting ("Damn, Im huge!" or "Who the hell are you people?!"). In PC Gamer Matt confirms that the movie will be out in April.
  11. Early 1999 - It is decided that the film will be a musical. By this time, the film equipment has already been disassembled and carted off, so tape backups are used for any further changes. This allows for the addition of references such as Jar Jar Binks and then-current news items (Madeleine Albright in the Balkans).
  12. January 19, 1999 - Paramount lists the full title as South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, to be released this summer. Original title: South Park: All Hell Breaks Loose. Parker and Stone get to use "All Hell Breaks Loose" in the trailers, but not as part of the title.
  13. January 21, 1998 - The eight draft is handed in. No mention of Metallica or of "Hell Isn't Good" anywhere on the draft, even though rumor has it that Metallica had already recorded the song for the movie.
  14. March 9, 1999 - The South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut Web site is up.
  15. March 17, 1999 - SP:BLU set to be released on June 18.
  16. March 37, 1999 - SP:BLU set to be released on July 16.
  17. April 27, 1999 - SP:BLU set to be released on June 18 once again.
  18. May 1999 - The film will have a war between the United States and Canada. South Park gets turned into a concentration camp (turns out the army does occupy it, but it does not become a concentration camp). The list of guest voices is released.
  19. June 1999 - The release date is pushed to June 11, then to July 2 to June 30. Parker and Stone say they filled the film with as much vulgarity as possible as revenge for the NC-17 slapped on Orgazmo. But every time they submit the movie, it gets an NC-17 and they're asked to remove stuff from it so it could get an R. They comply, only to replace the deletions with more vulgar stuff, then submit an even worse movie. The MPAA relents and okays the R. The real lesson to learn from all this: You can use as much profanity and filth as you want, as long as you don't show any copulation.


  20. June 30, 1999 - South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut opens. It's a great film, if you don't mind profanity. Final budget: $21 million.
  21. July 1999 - Jack Valenti regrets granting an R rating to the film, given the density of profanity in it (399 bad words in 82 minutes). Many, including I, wonder how it escaped an NC-17 rating.
  22. October 11, 1999 - Final domestic gross is $52,008,288.

    Accolades and Revelations

  23. November 23, 1999 - Movie released on DVD. VHS - rent only.
  24. December 13, 1999 - Andy Klein, a longtime member of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, reveals in, that the Association has voted to give the award for best score of the year to Trey Parker and Marc Shaiman for SP:BLU. Andy hopes to present it to them himself on January 19 at the Bel Age Hotel in West Hollywood. Kudos!
  25. December 18, 1999 - New York Film Critics Circle votes SP:BLU best animated film of the year, to be handed to Trey and Matt on January 9. This is the first year the Circle has an award for best animated film.
  26. January 25, 2000 - McFarlane Toys (Spawn) may produce a series of toys based on the movie. Stay tuned.
  27. February 8, 2000 - From Inter Sandman's February 2000 news. This concerns James Hetfield singing in "Hell Isn't Good":


    James finally admitted to lending his vocal cords to the South Park movie on the Members Only Message Boards at Because this is a Members Only area, we will not post his responce (he also answered several other questions)... Members: go check it out now!

    We were told repeatedly by people at Paramount, that this was not James, and in fact South Park creator, Trey Parker.

    The rest of the band, it seems, sat this one out. Arguments on SP fan sites continue as to whether all of Metallica was involved, or just James, and when the recording session took place.

  28. May 16, 2000 - Movie finally released on VHS. You can find it for as low as $5.99 if you know where to look.
  29. July 24, 2000 - One of the questions in the Twenty Questions concerns the very question answered on February 8. Yes, James Hetfield was the only Metallica member to be part of "Hell Isn't Good." He sang the second part of it, with DVDA as backup. Another of the Twenty Questions was about a director's cut of the movie, but Trey and Matt didn't want to make one, and they hate director's cuts of movies. They felt the movie spoke for itself, but thought about it and said they might make a special edition with commentary someday.
  30. September 12, 2000 - The stats compiled in the summer of '99 for South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut have entered the Guinness Book of World Records 2001: On page 95 under Cartoons it says the movie "contains 399 swear words and 128 offensive gestures." Taking my cue from "It's Easy, M'kay" I get, from my transcript:
    1. ass - 26
    2. shit - 37
    3. bitch - 73
    4. fuck - 144
      or 280 bad words. Adding Cartman's words (and a few others) gives us
    5. Cock - 8
    6. Tit - 1
    7. Pussy - 3
    8. Dick - 7
      or 19, for a grand total of 299 bad words. I'm sure there are words I missed that total 100 or more.
  31. July 10, 2001 - One of the SPS FAQs asks about a special edition of the movie. The reply is that there are no plans for one, and that it's Paramount's decision to put it out.
  32. January 27, 2002 - Some light on why the MPAA rejected the title ''South Park: All Hell Breaks Loose.'' Roger Ebert answered the following question in the Chicago Sun-Times:

    Q. I remember when ''South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut'' came out. I seem to remember that the earlier title of this film was ''South Park: All Hell Breaks Loose.'' This title was rejected by the MPAA on the basis of the word ''Hell'' in the title. I was wondering if this was true why they decided to allow the word ''Hell'' in the title of ''From Hell'' the new movie with Johnny Depp? This would seem to be very contradictory.

    Russell Benz, Fargo N.D.

    A. Richard Taylor, spokesman for the MPAA, says: ''According to the Classification and Ratings Administration in Los Angeles, the word 'hell' was never part of the title of that film (at least never in any form when the ratings board was reviewing the film). Therefore, the simple answer to Mr. Benz's question is that the MPAA never rejected the use of the word 'hell' in the title of the film.''

    This statement is technically true in that it refers to the version submitted to the board. But the MPAA often makes ''suggestions'' before films are submitted. According to the Internet Movie Database, ''In a clandestine rebellion against MPAA, who forced them to alter some of the film's content and its original title, Trey Parker and Matt Stone slipped the new title, 'Bigger, Longer and Uncut' (adjectives that can describe a penis as well as the film) past the ratings board.'' And the Web site The Censors quotes Parker: ''Originally, our movie was called 'South Park: All Hell Breaks Loose.' The MPAA said, You can't say 'hell' in the title.'' The site continues: ''He and Stone's counterproposal for the title was an obvious penis joke, Parker said, but the MPAA approved it. 'They just didn't get it.' '' This is also the story Parker and Stone told Jay Leno on ''The Tonight Show.''

  33. April 5, 2005 - In the South Park Studios Interview with Matt Stone, Matt said he and Trey had no plans at that time for an SP:BLU special edition. They have no deleted scenes, there is no docementary footage of a making of so the only thing it could be is a commentary track. To be perfectly truthful, he said, both he and Trey hate doing commentary tracks. He don't know why.
  34. May 13, 2005 - In an interview with IGN, Matt reaffirmed that there will be no special edition of SP:BLU. He says there's no other material to add alongside it, so there's no SE to make.

South Park At The Oscars 2000

The Nomination

It all began on February 16, 2000. The nominees for the various awards to be handed out at the 72nd Annual Academy Awards were listed. Among the nominees was Trey Parker and Marc Shaiman's "Blame Canada" from South Park: Biger, Longer, & Uncut for best song. The other nominees were Diane Warren's "Music of My Heart" from the movie Music of the Heart, Aimee Mann's "Save Me" from Magnolia, Randy Newman's "When She Loved Me" from Toy Story 2, and Phil Collins' "You'll Be in My Heart" from Tarzan.

"Blame Canada" 2000 - A countdown to the Oscars

Fans of the show, including I, began to follow developments as they came in. Here is just a sampling of articles written about "Blame Canada"'s nomination.
  1. February 16, 2000 - In "'South' song could shake show up" there is speculation as to how Trey Parker and the Academy will handle the content of "Blame Canada" before it is performed on Oscar night.
  2. February 17, 2000 - The South Park Digest reports throughout the week that South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut is nominated for the Best Achievement in Music (Original Song) for "Blame Canada!"
  3. February 22, 2000 - Trey Parker will rewrite the lyrics for "Blame Canada," the Oscar-nominated song from South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, before it is performed at next month's Academy Awards telecast, USA Today columnist Jeannie Williams reported today. Williams quoted Lili Fini Zanuck, who is co-producing the telecast with her husband, Richard, as saying that Parker "will come up with some funny solutions to his own problems. ... We won't do anything to 'Blame Canada,' but Trey is aware of the ABC censors."
  4. March 2, 2000 - CNN's "Oscars to include musical finger-pointing at Canada" discusses various aspects of "Blame Canada" and the Canadian reaction to the one nomination The Huricane got. "EXTRA: 'South Park' Song Censored? Blame Hollywood!" discusses Trey's responsibility in making "Blame Canada"'s lyrics suitable for network broadcast (it will be performed) and the choice of singer(s) since Mary Bergman committed suicide. At the William S. Paley Television Festival at the DGA Trey and Matt say that fans shouldn't hold their breath for another South Park movie. They feel that the MPAA would reject anything from them now, even making "beautician" an NC-17 issue.
  5. March 3, 2000 - "South Park" Guys: Bleep the Oscars! has more to say on the Academy's unease with "Blame Canada." Marc Shaiman notes it would be ironic to censor a song about censorship. Neither he nor Trey will change the words, though. Now the censors are looking at changing "fart" in "they just want to fart and curse." UntimateTV's "Who Will Sing "Blame Canada"? Who Will Voice Cartman's Mom?" reveals that Trey and Matt promise a surprise performer for "Blame Canada" and continue to rail against the MPAA for colluding with the major studios against the independents.
  6. March 8, 2000 - In Yahoo!'s "South Park' Song Poses Oscar Dilemma," ABC weighs in on censoring "Blame Canada." The profanity in the song must either be cleaned up or bleeped out. In "Blame That Bleeping Canada" Lili Zanuck says she'd like a softer censorship than the bleep.
  7. March 18, 2000 - Yahoo's "Williams to "Blame Canada'' for Oscars, but how?" says that Robin Williams has been picked to sing the song. Is this the surprise performer Trey and Matt had in mind?
  8. March 20, 2000 - Yahoo's "Robin Williams Crooning 'Canada'" says producers pray Robin Williams doesn't decide to improvise parts of "Blame Canada." Still, he has the background to pull it off. He's been Mrs. Doubtfire and has sung well in Aladdin
  9. March 23, 2000 - 'Blame Canada'? shows how excited Trey was about "Blame Canada" being nominated for Best Original Song. He also noted how ABC was worried over the word "fart," and why no one should take "Blame Canada" seriously or personally.

The Luncheon - March 13, 2000

Trey and Marc (Shaiman) are in the second row, four people away from and to the right of Oscar. Trey wears a silver-colored shirt, Marc looks over Trey's left shoulder.

A Night At The Oscars - March 26, 2000

A Pimp And His Hos

A Pimp And His Hos
As the stars arrived at the Shrine Auditorium the cameras got a good look at what they were wearing. Trey, Matt, and Marc showed up in their own fashion statements. Marc came dressed as a 1970's-style pimp wearing a pale blue suit and fur coat, Matt came dressed as Gwyneth Paltrow in a replica of her pink Ralph Lauren dress from last year's Oscars, and Trey came dressed as Jennifer Lopez in a knock-off of her Versace gown from this year's Grammys. "We're not ashamed of our bodies,'' Parker told Reuters. ''This event is the most important thing in the world.''

The Joan Rivers Interview

As Trey and Matt made their way up the carpet, Joan Rivers stopped them and interviewed them. Here's the text from that interview:

Joan: [addresing Matt] Gwyneth, you look fabulous.
Matt: Oh, thanks. Everyone looks fabulous.
Trey: It's a magical night.
Matt: It's a magical night.
Trey: It's a night of magic.
Matt: It's a night of magic and stars, and everyone looks fabulous.
Trey: I'm so excited! [bobs around]
Joan: Are your parents watching, I hope?
Matt: I hope so.
Trey: My mom and dad are watching, yes, I think.
Marc: [off camera] Joan, who are you wearing?
Matt: My mom are wat- my mom was watching 'til right about now.
Joan: [laughs] Your mom right now is explaining to everybody… Will you change for the party, or are you smart enough to get it that this was a great photo-op?
Matt: Well, we're gonna play it by ear. [Joan strokes Marc's fur coat]
Joan: Your first Academy Awards?
Trey: …What?
Joan: Your first Academy Awards show?
Trey: First one and probably last.
Matt: First one and probably last. I don't think they'll ever invite us back again. [after this, the trio leave. Joan turns to the camera]
Joan: Those guys look like idiots!

"Blame Canada" 2000

as performed by Robin Willians

"And finally, with 'Blame Canada,' from South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, please welcome Academy Award winner Robin Williams!"
The crowd roared with cheers and applause, and the curtains opened. On a blackened stage with a path of light before him, Williams came out in black pants and coat and red shirt, and with duct tape over his mouth. He spoke through the tape, but couldn't be understood. After a while he ripped the tape off and said, "Oh my God! They killed Kenny!" Then he marched forth and began singing…

"Blame Canada"
Times have changed.
Our kids are getting worse.
They won't obey their parents;
They just want to fart and curse.
Should we blame the government?
Or blame society?
Or should we blame the images on TV?
NO! Blame Canada!
Blame Canada!
[a crowd of townsfolk converges on him while some mountains are put together]
Second Chorus
It seems that everything's gone wrong
Since Cananda came along.
["Before their beady little eyes
Have packed their heads so full o' lies"]
Resume Blame Canada!
Blame Canada!
We need to form a full assault;
It's Canada's fault!
Don't blame yourself
For your son Stan.
He saw the darn cartoon,
["Don't blame me
For my son, Stan."]
And now he's off to join the Klan.
And my boy Eric once,
Had my picture on his shelf,
But now when he sees me, he tells me to [crowd gasps] myself!
["But now when I see him…"]
"La Resistance" Medley Blame Canada!
Blame Canada!
Because when Canada is gone
["When Canada is dead and gone..."]
There'll be no more Celine Dion!
"Blame Canada" Blame Canada! Blame Canada!
They're not even a real country anyway.
Kenny coulda been a doctor or a lawyer, rich and true
["My son..."]
Instead he burned up like a piggy on a barbecue.
Should we blame the matches?
Should we blame the fire?
Or the doctors who allowed him to expire?
Heck No! Blame Canada!
Blame Canada!
With all their hockey hullabaloo!
And that bitch Anne Murray, too!
First Chorus variation Blame Canada!
Blame Canada!
All I can say is, oy, gevalt,
It's Canada's fault!
[at this point the townsfolk move to the rear and stand on platforms behind the mountains and above Willams while female Canadian Mounties wearing short shorts prance out and join him. Several people come out wielding "No Canada" flags]
Showstopper Blame Canada! Blame Canada!
with Bryan Adam's beady eyes
["The Canadian government has apologized for Bryan Adams on several occasions..."]


And Margaret Trudeau's friendly thighs
[According to Art Fein, in 1977 Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau's young wife, Margaret (he was 58, she 29), left her wedding anniversary, husband and three children to see a Stones show - and subsequently, to tour with the Brits. Along the way she slept with Mick Jagger. After she switched beds to sleep with Ron Wood, Jagger remarked, "I wouldn't go near her with a barge pole." When Maggie returned and Pierre asked where she'd been, she replied, "None of your fucking business"]

— The Seattle Times
Sunday, Nov. 23, 1997

[An infamous picture of her appeared - in "Bridges to Babylon"? - sitting on the floor with her knees up and, uh, no panties.]

Blame Canada! Shame on Canada
Coda: The smut we must stop, the trash we must smash,
the laughter and fun must all be undone.
We must blame them and cause a fuss,
Before somebody thinks of blaming us!

Williams ended the song with a chorus line of female Mounties. In the middle of the coda he skipped a few words to concentrate on the right moment to take off the pull-away shirt and coat (he wasn't tired, just apprehensive). When he turned to face the audience again he was wearing a black T-shirt with a flashing "No Canada" sign sewn into it (that's gotta be sold somewhere!). As the Mounties turned to leave, he looked at their rear ends and said, "Wooo! Booty call! No wonder they get their men!."
Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, "Blame Canada" did not get the Oscar for best song. That went to "You'll Be In My Heart." Now Trey and Marc can be known as the men who lost to Phil Collins, and we should all go down with them.
Did I forget to mention it? Robin Williams is a big South Park fan!
Oscar 2000 blow by blow - page 4 of 11
Videos for the song can be found at Mr. Hat's Hell Hole, somewhere...
William's Big Finish. Note the shirt

The Aftermath

Trey, Matt and Mark went to at least one party after the Oscar telecast. Matt Stone was found at the Vanity Fair party and asked what he thought of William's performance. He said he was 'happy' with Robin Williams' rendition of Blame Canada, saying he was impressed with 'what a production it was.'
Empire Online - Oscar 2000 Feature

And so ends the Oscar hopes for South Park fans everywhere.

South Park At The MTV 2000 Movie Awards

The Nomination

It all began on April 18, 2000. The nominees for the various awards to be handed out at the MTV 2000 Movie Awards were listed. Among the nominees was Trey Parker and Marc Shaiman's "Uncle Fucka" from South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut for best musical performance. The other nominees were "Just The Two Of Us" from the movie Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, "Tu Vuò Fa L'Americano" from The Talented Mr. Ripley, and "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" from 10 Things I Hate About You.

"Uncle Fucka" 2000 - A countdown to the Popcorns

Fans of the show, including I, began to follow developments as they came in. The coverage of the nomination was not nearly as extensive as that for the Oscar namonation, but a few articles did mention it. Here they are:

May 18 2000 - MTV posts details about South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut to provide some background behind the nomination. For some reason (none, really), Terrance is listed as "Ike" underneath the photo on the left side of the page.

June 2, 2000 - MTV releases its list of celebrity appearances for the MTV 2000 Movie Awards. Trey and Matt are listed among them.

June 3, 2000 - The Actual Award Night -'s Ellen A. Kim reports: "Keanu Reeves tried. Trey Parker and Matt Stone tried. But in reality, even winners go home empty-handed. The popcorn gets bungeed out of their hands after the press conference and back into the possession of the headset-wearing event managers. Later, their names are engraved into the popcorn statuette and mailed to the winner."

Trey holds up the Popcorn

June 4, 2000 - From Yahoo!: Uncle Fucka Wins! Retribution came for Matt Stone and Trey Parker, who were snubbed Oscar night for their South Park anthem "Blame Canada." They took home MTV’s prize for another tune from the film, "Uncle Fucka."The MTV Movie Awards were given out last Saturday and the taped ceremony will air this Thursday.
"When I wrote the song 'Uncle Fucka' I didn't realize it would touch so many lives," Parker said backstage, adding he hoped "it would stand as a song about freedom for everyone." Hmmm, it must have been the fart solo.
The organizers also screened parody clips of hot movies. An animated sequence from the creators of "South Park'' pitted the heroes of their sophomoric TV cartoon series in a gladiatorial contest against Russell Crowe and his "Gladiator'' crew and a team of Scientologists led by John Travolta. One of the "South Park'' kids uses Scientology scripture to wipe himself.

June 5, 2000, IMDb — South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut (1999) writer Trey Parker's joy at winning an MTV award for BEST MUSICAL PERFORMANCE was eclipsed by his delight that Oscar- winner Phil Collins wasn't even nominated. Parker, who with South Park co-creator Matt Stone carried off an award for their song UNCLE F**KA, said he was delighted to be able to get his own back on Collins, who beat him to an Oscar earlier this year with his songs for the DISNEY film Tarzan (1999). Parker says, "The great thing is that Phil Collins wasn't even nominated. Phil has been calling me every week showing off about his Oscar. But it fits Phil has the little bald guy and I have the popcorn." Parker adds the MTV awards are much cooler than the Oscars anyway, as the voters tend to be more hip - and they could enjoy it more as they were less drunk. He laughs, "The people voting for this are under 70 whereas the ACADEMY AWARDS are a little different... And we're less drunk. We were so f**ked up when we got to the Oscars. Literally 20 minutes into it, we were like, 'we've got to go.' And we were wearing dresses as well which wasn't easy."

June 8, 2000, USA Today - Vindicating their Oscar loss, Trey Parker and Matt Stone (not in drag) were awarded Best Musical Performance for Uncle F**ka from South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. After the show, Parker said: "This award is cool because it's about the fans. The Academy Awards is just about Hollywood patting itself on the back."

June 8, 2000, Ted Casablanca's The Awful Truth - Trey Parker and Matt Stone, both in dark suits, seemed to also be in a bit of a dark humor. When I asked where their gowns (which they modeled so beautifully at the Oscars) were, Trey responded, "One time it's funny. Two times you're gay."
…Matt Stone was walking across the street from the Mondrian in West Hollywood wearing cargo pants and a red Old Navy T-shirt with blue trim. No one seemed to notice, though.

Popcorn Night

Trey and Matt contributed to the Movie Awards twice. The first time was when they won for Best Musical Performance in a Film for "Uncle Fucka." Herein the transcript of that moment:
[Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and Halle Barry are at the podium trying to be charming]
Rebecca:You know, sometimes I think, "Wouldn't life be great if it were more like a musical?"
Halle:Yeah… You could be… making love and break out into a song, with a big band… right behind you.
Rebecca:…Yeah. You know, I tried that once, but the trombone kept pokin' me in the ass.
Halle:[chuckles softly] Guess what? That wasn't a trombone. [chuckles some more]
Rebecca:Oooo. [places her right hand over her lips. Halle laughs as the crowd hoots and hollers]
Halle:Here are the nominees for Best Musical Performance.
Announcer:Here it is: Best Musical Performance… [video clip begins to play, overwhelming the announcer's voice. The first nominee pops in] Matt Damon, Jude Law, and Fiorello, "Tu Vuò Fa L'Americano" [a clip of the three singing in an Italian bar. Next nominee] Mike Myers and Vern Troyer, "Just The Two Of Us" [Dr. Evil sings to Mini Me in a video. Next nominee] Heath Ledger, "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" [he sings to a particular cheerleader and is escorted off the bleachers. Next nominee] Terrance and Phillip, "Uncle Fucka" [they sing the climax to their song. End of nominees. The audience cheers]
Rebecca:And the winner for Best Musical Performance in a Movie is…
Halle:[opens the envelope and reads] Matt Stone and Trey Parker, "UNCLE FUCKA!" South Park. [the audience cheers, Rebecca applauds. The fart sequence to the song plays as Trey walks up to the stage, followed soon by Matt Stone. Both of them greet Rebecca and Halle and receive their Popcorns]
Trey:Uhm… I wanna thank MTV and all of you for not even nominationg Phil Collins. [Rebecca and Halle leave as the audience laughs. Trey and Matt look at their Popcorns] And uh… When I wrote "Uncle Fucka" I didn't realize how many lives it would touch. Um… [some audience reaction is shown] And so I hope it stands as a song about freedom for all of us for a long time.
Matt:Well also… Also, I wanna thank everyone who worked on the movie with us, especially Marc Shaiman, who uh, did that brilliant fart sequence in that, in that uh, thing, and uh…
Someone:I love you, Halle! [Trey grins]
Matt:Hey uh, I do too, man. You look a lot better in a dress than I do [Trey: Yeah]; the whole town knows that.
Trey:[chuckles] That's good.
Matt:Thank you.
Trey:Free the West Memphis Three! [the camera pulls back as Trey and Matt walk off stage.]

Later, their parody, mentioned above, was one of several short parodies to be shown on the air. You can read the script here.


June 16, 2000, Enertainment Weekly - Matt Stone on Battlefield Earth, which is parodied in the short: "Who wanted to go see that movie? The demographic was, like, 38- to 41-year-old Scientologists."

A little-known fact:

Posted in South Park Studios by: butters @ 04-20-2001 11:05
Very few people know this but Matt and Trey were planning on creating a short segment for the 1999 MTV Movie Awards (kind of like the 2000 one that made fun of "Gladiator" and "Battlefield Earth"). The subject of the 1999 version was "The Mummy" and Jar Jar Binks. It was hilarious, but MTV nixed it because they didn''t want to piss off George Lucas. If you remember, there was a huge sketch in the show with Lisa Kudrow, Andy Dick, and the Jedi scene from "Episode One."
The scene was never animated, but there was an animatic tape floating around...

A Memo

The South Park Studios hasn't confirmed whether the following scanned memo came from Matt Stone, but... On June 16, 2006, The Hot Blog posted a copy of a memo from South Park creator Matt Stone addressing the MPAA's notes for South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut. It's reproduced here if the image is hard to read:
Here is our new cut of the South Park movie to submit to the MPAA. I wanted to tell you exactly what notes we did and did not address.
  1. We left in both the "fisting" and "rimjob" references in the counselor's office scene. We did cut the word "hole" from "asshole" as per our conversation.
  2. We took out the entire "God has fucked me in the ass so many times..." It is gone.
  3. Although it is not animated yet, we put a new storyboard in for clarification in the scene with Saddan Hussein's penis. The intent now is that you never see Saddam's real penis, he is in fact using dildos both times.
  4. We have the shot animated that reveals the fact that Winona is not shooting ping-pong balls from her vagina. She is, in fact, hitting the balls with a ping-pong paddle.
  5. We took out the only reference to "cum-sucking ass" in the film. It was in the counselor's office and we took it out.
  6. We left in the scenes with Cartman's mom and the horse as per our conversation. This is one joke we really want to fight for.
Call with any questions



P.S. This is my favorite memo ever.

Now, why are we seeing this now and didn't see it back in, say, 2001, other than it being a slow news day?