Secrets in the South Park Opening Credits

by Wild Willie Westwood

Goin' Down To South Park

The Sequences

The secrets in the opening credits appear in animated montages, so I will list them according to the lines in the song

Les: I'm goin' down to South Park, gonna have myself a time…
Before Les Claypool appears, Mr. Hankey bounces high across the screen.
Les is wearing a bunnyfish (prominent in Pink Eye) atop his hat throughout the song.
Mrs. Cartman is at the bus stop once the bus pulls away from it. Jimbo and Ned are farther away, with Jimbo firing at the camera.
Pink Eye
"Children Crossing" sign replaced by sign depicting a witch on broomstick.
The trees are barren.
Stan's head is a Jack-O' Lantern.
The boys face backwards.
Les is a skeleton with coattails and a bunnyfish skeleton on his hat. He plays a flaming guitar.
Bus says "Happy Halloween" on side.
Mrs. Cartman is wearing a witch hat.
Second Season
Damien is already on the bus.
Big Gay Al now stands next to Mrs. Cartman.
Spooky Fish
Before the theme comes up, an announcer warns that the episode will be shown in Spooky Vision, which consists of pictures of Barbra Streisand at all four corners. The images change after each commercial.
Other than that, the sequence from Pink Eye is presented again.
Third Season
The two teenagers from the second season stand behind Big Gay Al and Mrs. Cartman
Ming Li (Cartman) stands between Les and Jimbo.
Fourth Season
The Antonio Banderas blow-up doll joins the boys at the start of the sequence.
Stan, Kyle: Friendly faces everywhere, humble folks without temptation
Cows run the other way, and Officer Barbrady pursues them.
An eagle appears.
Pink Eye
As Barbrady pursues a herd of cow skeletons, he looks at the camera, showing vampire teeth.
The eagle has been replaced by a bat.
Bus says "South Park Elementary R-1" again.
The boys face forward.
Second Season
Starvin' Marvin is in the back seat of the police car.
Third Season
Old Frida watches as the cows run past her.
Charlie Manson replaces Marvin in the back seat of the police car.
Fourth Season
Dougie, the first-grader. sits behind Kenny now
Les: Goin' down to South Park, gonna leave my woes behind…
Jesus floats up and away, as in the revised The Spirit of Christmas
Randy was on one side of Him, Sparky on the other, and Shelley (with headgear) was behind Him.
Jimbo's Guns is next to City Hall!
An alien pops out from behind Jimbo's Guns.
A TV next to the mayor shows Frosty grabbing Cartman and tossing him away (from the original The Spirit of Christmas, where Cartman is called "Kenny" - Kenny Cartman)
TV reporter and cameraman are behind the TV.
Pink Eye
Witch replaces Jesus, and flies away cackling on her broomstick.
Mayor's helpers have witch hats, and there's no TV next to them.
A Jack-O' Lantern replaces Sparky. Shelley repeatedly stabs it.
Second Season
Mecha Streisand is on the other side of the mountain behind Jimbo's Guns.
For Cartman's Mom Is Still A Dirty Slut, instead of the bus coming through, Kathie Lee passes by with her entourage (the bus was restored in Chickenfucker).
Leonard Maltin is looking out from the Mayor's Office window.
Third Season
Kathie Lee and her entourage roll through, and the bus follows.
The Underpants Gnomes are carrying away an aide's underpants in front of Sparky.
The Crocodile Hunter and Larry are fighting on the roof of the bus.
Sharon is pulling another body away.
Fourth Season
Cartman on a cross shows up behind the Mayor.
Jakovasaurs are on on the City Hall roof.
The junker and the Missionary 600 from "Starvin Marvin in Space" hover above City Hall.
Cartman: Ample parking day or night, people spouting, 'Howdy, neighbor!'
A bison runs the other way.
Chef passes the bus on his way to work and waves at the camera.
Pink Eye
A bison made out of coffins (RIP)!
Death is driving Chef's Town & Country, and it looks at the camera.
Second Season
Tom the Rhinoplaster can be seen through the bus windows.
Kevin is way back there in Chef's wagon.
Spooky Fish
As the bus passes Tom's Rhinoplasty, the sign reads Kim's Shoes.
Third Season
The Booktastic Bus (with the Chickenfucker) and the bison pass each other.
Les: Headin' on up to South Park, gonna see if I can't unwind…
A family of happy Aliens sits in picnic behind Les.
Fluffy the pot-bellied pig runs across the road
Santa is shown spinning Jesus around and tossing him, as in the revised The Spirit Of Christmas.
Pink Eye
Alien family is replaced by a Graveyard with a flaming skeleton in it.
"REDRUM" (from The Shining - spell it backwards) is painted in blood on the window opposite Kenny in the back of the bus.
A girl onboard says, "Eww, it smells!"
A black cat, not Fluffy, crosses behind the bus.
A pumpkin patch and haystack replace the The Spirit Of Christmas billboard
Second Season
Mt. Evanston has blown its top and is covered in lava.
Scuzzlebutt peeks out from behind the billboard displaying The Spirit Of Christmas
Two bunnies sway to the music (Stan could never shoot one).
Mad turkeys chase Fluffy across the road.
Third Season
The Chef Aid concert stage, with Elton John at the piano, stands beyond the field of skeletal remains.
Stan's clubhouse stands next to the billboard, with Roy still hanging by his feer from it.
Tweek looks out the back window of the bus, and Mr. Hankey appears as the sorcerer's apprentice.
Fourth Season
Miss Stevens appears, then walks away with a giant bug on her back.
Mr./ Ms. Kitty shows up in heat.
The Giant Yanogapa pops up when the bus drops out of view.
Official Words!

Can I say this here?
Seasons 1 and 2, he said "I like women with big vaginas. I'm also a fan of big, fat titties."
Seasons 3 - 5, he says, "I've got a 10-inch penis. Use your mouth if you want to clean it."

- Trey Parker, Yahoo! online chat, June 28, 1999.

Season 6 it's all "Yimmy Timmy Timmy Timmy..."

Season 7 on, he says: "One day I'll be old enough to stick my dick in Britney's butt." Here's the FAQ on that...

Q: On another site they've posted what Kenny supposedly says in the beginning of season 7 episodes... "One day I'll be old enough to stick my dick in Britney's butt." Is that it? Thanks.

A: That is the not so completely offical answer from Matt Stone! When I told Matt that it was about a year since the first episode of the 7th season, and that he and Trey had promised to tell the fans what he said, he replied that he couldn't remember. Thankfully I had asked another Staff Member (Mr. Keef Bartkus) he had said that "what you said was the new phrase." When I asked Matt about it he was 95% sure that it was correct. He also said he'd double check on it, but that probably will take some time, so for now, we're going to say that "Someday I'll be old enough, to stick my dick in Britney's Butt" is the correct phrase that Kenny mumbles in the 7th season.

- Breayle Riess, SPS Webmaster, December 8, 2003.

Pip, Wendy, and Mr. Garrison watch the boys get off the bus, and Chef greets them up front.
Mice race out of the upper right window, with a black bear (from Volcano) escaping through the lower left one.
An alien peeks from around the left side of the main building
Ike flies in from screen left and lands at Kyle's feet; Kyle promptly kicks Ike away.
Pink Eye
School is now a haunted house, with rats and a ghost, and two jack-o-lanterns facing the boys. A cutout of a demon hangs over the house door.
The window the bear exits from is boarded up.
Second Season
Instead of Ike landing and getting kicked away again, Mr. Hankey bounces across the screen. More consistent, I'd say.
Death touches Kenny.
Third Season
Mr. Mackey's head floats by.
Starvin' Marvin and Ike join the others on the second floor
Nurse Gollum stands behind Chef.
Deputy Cartman speeds by on his Big Wheels.
Fourth Season
Schlomo and the Squirts head for the school door
Instead of escaping from a window, the black bear goes after a Squirt and carries him off.
Kenny carries Lambtor
Mark Cotswolds walks off in his giant hamster ball
Les: Come on down to South Park town and meet some friends of mine…
The main characters appear as a group behind Les.
A small space ship hovers in from screen left.
Brian Boitano skates from screen right to screen left.
Ike flies in from screen left and knocks the "Sout Park" sign down
Pink Eye
A skeleton skates from screen right to screen left.
Brian Boitano skates by in a pink leotard.
The bat hits a tombstone that says "South Park". (Instead of Ike hitting a sign.)
Second Season
Terrance and Phillip float above the South Park sign
Mr. Hankey replaces Ike in hitting the sign.
Fourth Season
Moses joins the group
God replaces Mr. Hankey bouncing off the South Park sign
Sixth Season
A new crowd scene, a visitor is clearly visible there.

Starting with 4th grade, the South Park intro got a whole new look, with way too much activity to report here. Some clips from older episodes show up, though. With the sixth season, a new intro.