Eliza J. Schneider
Blue Girl
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Date of Birth: ????
First role: ????
— ????
Memorable Characters:
Sharon Marsh
Principal Victoria
Liane Cartman
Ms. McCormick
Ms. Crabtree

In her late 20's, Eliza is an accomplished young woman. The daughter of an Indian Law attorney, she spent her formative years on a Chippewa Reservation with her two older brothers. Her father is a math and drama teacher at the School of Arts high school in Rochester, New York, where she graduated as salutatorian (second in rank, gave the opening speech). She also participated in an intense theater program at Northwestern University's National High School Institute and recently graduated from UCLA as a world arts and cultures major. She also participated in a semi-intense relationship with the captain of the fencing team.
She is accomplished in voice, violin, guitar and piano, and fluent in French and Russian. Her sporting activities include motorcycling, downhill skiing and horseback riding. She was also the lead vocalist in the rock bands "It's My Party!" and "Jazzbabies." When not working or studying, Eliza devotes her time to causes such as Greenpeace and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals …except men-in-rat-suits.
In ???? she completed a cross-country road tour in a former ambulance (?) studying regional dialects for her senior thesis. Based on her research, she developed and performed an original one woman show entitled "`I'm Not Weird' -- American Perspectives," aka "USA 911."
She is (was?) a member of the improvisational troupe "Awareness Theatre."
She is now the Blue Girl
Below is her oeuvre.

Actress - filmography

?? projects

Stage Work

?? projects

Title Character(s) Year
Agnes Of God Agnes ????
Antigone Antigone ????
West Side Story Maria ????
Grease Rizzo ????
Lysistrata ??? ????
Brighton Beach Memoirs ??? ????
A Christmas Carol ??? ????
Inherit The Wind ??? ????
Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates ??? ????


?? projects

Title Character(s) Year
How to Get Laid at the End of the World All the Girlfriends 1999

Television Projects

?? projects

Title Character(s) Year
The Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys (CBS) Sheila Brentwood 1992
Beakman's World Liza, lab assistant 1993
A Black Tie Affair (NBC) ??? ???
South Park Sharon Marsh
Principal Victoria
Liane Cartman
Ms. McCormick
Ms. Crabtree
Wendy Testaburger
Shelley Marsh
Mayor McDaniels
Invader ZIM Moofy 2001
Spy TV Various Women 2001

Guest Spots

?? projects

Title Voice(s) Episode
King Of The Hill Charisse I'm With Cupid, 1997
Johnny Bravo Lola Berry the Butler, 1997
Girlfriends Tanya Circe Sister, Sistah, 2/4/2002