A Mother's Courage

October 2002 - For Halloween 1998 Comedy Central posted a streaming video of the boys giving directions on how to carve a jack-o-lantern while Kenny demonstrated behind them. Unfortunately, it seams no one was able to save the file, as online searches haven't turned it up anywhere. The file name was southpark.mcs, and it was pretty small. It was made by Media Conveyor, and below is some information about Media Conveyor's WebProducer and its plans for South Park shorts and episodes. This came out four years ago. Since then, Media Conveyor has disappeared.

This animated short uses a brand new technology called WebProducer


This 90-second short was created to complement the South Park Halloween television episode. This 90-second South Park short will only been seen on the web!
The Media Conveyor technology lends itself perfectly to authoring animations like South Park for the Web. With just a first time download of 50KB of data (25 seconds on the average 28.8 modem), visitors to the site can view the 90-second South Park short complete with synchronized real-time audio and visuals for the average low-bandwidth user. Anytime the visitor returns to view the South Park short again, it will require no download of data. Furthermore, once one South Park on-line short is viewed, any future South Park episodes authored in Media Conveyor will require little or no download of data. This would be true for a 90-second short or even a 30-minute episode!
The primary reason for this is Media Conveyor's ability to cache and reuse Media Conveyor media elements downloaded from a standard web server. Once the media elements are downloaded (e.g. the South Park characters), they can be reused over and over again in the same short or others. Once a Media Conveyor project is clicked on, the web server checks to see that the user has all the necessary elements and then controls the size and movement of the media elements as the episode requires. In addition, Media Conveyor delivers streaming audio that is 100% synchronized with the visuals and requires no download prior to viewing.

You may gather from this that Media Conveyor was a rival to Macromedia, but Macromedia won this battle. Sometime later, the video was replaced with the three comic book pages below. Enjoy.

October 10, 2017 - The video was finally posted two years ago by Mannis, a YouTube user, after he got it from his father. How either of them converted it from .mcs to .mp4 would be interesting to find out. Enjoy!