Matt and Trey on The Late Show, February 28, 2011

In which Dave asks Matt and Trey about The Book of Mormon, their one Oscar moment, and South Park.

[Fade in from commercial break. Applause. Cut to Dave at his desk]
Dave:Our next guest are uhhh, the creators of South Park and now, look at this. [picks up the current issue of Playbill magazine] They have authored a Broadway musical entitled "The Book of Mormon." It opens March 24th at the Eugene O'Neill theater. Please welcome Trey Parker and Matt Stone, everybody. [Trey comes out first, then Matt. They both wave to the audience. Trey shakes Dave's hand first, then Matt. Trey takes the seat right next to Dave's while Matt takes the second one] Thank you, gentlemen, good to have you with us on the program again. How have you been?
Trey:Good, really good.
Matt:We've been good.
Dave:Yeah, explain this to me now: how did this come about? It uh... I mean, I don' uhwha, I mean, I don't know what to say, exactly. Why don't you tell us... [Trey and the audience laugh] "The Book of Mormon" Are y- are- first of all, uh, you two are not Mormon.
Trey:Nnno, but we know a lot about the Mormon religion.
Dave:Okay, well there you go. [laughs. Trey chuckles] So tell us about the- it's a musical, right?
Trey:Yeah, it's a music- we were actually doing um- I think it was the last time we say you, we were doing Team America and, one of the producers said "Oh they're doin' uh, Avenue Q. They're doin' a puppet-"
Trey:"-musical," amd so we went and saw Avenue Q, and love it, and um, ended up, ah hooking with Bobby Lopez, who wrote the... music for that, and, and, we were like, we asked him "Well, what do you wanna do next?" and he said "I really wanna do a musical about Joseph Smith" and we were like "Oh, we love that stuff!"
Trey:And, and so uh, it, it ended up becoming much more than just about Joseph Smith, but uh, we've been working on it for um, seven years.
Dave:Seven years. So-
Dave:-so when people go there, uh, it's gotta be funny, right?
Matt:Well, well it's, it's hopefully funnier than the real Book of Mormon, [laughter, applase] you know. That's where... I figure that's... You know... [applause dies down]
Dave:Well you got your work cut out for ya.
Matt:Yeah. That's all, we just had to get it funnier than the Book of Mormon itself, you know, so you knew where we were...
Dave:So, but now, weh, will Mormons go there and enjoy it as well?
Matt:I, uh, at the first uh, preview, afterwards we had a little party and there were- a couple of Mormons came up to me who were at the show-
Matt:-you know, they walked up and said "You know, I'm Mormon. I was at your show" and so my first [reenacts a surprised reaction] was like, you know. And uh, they said "No." They, they really, they loved it. And actually, we just got a review, of sorts, in the uh, Salt Lake paper that said it was "sweet."
Matt:Which we- that's never really happened to us before. [laughter].
Trey:"Yup, it's sweet."
Dave:So... what, what does that tell us about uh people who a-, who are Mormons? That they're uh open-minded and accepting and and uh-
Trey:They're just super-nnnice.
Dave:Uh huh.
Trey:They're just cccrazy-nice. And that's why I was like "You've gotta make a musical about 'em." 'Cause they're so happy.
Matt:They always look like they're just about to break out into song anyway so...
Dave:Yeah well,... [reaches over and grabs a couple of pictures]
Matt:That's the hardest part about doin' a musical. [applause]
Dave:Okay now, I'm going to hold up some pictures because this is the day after the Academy Awards [Matt laughs], and, uh, your show, uh, song, was no-, was nominated from the mo-, the movie, right?
Trey:South Park movie, yeah.
Dave:In in uh two thousand nnnine? Yeah?
Trey:Uh yeah, in the '80s.
Dave:[puts up a sign on which two pictures are attached] Okay. So now, first of all, ...uh, in the '80s. I'm close. [Trey laughs] So here we have pictures of Jennifer Lopez [on the left] and Gwyneth Paltrow. Now you tell us what this represents to your uhhh history with the Acadamy Awards.
Trey:Well, when we got nominated we, kinda, we were like "Aww, we don't wanna go to the Academy Awards," and they were like well, how can we not go to the Academy Awards? So we decided to go in dresses. And so I wore her dress [points to Gwyneth] and Matt wore her dress [points to Jennifer].
Dave:Good. [the audience laughs. Dave sets that sign aside] Now, uh, I understand stuff like this, and for a while, uh, for like a 72-hour period - maybe not 72 hours, 36 hours - it semms like the greatest idea you've ever come up with-
Dave:-and then, later, like, one afternoon, you think, "Am, am I nuts?"
Trey:No, that afternoon, we wuh- we actually planned it like a month before, 'cause we had to get the dresses made and everything, and then it was the day of, and we had a limo, and we had people doing our makeup, and we were like "Oh let's not do this." [Matt begins to chuckle]
Trey:"Let's not do this."
Dave:Yeah. A huge mistake.
Trey:But then we just um... We did some Charlie Sheening and we were fine, you know. We we...
Matt:We just, we were just Sheenin' our heads off. [laughs all around]
Trey:Yeah yeah.
Dave:But, but at, at at some point eh eh everybody. I'm I'm guessing, just says "Oh no, this is gonna be great, this is gonna be great, this is gonna be great." Nobody said "Uh, how about a second opinion," right?
Trey:Yeah, yeah, nob-
Matt:No! Everybody said that to us; we just didn't listen. We were like, "No, this is gonna be good."
Dave:[chuckles] Everybody?
Dave:Oh okay, alright, so here we, here we have, the end result. [puts up the sign with Matt and Trey in dresses] This is good.
Matt:Yeah. There we are. [the audience laughs] That's what happens if you take Charlie, Charlie Sheen.
Trey:You can... You can tell that we're both Sheening prety hard right there.
Matt:Look at Trey's eyes. That's like, the maSheener.
Trey:I I'm Sheening out right there.
Dave:And so, you go in, and you sit through the [laughs], the whole Academy Awards, then what happens?
Trey:Then you lose to Phil Collins. [shakes his head]
Dave:Uhuh. [laughs with the audience] And there you are in your dresses.
Dave:You go home?
Trey:Yeah, you don't feel that cool. [shakes his head again]
Matt:Yeah. Once the Sheen wears off, you're d...
Trey:Yeah, yeah.
Dave:How, how many seasons has uh, South Park the TV show been in production?
Matt:We're, we're comin' up on uh, this is our 15th season.
Dave:Fifteen seasons!
Dave:And... and, and the question I get a lot, I guess everybody gets a lot, is is, is it fun? Do you still enjoy it? Is it fun?
Trey:It's not fun, it's work, you know? It's not fun to do, but pe-, people think we just go and Sheen all day long and come up with a show.
Dave:That's real work.
Matt:That's what he does, but no, we actually... It's a it's, it's, you know, it's like hard to complain about "that job" because it's obvious we're really blessed to have it-
Matt:-but um it's, it is work when you're doing it. Having done it, we're really proud of what we've done-
Dave:Uh how many do you do in a season?
Trey:We do like seven- uh, two runs of seven.
Matt:Yeah, so we have fourteen for the, fifteenth season.
Dave:So what do you, uh, in in the off season do you look back and think "yeah, that turned out pretty well."
Matt:Yeah, we do, but doing it, it's just, you know, it's not the fun-
Trey:Before we get in trouble for it or something.
Dave:The uh, "The Book of Mormon", here's what you wanna think about, uhhhh, m-March 24th... w-wait a minute, I just... I think I just heard Eugene O'Neill turn over in his grave, yeah. [laughter] It's "The Book of Mormon", March 24th at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre, uh, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the co-creators. [addresses Trey] Good to see you again. [extends his hand to Trey]
Trey:[shakes Dave's hand] Thank you.
Dave:Good luck with the production. [Matt reaches over to shake Dave's hand] Thank you very much, Matt. We'll be right back with the Zac Brown band, everybody.
[Fade out to commercial break]