South Park Studios FAQ

Compiled by Willie Westwood
from the list of questions answered by the staff at South Park Studios.

Part 51 - 2016

Some commentary is provided in the third column
Q: A:
June 10, 2016
Q: Is The Stick Of Truth the first official South Park game? A: While there were previous South Park games, South Park: The Stick Of Truth was the first time Matt and Trey were directly involved in the development process of any South Park game. With the release of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, Matt and Trey thought the technology was finally capable of delivering a South Park game that was true to the show in terms of look and feel. The previous games were:
  1. South Park (1998, Acclaim)
  2. Chef's Luv Shack (1999, Acclaim)
  3. South Park Rally (2000, Acclaim)
  4. South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! (2009, MS Studios)
  5. South Park: Tenorman's Revenge (2012, MS Studios)
So South Park (1998, Acclaim) is the first official South Park game.
May 20, 2016
Q: I don’t think I’ve seen Sparky since he ran away in season one. Did he run away for good? A: The toughest dog on the mountain? Hell no! Sparky is definitely still around! Sparky’s breakout role was in “Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boat Ride”, in which he was voiced by George Clooney. He has been seen quite a few times since then.
Sparky was front and center in “Proper Condom Use” when Stan tried to milk him in front of his parents… and their friends. “Come on Sparky! Red rocket! Red rocket!”
When Butters took a ninja star to the eye in “Good Times With Weapons” the boys had to dress up Butters as a dog to get him to a veterinarian (and avoid a grounding). Sparky unwillingly gave up his fur to complete the disguise.
He’s also occasionally spotted in Stan’s house.
Most recently, Sparky played a huge role in “South Park: The Stick Of Truth” where he (and his red rocket) are needed to advance through different parts of the game.
April 29, 2016
Q: When does the next season premiere? A: Mark your calendars! South Park returns for its 20th season with all-new episodes starting Wednesday, September 14th at 10PM on Comedy Central! Shablagoo!
April 20, 2016
Q: What’s the deal with Towelie? A: What’s not to understand about Towelie? Towelie is a self aware genetically enhanced RG400 smart towel created by Tynacorp’s Zytar in order to spy on humans. One day he got high and just sort of wandered off…

Towelie has struggled with addiction and has even published his own memoir about his struggle “A Million Little Fibers” under the pen name “Steven McTowelie”. His true identity was eventually revealed by Geraldo Rivera and he was exposed as a towel which caused serious backlash with Oprah and her minge.

He has since started a family which consists of the lovely Rebecca and his adorable son Washcloth. Rebecca was eventually forced to leave him due to his drug addiction but after an intervention Towelie was able to get clean and win Rebecca back.

Since “Crippled Summer”, his last appearance in the series, he’s been trying to be a better towel.

From the writers: 'Towelie was originally created on a houseboat on Lake Mead during a vacation. A few of the writers were wakeboarding and someone yelled out “don’t forget to bring a towel!” and Towelie was born. As an homage to the way other shows create characters only to sell merchandise, taking the lamest character possible and applying that concept to Towelie, a towel.'

April 15, 2016
Q: Where did the idea for Sexual Harassment Panda come from? A: According to Matt and Trey: "We were trying to make a political statement here… He came at a time where frivolous lawsuits, specifically sexual harassment lawsuits, were becoming more and more commonplace and it felt like anyone and everyone could get sued for doing anything."

Sexual Harassment Panda’s mission was to educate the youth on why it was wrong to sexually harass others. Unfortunately his message was misinterpreted by Cartman, who sued Stan and later the school. Eventually the whole town decided to sue each other in the landmark case “Everyone vs. Everyone”. Sexual Harassment Panda, after a brief pep talk from the boys, became Petey the Don’t Sue People Panda and returned to educate the town on why it’s wrong to sue because it usually winds up hurting a lot of innocent people and ruining schools.

April 8, 2016
Q: How does someone as awful as Cartman always avoid punishment for his behavior? A: Ahh, Eric T. Cartman. Patricide, multiple genocide attempts, knowingly spreading the AIDS virus, and so much more, all before the tender age of 11 is a pretty impressive feat. He’s evil, but fortunately, he is also his own worst enemy. Here’s just a handful of the times Cartman’s got his privilege checked:
  1. In “The Death of Eric Cartman“ all of the kids in town agree to ignore him for all of his horrible deeds. This leads to Cartman trying to “Make It Right” with everyone he’s wronged over the years.
  2. Or in “HumancentiPad“, when he denounces God and pays the price.
  3. Another worth mentioning is “Breast Cancer Show Ever“. Cartman couldn’t just “drop it” in his spat with Wendy, which lead to an epic ass-kicking.
  4. Cartman’s greed gets the best of him in “ManBearPig” and his anus pays the ultimate price.
  5. And who could forget when the faculty had no choice but to literally throw him under the bus in “Bass to Mouth“
Cartman is a kid that takes the word morality, chops it up with a hacksaw, and adds the remains to chili con carne to feed to his enemies (one of them being his half-brother). Stan and Kyle learned a long time ago not to piss him off. Maybe we should take a page out of their book and respect his authority!
In short, he provides his own punishment. But even divine punishment can't help him learn from it.
April 1, 2016
Q: Why haven’t you made an episode where butters has a girlfriend? A: Not only has Butters had a girlfriend, as of last season, he was in a long distance relationship with a Canadian! Check out this list of Butters’ sordid love affairs.
  1. Butters’ first romance was with the beautiful Lexus, a waitress from Raisins. Butters fell hard and fast for her and was truly in love, but thanks to his parents, it was eventually revealed she had ulterior motives.
  2. Butters was heartbroken but recovered, and soon after he met Paris Hilton, who he technically may have made it to third base with. Unfortunately for Paris, she suffered a devastating loss to Mr. Slave in South Park’s 1st annual Whore Off.
  3. In season 13’s “Butters’ Bottom Bitch”, he turned his romantic attention to more entrepreneurial pursuits. Upon paying for his first kiss with Sally Darson, Butters was inspired to found “Butters’ Kissing Company”, a tax exempt, for profit enterprise. The company was a great success but Butters, CEO, had a change of heart and relinquished control of his company, leaving his employees in charge.
  4. Finally, Butters was coaxed into a plot, by Cartman, to establish a symbolic union between The United States and Canada, just like in The Lion King 2. The plan was for Butters to initiate a hot Cosby, with a young Canadian girl named Charlotte, in hopes for the coexistence of both their species. Unexpectedly they both fell in “Slow Cosby”, which is also known as a “love” in Canada. Charlotte moved back to Canada and they were last seen video chatting together in the season 19 finale, “PC Principal Final Justice”.
"hot Cosby" - rape
Charlotte spent some time in South Park when the Canadian president put a wall up to keep Americans and fleeing Canadians out. When the Canadian president was fucked to death and the wall came down, Charlotte and her family moved back with the other Canadians.
March 11, 2016
Q: Do you hand draw every scene? A: South Park is not quite traditionally animated show, and the “drawing” is only done in the very early phases of productions.

Instead we use the same construction paper we’ve used since the pilot episode “Cartman Gets an Anal Probe. Fun side note, the very first episode took over 3 months to complete and was hand animated by a very small team, including Matt and Trey. Now we use a number of programs to make the finished product, but most of the animation is done in Maya (an industry standard 3D animation program).

It should be noted, however, that the construction paper used in the pilot episode was scanned into a computer database, which the technical directors and animators now use to create the show. This allows us to continue to animate with construction paper textures, even though we are using computers. We’ve used those SAME TEXTURES for the past 19 years. Click here for the images and the rest of the answer.

Drawings do play a part when the storyline is planned out, and the Studios used to post examples of storyboards for every episode so we got an idea of how an episode develops.