The South Park Lexicon

If there are words, definitions, or episode info you'd like me to add, email me here. For you douches who know the following terms existed before the show came on the air, this page is not for you. This is for those people who've heard these terms for the first time ever while watching South Park

ass - the rear end, but its use in the following has nathing to do with the butt

kick ass - triumph
kiss ass - flatter, appease, grovel
suck ass - be just awful
pound ass - mount
Aunt Flo - a woman's menstrual flow. It comes once a month and lasts about five days. Stan had an elderly Aunt Flo who was killed by his spooky fish.
baking brownies - farting. From the ocassional wet fart that leaves a brown stain on underwear.
bantam - small. Here, small-town. What Mr. Tweek calls "small-town" America.
blimey - Blind me, from "May God blind me."
bris - the ceremony, Jewish in nature, surrounding a circumcision. Ike had one, Kyle had one, Gerald had one,…
by Crikey - by Christ. Also, by Criky, by Cricky, by Cricket.
cancer kazoo - An electrolarynx, akin to a megaphone or Mr. Microphone, only it is held to a hole in the throat after the larynx is removed due to disease. Ned wears one on his left wrist.
chorchadas - Also, chorchas. These are ornaments, knick-knacks, small things.
cohetes - rockets. Jimbo and Ned went down to Mexico for some around Independence Day.
choose - to challenge to a fight.
cool beans - Very cool. Anyone know the history of the phrase?
crack - a form of cocaine.
cracker - a white person. From Georgia cracker, a white person from Georgia. Once used to describe a peanut farmer. Chef has used this term on the boys and on Dr. Mephesto.
crunchy - quasi/modern day hippie; tends to wear no shoes, spends much of time finding way out of woods after smoking excessive amounts of weed, preferred fragrance = patchouli
dildo - a substitute for a penis. It can be just about anything long and stiff.
dong - penis
douche (v) - to fail to show up
D.V.D.A. - From the film Orgazmo, it means Double Vaginal, Double Anal. The ultimae sex act a woman can perform in porn (four on one action), and the name of Parker and Stone's band, for now (RS 780). Of course, Mrs. Cartman can go five on one (Crack Whore Magazine).
esquire - a knight's attendant who is a candidate for knighthood. Pip is too young for knighthood, so his being archery-class esquire means he was the best archer in class, and thus teacher's assistant.
fingerbang - 1. fingerfuck, to masturbate a woman with a finger. 2. shaping your hand like a gun with your index finger pointing towards your target and saying "bang bang" while shooting.
fudge - fuck. As part of Chef's products, makes for a nice double entendre.
gay - no longer means homosexual here, but has moved on to mean "politically correct", lame, weak.
I should note here that gay is still used in homosexual contexts in the real world - gay rights, Gay and Lesbian Associaton, Gay Pride Parade, and on the show with Big Gay Al and Sparky, and "South Park is Gay." More often than not, though, it is used in the following context on the show: something stupid or unfortunate. The origin of this may be homophobic, but it has moved far from it. hella - clipped form of helluva, hell of a. Originally an adjectivial phrase, it could replace "very" and other adjectives when they precede a noun, but not after a reflexive verb. So "I had a hella good time" but not "This is hella cool." But Cartman has changed all that. Now it replaces an intensifier like "very," "so," "fucking," etc. - "That is hella lame."
holy poop on a stick - the more explicit form is (holy) shit on a stick, which represents a really grand but overrated person or thing. Mr. Garrison said this about Satan.
hot carl - someone who sometimes shows up in the closing credits.
Jamaican grass - ganja, a Jamaican word for (a potent form of) marijuana.
jungla - the jungle, the rainforest. The kids got a tour of it while in Costa Rica with the Getting Gay With Kids choir.
left the oven on - left something unfinished. One has to go and finish this first before one can proceed with the current item. From there, it extends to having other things to do, so the current item will have to wait.
let the twins out - expose the female breasts.
lid - an ounce. Usually, of marijuana. Principal Victoria used this word to describe the half-lid (half-ounce) of Jamaican grass somebody took home the day Mr. Mackey talked to the kids about drugs.
little man in the boat - clitoris among the labia majora and minora. The Mayor asked Officer Barbrady to look for this when they were both in her office around Independence Day.
limey - limejuicer, a British sailor. So called because lime juice was used to treat scurvy among the sailors. Both Cartman and Kyle have used this term on Pip.
LSD - lysergic acid diethylamide. Otherwise, just acid Mr. Mackey had some after he was evicted from his house.
Melvin - someone who talks funny or studies too much, a geek or nerd. Pip is a Melvin because he talks funny. So is Butters. Dougie is one because he likes math and studies too much.
mung - the stuff that comes out when you push down on a pregnant woman's stomach (Worldwide Recorder Concert). Several meanings are found in mung, one of them being "Mash Until No Good," but the boys don't know that... yet.
my bad/our bad - my mistake/our mistake
nut, nutsack - a nut is a testicle, and a nutsack is a scrotum. Why? Size and appearance have something to do with it. Think walnuts.
poonanner - female genitalia, pussy. See below.
poontang - prostitute, pussy. Mr. Garrison thinks all women are poontang.
putos - usually, bastards or male whores, but used in "Rainforest Schmainforest" to mean hell. It is stronger than "demonios." "Qué demonios…, Qué putos" = What the devil…, what the hell…
queef, kweef - a vaginal expulsion of gas. The original spelling is "kweef."
r-tard - a retard.
rad - radical.
Ritalout - Ritalin antidote (Timmy 2000).
Roshambo - one way to settle a dispute about an object - you kick each other in the nuts until only one person remains standing: that person wins.
sand in your vagina, have - have your panties in a bunch, be pissy, hold a grudge.
skylarkings - flights of fancy, tomfooleries, foolish behavior.
smack - heroin. Mr. Garrison asked for this when he was a model at the Photo Dojo
succubus - a woman sent from Hell to suck the life out of a man. Garrison thinks all women are succubi.
sweet - cool, rad, good, great.
this and that - chat.
tie one on - have a drink, get drunk. Usually in reference to alcoholic drinks.
Tits! - Great, groovy, cool, rad, etc. An exclamation.
UltraVibe Pleasure 2000 - a vibrator, a vibrating dildo. Cartman thought he would get this for Christmas, 1997.
visitors - extraterrestrials. They make frequent visits to this planet for some reason or another. Cartman has experienced them first-hand.
weak - bogus. From weak versions of authentic items. Extended to mean unfortunate, too bad.
Jezus - The name on Jesus' boxing trunks.
Jesuth Christh - Mr. Slave's favorite statement.