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October 6 - Check out yesterday's Tonight Show clip! :)

October - Matt and Trey hit the talk show circuit to promote Team America, and magazine articles begin to appear about the movie. Matt and Trey are paired as the 40th most influential men in America under the age of 38. Season 8 resumes on October 27, but the Season 5 DVD has been postponed a bit longer. Here's a schedule:
October 5 - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 11:35 PM EDT
October 8 - MTV Making the Movie, 6:30 PM EST
October 13 - Late Night with Conan O'Brien
October ?? - 60 Minutes

I can once again upload rare media, so DCC me shtuff and shaith

September - The month is all about Team America and the hassles encountered in getting the movie finished. More trailers appear, including TV spots.

August 3-24 - South Park Studios holds its E-Lections for Class President 2005. The front runners at the end were Cartman and Butters, but Cartman had twice the vote Butters had. Cartman won handily. All nine candidates got Web pages campaigning for them. Several had five or six sites campaigning for them. The best campaign site was that of Kyle Broflovski, run by Holly and Nall, who had Kyle withdraw when it looked like only Butters could challenge Cartman. Also, Team America ads and trailers begin to appear.

July 4 - Happy Independence Day!!!

June 22 - Layout redesigned to a regular style. No frames here. :) Whatch'all think?

June 11 - Instructions on how to DCC files over an active firewall are explained here.

May 8 - South Park News and stuff will appear here while I look for a new home for the South Park Scriptorium. I broke my 20 Gb/mo. data transfer limit last month, which is why you see it disabled right now, and why I'm looking for a new home for it.

May 6 - Here's some South Park stuff you can fine on e-Merchandise. First two rows link to some T-shirts, last row links to some plush dolls:

Too bad e-Merchandise doesn't have the figurines.

March 24 - Fan Art Added.
March 9 - added the two Princess shorts Matt and Trey did before Macromedia balked and stopped further development of this online series.

February 14 - Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Presidents' Day. What a holiday weekend! :)
February 1 - New media added, links to songs and lyrics revamped.

November 22 - An Immature casette is being auctioned off. Check Rare Media for more info.
November 11 - Remember our veterans on this day. Beef-Cake's Twenty Questions have been added.
November 9 - Now scanning in Hollywood Reporter and Rolling Stone articles.
November 2 - Felíz Día De Los Muertos!
November 1 - Three rare MP3s added - Montage, Trey's "Baby, It's Christmas" which Chef sang in "Mr. Hankey, The Christmas Poo," and Mr. Hankey singing "The Most Offensive Song Ever" alone.

October 31 - Happy Halloween!
October 2 - Welcome to Fall. Halloween is 29 days away, the California recall election just five days away. One new video in the Media section - a crappy RM of Your Studio and You, from Lunagal, who made it some years ago and sent it in to DTISFU.

July 17 - Maybe the person who succeeds me will restore this site to its former self, but until then I've added a no-frames page for those readers who prefer to see all the members listed outside of a frame, and then see the individual pages outside of a frame as well. I like that the menu up above is in its own frame and thus not need to be added to each of the 70 member pages, but I see that others would rather not see those pages in a frame. Lemme know which works better for you. Or should I leave both options available?
July 8 - more of Matt and Trey's early work added to the Media section.

July 4 - Happy Independence Day!!!

I've added a new link to the nav bar and put the members list under that link, so you don't need to see the list all the time you are on this site. I've also added the Official South Park scripts from South Park Studios to the site. Note: what they contain isn't always what ends up in the episodes.

This was the inaugural month for the revamped site, starting June 8. Since then, I've redesigned the site so it is now a framed site. The navigational part is now a frame so that it doesn't need to be on any other page. I've also added media to the site (Check out Rare Media) including the Season 1 Commentaries, DVDA songs (live and studio, from their movies and from South Park), some early Trey Parker songs, and some videos.