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Scripts from South Park Studios

From 101 to 508. No more were released after that.


Woo! Some of these will amaze you! :D This is the audio for the Twenty Questions Taison Tan of Beef-Cake asked Matt and Trey on July 25, 2000.
Mancow Morning Madhouse interview Part 1 2 on SP:BLU.
M&T on O&A, July 5, 2000, on "Cartman Joins NAMBLA," "Chef Goes Nanners," and Timmy!
KROQ Interview with Trey on the Academy Award 2000 nomination for "Uncle Fucka."
KROQ Interview with M&T on their behavior at the Oscars that year.
Dennis Millier Interview with M&T about That's My Bush!, April 13, 2001.
Salon Interview with M&T about George W. Bush's 2000 Presidential victory.
The Aristocrats - Trey has been saying this joke for years now.
Props to tyler for sending me these two gems below. :)
O&A's Jim Norton has issues with South Park's ability to get away with language he couldn't get away with onstage, even noticing a few of his lines on the show.
Opie and Anthony marvel at the language M&T push through in Wendy's audition song and in Kenny's definition of "fingerbang," 2000.
NPR's Fresh Air interviews M&T about Team America, South Park, and their other works.

DVDA and More

SP Songs through Season 10
All Available Lyrics

Individual Songs With Lyrics

David Kelley (live)
Everybody Is On Crack (live)
Now You're A Man (2 versions)
Sgt. Baker (2 versions)
I Am Chewbacca (live)
Warts On My Dick (Baseketball)
Hot Lava (Chef Aid)
What Would Brian Boitano Do? (2 versions)
Hell Isn't Good
Circle of Poo
Livin' A Lie

Songs from That's My Bush

No Lyrics Needed

Battle Of the Bands sound sampler
Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld, reunion

Other Songs From the Show

Baby, It's Christmas!
The Most Offensive Song Ever

Time Warped

The episodes

Rom and Jul

The Songs: Aaron

Time Warped Theme 1
Yeppir, Yeppir
Why Him?
There's People, And Then There's Me!
Yeppir, Yeppir (Reprise)

The Songs: Rom and Jul

Time Warped Theme 2
I Could Love Something Like You
Evolution, Evolution!
I Could Love Something Like You (Reprise)

Background Material

Tha Making Of Time Warped
Matt Stone's two posts in newsgroups asking for help getting the show off the ground

Songs from
"Immature: A Collection of Love Ballads For The 80's Man"
by Trey Parker and David Goodman

Originally submitted to "Dude, this is so fucked up!" (DTISFU) by bo-barri. She'd appreciate it if yuu avoid any eBay auction with these songs included in it, since she provided these for free. See my admonishment at the top of this page.

An original casette of the album was sold on eBay. It has all the songs Parker and Goodman made, and here's the cover art:

The auction ended November 30, 2003 at 3:11:41 p.m. Pacific.

Side One
Dead Ballerina - Au Jus - I Spit On Your Love
Gotta Find That Train - You Jerk - Gonna Find U and Kill U

Side Two
Immature - Without Lips - You're Not Worth The Dirt On The Lint Between My Toes
I'm In Love With Myself - Sri Lankan Woman - Twin Brothers In Love - Bitch

Short Videos

American History - Spirit of Christmas: Jesus v. Frosty
These two are college videos Trey worked on in the early 90s. "American History" he made with Chris Graves and Junichi Nishimura (narrator). "Frosty" is his first SP-type short with Matt Stone.

Spirit of Christmas: Jesus v. Santa

This short was made after Brian Graden saw "Frosty" and wanted Matt and Trey to update it. It was distributed as a "Christmas video" in 1995 and quickly got around the Hollywood circuit. By next Christmas it made its way onto the Internet and fan sites of the short appeared a few weeks later. One of these sites later became Beef-Cake.

Your Studio and You: RM and AVI - a 14-minute film by Trey Parker, about the association of Seagrams with Universal Studios. Lots of cameos here.

DVDA - What Would Brian Boitano Do: AVI | MPG

It is said that Comedy Central hired the band shown here to make the video, as DVDA didn't bother make it.

Shelley Douses Stan - made by catpoo. This is the best example of something that was removed from US airings of the show but not removed from international airings. This clip was removed because of incidents arising from similar stuff seen on Beavis and Butt-Head.
Cable Ace Awards - November 15, 1997
Jay Leno In South Park - Thanksgiving 1997
The 12th Annual American Comedy Awards
Kenny's Dead - Chef Aid, 1998
1999 Emmy Awards
Blame Canada - Oscars 2000
The Gauntlet - from MTV 2000 Movie Awards
Dead Friend Sketch - Fall 2001
Larry Elder, a South Park spoof - Spring 2002
Butters dances in Asspen - made by Sam Brown of South Park X.
Cartman Gets An Anal Probe, new and improved! - Summer 2002
Fifth Anniversary Special - the one aired in August 2002, not the official one two months later. The eps that aired in it are not included, but Shpadoinkleman has provided the following info:

Trey's favorite episode was "It Hits The Fan."
Matt's favorite episode was "Cripple Fight."
Their friend Steve's favorite episode was "Jewbilee."
Princess - Two Macromedia shorts made by Matt and Trey before Macromedia balked.
Aristocrats - Cartman regales the boys with this favorite of Trey's jokes.
Comedy Central discusses Team America, provided by nall
MTV discusses Team America, provided by nall
Matt and Trey on Conan - about Team America, provided by nall
Matt and Trey on 60 Minutes II - about Team America, provided by coffeeguy9
Even If You Don't - Matt and Trey produced it, but didn't appear in it.

From the Beefylogs Collection

Cartman Gets An Anal Probe pilot: AVI | RM
This aired just once on Comedy Central - in July 1997, a few weeks before the show premièred. This version has segments in it that had to be deleted for time, and that end up in other episodes, most notable in "An Elephant Makes Love To A Pig."

Videos Inspired by South Park

The Party - from a now-defunct site, but the best SP fan video I have ever seen. The Platrix/Fatrix/SPMatrix ones are almost as good. :)
Park Wars - from www.parkwars.com. The original was 64 minutes long, but Stephen Sansweet, Lucasfilm director of fan film relations, told the site to remove audio pasted in from The Phantom Menace, thus the 11-minute length.
South Park Solstice - SP4U fans, here's a lil video made by a group of people, including Mark Earnshaw. :)
South Park Nuts - from MAD TV, 1997
Waving My Dick In The Wind - 2004 fan video from Dan Donatelli and friends. This is authentic paper cut-out animation with just enough computer assistance to make the job brief. :)
Posted: 11 Apr 2004 11:14
Post subject: asdf

Wavin' My Dick In The Wind -- Ween

This song is awesome.

South Park should make a video for this song with a dance sequence featuring Jimmy Valmer/Swanson. I think that would be funny. Especially if he was a "real good dancer."

And if they don't, I'll make some sort of video of it myself. Such awesome potential for a hilarious video.

Anyone ever heard it?

More stuff from Dan Donatelli here.
Nothing Lasts Forever - Montage about Stan and Wendy made by QuantumPencil to the tune of Guns N Roses' "November Rain."

Other Stuff

Even If You Don't - A music video for Ween directed by Matt and Trey. You won't see them in here at all.

Scanned articles

The Hollywood Reporter, April 9, 2003

Drawn To Be Wild, page 1 2 3 - The defiant duo behind 'South Park' broke the laws of conventional television to create a cultural phenomenon.
Making A Killing, page 1 2 - After five years, sales of 'South Park' wares continue to thrive, thanks to a savvy merchandising strategy.
Noteworthy - The show hits 'highs' when it comes to its music.
Dialogue - Co-creators of the profane show talk shop.
Demenetd Denizens and The Twisted... Eleven - Character sketches and Matt and Trey's favorite episodes.

Rolling Stone

RS 780, February 19, 1998

South Park's Evil Geniuses and the Triumph of No-Brow Culture, page 1 2 3 4 5

RS 806-807, July 8-22, 1999

South Park Under Attack 1 2 - Hollywood's Foulmouthed Maniacs take on Will Smith, censorship, and even themselves.

TIME, March 19, 2001

Presidential Miscuonduct 1 2 - Who need the West Wing? The Bush White House is star of its own Comedy Central sitcom.


Porno for Tyros 1 - Playboy interviews Trey Parker about Orgazmo.
Ha ha, it's Canadian - a Canadian article on SP:BLU
Sick and Inspired (Time, July 5, 1999) - The South Park movie has a mean streak—and a song in its heart.
The Last Word, with Matt and Trey - Details, November 2003