The South Park Live Tweet - #HappyHolograms
By @SouthPark on Twitter, December 17, 2014

  1. It's time, brah?? The South Park Live Tweet starts now!
    1. There have been a total of 257 episodes of South Park. This warning screen has played in front of every one of them.
    2. Let's kick off the #BehindTheScenes pics with this art used while designing Iggy's "snowman" pose:
    3. Trey’s step-son loves PewDiePie and would rather watch him play video games than play with Trey. That’s how the idea for the show was born.
    4. #Throwback One of the best SP odes to Hanukkah was "Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel" from "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics":
    5. If you want change like I do and feel the same gloom, then please follow THIS trend- #savethelivingroom
    6. #BehindTheScenes Bill Cosby made his #SouthPark debut back in Season 2's "Clubhouses". Check out the evidence here:
    7. Oh right, I forgot to tell you that part. I'm actually Lorde. #SouthPark #savethelivingroom
    8. "The old Jefferson estate" is a reference to the Season 8 episode where Michael Jackson-- er, MR. JEFFERSON- was first introduced. #Ignorant
    9. They picked up my hashtag, Stan! I'm trending! #savethelivingroom
    10. #BehindTheScenes Michael Jackson as Peter Pan parodies the recent "Peter Pan Live!" TV special.
    11. Hey, how's it going bras, this is CARTMAAAN BRA. #SaveTheLivingRoom #SouthPark
    12. This guy in the leather jacket is a nod to Ron Perry, a Music Exec for Songs Music Publishing. #BehindTheScenes
    13. Who- Lorde? You're not Lorde. Ignorant.
    15. For this episode, PewDiePie was actually away and working with us from his vacation. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark
    16. #BehindTheScenes A special walk cycle was created for this Terminator-esque scene with Tupac's hologram:
    17. #Throwback Back in Season 10's "Hell on Earth 2006", the ghost of Biggie Smalls also had a cameo.
    18. During production of #REHASH, the writers went back & forth between making this a 2-parter, or two separate episodes...
    19. PewDiePie and the makers of "Call of Duty" & "Dragon Age" all had to endure the back and forth from one episode, to two, and back again.
    20. Ha ha! Look at Kyle, bras, he's all pissed off! Cartmaaaan Bra! #IHateCartmanBrah
    21. #Throwback Stan first learned that his dad was actually Lorde earlier this season, in "The Cissy".
    22. Shelley, who's Shelley? That's ignorant.
    23. This is South Park's first "holiday special" in 10 years. The last one was "Woodland Critter Christmas".
    24. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark Kurt Cobain's hologram got an updated Christmasy look for this scene:
    25. #EasterEgg #SouthPark Did you notice Michael Jackson tweeting in the background?
    26. And now, together at last... Iggy Azalea and Elvis! #IHateCartmanBrah
    27. One day, I asked him 'who's your favorite celebrity'. You know what he said to me? He said 'Pewwwwdiepie'. #IHateCartmanBrah
    28. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark Check out this character art created for Taylor Swift's duet:
    29. We first met Steve in "Grounded Vindaloop", where he answered customer service calls for Oculus, El Pollo Loco & Best Buy.
    30. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark Several unique poses were created for this scene with Detective Harris laughing.
    31. This isn't about you. This is about Cartman bra, brah. #IHateCartmanBrah
    32. I am trending into something more than human. I am becoming TRENDSGENDER. #IHateCartmanBrah
    33. Of COURSE! We just need to get everyone to believe in him! He'll always come and help! #WeBelieveInYou
    34. How's it going bros this is PEWWWDIEPIE! #WeBelieveInYou
    35. PewDiePie is one of the few guest stars to play themselves on the show. Others include: Korn, Brad Paisley, Radiohead & Robert Smith.
    36. #BehindTheScenes Even though these scenes with PewDiePie are live-action, storyboards were still made for each shot.
    37. From the writers

    38. From the writers: EA & Activision (makers of Call of Duty and Dragon Age) were great. They were excited to have their content in the show.
  2. Fans, thanks for watching that episode with us live! And as always, STAY AWESOME. #WeBelieveInYou #IHateCartmanBrah