The South Park Live Tweet - Buddha Box
By @SouthPark on Twitter, December 5, 2018

  1. Namaste!!! #SouthPark Live Tweet of “Buddha Box” starts now!
    1. Cartman’s “Black Panther” investigation, from #SouthPark22 Premiere episode, “Dead Kids,” saw him take on the mannerisms and costume from another Marvel character, Jessica Jones.
    2. Mr. Mackey tried to talk PC Principal out of acting on his feelings for Vice Principal Strong Woman in season 21’s “SUPER HARD PCness” #SouthPark22
    3. It was revealed that Vice Principal Strong Woman was pregnant a few episodes ago in “The Problem With a Poo.
    4. Mrs. Nelson became the Fourth Grade teacher after Mr. Garrison left to pursue his political career. #SouthPark22
    5. In season 10’s “Cartoon Wars,” to escape the stress of society, the residents of South Park literally buried their heads in the sand. #SouthPark22
    6. This PC Babies sequence is based on the 80’s TV show, “Muppet Babies”
    7. Check out the lyrics to the PC Babies song. #SouthPark22
    8. #SouthParkHistory In the series, the boys have been on a few sports teams including Soccer, Baseball, Hockey and Basketball.
    9. The South Park Community Center is a popular place for support groups. Mr. Garrison joined a Member Berry support group in season 20’s “Douche and a Danish.” #SouthPark22
    10. When their relationship was just beginning, in season 21’s “Splatty Tomato,” PC Principal and Strong Woman snuck out together in public any way they could. #SouthPark22
    11. PiPi’s Splashtown debuted in season 13’s “Pee.” #SouthPark22
    12. Bruce, the Sound Engineer in this scene, made his first appearance in season 4’s “A Very Crappy Christmas.” The character is based on a South Park Producer, also named Bruce. His appearnce has changed quite a bit though
    13. based on previous episodes, there are a few radios stations in #SouthPark including, WSPIC, KXUV and WXFU.
    14. Check out this pre-production art of the PC Babies #SouthPark22 (Check the date here. They began working on this episode just before Thanksgiving.)
    15. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark A series of special poses needed to be created for this scene of PC Principal and Strong Woman’s kiss. (Check the date here. It should be 11/27/18.)
    16. This song? It’s “Tomorrow” by @BradPaisley. In season 16’s “Cartman Finds Love,” Brad sang a duet with Cartman.