The South Park Live Tweet - Grounded Vindaloop
By @SouthPark on Twitter, November 19, 2014

  1. Prepare your mind -- the #SouthPark Live Tweet starts now!
    1. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark A number of head positions needed to be created for this shot of Butters looking around:
    2. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark On the 1st draft of the script, this episode was originally titled "The Datalis Concern":
    3. #Throwback Cartman has pranked Butters in tons of episodes: "AWESOM-O", "Casa Bonita", and of course "Cartman Sucks".
    4. Come on guys, this is the 'cure de gars' of Butters' torture. #SouthPark
    5. Where did the idea come from? We actually got an Oculus headset at the South Park office a few months ago. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark
    6. #Throwback Last time Cartman sat around eating chips, he came up with the greatest joke of all time. #Fishsticks
    8. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark Here you can see the production process for this special "punched in the balls" pose:
    9. #SouthPark Hell's Pass Hospital first debuted in "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut". It got quite a makeover here:
    10. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark Art for each of Cartman's "magic tricks" was individually designed by the Art Dept.
    11. This scene (and Cartman's wardrobe) is a pretty spot-on parody of the 1999 sci-fi film "The Matrix".
    12. Right now you are actually in your room at your computer wearing an Oculus headset but you're in a coma-like trance, my friend. #SouthPark
    13. Kyle just - don't be a dick right now. #SouthPark #GroundedVindaloop
    14. Check out this #BehindTheScenes pic of Cartman's character art for the "Oculus coma" pose:
    15. #Throwback Butters 1st got grounded in "How To Eat With Your Butt", after he made a stupid face in his school photo.
    16. Well, if you get grounded in virtual reality you get grounded in real life too. FOREVER! #SouthPark
    17. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark Wanna know what Kenny says here? Here's the "unhooded" script from this scene:
    18. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark This is Steve's debut episode in South Park. Check out his character art, my friend.
    19. We are trying to locate all the headsets and do a recall. Do you understand? It is a TOTAL RECALL.
    20. #BehindTheScenes When designing new props like the Oculus manual, characters (like Kyle) are placed to show scale:
    21. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark Several new poses were created for both Kyle & Cartman in this scene.
    22. "Fuck YOU! Why would they send YOU in to convince ME of anything?!" #SouthPark #GroundedVindaloop
    23. #BehindTheScenes Cartman previously dealt with Varashnu, the Indian customer service representative in "Insecurity"... He's no Steve.
    24. The last time we shot live-action (in Season 16), one of the staff knitted Cartman and Stan's hats. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark
    25. Check out this #BehindTheScenes character design made specially for Kenny's Oculus pose:
    26. No you guys - this is virtual reality... I'M A COMPUTER PROGRAM.
    27. Uh, no no no no no, my friend, I AM Steve with Customer Service. #GroundedVindaloop #Steve
    28. No no no no no do not fuck me because I am you and then we will just be fucking ourselves! #SouthPark #GroundedVindaloop
    29. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark This gloomy version of Butters room required special lighting and a totally new setup.
    30. There are 3 things you cannot do while in virtual reality: You cannot die, you cannot get grounded, and you CANNOT CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE.
    31. #BehindTheScenes A "virtual" Terrance & Phillip poster was created for the "real world" version of Cartman's room:
    32. Trey did not want the live action to look cartoony, so all the bright colors of Cartman's bedroom were muted and toned down. #SouthPark
    33. Live Action!

    34. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark Check out this photo from the set:
    35. #SouthPark The sets for this live action scene were constructed in one of our conference rooms at South Park Studios.
    36. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark We finished filming this scene, in the SP office, around 6p. Just 28 hours before air.
    37. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark Here's another photo from the set of Cartman's room:
    38. Here's a #BehindTheScenes photo of Trey on the #SouthPark set...
    39. #SouthPark We only had 60 hours to build the set, find costumes, audition actors & hire a film crew to shoot this.
    40. It's pretty cool... But the graphics suck. #SouthPark
    41. From Matt and Trey

    42. From the writers: "We came up with the live action idea on Saturday afternoon." #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark