The South Park Live Tweet - Doubling Down
By @SouthPark on Twitter, November 15, 2017

  1. Let's #DoubleDown! The #southpark Live Tweet starts now!
    1. This episode was titled "Doubling Down" on the first draft of the script, and it stuck. Episodes usually go through a few title changes during production.
    2. #EaterEgg Did you spot Precious in Heidi's room? Precious first apperaed in season 7's "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society"
    3. Cartman still has a few Alexas he rescued from the garbage from the Season 21 premiere, "White People Renovating Houses"
    4. Remember Shelley's boyfriend Larry Feegan? He WAS a Vegan.
    5. Check out this close-up of Cartman's vegan lunch. Yum! #BTS
    6. Some of the KFC assets in this scene are recycled from season 14's "Medicinal Fried Chicken"
    7. Delicious...
    8. "I might see if my mom can come pick me up..."
    9. Originally this scene had members of an investigation unit but was changed to swap in the Republican leaders
    10. An almost identical scene was animated for an episode in season 20 but was cut. It was recycled for this interaction between Kyle and the girls.
    12. No- I uh- I tripped on a doorknob! That's just- that's doorknob cum.
    13. "People like Cartman... They always make things someone else's fault. We all wrongly see ourselves as the victim sometimes but Cartman sees himself as the victim all the time"
    14. Well don't you guys see what this MEANS?
    15. What does Garrison know about societal psychology that those three turdballs don't?
    16. This sequence was inspired by a couple different Disney movies including The Little Mermaid, Pinocchio and Dumbo
    17. Did you spot David from "You're Not Yelping"? Did you ride your teeny tiny bicicleta to school?
    18. Member when Jimmy went on a date with N-n-n---nutgobbler? I member!
    19. This is exactly where Heidi's and Eric's relationship started back in "The Damned"
    20. Member when Kyle was actually Kylie-B of the Jersey Shore? I member! "It's a Jersey Thing" was fantastic!
  2. Thanks for joining us for the live-tweet!