The South Park Live Tweet - Time To Get Cereal
By @SouthPark on Twitter, Movember 14, 2018

  1. The South Park Live Tweet starts now!
    1. The original "ManBearPig" episode premiered April 26, 2006
    2. Jimbo and Ned used to have their own cable access show called “Huntin’ & Killin”
    3. Check out these special poses of ManBearPig chasing Ned.
    4. The South Park Police Department has been busy the past few weeks with school shootings, e-scooters and now ManBearPig.
    5. Al Gore’s beard is based on Luke Skywalker’s beard from “The Last Jedi.” #SouthPark22
    6. Gramercy Lanes is based on Mick’s Lanes, featured in season 11’s “Guitar Queer-O.” #SouthPark22
    7. Check out this production art of Al Gore wearing his “Special Boy” crown. #SouthPark22
    8. Al Gore’s original ManBearPig HQ was in a Komfort Inn. His new MBP HQ at U-Stor-It and was redesigned for South Park: The Fractured But Whole. #FracturedButWhole
    9. If you are a South Park character and super-super-cereal about using a computer, this is how you roll.
    10. Maggie Yates made her debut in season 8’s “The Jeffersons” #SouthPark22 #RedDeadRedemption2
    11. The original title of this episode was “Deal of the Decade.” The title changed to “Time to Get Cereal,” 96 hours prior to air.
    12. A series of special poses had to be created for this scene of Satan emerging from the earth.
    13. The South Park Public Library has had some improvements since it debuted in season 1’s “Starvin Marvin.” #SouthPark22