The South Park Live Tweet - A Boy And A Priest
By @SouthPark on Twitter, October 10, 2018

  1. Hey, fellas -- the #SouthPark Live Tweet starts now!
    1. In the previous episode, "Dead Kids," Stan was injured during a school shooting at South Park Elementary.
    2. The scene of the Marsh family heading to church, was the first one written for this episode.
    3. #BehindTheScenes Check out this character art for Stan's parents in their Sunday best. Sharon's skirt is brand new for this episode. #SouthPark22
    4. This is Priest Maxi's first appearance since season 20's "Not Funny." In that episode, he tried to calm peoples' fears before TrollTrace released everyone's internet search history. #SouthPark22
    5. Western Legends is a real board game and one of Trey's favorites.
    6. The Church has gotten a few upgrades over the years. Here's what it looked like in Season 3's "Spontaneous Combustion."
    7. This canoeing shot uses the same background featured at Lake Tardicaca in season 14's "Crippled Summer"
    8. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark22 New characters -- like this Bishop -- require a front, back and side view:
    9. Priest Maxi was featured in last week's Phone Destroyer event. Get the game now for iOS and Android devices. #PhoneDestroyer
    10. This is the first time we've seen the Kid Zone: Roller Rink in the series. #SouthPark22
    11. Butters has gotten a lot better since the last time we saw him on a pair of skates. Maybe he's having more fun this time. #SouthPark22
    12. Skeeter's was one of the first businesses to be gentrified in season 19's "The City Part of Town." #member what it used to look like? #SoDoSoPa
    13. #member when Priest Maxi tried to change Vatican Law in season 6's "Red Hot Catholic Love."
    14. Since there is only a few days to make the episode, props get reused all the time. For example, Clyde's party hat is the same one Kyle wore in season 15's "You're Getting Old." #SouthPark22
    15. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark22 All "props" - like the Priest Call - must be mocked up & approved prior to animation
    16. We've seen Clyde in in his underwear before. Back in season 11's "The List" #SouthPark22
    17. The town used some similar machines, back in season 19's "Naughty Ninjas," to clean up it's homeless problem. #SouthPark22