The South Park Live Tweet - Put It Down
By @SouthPark on Twitter, September 27, 2017

  1. #PutItDown The South Park Live Tweet starts now!
    1. An early working title for this week's episode was "Kill Yourself"
    2. Member the talent show where Jimmy did his stand-up routine in "Erection Day"? I member!
    3. Check out the sheet music Tweek has in this scene.
    4. Did you notice Bradley Biggle on the "Have You Seen Me Poster"? We have not seem Bradley since season 14
    5. Looks like Cartman and Heidi are back together… again.
    6. Tweek and Craig first got together in season 19. Their relationship plays a role in the new video game out October 17.
    7. The last time we saw Tweek baking was season 20, when the kids made #DanishesForDenmark #SouthPark.
    8. Looks like Stan has kept his locker clean since his hoarding incident in "Insheeption"
    9. Tweek's kitchen looks worse than Randy's during his cooking phase in "Crème Fraî1che"
    10. Check out this #BehindTheScenes artwork for Tweek covered in batter
    11. Eric's song #ericdontdoit is a parody of "Logic's" performance at the 2017 VMAs
    12. The clip with the news woman is a clip from North Korea's KCTV.
    13. If you look closely, in the background you can see the South Park mall from Stick of Truth under re-construction
    14. Check out this BTS artwork of Eric in his new outfit
    15. The art department had to work quickly to get these Photoshopped images of Tweek into the show. One of the last things added.
    16. #DidYouNotice there are Member Berries in the shopping carts?
    17. "Are we just your type?"
    18. #RelationshipProblems #PutItDown #SouthPark
    19. This episode marks the first time we see Tweek and Craig's relationship in private, as well as Craig's use of pet names.
    20. A group of kids came into the studio to help with the vocals for #PutItDown
    21. "If at any point today YOU'RE being a President, put down your mobile device."
    22. Did you notice Kenny was also killed by a distracted driver?