The South Park Live Tweet - Splatty Tomato
By @SouthPark on Twitter, September 26, 2018

  1. The South Park Live Tweet starts now!
    1. This episode, "Splatty Tomato," is the 287th episode in the series.
    2. Check out this character art of the Whites
    3. This scene, with the Whites, was originally written with Garrison in the sewer asking a little girl about his approval ratings.
    4. The White's son, Jason, made his debut in the first episode, "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe."
    5. Tweek and Craig became a couple in Season 19's Tweek x Craig... Because I'm your Tweek and you're my Craig. #creek
    6. Heidi and Cartman started dating during Season 20. #WomenAreFunny
    7. Check this character for Butters wearing his "Student of the Day" sign.
    8. PC Principal and Vice Principal Strong Woman realized they had feelings for each other earlier in the season, when the US attacked Canada.
    9. The song here? It's the 1985 hit "Super Bowl Shuffle" by the Chicago Bears.
    10. And this song is 1982's "Gloria" by Laura Branigan.
    11. Another 80's chestnut. Richard Marx's super hit "Hold Onto the Night"
    12. This one is "Pac-Man Fever," the 1982 hit by Buckner & Garcia.
    13. #BehindTheScenes All "props" & "Characters" - like Ike the Mounty on his dog - must be mocked up & approved prior to animation.
    14. Well… you mean he's actually her superior… and they were in there… to..ugh. Ugh. Ooohhh…
    15. This is "Queen of Hearts" recorded by Juice Newton in 1981
    16. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark The Art Department designed a number of special poses for this scene.