The South Park Live Tweet - Stunning And Brave
By @SouthPark on Twitter, September 23, 2015

  1. Okay! Let's Tom Brady this thing!! The South Park Live Tweet starts now!
    1. This show marks the 258th episode -- and 19th Season -- of South Park.
    2. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark Let's kick things off with this production art created for Cartman's football nightmare:
    3. Bill Cosby actually appeared in last year's Season Finale #HappyHolograms, where he dueted with Taylor Swift.
    4. Principal Victoria isn't the only teacher to be killed off/fired. Others include: Ms. Crabtree, Ms. Choksondik, Chef:
    5. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark Check out this character art created for the school's new faculty member: PC Principal.
    6. In "City Sushi", we learned Tuong Lu Kim is really a white psychiatrist named Dr. Janus who had a complete mental breakdown. #SouthPark
    7. Did you guys hear?! Cartman got FOUR DAYS detention for calling Heidi Turner "Clitty Litter"! #SouthPark
    8. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark This was the first scene written for this show. Check it out:
    9. The new location Crunchy's Micro Brew debuts here. Check out this #BehindTheScenes art:
    10. Did someone here just say 'America' in a way that otherizes and demeans the people of Latin and South America?!? #SouthPark
    11. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark New characters -- like these PC bros -- each require a front, back and sideview:
    12. These rednecks originally made their debut in Season 15's shit-filled episode "You're Getting Old".
    13. You're giving me NO DAYS detention! And then I'm gonna go home & fuck my hot wife, who's not even that hot... and kinda looks like a dude!
    14. By all means, please, keep your dick out. #SouthPark
    15. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark A series of special poses needed to be created for this fight scene:
    16. The song here? It's the 1981 hit "Genuis of Love" by Tom Tom Club. #SouthPark
    17. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark A ton of different frat boys needed to be designed for these scenes w/ PC Delta:
    18. Randy fans - check out this "hungover" version of Randy created for this episode. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark
    19. They serve refreshments, yes.
    20. This tune that Randy and the pledges are dancing to is "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" by Silento´. #SouthPark
    21. So what you're gonna have to do, to prove you belong with PC, is go out there and check someone's privilege. #SouthPark
    22. It's called clapping Favre, what the fuck are you doing? You washing your hands?! #SouthPark
    23. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark Here's another bit of Cartman art created for this football nightmare...
    24. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark Two versions of "hazed" Kyle were created -- with and without his hat:
    25. Dad. Did you draw dicks on my friend's face?
    26. This PC chant/song parodies a viral videos made by fraternities and sororities on college campuses. #WooWoo #SouthPark
    28. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark A special walk cycle was created for these Pregnant Mexican Woman:
    29. Check out this #BehindTheScenes storyboard from this scene with Randy. Hot hot hot!
    30. From Matt and Trey

    31. From the writers: "There was so much in the news right now that we were bursting at the seams for this first show."
    32. From the writers: Matt & Trey in the Writer's Room jumping around and imitating PC Principal was funny and kind of intimidating.
    33. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark After Trey writes the script, it's immediately illustrated into "storyboards", like this:
    34. Last season, Matt & Trey went Gluten Free. Now? Trey is not Gluten Free. Matt still is. Not sure about Randy. #BehindTheScenes
    35. According to the writers: "Trey does a great impression of a pregnant woman." #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark