The South Park Live Tweet -
By @SouthPark on Twitter, , 2017

  1. The South Park Live Tweet starts now! #southpark21
    1. #whitepeoplerenovatinghouses marks the 278th #SouthPark episode and is the premiere of Season 21!
    2. In the first episode, "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe," Cartman's end table used to don a picture of Matt Stone's real-life sister.
    3. Ike is voiced by Trey's daughter this episode. She made her debut last year, in season 20.
    4. Cartman and Heidi, or #Heiman, starting dating last season.
    5. Did Alexa add "titty chips" to YOUR shopping list?? Amazon made some updates to Alexa... try it out...
    6. Yes, that is Hat McCullough from season 6's "Free Hat"
    7. ICYMI, this was a parody of Joni Mitchell's "Help Me"
    8. For this shot, the crew had to build a neighborhood in 3D

      Of course, they've done this in the past few seasons as well.
    9. This line about Randy doing MMA is a nod to the intro for "Flip or Flop: Vegas"
    10. "A home reno-what?"
    11. "Alexa. Define subservient."
    12. Randy's still a geologist, but he's owned a video store, won a noble prize, had a reality cooking show… and he's still Lorde.
    13. Cartman once jumped a homeless man on this basketball court in "Night of the Living Homeless"
    14. Check out this production art for Cartman in his shawl
    15. Crunchy's was originally introduced in #SouthPark season 19's "Stunning and Brave"
    16. "Doot. Doot. Awaiting request"
    17. "HUMBLE." by Kendrick Lamar was picked because it is one of Trey's daughter's favorite songs
    18. Randy and Darryl teamed up in "Goobacks" to help make the future a better place
    19. Member the last time Cartman apologized in the rain… #ImALittlePiggy
    20. From the Writer's Room: Trey loves the idea of exploring romantic relationships through Cartman’s point of view.
    21. This episode marks Cletus' debut in the series.
    22. ex·punge - verb
      past tense: expunged; past participle: expunged
      erase or remove completely (something unwanted or unpleasant)
    23. This episode set off a massive number of Google Homes and Amazon Alexas which was the intention
    24. We've never seen Darryl's house...until now!
    25. #BehindTheScenes Randy is using Gerald's "Protocol Zero" hammer from #SouthPark Season 20
    26. Cartman and Heidi are broken up!
    27. "Remember, no matter how bad the country gets you can always count on -- WHITE PEOPLE, RENOVATING HOUSES"
  2. Thanks for joining us for the live-tweet of #WhitePeopleRenovatingHouses