The South Park Live Tweet - The Ungroundable
By @SouthPark on Twitter, September 17, 2014

  1. The #SouthPark Live Tweet starts now, per se!
    1. Season 12's intro contains clips from over 30 episodes, including this ass-kicking scene from “Tonsil Trouble”:
    2. The writers initially got the 'Vamp Kids' concept while trying to figure out the ending to previous episode “Elementary School Musical"...
    3. Matt and Trey toyed with idea of the SP girls being into Twilight and dressing like vampires. #BehindTheScenes #Ungroundable
    4. The kids are all playing “Call of Duty: World At War”. The game came out in 2008, the same year this episode aired. #SouthPark #EasterEgg
    5. "OH HO! YOU GOT PWN'D BEBE!" #SouthPark
    6. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark Check out this character art of the Vamp Kid henchmen…
    7. Other than Big Texas Butters, some Butters alter-egos: Inspector Butters, Professor Chaos, Marjorine & Mantequilla.
    8. #BehindTheScenes The Goths each got a slightly updated look in this episode. Check out Tall Goth's transformation:
    9. Why is HAMBURGER HELPER in a GLASS of MILK, Butters? #YoureGroundedMister #SouthPark
    10. #BehindTheScenes This was the last episode EVER where storyboards were drawn by hand. Now they're all done digitally:
    11. Oh creatures of the night, I seek audience to engage with thee in unholy darkness and thus do...and thus do unto your bidding! #Ungroundable
    12. #SouthPark #Throwback A few episodes later, Butters used this playground as the home base for his Kissing Company:
    13. #BehindTheScenes Any time a new location appears, like this spooky Vamp hangout, multiple angles must be designed:
    14. Check out this #BehindTheScenes character art of Vamp Butters...
    15. It is finished! Welcome, Butters, to the South Park Society of Vampires! #PerSe #Ungroundable
    16. Which episode is your favorite? RT for "Ungroundable". Fave for "Butters' Very Own Episode".
    17. "How can thy ground - that which is UNGROUNDABLE?" #Butters #SouthPark
    18. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark This was the first scene written for this episode. Check it out...
    19. According to the writers: "Goths are like: We’re not playing around, we actually are depressed. We actually are bummed out. This isn’t fun.”
    20. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark This production art was used in designing the Goth Kids' conformist "Gap" look:
    21. "Sorry, Eric! But I'm a vampire now... And if someone must die so that I can feed, I choose thee…"
    22. Here's another never-before-seen storyboard. After the script is written, 'boards are the 1st step in production:
    23. In addition to Henrietta, we learned the other Goth names last season: Tall Goth is “Michael”, Hair Flip is “Pete” & Little Goth is “Firkle"
    24. #SouthPark This shows the production process used while creating this special pose, from boards to character design:
    25. Butters' Dad (Stephen) is one of many characters who've undergone a name change. In early seasons, he was known as Chris. #SouthParkHistory
    26. Butters did you get gay with one of your schoolmates tonight?! #GetGay #Ungroundable
    27. When creating background characters, the art department creates multiple "packs" of props and clothes for variety:
    28. The ghost of Edgar Allen Poe -- er, NightPain -- is also a frequent visitor to this diner...
    29. That's Trey singing a very Gothic version of "Burn Down Hot Topic". Like all #SouthPark songs, this was written & recorded 100% in-house.
    30. Would you mind telling me -- WHY THERE IS Rice a Roni in my COFFEE!?!? #Ungroundable #SouthPark
    31. Let us make it abundantly clear: If you HATE LIFE. TRULY HATE THE SUN and NEED TO SMOKE AND DRINK COFFEE, YOU ARE GOTH. #ILearnedSomething
    32. "Fuck ALL of you." #Conformists
    33. From Matt and Trey

    34. Matt & Trey: "Thursday we came in and started talking about the vampire episode, and came up with the whole Butters storyline."
    35. Matt & Trey: When we grew up, Goth Kids...were into The Cure, and dressed all in black, and were depressed, smoked, & hung out at Dennys...
    36. Matt & Trey: We realized doing this episode that we LIKE the Goth Kids. They’re this other attitude in school that’s not really represented.
  2. Thanks for joining us for the #Ungroundable live tweet, posers.