The South Park Live Tweet - Tsst
By @SouthPark on Twitter, September 16, 2015

  1. TSST! The #SouthPark Live Tweet starts now!
    1. This intro mimics how the 1997 #SouthPark pilot was made, with hand-cut construction paper, glue, & a lot of coffee.
    2. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark Let's kick things off with this never-before-seen production art of Cartman:
    3. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark Check out the original title page, right from our script archive:
    4. Well nice going asshole, you made my mom cry! #TSST
    5. #Throwback #SouthPark This clip look familiar? It's actually from the Season 8 episode "The Passion of the Jew".
    7. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark Check out the old-school storyboard for this scene with Cartman & the Nanny:
    8. What's Cartman singing here? A little bit of the Journey song “Don’t Stop Believin’. #SouthPark #TSST
    9. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark Check out the production art made for this scene:
    10. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark Special "TSST" poses needed to be created for this scene with Cesar Millan.
    11. TSST!!!!
    12. Here's the storyboard for this scene. Notice the hand-written notes, giving cues & direction to animators.#SouthPark
    13. We've witnessed Cartman's love for KFC numerous times, like in "Medicinal Fried Chicken" & "Death of Eric Cartman":
    14. TSST!!!#SouthPark
    15. "What do you guys expect me to do? Stay at Kenny's house?! His family is totally poor! I'm not staying with poor people!" #SouthPark
    16. This is kind of a trick question. Early on, Jimmy's last name was Swanson - but it officially became Valmer in "Up The Down Steroid".
    17. "Sumi-e paintings", also known as ink wash paintings, are an Asian style of brush painting. #SouthPark
    18. Cartman actually DOES call Child Protective Services on his mom five seasons later in "The Poor Kid". #SouthPark
    19. "Guys... Listen up. I really need your help this time. I've thought about it a lot, and I've decided.... I have to kill my mom." #Cartman
    20. Did you notice the final stage in Cartman's “Plan to Kill Mom” diagram? “Frame Token!” #EasterEgg #SouthPark
    21. Cartman's transformation in this scene parodies climax of the 1980 sci-fi flick "Altered States". #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark
    22. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark Check out the special art and poses created for this scene with Cartman:
    23. From Matt and Trey

    24. Where did the idea come from? Trey's a big fan of "The Dog Whisperer" & guessed that Millan's techniques would also work on children. #TSST
    25. This scene actually happened to one of the writers. A guest's child threw the spaghetti on the floor and then started skating on it. #TSST
    26. From Matt: "This is definitely my favorite show of this run… It’s a smaller, more intimate story- but much more intense with Cartman."
    27. From the writers: Any girl they've ever dated who described her mother as “her best friend” turned out to be a head case like Cartman.
    28. According to Trey: Parents who've watched the episode tell him they now use Dog Whisperer tactics on their kids, with great success. #TSST
    29. Matt & Trey love this: There’s this moment where Cartman is FIXED…but pull one brick out of the wall & the whole thing comes crumbling down.