The South Park Live Tweet - Butters' Bottom Bitch
By @SouthPark on Twitter, May 28, 2014

  1. The #SouthPark live tweet starts now!
    1. Not gonna give away what Kenny says here, but in Season 1- 3: "I like girls with big fat titties. I like girls with clean shaved pussies."
    2. Let's kick off this Live Tweet with this pimpin' #BehindTheScenes character art of Keshawn, right from our archives:
    3. This is the same tetherball that killed Kenny in “Mecha- Striesand”. Glad it’s still gettin use #Throwback #SouthPark
    4. This episode created fan controversy because #Butters WAS kissed by the home-schooled girl in #HookedOnMonkeyPhonics:
    5. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark Butters’ cute little combedover hair required new character art:
    6. "Go ahead B-Butters. Go get some." #ButtersBottomBitch #GetSome
    7. Character Debut: This is Sally Darson’s first episode. #SouthPark #ButtersBottomBitch
    8. "HEY FELLERS! FELLERS, DO YOU LIKE GETTIN' KISSES?!" #ButtersBottomBitch #Butters
    9. This was Scott Malkinson's second appearance ever. He debuted the season before in "Elementary School Musical". #SouthPark
    10. All the props & signs in the show are first designed by our Art Department, like these motivational pimpin’ signs:
    11. "But if you don't show up for work at all, I'm afraid you get a stormy cloud." #ButtersBottomBitch #StormyCloud
    12. #BehindTheScenes This was the first scene that was written for #ButtersBottomBitch:
    13. Matt & Trey actually came up w/ this joke (a cop waits too long to say FREEZE) on the set of Orgazmo in 1996. They finally used it.
    14. "Damn dude you made all that money off of CHICKS?!" #ButtersBottomBitch #SouthPark
    15. Something as small an image on a computer screen must be mocked, designed & approved. #SouthPark
    16. #SouthPark #BehindTheScenes As you can see here, some ho's were taken from our ho-heavy episode “Erection Day”:
    17. "Yes I know what you are saying. You don't have to keep asking." #ButtersBottomBitch #DoYouKnowWhatIAmSaying
    18. Aw hell dad, I got lots of girlfriends. Sally is just my bottom bitch! #ButtersBottomBitch #SouthPark
    19. RT this if Butters is your favorite character on #SouthPark!
    20. "Do you know what I am saying?" #ButtersBottomBitch
    21. "You've really worked it daddy. You really gave my little hole quite a... STRETCH!" #ButtersBottomBitch #STRETCH
    22. From Matt & Trey: "There’s nobody funnier to say really raw shit than Butters. He’s just so cute & obviously doesn’t know what he’s saying."
    23. "Bitch you wanna make some motherfucking money?" #ButtersBottomBitch #Pimpin
    24. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark Check out this storyboard from this scene. The arrows usually indicate movement:
    25. "Kyle, every boy PAYS for kisses. Do you know what I am saying?" #ButtersBottomBitch #Pimpin
    26. #BehindTheScenes If you look at this production art, you'll notice Yates next to the cake. He's there to show scale.
    27. The song featured here is appropriately called “Fuck the Pain Away” by Peaches. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark
    28. This episode parodies a documentary about pimping in the United States. #BehindTheScenes #ButtersBottomBitch
    29. In 2011, fans voted #ButtersBottomBitch as their 9th favorite episode of all time. #SouthPark
    30. From Matt & Trey: "This was a big surprise, seeing this on the list of fan's Top Episodes. This was the dark horse." #SouthPark
    31. "Can you believe it?! Two thousand dollars just to kiss a feller!" #SouthPark #ButtersBottomBitch
    32. Check out this art of Sharice's special poses. #BehindTheScenes #SouthPark
    33. The first time we saw Butters' house was back in Season 4's "A Very Crappy Christmas." #ButtersBottomBitch #Throwback
    34. Annie Faulk has been a recurring character since the first episode, "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe". #SouthPark
    35. Sergeant Yates' wife, Maggie, debuted back in Season 8's "The Jeffersons". #SouthParkHistory
  2. Thanks for joining us for this pimped-out version of #ButtersBottomBitch!