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secrets The Fractured But Whole (Ubisoft, December 2016)
You return as Douchebag but are sometimes called Butthole as you help Coon and Friends defeat the Freedom Pals in a civil war of superheros.
secrets The Stick of Truth (Ubisoft, March 2014)
You are the New Kid in Town, and are given the name Douchebag no matter what you submit, lol. You make friends with the kids and adults in town while helping Cartman and the others retrieve the Stick of Truth from Kyle's Drow Elves. Eventually both sides face a common enemy and team up to destroy it.
No Script Previous Games
These are old games that Aclaim and Microsoft Studios produced before Matt and Trey felt the technology had advanced enough for them to finally get involved in making games true to South Park. Among them were:
  1. South Park (1998, Acclaim) - You walked around South Park killing pissed off turkeys with snow balls. At times you could piss on the balls and cause more damage to the turkeys. You got new weapons, like dodgeballs, at higher levels. Sometimes you had to fight the Boss Turkey, a gigantic turkey which could easily destroy you.
  2. Chef's Luv Shack (1999, Acclaim) - a collection of minigames and trivia, it was multiplayer only.
  3. South Park Rally (2000, Acclaim) - You raced around town in a car rally in your choice of character, car, and location.
  4. South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! (2009, MS Studios) - This is a tower defense game and a fast-paced action game. Thus, players do not only build towers to eliminate destructive forces, but they also have to control multiple characters in order to successfully protect the town of South Park.
  5. South Park: Tenorman's Revenge (2012, MS Studios) - players can control the four main characters of the show, Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny, and the goal is to battle minor character Scott Tenorman and his army of gingers, as the kids travel through time.
Of these, South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! has the best reviews.

Movies and Plays

The Bok of Mormon
Two young Mormon missionaries go to Africa to spread the Word of God. Their fortunes diverge as they endeavor to convert the Ugandans to Mormonism. Elder Price fails miserably while Elder Cunningham impresses them with his own version of proselytism and ends up giving them a version of Mormonism based on his teachings in... the Book of Arnold.
Team America - (Theater Premiere: 10/15/04, DVD: April 5, 2005)
Team America serves as a world police force ("We Protect. We Serve. We Care.") that roots out terrorists wherever they can be found. In Paris, they lose Carson, so they have to find a new team member. Spottswoode sees Gary Johnston in the play Lease and recruits him afterwards. Gary has his doubts about becoming part of this team, but he comes back after thinking it over. He is transmorified into a terrorist so he can infiltrate their ranks and find out anything about upcoming terrorist attacks. The other Team America members are to help him in this mission. Team America kills the terrorists in Cairo, other terrorists respond by attacking the Panama Canal. Gary loses heart after seeing the devastation in Panama. The team learns those terrorists are from Derkaderkastan, so they go after the Derkaderkastanis. An air battle ensues and North Korean soldiers come in. Spottswoode thus learns that Kim Jong Il is behind the terrorist attacks. The North Korean pilots down the Team America aircraft and take Team America captive. Meanwhile, protesters gather at Mt. Rushmore to protest Team America's activities. Michael Moore is among them. He soon breaks into the base and destroys it and himself by blowing himself up. Kim Jong Il announces a peace conference among the Film Actors Guild, world leaders, and himself. He takes Lisa away from the other captives so she can have a front-row seat to his master plan. Joe comes in and frees the rest of the members. They all go after Kim Jong Il and FAG. Gary sees Lisa and frees her after she kicks Kim Jong Il to his death.
South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut (Theater Premiere: 6/30/99, DVD: November 23, 1999)
The boys see an R-rated Terrance & Phillip movie and tell the class about it. The class then sees the movie, and soon, all the kids are singing songs from the movie. Mr. Garrison sends the boys to the principal's office, where their mothers wait to talk to them. Mrs. Broflovski leads the mothers on a campaign against Canadian products, as Terrance and Phillip are Canadian. The Canadians protest in the UN and attack the US. The US responds and a war breaks out between the two countries. Satan sees this as the opportunity to come and rule the world, with Saddam at his side. Kenny dies and ends up in hell, where he learns of Satan's plan and tries to alert the other boys about it.
scriptsecrets South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut - 8th Draft (Version Date: 1/21/99)
An early version of the movie script.
BASEketball (Theater Premiere: 7/31/98)
Joe Cooper is a slacker who dreams of having a big sports bar. He and his friend Doug Remer don't have any prospects until one night, when they shoot hoops agains two other guys at Brittany Keiser's party, which they has crashed earlier. As they shoot hoops, they devise a new game which they call baseketball, and which they claim they play in the 'hood. Word of this new game gets out and soon they have a league of their own. Ted Denslow shows an interest in the game, and soon the league goes official. Five years later Coop meets a woman, Jenna, whom he grows fond of, and a boy, Joey, who admires him greatly. Remer takes an interest in Jenna as well, and starts up a Beerswear clothng line for her, something Coop was against, as it was against baseketball rules. Coop learns that the contract Remer signed with Cain was more sinister than he suspected, and he sets out to make things right. Joey makes a homemade ball for Coop in case Coop's own homemade ball should fail him.
Orgazmo (Theater Premiere: 10/23/98)
Joe Young is a Mormon missionary who stumbles into the porn industry when he tries to evangelize at Maxxx Orbison's mansion. He's offered a role as Orgazmo and gets Ben Chapleski as the sidekick Choda Boy. Ben makes a working Orgazmorator, which comes in handy later on when they have to confront some situations that could mean the closure of a sushi bar they frequent and the demise of Lisa, Joe's fiancée. Meanwhile, Lisa learns of life in L.A. and shows up curious as to what Joe is actually doing as an actor.
Cannibal! The Musical
A miner, Alferd Packer, leads a group of men to Breckenridge in order to find gold and return to Utah as rich men. Unfortunately, they get lost in the Rocky Mountains and run out of food. They begin to despair and kill each other while Packer looks for a good view of Breckenridge. He returns to find all his men dead but one, and he kills that one in self-defense. He emerges in Saguache and is charged with murder when his party's bodies are found soon after and evidence of self-defense is lacking.

Award Presentations, Shorts, Anthologies

No Script How's Your News - (Winter 2009)
How's Your News began in 1998 as a series of short films directed by Arthur Bradford featuring cast members with disabilities serving as news reporters who interview people on the street. Stone and Parker later executive produced a feature film following the reporters. The MTV series features a team of disabled reporters who drive across America in a customized tour bus documenting their experiences covering events like the Grammys. The first season of the show had six episodes. Matt and Trey are executive producers on this show, and a few of the reporters have South Park counterparts (Larry Perry appears as Jimmy Valmor and Sean Costello, who has Down Syndrome, appeared as Nathan in "Up The Down Steroid").
The movie came out in 2002 on Cinemax and arrived on DVD in July 2004.
As of 2016, the Website is gone, so I removed the link.
The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs. Frosty (Theater Premiere: 1992)
The boys put a hat on their snowman, and it comes to life. It terrorizes them until they call on Jesus, who pops out of his manger and defeats Frosty.
The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs. Santa (Theater Premiere: early 1996)
Jesus floats down from the sky and asks where the mall is. The boys take him there, and he faces Jesus in a battle to determine for whom Christmas is dedicated.
scriptsecrets 100. Unaired Pilot (Created: 10/96)
We meet the boys and some of their school mates in the premiere. Kyle's brother Ike is abducted, Cartman gets an anal probe, and Wendy arranges to meet Stan at Stark's Pond after school.
scriptsecrets Mr. Leno Visits South Park (The Tonight Show: 11/20/97)
Jay Leno visits Mr. Garrison's class to talk about Thanksgiving, but the kids make fun of his chin.
script The Meteor Shower Trilogy (Original Airdate: Summer 1999)
One way the three eps could fit together
script The Dead Friend Sketch (Monty Python tribute: 10/9/99)
The kids spoof Monty Python
script Princess (Shockwave: Winter 2000)
The only two Shockwave videos about Princess ever made.
script The Gauntlet (MTV 2000 Movie Awarrds: 6/8/00)
The boys and Timmy are sent to meet their doom as gladiators in Imperial Rome.
script 4th Grade Discussion (Conan O'Brien: 11/2/00)
script The Boys In Some Awards Ceremonies
script The Aristocrats (Original Airdate: unknown)
Trey tells his version of this old joke ("The Debonairs" in British circles) in which a family tries out a most disgusting skit for a talent agent.
script The Most Notorious Episode (Original Airdate: 6/19/02)
... will not be seen tonight, so that we may present to you: Cartman's search for his father!
script David Letterman (Original Airdate: 3/15/06)
Matt and Trey go on Letterman for the first time and tell a little about their careers and touch on Isaac Hayes leaving South Park.
No Script First Date
Billy goes on his first date accompanied by a ccameraman who gives him advice on how to treat his date. The cameraman gives him bad advice and walks away with his date when the chance presents itself.
No Script My First Day In Communism
A man wakes up in Communist America and deals with having next to nothing. While he was asleep, everything he had was replaced by much simpler stuff - his massive radio was replaced by a pocket radio, his bed replaced by a mattress, his car was taken away, etc. Even his toilet paper was taken. He replaces his radio with a record player and gets dressed. He takes the Metro to a distribution site where he stands in line to get some toilet paper. He gets two rolls and goes back home, but is robbed of his toilet paper on the way there. When he gets there he finds his record player and other electronics missing. In a fit of rage he leaves the house and beats up the first man he sees. He's arrested and sent to a small isolated island, where he spends his days picking up rocks.
No Script Man On Mars
Murphy comments on his trip to Mars