Things To Learn From
South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut

Original Title - South Park: All Hell Breaks Loose

by Wild Willie Westwood

There's plenty of eye candy for the fan to peruse in this film. There are more treats in it than listed here.

The Introduction and Asses of Fire

The first few notes in the opening song come from Cannibal! The Musical.

Stan's house usually has a storm cellar next to the front door, but in the first scene of the film, when he leaves the house, there's no storm cellar. And, the trashcan sits on the left side of the garage.

Ew! Stan scoops up some yellow snow after a deer pisses on it and throws it up in the air so it can shower him.

The big TV screen at TELE's shows the Terrance and Phillip episode in which they float around in space. The three screens on either side show scenes from the HBC Movie Of The Week: Not Without My Anus.

Sharon Marsh works as the receptionist at Tom's Rhinoplasty.

A dentistry is next to Tom's Rhinoplasty.

When Stan shows the movie ad to his mother, the picture shown, of a maple leaf upon which are the faces of Terrance and Phillip and a car coming at you, is the one shown as a poster in front of the Bijou theater. When he shows the same ad to each of his friends, a different picture is shown, of Terrance and Phillip standing before their sofa. No maple leaf, no car coming at you.

The dog on Kenny's front yard is not Sylvester. It is one of two dogs that appear on his yard near the end of "Starvin Marvin." In that episode, the dog barks and chases some cats off the yard.

The flip side of the the ad for Asses Of Fire has the following:

Names and dates, obscene com-
ments, a reference to the battle of
Stalingrad—all are revealed in per-
petuity. Foster also saved marks
left by earlier renovations, when
the building's vaulted corridors
were torn out to make way for ad-

An ad for America's #1 movie on the third day of Asses Of Fire's run: Stink Pipe, rated R.

Among the cities this movie is playing in are Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, and Westwood. Odd places to be listed in a South Park newspaper.


Continued from P1

ing and the adjacent western plaza
with a giant steel-and-glass canopy
supported by slender, 190-foot
high columns. He wanted to link
the building directly to the plaza —
once the site of massive public
demonstrations — most recently
when the Berlin Wall was torn
down. Foster hoped to extend the
spirit of a spontaneous public
gathering place through to the
building: he designed interior
courtyards, a rooftop terrace and a
restaurant, all open to the public.
   But the building's program and
budget subsequently were signifi-
cantly scaled back, and Foster was
force to completely revise his
scheme. The result—which still
cost $165 million—is more comp-
act, less radical. Foster discarded
the large-scale enclosure and in-
stead reshaped the original dome

When Kenny sings his lines, the church doors are open behind the priest. Before and after, though, the doors are closed.

Before Stan, Kyle, and Kenny leave the Broflovski house with Ike, the storm cellar is small, but when they leave it is much bigger.

When the camera moves from outside to inside at the Broflovski house, the doorknob should move to the left side of the door, but it doesn't. It looks like the door swung around with the camera.

Here, Saddam was killed by a pack of wild boars, but in "Not Without My Anus," he was killed by a high concentration of Canadian farts, then dismembered by the jubilant Canadians. Oh, wait. Terrance and Phillip is a cartoon to the boys, so Saddam didn't really die in "Not Without My Anus."

The three people who follow the boys in line are the fifth graders from the unaired pilot and from "Clubhouses." They do get in to see the movie without a guardian.

When the boys learn that they can't go in to see Asses of Fire, Cartman says it's just as well, since the animation is all crappy. The next scene shows the boys bouncing around crappily. But if Terrance and Phillip were mere animation, the crusade to save them would be completely pointless, since animated characters can't be executed by real people.

The kids think nothng of using dirty language, but they're quite surprised when they hear Terrance and Phillip use it without bleeps.

When the boys leave the theater, the little canopy under the "Tom's Rhinoplasty" sign is gray. When they return with the bum, it is brown. The building itself changes colors ever so subtlely.

The bum the kids walk on and then go back for to be their guardian so they can see Asses Of Fire is the one Mr. Mackey ran into in "Ike's Wee Wee."

Cartman is noshing on a STALE popcorn bucket, a Choco bar, some Santa Fe Chili Chewies, a drink, and some Creamy Cream Corn Cakes

Terrance and Phillip are pictured with Santa on a portrait near the phone.

Ike mimics the boys in saying, "donkey-raping shit-eater," but it comes out slurred.

At the end of "Uncle Fucka" Terrance and Phillip trade places just after "U N C L E" to end the sond with "Uncle Fuckaaaa!"

Clyde is extremely fast. When Cartman asks for somene to touch him Clyde is behind him and to his left, blocked by Butters. In the very next scene he is off to Kenny's right just itching to leave the pond. Kenny is to Cartman's right.

Stan vomits when Wendy says "hi."

The Morning After

On the wall in back of the class is a board titled "Life on other planets." One of the life forms is a steaming piece of poo. Mr. Hankey?

When the class is singing "Uncle Fucka" Bebe wears a cyan Terrance shirt, Kevin wears a cyan Terrance And Phillip shirt, and Pip wears a yellow Phillip shirt. When the camera pans from Gregory to Stan, the three shirts keep their pictures, but turn white. When Clyde volunteers an answer to "What is 5 X 2 ?" the shirts have their original colors again.

Gregory doesn't raise his hand to answer Garrison's math problem. A smart kid like him would be the first to have his/her hand up. But then, Wendy and Kyle didn't raise their hands either.

When Stan and Kyle wait in line for lunch, their shirts have the Terrance and Phillip heads with "T & P" beneath them, but the heads are switched so that Phillip's head is above the T and Terrance's above the P. When they meet Chef, their shirts revert to the versions shown in the classroom earlier. Either way, the sleeves on Stan's shirt remain blue.

No secret here: The letters on Chef's apron change case with the point of view.

Terrence, Mephesto's son, walks out of the school kitchen wearing his regular clothes, including suspenders, but enters the cafeteria in the very next scene wearing a Terrance and Phillip shirt. At the same time, the redhead who was in front of him is replaced by another girl.

Stan and several other kids wear the same Terrance and Phillip shirt, and at least one of them has the words "Ass Power" on it. Stan's does not.

Cartman's milk carton goes up under his chin in the cafeteria when the Terrance and Phillip T-shirts are banned at South Park Elementary.

Some Days Later

The world map shown on screen when the "World News" segment begins is a mirror image of what it should be. And all of Antarctica should be one color, not two. Once the map is set right, the eastern third of the U.S. and Canada is green, while the other two thirds and Mexico are pink.

In the "World News" segment, a two-story building sits to the right of the Bijou Theater. Some time later, it is gone.

Rainbow Chalk - In the spelling bee, the stick of chalk the boy uses to write "forensics" (S-U-C-K M-Y A-S-S) changes color. Before he writes, it is a faded orange. When he writes it is pink. After he writes it is white.

Terrance and Phillip's video, "Shut Your Fucking Face, Uncle Fucka," is taken from Mase and Puff Daddy's video, "Feels So Good," which was filmed in Las Vegas. Phillip holds a stack of bills in his right hand.

When Mr. Mackey starts to spin Stan around, they spin counterclockwise. Then, from Stan's POV, they spin clockwise (the background moves to the left). Then, from Mr. Mackey's POV, they spin counterclockwise again (the background moves to the right).

Kenny shows up for Rehabilitation after all, but does not participate in the musical number Mr. Mackey and the other kids produce.

The second time the class goes to see the film, Damien, Satan's son, is seated next to Stan. And Kelly is in the back, left.

During the film, the first three people in the second row, starting at left, are Kevin, the redhead, and Bebe. When the film lets out Kevin is nowhere to be seen, but the redhead and Bebe leave their seats. A second Bebe remains seated behind Kyle.


Before Kenny farts and lights it, the camera position changes a few times, and the mountains change with it. Then, when Kenny laughs at his fart, a building appears next to the theater.

At the Bijou

Now Playing: Asses of Fire. The original lasts three hours, the MPAA-approved censored version, one minute.
Coming Soon: Mecha-Streisand takes New York, Rated R
The Milk Song, Rated PG
Rat Kicker, an Eric Roberts film. The poster is gone by the time the reporter in a bikini reports from the Bijou.

Mr. Mackey, revisited





The bench outside Mr. Mackey's office is on the left side of the entrance. Craig is on it, as usual.
Mr. Mackey seems to have inherited Principal Victoria's office. Will he now become Principal Mackey?
Mr. Mackey seems to have been a drug counselor before becoming South Park Elementary's counselor.
Mr. Mackey teaches that vulgarity is the first step to drugs, sex, and alcohol, and that vulgarity is easy to cure. Yeah, right.
There's no Latin word "bich"

The Backlash and Kenny's Death

The Doctors' Schedule

Note how the columns change place and the doctor practicing his golf swing changes from Petrocco to Newman. And how the clock appears in the second picture.

The Microwave Oven


Stan vomits again, at the sight of blood.

Interesting. Although Dr. Doctor is the name on the lead doctor's name tag, he is listed as Dr. Gouache in the credits. The reason for the listing is for the bloody way in which Kenny was operated on: Gouache is a form of watercolor which is characterized by splotches everywhere, much like Kenny's blood all over the room and the medical staff. But look at the Schedule, and the lead doctor is Dr. Chumsky!

Son, I have some bad news. We… accidentally replaced your heart with a baked potato.
Compare with this line from "It's A Shpadoinkle Day!" in Cannibal! The Musical:
My heart's as full as a baked potato.

Dr. Gouache walks away whistling part of "Mountain Town."

When the mothers arrive, the schedule and the blood stains on the boys are gone, and a monitor shows Terrance and Phillip in space.


Heaven has 1,656 inhabitants, Hell has 923,565,421,2xx and rising.

"There is orderliness in the universe." - There's a reason other than killing a bird that Kenny is in Hell. An orderly universe has a reason for every action.

John Wayne Gacy, the Killer Clown, floats by as Kenny makes his final descent into hell. Jerry Garcia is also there.


The copiers are INKA 2000 copiers In the copy mart a wall has some T-shirts on it. One of the shirts has Jesus in his boxing outfit and "Sweet Jezus" underneath.

It's not even a real country anyway - Well, Québéc, leading the Fench-speaking part of Canada, keeps trying to break away…

Liane mentions Anne Murray. Anne Murray is from Springhill, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The storm cellar is back next to the Marsh front door when Shelley is left in charge of the boys while the mothers go to New York to protest Terrance and Phillip's appearance on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. But where are Ike and Kevin?

Cartman hums part of "Blame Canada" as he, Stan and Kyle laugh at the antics Terrance and Phillip perform on the Conan O'Brien show.

Terrance, Phillip, and Brooke on Conan O'Brien mirrors Matt, Trey, and Brooke on The Tonight Show in May, 1998.

Conan is shown leaping from one of the upper floors of the GE building, but his show is on the sixth floor. Also, Andy Richter doesn't shake anyone's hands or provide commentary.

There are two flags of interest in front of the UN building. The first, at far left, is a Gay Pride flag, a rainbow flag with an equilateral triangle in the middle. The second is the Jolly Roger, the pirate's flag, which consists of a skull-and-crossbones on a black field. The British flag is known as the Union Jack.

The items in Canada's economic pie chart:
Terrance and Phillip
Dion Fishing Industry
Tourist Industry
X-Files filming
Log Industry
Snow Ball Machine
Porn indutstry

The helicopter scene from Apocalypse Now is recreated when bomber planes head towards Baldwin Manor.

During the press conference, the president says that at 5:00 a.m. the Baldwin residence was bombed, but the actual bombing shows the Baldwin men sunning themselves. If Clinton meant 5 a.m. Eastern, then the Baldwins would have been asleep, as that's 2 a.m. Pacific. Even if he meant 5 a.m. Pacific, the men would be asleep. The earliest the sun rises in Los Angeles is 5:45 a.m. at the summer solstice, and at about that time when we switch to daylight savings.

In "The March of War" Clinton's desk is shown with a hunidor containing the following brands of cigars:
CORONA 5 1/2" X 42
CORONA GORDA 5 5/8" X 46
LONSDALE 6 1/4 X 42
PETIT CORONA 4 1/2" X 40

Clinton's new Secretary of Offense: Sheila Broflovski. The pattern on the wall, taken from Laurey's room in Oklahoma!, is squished soon after Sheila takes the mic. And, she finishes her speech with Nixon's "I am not a crook" pose.

Clinton is shown writing with his right hand. He is a lefty.

Jordan is picking her nose before Clyde says, "Let's play tetherball."

Stan vomits a third time, when Wendy asks him what he thinks of getting more political. Damnit!

The Dutch boys Cartman leads in "Kyle's Mom's A Bitch" looks very much like Pip, only their berets are puffier.

According to the sheet music, these are the words Cartman sings in four languages.
I have the French and Dutch ones right, but about the others…

Mandarin Chinese:
Kyle de mama shige po fu
Tashi ge da fei zu tashi
Kwanshi jiezu bu ya lian
de po fu

La mère du Kyle est une pute
C'est une sacrée vieille pute
La plus grande pute du
Monde entier.

Kyles moeder is een teef
zij is een groot vettig teef
zij is de grootst teef ter
vereld teef ter vereld

African (specific tongue?):
Mama yah kay Kyle nee mewah
Nee mewah koo bwah m neh nay
nee bwah m'koo bwah koo lee koh
wot tay doo ne ah ne

The projector is made by SUNY.

The V-chip works by shocking you whenever you want to swear. In A Clockwork Orange, behavior-altering drugs work by counteracting any violent or sexual thought the patient has, making the patient retch. Alex first received them during a demonstration of the drugs' effectiveness. The drugs are so effective that only psychiatric treatment is needed for the changes to become permanent, but any angry, violent thought will bring forth vomit and violent abdominal cramps.

The Boys Get Political

The atmosphere at this point is Naziesque. Nazis destroyed books and other things just like Mothers Against Canada do here.

One of the women on stage really has to go to the restroom.

An album, "Alanis Morissette: Naked and Crying," is one of the Canadian items burned in the pyre. Celine Dion and Shania (Come All Over) CD's are also burned, as are Canadian basketballs. Basketball was created in 1891 by the Canadian Dr. James Naismith at the YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Liane Cartman is popular on porno and fetish sites on the Internet.

Scheisse is German for… well, shit. And wouldn't you know it? The V-chip only works on English words! Oh, scheisse! That same drawback, discussed in the news two years ago or so, is a problem on real V-chips as well.

Stan vomits a fourth time, at the sight of a woman eating scheisse. But a few seconds later it is gone. On the Opie and Anthony radio show in the Summer of 2000 Trey recounted that Matt threw up when Trey showed him a scheisse video for the first time.

The German spelling for scheisse is now scheiße. This is the same as "fs" in early modern English (this f was missing the right part of the crossbar and was another form of "s"), where the top of the f touched the s.

Stan says something (three syllables) to Cartman when Ike enters, but what he said isn't known.

When the boys are surfing the net, their web browser has a "SPHINC" button at the right end of the button bar.

The torture rack Kenny is tied to is in front of a sinister skull.

La Resistance Mobilizes

A poster of Orgazmo hangs behind Cartman's door. But for a moment, the poster seems to have strips of tape on it.

It's funny how Kyle can figure out how to get past an access code on the Internet and then forget the password to the La Resistance meeting. And the password he does accept is not a kosher food.

How did Cartman know to pack a mirror and rope befoe meeting the Mole, or even before learning Gregory's plan to rescue Terrance and Phillip?

"Viva La Resistance" should be "Vive La Résistance."

Stan vomits a fifth time, when Wendy asks him if he started La Resistance.

The interment camp Terrance and Phillip are held in has the same blueprint as Hell's Pass Hospital. Their cell is located in the same spot in the camp as the emergency generator is on the hospital grounds. The compass points read the same on both maps:


This is probably because we all learned our compass points this way: North, South, East, and West, and forgot it was a cross we made, not a circle.

Several kids in the movie come back as part of the Getting Gay with Kids Choir in "Rainforest Schmainforest." Among them is Jake, the male lead in the choir. He first appears dressed in brown from head to toe. At the first meeting of La Resistance, "Jake" wears a yellow shirt and says, "We were to understand there would be pie and punch?" When Kyle says there isn't any, he and another boy get up and leave. The irony is that Tweek, who appeared on the show four months before Jake did, is not in the movie.

An attic appears on the Broflovski house. These are never shown in the series. There seems to be a Diary of Ann Frank reference in that Ike is hidden by Kyle in the attic to protect him from Canadian concentration camps, much as the Franks were hidden by friends in the attic to protect them from Jewish concentration camps.

To Barbrady's right sits Jesus, and to his left is Grandpa Marsh wearing a Japanese flag as a bandana.

Jimbo wears a green hat different from the others. It says, "KILL 'EM ALL!"

This is truly a MAC offensive. The general's podium has an eagle holding a no-Canada sign.

As the General briefs ths American soldiers before the war with the Canadians, the soldiers behind him change positions on every shot he's in.

An upside-down version of the American flag is displayed when Batallion 5, consisting of Chef and his troops, is placed on the lower-left side of the bleachers. A flag upside down is a sign of protest.

When the Army general brings up the map, the holograph he uses is like the one in Return of the Jedi. His voice is an exaggerated version of Admiral Ackbar's.

The names of various soldiers:
Battalion 5CHEF (yep, Chef's tag)
Guarding Terrance and PhillipMCAO
Marching by Kyle's houseRAMWOOD
At the USO showWILBUR
Near the electrical boxBONEMEW (the W is soon covered)

Some other soldiers to look for: FAGINA, RIPPER,

When the action moves back to Carl's warehouse, a long shot has Wendy standing to Stan's left. On close-up, though, Clyde appears behind and to the left of Stan (Wendy has evidently stepped off to her left). Moments later, neither Clyde nor Wendy is seen as Gregory passes behind Stan on his way to the soap box. Wendy returns when Gregory is on the soap box.

In the same scene, Cartman and Bebe are on opposite sides of the table, Butters stands left of Cartman, and the redhead left of Butters. But the moment the camera looks at Cartman, he's standing between the redhead to his right and Bebe to his left.

In the same scene, Stan's beanie has one definite watermark when he and Gregory talk and another when the camera pulls back a little. They disappear when Gregory starts singing.

A father remembers: Stuart McCormick has a picture of Kenny strapped to his helmet. And the strap has a Stars-And-Stripes design.

Cartman is eating Coo Coo Chips while Stan and Kyle sing their part in "La Resistance".

Craig replaces a kid wearing a blue cap with yellow brim near the end of "La Resistance".

The flag of La Resistance comes from the "The Red and The Black" sequence in Les Misérables. And Tragedy and Comedy show up on it.

The Mole

The Mole's address is 810. The name is Christophe.

Interesting how the place the boys have to go to in order to free Terrance and Phillip and take them to Canada moves from their cell to the stage.

"Third Act: The Ticking Clock." - 9:40 p.m.

Why did Christophe ask for rope when he's carrying some on his right shoulder?

The disappearing watch - the watch is on the Mole's wrist only when he needs to refer to it.

Jesus marches with the troops on patrol just before Kyle hides Ike in the attic. All Christian nations like to think Jesus marches with them when they go to war, even if that war is against other Christian nations.

At the U.S. Army Headquarters Jesus was in a regular uniform, like the other soldiers, but in marching he is dressed in camouflage.

"Today is the day for the USO show.
We're so happy we get to go.
I don't know, but I've been told:
Canadian pussy is mighty cold"
—— the last two lines go back to Full Metal Jacket, where the word is "Eskimo," not "Canadian." And to think that Jesus is saying these words along with the other soldiers!

Satan and Saddam

Satan wears reading glasses and has a SUNY television.

"There's nothing on." - As Satan channel-surfs, you can hear the voice of the Australian Outback Guy before Satan settles on War News.

There's a men's restroom sign next to Satan's bathroom.

Why would anyone in Hell need living quarters or amenities?

Canadians on an Aztec calendar? (the Aztecs disappeared before Canadians were around)

George Lucas is to the right of Terrance on the Mayan calendar. All three of them can be seen between Satan's horns.

A picture of Skeet Ulrich, of Scream and As Good As It Gets fame, hangs above Satan's bed.

Satan is over-rated. Human evil can be far worse than satanic evil.

Saddam is quite skilled at blowing puffs of smoke from his hookah. When he's singing that society made him evil, the puff that comes out of the hookah becomes an American flag. I suppose he means American society made him evil.

Saddam has an idol. When Saddam is packing his suitcase to go back up to earth, he puts a little Hitler doll into his suitcase, which has a marijuana leaf on it. When the suitcase is on the bed, Hitler's hairdo has flipped so that the part in on the right instead of the left.

For those who see South Park for the first time in this movie, it makes sense that Satan asks Saddam what life is like up here. But those who have seen the show know that Satan has been on earth before to fight Jesus in "Damien." Satan need not have asked what life was like here, since he's been here before.

The USO show

The changing watch - the square black digital watch with black wristband the Mole wore earlier is now a round analog white watch with brown wristband. Then it disappears.

Cartman confuses the French and the British: Pip he calls Frenchy (so does Kyle), Christophe he calls a British piece of crap.

How did the USO get a hold of Big Gay Al?

As Terrance and Phillip are strapped into their electric chairs, the background changes several times. Sometimes the U.S. flag is shown, sometimes the red curtains hide it.

Big Gay Al's pianist is Marc Shaiman, who helped Trey Parker with most of the songs in the movie. The piano makers are Felcher and Sons. A felcher is a man who gives a rim job to another man.

"Again! Again!" - from the Teletubbies, but it was around long before…

The Climax and Conclusion

"The sound of a dying giraffe" - if you remember Doom II, you will recognize this as the sound the mancubus makes when he is attacked.

"What, Cartman?" - Though it's Stan mouthing the question, it's Kyle who's asking.

Terrance and Phillip are strapped in so that onscreen Terrance is to the left, Phillip to the right. When the Mole shows up, Phillip is to the left while Terrance is to the right. After the Mole dies, Terrance is again to the left, Phillip to the right.

When Cartman wears his backpack, the shoulder straps are sometimes thin, sometimes thick, and their fit changes as well.

While the Mole is dying, an overhead shot shows that Cartman isn't wearing his yellow backpack (he loses it for good shortly before turning off the executioner's switch).

Also in the same overhead shot, you get to see Stan and Kyle's hands, shoulders, and feet. But the normal frontal view shows that their hands, shoulders, and feet could not be seen from overhead.

When the switch is thrown to electrocute Terrence and Phillip, it's pulled downwards. A few shots later, we see Cartman jump in to save T and P by turning the switch off — downwards.

When Stan responds with "No!", just after Sheila says "Goodbye, bastards!", you can see that Kyle has pissed his pants and a bit of his jacket. They dry out quickly, though.

When the Canadians attack, Mr. Hat blinks.

"Yis some people gonna die?" Trey and Matt hate Jar Jar Binks.

Chicks love confidence.

The clitoris' voice is one of wisdom, like Glenda's (the Good Witch of the North) in The Wizard of Oz. Its appearance to the hero and then its disappearance when others arrive is a common movie device - The Holy Grail in Excalibur and Ben Kenobi in the Star Wars films, for instance.

The demons attacking the soldiers is a bit like God blinding the people who look upon the open Ark of the Covenant in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Stan vomits a sixth time, when Wendy kisses him on the cheek.

Officer Barbrady is dressed in in his police uniform when the town gathers for the reprise, but as the camera pulls away, he is again dressed as a soldier. When the final group shot is shown, he's in his police uniform again.

Still looking for Jesus? He's behind Mr. Mackey.

Still looking for Mr. Hankey? Just look by Mephesto's feet when the camera pulls back.

Mr. Hat is back on Mr. Garrison's right hand just before Kenny enters heaven.

Also, Scuzzlebutt and the two Chinese volleyball announcers are there.

It's entirely possible to lampoon something without losing faith in it.

The Climactic Scene References

Return of the Jedi I
Cartman can now manipulate the V-chip
Satan as Darth Vader, Cartman as Emperor Palpatine,
Saddam as Luke Skywalker
Return of the Jedi II
Satan moves to be rid of Saddam
Satan as Darth Vader, Saddam as Emperor Palpatine,
Kenny as Luke Skywalker in coaxing Satan, as Darth Vader in revealing his face
The Search For Spock
Satan moves to be rid of Saddam
Satan as Jim Kirk "I have had enough of you!", Saddam as Klingon Commander Kruge
The Lion King
Satan as Simba, Saddam as Scar, the rock Satan stands on as Pride Rock
The Matrix and some commercialsThe 360-degree rotation around Cartman.
Dragonball ZCartman as Goku.

And speaking of Goku, here's what Cartman says to Saddam:

"Dumbshit, respect my fuckin' authoritah!"
"Dogshit taco!"
"Check this one out: blood-drenched frozen tampon popsicle!"
Saddam says he can change: "Okay" [turns away, but sees what Saddam meant] "Not!
"Fuck! Shit! Cock! Ass! Titties! Boner! Bitch! Muff! Pussy! Cock! Butthole! Barbra Streisand!" Ah, the depth of Parker and Stone's hatred of Babs.

Other References

  1. Mary Poppins, when the Mountie says, "What's going on here?" and everyone dances around him.
  2. War Games, when the boys log on to send a message out to kids.
  3. The Hunchback of Nôtre Dâme - one of the mothers is Esmeralda. She appears four times here.
    1. When the woman in front of her throws the ALANIS CD into the bonfire
    2. When the mothers bring Terrance and Phillip out and tie them to the electric chairs
    3. When the mothers see what horror their little war has wrought.
    4. When Cartman takes on Saddam.
  4. The Warner Bros. cartoons - the electric chairs are made by Acme. Warner Bros. had a part in making this film.
  5. The various Doom games - Satan's home and other areas in Hell.

The Lessons

Major lesson: Grammar-school kids will use foul language and try to see vulgar movies. When they succeed, grounding them without explanation won't teach them anything. Nor will going on crusades to blindly censor what they hear and see. You must explain why such films are bad for them to see and why such language is bad for them to use, and then ground them.

Minor lesson: One cannot live in fear forever. One must gain confidence and assert one's self. Stan, Kyle, and Satan learn this in different ways.

MPAA lesson: It's possible to load a film with as many bad words as possible, as long as the sexual activity you portray is tame enough for an R.

The Episodes behind the Movie

Death - For the parents' fight against immature toilet humor.
Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo - for "Kyle's Mom's a Bitch" and Mr. Mackey.
Not Without My Anus - for background on Terrance and Phillip.
The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka - for Satan and Saddam as lovers.



(with accompanying photo of Terrance and Phillip) on paper the bum uses as a blanket when the boys step over him.



Headline on paper Gerald reads while Sheila kicks high.


Terrance and Phillip
to appear on
Conan O'Brien Show

Poop ruled edible

Christians agree:
Guns nifty!

This due to the religious right's love of guns and the Second Amendment. The irony is that these Christians make the same argument for the right to bear arms (kids should be allowed to handle guns) that Parker and Stone make for the right to speak your mind (kids should be allowed exposure to all kinds of language).

It's raining frogs!

New study shows
Americans not so smart

Dude! Visitors!

When Stan asks him mom for $8 to see a movie, one of the bills she hands him has an alien face on it, but that face is quickly replaced with a human one.
Cartman has a picture of one by his window.
A picture of one is in the cafeteria. This is a fixture in the show.
One is a shadow in the audience: fourth row, second seat from the aisle, near the left edge of the screen.
A picture of one is on the bill Sheila gives Conan.
In the finale, an alien stands in line way behind Cartman, off to his left.


"Behold my glory" - here said by the clitoris when Stan first sees it, but first said by Jesus in The Spirit of Christmas when he descends to greet the boys.
"We have precious little time" - said by both Dr. Gouache while going to work on Kenny and Stan when the other kids come to see if he is alright, but first used by Leonard Maltin in Mecha-Streisand, when he meets Chef in the school kitchen.

Some Guest Stars

Ike -Jesse Howell
Anthony Cross-Thomas
Francesca Clifford
Man In Theatre Bruce Howell
Woman In Theatre Deb Adair
Bebe Jennifer Howell
Dr. Gouache George Clooney
Conan O'Brien Brent Spiner
Brooke Shields Minnie Driver
The Baldwin Brothers Dave Foley
Saddam Hussein Himself
Dr. Vosknocker Eric Idle
Canadian Fighter Pilot Nick Rhodes
Winona Ryder Toddy E. Walters
American Soldier #1 Stewart Copeland
American Soldier #2 Stanley G. Sawicki
Kenny's Goodbye Mike Judge

Changes made since the trailers came out.

When Saddam tells Satan he loves hium, Satan doesn't smile.
Mr. Mackey doesn't ask any of the boys if they used the Q word.
The boys don't move, nor are they shocked, when Kenny takes off his hood.

Since Kyle hid Ike in the attic, Ike is not present in the following scenes:
1. with the boys at the book-burning.
2. with Kyle and Cartman in the trench.
3. with the boys looking at Kenny take off his hood.

Changes made to the movie content.

Change: title, from "All Hell Breaks Loose" to "Bigger, Longer, & Uncut"
Reason: "You can't use 'Hell' in the title." But what about all those Hellraiser movies?
Backfires: someone thought of a sexual organ that can also be bigger, longer, & uncut. But the title was already approved, so it was too late.
Change: the action on the computer screen, from that of a man humping a horse to that of a woman eating German shit.
Reason: You can't show bestiality without getting an NC-17.
Backfires: Showing a woman eating shit is worse, but since it doesn't involve sexual activity, it was approved.

Well, just like many episodes on the show, the movie has more than one version. Fruitbowl has sent me info on a version he saw in theaters but which didn't make it to DVD. Here's the info he sent, along with the info from the more familiar version of the movie most of us saw.

Another version of the movie.

EventFamiliar versionAlternate version
Kyle sits at the computer about to send a message out to other kids.
Kyle:Let's see, I gotta put out an all-access E-mail.Let's see, I gotta put an all-access bulletin on the Internet.
Given that Kyle is using a Web browser at the moment, the alternate version is spot-on.
Kenny's ghost appears to Cartman for the first time
Cartman wears green pajamas with the Snacky Smores bear designCartman wears white pajamas with the Snacky Smores bear design
Right after that scene, Satan is at his crystal ball anticipating the execution of Terramce and Phillip when Saddam walks in
that scene begins with an explosion, and horns in the backgroundthat scene begins with horns
The rescue, as Cartman goes to turn off the alarms and the Mole goes for Terrance and Phillip
Most soldiers were green uniforms, but some wear blueAll soldiers wear green uniforms
Kyle reasons with his mom before she shoots Terrance and Phillip
Kyle:Whenever I get in trouble you go off and blame everybody else.Whenever I get in trouble you go out and blame a bunch of other people.

Ike's line at the very end: "Guys out there is hurted."

The original line one of those two year-olds who did Ike's voice was asked to say:
"Those boys out there are soldiers."

God, Satan, and Kenny

A Christian organization has highly protested againt the movie, so, as a service to Chrstian readers I submit the following points:

That beam of light shining on Kenny before Satan meets him is God giving him his missions to fulfill before entering heaven:
  1. to free Satan from Saddam's clutches and restore him to all his evil glory.
  2. to warn of Satan's and Saddam's arrival should Terrance and Phillip die.
Kenny finally enters heaven as an angel.

Thou shalt not speak the Lord's name in vain. The Lord's name is not "God," is it "I am that am."

Of course there's false prophecy in the film! It's Satan prophesying, after all.

Blame Canada, take two
Life imitates art

Since the film came out, the following things have been blamed on Canada:

  1. Runaway production, or production that is running away from Hollywood to Canada, because it's cheaper there.
  2. Laxity in enforcing drug laws. Mexico is upset that it is on a blacklist of nations that permits drugs to go through it and into the U.S. It accuses Canada of being just as lax.
  3. Promoting defections. Cuba is accusing Canada of being just like the United States in not returning players who defect.

Movie references and spoofs for South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut (1999)
according to IMDb

I've added a reference or two. Anybody care to fill in the missing items?

Movie Reference Spoof
Wizard of Oz, The (1939) Kenny going to Hell, the Clitoris.
Fantasia (1940) "A Night On Bald Mountain" (Cartman destroying the spirits, and then dawn)
Alice in Wonderland (1951) Sheila as the Queen of Hearts
Miserables, Les (1952) La Resistance, the Mole dying
Oklahoma! (1955) Uncle Fucka
Diary of Anne Frank, The (1959) Kyle placing Ike in the attic
West Side Story (1961) La Resistance Finale, the Mole's death
Dr. No (1962) One of the doctors at Hell's Pass Hospital
Great Escape, The (1963) "The March Of War."
Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964) (TV) ???
Charlie Brown Christmas, A (1965) (TV) The kids skating on the frozen pond.
Sound of Music, The (1965) "Mountain Town" Intro
2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) Stan twirling in "What Would Brian Boitano Do?"
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968) "Kyle's Mom's A Bitch"
Patton (1970) Sheila pacing the stage.
Clockwork Orange, A (1971) The V-chip
Gojira tai Mekagojira (1974) "Mecha-Streisand Takes New York"
Star Wars (1977) The General pointing out his strategy on the holographic globe
Apocalypse Now (1979) The bombers heading towards Baldwin Manor
Blue Lagoon, The (1980) Brooke Shields
Empire Strikes Back, The (1980) The general calling up the map.
Chariots of Fire (1981) "Asses of Fire"
Return of the Jedi (1983) Kenny revealing his head, Satan as Darth Vader
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984) Satan throwing Saddam into the inferno: "I have had enough of you!"
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) ???
Ghostbusters (1984) Kenny floating around like a ghost
Full Metal Jacket (1987) "I don't know, but I've been told…" See left.
"Dragonball Z" (1989) Cartman's anime tranformations
Little Mermaid, The (1989) "Up There" (song)
Beauty and the Beast (1991) "Mountain Town," "I'm Super", shot of Satan caressing a dandelion in "Up There." (Belle did this in her reprise)
"Barney & Friends" (1992) "…Barney the dinosaur's fucking pussy?!"
"Late Night with Conan O'Brien" (1993) The show.
"X Files, The" (1993) the various aliens sneaking about or pictured
Free Willy (1993) The whale
Lion King, The (1994) Satan standing on a rock much like Pride Rock after getting rid of Saddam
"ER" (1994) George Ckooney, the ER
Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, The (1994) Big Gay Al
Cannibal! The Musical (1996) The heart and the baked potato.
Beavis and Butt-head Do America (1996) Terrance and Phillip
Hunchback of Notre Dame, The (1996) Esmeralda among the mothers "Up There" (animation)
"Teletubbies" (1997) "Again! Again!"
Titanic (1997) Satan at the bow of the S.S. Manhandler
In the Company of Men (1997) The relationship between Saddam and Satan
Spawn (1997) ???
Hercules (1997) ???
"Pokémon" (1998) Cartman's anime power. (see Dragonball Z)
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999) "Yis some people gonna die?"