Frequently Asked Questions about

by Wild Willie Westwood

The Orgazmo FAQ Proper

In the spring and summer of 2002 I was asked to provide the FAQ for, which seems to be out of service at the moment. Here I present it in all its glory. Most of this was given to me directly by Mattt Potter, but some of it I derived on my own or discovered in Web searches.

The basic stuff
What is Orgazmo about? It's a comedy of a young Mormon's encounter with the porn industry. Joe Young goes to spread the Word of God door-to-door, as Mormons do, and finds himself sharing the Word with some porn stars. When security starts hassling him he defends himself with some martial-arts moves that get the film director's attention. Soon, he's taking part in a porn click in order to raise some money so he can marry his fiancée back in Utah, and the rest is his transformation into Captain Orgazmo.
Who stars in it?
Trey Parker as Joe Young / Tom Hung / Orgazmo. Maxxx gives Joe the stage name "Tom Hung," but calls him "Joe Hung" later on. The AVN Award presenters get it right, though.
Matt Stone as Dave, the Lighting Guy
Dian Bachar as Ben Chapleski / Choda Boy
What does DVDA stand for? Double-Vaginal, Double-Anal. Porn stars earn big bucks for performing that sexual feat.
Why did Matt and Trey call their band DVDA? Who was in it when they made "Now You're A Man" for the movie? DVDA at the making of the film were:
Trey Parker — vocals, keyboards
Matt Stone — drums
Bruce Howell — guitar
They liked the name (see previous question), and they didn't want some mainstream name.
Why was Orgazmo rated NC-17 if there were no actual sex scenes in there? There's an unrated version as well. What, if any, are the differences between the two? That has expanded to merit its own table. See the table below.
Behind the scenes
How did Trey get fit for the film? Slim Fast. Seriously.
How did Trey get all the porn stars for the film? He workred with associate producer Farrell Timlake, who is the porn star Tim Lake and who runs and xplor media, two huge porn production houses. Jason McHugh met Farrell at Porn Shoot and introduced him to Trey. They went and did a lot of porn shoots before they shot Orgazmo, some of which are Profiles for the Young and Horny and Sex for Life.
Before Ruby Hart was cast as T-Rex, a famous fat porn star named Eartha Quake was considered for the role. Why was she dropped? Trey and Matt sought her our for the role, but when they found her she had lost all the weight they had to hire Ruby Hart, a fat lady stripper, instead. Had Quake been cast after all, she would have played herself, not T-Rex. Matt and Trey came up with "T-Rex" the day the scene was shot. And, porn names usually parody real names - "Eartha Quake" parodied "Eartha Kitt."
What about Georgi? She was supposed to be played by Davia Ardell, but Toddy Walters took her place. Davia Ardell makes a special appearance, though, and Georgi Girl is based on her. Davia played Liane in the Cannibal! the Musical stage play. Jason McHugh got to have sex with her.
What about Maxxx Orbison? Ron Jeremy was to play him, but Michael Dean Jacobs was chosen for it. Ron Jeremy is Clark / Jizzmaster Zero in the film.
What about ACup? Chris Borkovec, one of Trey's childhood friends, was to play ACup, as the part was meant for a man his size, but David Dunn read so well for Trey during his reading that he was hired for the part.
How was Dian coaxed to play Choda Boy? Why did he have second thoughts? Dian wanted to do Orgazmo at first, but then Trey said he had to wear a dildo on his head and Dian decided to back out. Jason had to talk to him on the phone for many hours a day to try and talk him into coming to california to play the role. Dian claims that Trey made him wear a dildo just to piss him off because he called Trey a faggot at some party. Trey says that is not true, but thought it funny that Dian thought that. Trey says the main reason he did Orgazmo was to just see Dian with a dick on his head.
How did Trey know to portray Mormonism the way he does in Orgazmo? He used to date a Mormon girl.
Was Orgazmo intended to be something other than a comedy in its development? Orgazmo was going to be a musical, but they couldn't get the money for it if it were made as a musical.
They look familiar...
Stan Sawicki? (Robert White) Stan played Skidmark Steve in Baseketball. Stan is also a high school buddy of Matt Stone. He's done two voices in South Park.
Robyn Lynn Rabb? (Lisa) A Disney commercial. Big surprise, huh?
Louise Rapport? (Old Lady) Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, among other things. Her filmogrpahy is here.
Masao Maki? (G-Fresh) He was chief of the Nippon Indian tribe in Cannibal! The Musical. He is a real sushi chef and restaurant owner in Boulder, CO. He wrote Spiritual Adventures of a Sushi Chef after finishing up with Orgazmo.
How many Roys in Orgazmo? Three, all of them bad guys. Andy (Kemler) plays Rogers (after Roy Rogers), Mike (Michael Dean Jacobs) plays Maxxx Orbison (after Roy Orbison), and David (Dunn) plays ACup (who was supposed to be Acuff Roy Acuff, but Trey messed up on the name)
Was the Orgazmorator always the Orgazmorator? No. Originally it was the Orgazmotron, but a similar name, orgasmatron (a booth), was used as a substitute for sex in Woody Allen's 1973 film Sleeper.
Where did that phallic trophy Joe won come from? That penis guy trophy was given to Matt and Trey by John Landis as a gift of friendship when they first met him. They told him that they would put the trophy in one of their films and they did!
What were Elders Young and White humming as the film begins? "Onward Latter-Day Soldier," which is also the background music playing at the time. It also plays when Joe and Ben are in the Orgazmobile, and at the end credits as "The Morman Song."
Onward, Latter-Day Soldier, spread the Word of Christ,
And Heavenly Father's vision of everybody being really nice.
He sent his Son to die for me. He didn't have to do that.
Onward, Latter-Day Soldier, spread the Word of Christ!
It is a parody of that great Christian classic, "Onward, Christian Soldiers."
In the dream sequence, when Joe is reminiscing about being with Lisa, what was he telling her by the fireplace? When Trey and Robyn are drinking milk by the fire place, Trey is telling the "Puss Sucker Bill" joke. He is also telling his horse this same joke in Cannibal! the Musical! It use to be his all time favorite joke. Now "the aristocrats" is his all time favorite joke. What is "Puss Sucker Bill" about? Read on...
A woman walks into the doctors office with a huge boil on her ass.
The doctor squeezes it, pushes it, and then looks at the hard white pus core. He says, "This is too big a job for me," so he sends her to Pus Sucker Bill.
The woman goes to Bill who looks at the bulging red, inflamed boil festering with pus and says, "This is no problem," and he proceeds to press his lips to her ass and sucks out the pus and core of the boil.
Halfway through, the woman drops a mammoth fart. Bill stops what he's doing, looks up and says "You know lady, it's people like you who make this job fucking disgusting."
Why is Trey called Elder Joe Young? For Brigham Young, founder of Brigham Young Uinversity (BYU) and a successor of Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism.
Is Dave, the Lighting Guy, based on anyone? Yes. He is based on real life porn photograper Dave Stotts. Matt wears Dave's actual jeans in the film.
Who are the three people Elders Young and White come across before showing up at Maxxx Orbison's mansion? First up is Jacobus Rose, the film's producer. Second is Susan Timlake, Ferrell Timlake's wife, carrying their baby. Third, the one who called them pigfuckers, is Louise Rapport. Her bit is so cut up because they had to do several takes of her swearing. She had a hard time with the lines.
What do the tags on Elders Young and White say on them? Their title and last names, and "Church of Iatter day aints." Turns out you need permission to use a written form of a word or phrase on film, like "Church of Latter-Day Saints" or "McDonald's" (or risk a lawsuit), but not to say the word or phrase.
Why are the characters eating out of boxes of Happy Tarts? They've been mentioned in South Park. Ever consider making them into real snacks? The name "Happy Tarts" is a parody of "Pop Tarts." They tasted terrible, so making them into real snacks is out of the question.
Was that really T-Rex's voice? No. Trey did the voice-over for T-Rex. If you've heard Ms. Choksondik on South Park, you've heard a cleaned-up version of T-Rex.
Who is treating Maxxx Orbison's genitals at the end of the film? Lloyd Kaufman, president of Troma Films. He is credited as Stanley L. Kaufman.
Where did the phrases "Jung quang doh" and "Yotuki" come from? They are also heard in the short "The Spirit of Christmas." Trey and Chris Borkovec, a childhood friend, came up with the phrases. Chris plays the cop who gets shot with the orgazmorator and starts humping the guy he is frisking. Chris is a cop in real life as well.
Who is... Sancho? Sancho was a character that Trey and Andy Kemler came up with one night at a party on acid.
Where did Trey learn the martial arts moves he used on Orbison's security guards? Trey studied Tae Kwan Do from about age 11 to age 15, but had to relearn some of it for the movie. He has a black belt in it.
Who actually plays "Twisted Steel/Leather Donut"? I've seen it attributed to DVDA on file-sharing services. The Don Knotts Overdrive. DVDA's three songs on the soundtrack are "Now You're A Man," "Shenanigans," and Gonna Kick Your Ass." The latter two might be instrumentals.
How did they train the German Shepherd to perform its "act" on Joe? Actually the dog came like that! They looked all over L.A. to find a dog that would hump on command!
What were Los Naked Mariachis singing? What are the lyrics? They (Mariachi Los Zapiros, actually) were singing a song called "Mi Verga," which translates to "My Penis." The lyrics are:

Mi verga es chiquita y muy fea
Y todo el mundo lo sabe
Ojala que yo tuviera una verga muy grande
para presumirla

La verga del perro es muy linda...

Mi verga es chiquita y fea
Y todos se encuentran de acuerdo...


My penis is small and quite ugly
And all of the world sure knows it.
God willing that I would have had a big massive penis
so I could display it

The canine's penis is quite lovely...

My penis is little and ugly
And all find themselves in agreement...

Trey and Matt wrote that, believe it or not. :D
How many times did Orgazmo shoot Orbison with the Orgamzorator? Six times, the fifth one for Jesus.
I don't wanna sound like a queer or nothin', but... ...what?
  1. I think unicorns are kickass!
  2. I'm really gonna miss you guys when the show is over.
  3. I think Depeche Mode is a sweet band.
  4. I think you've got a really nice ass.
  5. I kinda wanna make love to you tonight.
  6. I think fire is very romantic.
The last one was said by Sancho. Dave says the other five.

Differences between the two versions of the movie
18 and over Version, unofficial DVD NC-17 Theatrical, Unrated VHS
Distributor First Independent Video Polygram Video
Aspect Ratio 1.85:1 (this widescreen presentation makes the image stretched out) 1.85:1 (1.33:1 on VHS - pan and scan)
The First Act Door-to-door ministry interwoven with porn set scenes Door-to-door ministry shown without the porn set scenes, followed by:

White: Boy, you know it's just my bad luck to be assigned to Los Angeles for my mission work. Heh.
Young: Oh really? I think it's exciting. I mean, just think, right now we're in the same town that Charleton Heston lives in; that Jimmy Stewart, and Tom Hanks, and Lee Majors live in. Not to mention that guy that was Jethro on The Beverly Hillbillies.
White: Yeah...but LA people seem kinda.....quirky.

The DVDA Lady's scene
DVDA Lady: "I?? Don't understand?? Hey look pal, you try havin' four dicks in you at one time!"
Joe: "No thank you!"
DVDA Lady: "You don't think that spreads me open like a gutted turkey on thanksgiving? You've got another thing comin-"
Joe: [looks horrified, whispers] Ewwww...
Trey's Temp Track The official songs
The song that plays when Orgazmo and Choda Boy try out the Orgazmorator on unsuspecting people A surfer-type instrumental "Love", by Ween
The song that plays when Orgazmo begins its meteoric rise through the box office stats A Rocky-type instrumental "A Sign From God", by Robert Smith
The song that plays in the closing credits after "Now You're A Man" "Onward Latter-day Soldier" "Sorry About Your Penis"

A clothesline is a wrestling move in which a wrestler holds out his arm so another wrestler can run into it and be knocked down by the arms rigidity.

"Nay, they are many, yea, and we can witness of their sincerity, because of their love towards their brethren, and also, towards us." - From the Book of Mormon, Alma 26:32, the words of Ammon to his brethren.

Blooper: When Lisa goes to answer her phone the first time, the phone is already off its base in one scene, then back on its base when Lisa sits down.

"For the time is at hand that all men shall reap a reward of their works" - From the Book of Mormon, Alma 9:28

Geddy Lee is the Canadian bass player for Rush. "Geddy" is how his mother said "Gary," (his original name) so he took that as his name and had it legally changed. Geddy Lee taught Les Claypool of Primus how to play bass, and Primus is the band that created the opening and closing scores for South Park during the first three seasons. The closing score, an instrumental of the original opening score, is still used, but the opening score has been revamped a few times.

On the covers of AVN and Dirty Magazines, Orgazmo is shown backwards, as in a mirror image.

"Well my ass is actually shaped like a pear." - Some people say Trey is saying this in the background as Joe looks for Maxxx at the party held for Orgazmo's success. If this is true, then Joe looks a ventriloquist. :D

A scene from Cannibal! The Musical is shown on a TV monitor when Lisa looks at all the Jesus titles. Orgazmo replaces it seconds later.

"I hope you're happy in the life you've chosen" - From Great Expectations

Joe seeing the ghost of Jesus is like Luke seeing the Jedi spirits of Yoda, Obiwan, and Anakin at the end of Return Of The Jedi.

A Short History of the making of Orgazmo

February 1997 Trey and Matt begin shooting Orgazmo. During the second week of shooting, they find out South Park was picked up to become a series.
September 1997 Orgazmo is a hit at the 1997 Toronto International Film Festival
January 1998 Orgazmo is a hit at Slamdance. It receives an NC-17 rating from the Sundance Institute on January 26, and Trey protests.
May 1998 Orgazmo set to preniere, but is postponed.
Summer 1998 Orgazmo set to preniere, but is postponed. Universal releases BASEketball at the end of July.
September 3, 1998 Orgazmo is exhibited at Dragon*Con '98. After the exhibition, Trey Parker gets hooked up live via satellite to answer questions. Scantily clad waitresses sashayed around the room offering "a little breast" of chicken, spring rolls and Mexican finger foods on silver trays. Bawdy music played just loud enough to be noticed, but not loud enough to stifle the even bawdier conversation. Two, five-foot-tall, inflated penises flanked the over-flowing buffet table. Audience members later liberated them for an impromptu "cock fight."
Three feet from the door stood a large basin filled with objects advertised as "Sticky Dicks." These rubber phalluses came in an assortment of colors, and their packaging boasted they could "stick to anything." Partygoers also received glow-in-the-dark condoms, condom lollipops and, for the press, Orgazmo T-shirts announcing: "Orgazmo puts the 'wood' back in Hollywood."
October 18, 1998 October Films launches the porn spoof with a private poolside bash at the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles. Trey and Matt throw the bash. Metallica shows up and plays a 45-minute set for them in a tent set up on the grounds.
October 23, 1998 Orgazmo premiered in the US on October 23 and closed November 19. it made $210,073 on its opening weekend and grossed a total of $564,399. (the film cost around $1 million to make.) It played in less than 100 theaters.
May 3, 1999 Orgazmo DVD is deleted from the Disc Database, as Polygram will not be releasing it on DVD before they are acquired by USA Home Video, It will be up to USA to release Orgazmo if they see fit, and as of now, they have not yet declared their DVD plans, if any.
May 28, 1999 USA acquires October Films, and Polygram's domestic film distribution and development
October 5, 1999 Orgazmo released to VHS by Polygram Video and Rogue Pictures. It's unrated, but it's the same film shown in theaters the year before, where it was NC-17.
March 20, 2000 A region 2 DVD is released by First Independent Video (its logo is at lower left corner of the cover). This DVD contains the unauthorized version of the movie and is rated 18 and over. The unauthorized version has Trey's Temp Track instead of the music heard in the VHS, and the first few minutes are a bit different from the VHS version.
January 1, 2001
A region 0 DVD is released in Hong Kong by Panorama Entertainment (A 2-disc VCD version was made available in 2000).
November 27, 2001 Panorama releases a region 1 DVD, and it's unrated.
December 2001 appears, but it's not supposed to have gone public. The Wayback Machine takes a snapshot of it, though.
December 5, 2001 reports that Orgazmo will be released sometime in 2002. A multimedia gallery is available on that site as well.
January 25 - 26, 2002 USA announces the final specs for the Orgazmo two-disc special edition, arriving on April 23. Sporting a new anamorphic widescreen transfer and Dolby Digital 2.0 surround track, the extras are plentiful and include no less than three audio commentary tracks - "Drunken" audio commentary with director Trey Parker, a cast and crew commentary, and the "Wild" audio commentary with adult industry cameos, the all-new "The Book Orgazmo" documentary, the original EPK, additional behind-the-scenes footage, an outtake reel, Dragon Con footage, photo gallery, and trailers including the original 16mm trailer. Retail is $29.95.
April 3, 2002 The release of the 2 disc Orgazmo has been indefinitely postponed.
April 4, 2002 Universal absorbs USA Home Entertainment and re-evaluates the street dates for USA's previously announced titles. A new street date should be announced soon.
May 2002 OrgazmoDVD formally appears after Juz helps Mattt redesign the site and
May 30, 2002 Orgazmo (DVD): Specs on the upcoming disc release for the Trey Parker/Matt Stone classic comedy about a Mormon turned porn star have been popping up on the net but till now no-one has gotten them exactly right. So, here's the official and complete list on what we'll get to see (sounds spectacular) which starts off with three audio commentaries on Disc One. Track 1 by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, Dian Bahar, Stan Sawicki, Andy Kemler and Jason McHugh; Track #2 is called the 'porno star track' and other cast...Maki San, David Dunn, Robyn Rabb, Jason McHugh and Mattt Potter; Track #3 consists of the "South Park" writing staff (Pam Brady, Matt Pregger and Kyle McCulloch), Weird Al Yankovic, Dave Foley, Bob Odenkirk & David Cross (HBO's Mr. Show), Kevin Smith and David Zucker - whew.

Onto the second disc, there's a one hour documentary "The Book of Orgazmo - Another Testament of Trey Parker", a full hour of deleted scenes and outtakes with optional commentary by Trey and Matt (pics above are from two such sequences), the original 16 MM and theatrical trailers, the original EPK (done in character, Dragon Con Footage, and a 40 min behind the scenes montage. A partially opened official site is now up. Thanks to 'I've Got a 12-inch Disc'.
September 2002 gets a facelift.
July 2003 disappears. Its message board lives on without it.
October 8, 2003 GE announces plans to merge with Universal. The merger is completed the following May, but during the merger some Universal executives were replaced.
January 2004 Mattt sends the DVD material over to Universal. Sometime after this, the Universal execs he's dealing with are replaced with GE's own executives, postponing the Orgazmo DVD further. returns with a splash page and a link to the board.

Easter Eggs

Side A

Main Menu

On the Standalone DVD player On the Computer's DVD Drive Result
Highlight "Languages" and press the left arrow on your remote; another Orgazmorator will be highlighted; hit "enter" Move the mouse just below the woman's mouth. A ghost Orgazmorator appears pointing to it. Click on it. :) Matt appears, chewin' gum and tellin' ya "You found an Easter egg....ya cheese."
On the main menu, hit 6 on the remote control; another Orgazmorator will be highlighted underneath the Orgazmo logo. Move the mouse just above Orgazmo's head. A ghost Orgazmorator appears pointing to the woman's ass. Click on it. :) You'll automatically be taken to another cut scene from the original "fake" trailer with Ron Jeremy as Orbison saying "I've seen better acting on 'Full House'!"
Enter the "languages" page, then hit 5 on your remote; the shadow of Orgazmo's Orgazmorator will be highlighted; hit "enter" Click on Languages to enter the Language page, then move your mouse over the Orgazmorator. When it lights up, click on it. You'll see a deleted scene from the original "fake" trailer of Ron Jeremy as Orbison going on about how perfect this actor is for Orgazmo.
Enter the "languages" page, then the "Commentaries" page, then hit 5 on your remote; a ghost Orgazmorator will appear above the "Drunkne" starburst; hit "enter" Click on Languages, then click on Commentaries, then move your mouse over the "Drunken" starburst. A ghost Orgazmorator appears pointing to a woman's mouth. Click on it. Orgazmo wonders what kind of movie this is- HELLO! This is an early version of Orgazmo, as the Orgazmorator is on his left hand and his mask covers his head.
Enter the "Play" page. HIghlight "Play Unrated," arrow down to Menu and hit the right button, an Orgazmorator will be lighlighted; hit "enter" Click on Play to enter the Play page, then move your mouse over the Orgazmorator. When it lights up, click on it. You'll be treated to some special effects test shots of the REAL Orgazmorator that Choda Boy invented

Enter Scene Selection

On the Standalone DVD player On the Computer's DVD Drive Result
Chapter 3 (highlight "previous" and then click down) Chapter 3: Click on the left hamster's front paws. Choda Boy shares a bed with four women and talks to them about his his post-graduate degrees
Chapter 9 (highlight "menu" and then click up twice). Chapter 9: Click on the right hamster's front paws. Deleted scene: A-Cup dunks a cup of hot water on a woman. (before the Lobstra scene)

Side B

On the Standalone DVD player On the Computer's DVD Drive Result
On the first screen, arrow down to "More" and hit the right button two times; an orgazmorator will be highlighted; hit "enter" Computer - move the mouse to the space above "subtitles" and click This is a cut scene from the original "fake" trailer with Trey as Orgazmo spreading the Mormon gospel to a porn star (looks like Chasey Lain)
Go to "Deleted scenes" and for the audio commentary option, highlight on "on" and hit 8 on your remote; another Orgazmorator will be highlighted; hit "enter" Click "Deleted scenes" to enter, highlight the Orgazmorator, click. This is another cut part from the original "fake" trailer with Dian Bachar as Choda Boy and Ron Jeremy as Orbison directing him to "look her in the eyes!"
Go to "trailers," highlight either the original 16 mm trailer or the red band trailer and hit 5 on remote; the Orgazmotor will be highlighted Computer - click "Trailers" to enter, highlight the Orgazmorator, click. You'll automatically go to another cut scene from the original "fake" trailer with Trey as Orgazmo spreading the Mormon gospel to ANOTHER porn star
Hit "more" to go to the second special features screen, highlight "EPK interviews" and arrow left; there's a hidden Orgazmorator that will be highlighted; hit "enter" Highlight "EPK." An Orgazmorator will appear. Click on it. Another cut scene from the original "fake" trailer of Trey as Orgazmo and Ron Jeremy as Orbison arguing (Ron Jeremy has a bit of a coughing fit with this take)