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script 101. An Aborted Dinner Date (Original Airdate: 4/4/01)
In the first episode, George finds out his dinner plans with Laura and a dinner to unite both sides of the abortion issue are scheduled on the same night. But everything goes wrong when he follows Larry's advice and holds both dinners simultaneously.
Personal Matter: A postponed dinner date
National Matter: Abortion rights
script 102. A Poorly Executed Plan (Original Airdate: 4/11/01)
George's college buddies return and make a mess of the White House. George wants to throw them out, but they say he has changed. To show them he hasn't changed, he stages a fake execution for their amusement, and is very rude to the criminal.
Personal Matter: A night out with the frat brothers
National Matter: The Death Penalty
script 103. Eenie, Meenie, Miney, MURDER! (Original Airdate: 4/18/01)
George calls a psychic, who tells him he will die. He then becomes paranoid and bans guns in the U.S. But the NRA holds a protest outside the White House, and Charlton Heston comes to pick a fight. Meanwhile, Laura tries to find something to take her mind off telepsychic dependence.
Personal Matter: Addiction to telepsychics
National Matter: Second Amendment rights
script 104. S.D.I. - Aye - AYE! (Original Airdate: 4/25/01)
George gets frustrated when he can't get a cable hookup, so he turns to Larry who gets him an ilegal hookup. The "S.D.I. System" in the White House sends a missile to Austria. The president of Austria and two of his assistants break into the White House to destroy Washington D.C. Meanwhile, Princess buys pills over the Internet to make her smarter.
Personal Matter: Illegal cable hookups
National Matter: Foreign affairs with Austria
script 105. The First Lady's Persqueeter (Original Airdate: 5/2/01)
George is tired of Laura's cat - it's getting quite old and is shedding way too much hair. Laura thinks George has a problem with her pussy, so she and Maggie try an Indian method of restoring Laura's youthful pussy. Meanwhile, George breaks Jack Kevorkian out of prison to help kill the cat. At the end of the fiasco, the cat explodes from the assisted suicide.
Personal Matter: What to do about Laura's pussy-cat, Pun'kin.
National Matter: Assisted suicide
script 106. Mom 'E' D.E.A. Arrest (Original Airdate: 5/9/01)
An anti-drug event turns into a rave after George takes Extacy. His mom comes to the White House to help arrest the 100,000,000th drug criminal, but Laura feels shunted aside when George goes along with Barbara's plans.
Personal Matter: Getting tweaked on Extacy
National Matter: The war on drugs
script 107. Trapped in a Small Environment (Original Airdate: 5/16/01)
In this episode the Alaska oil issue is brought up. It simply serves as background for the various occasions in which any two of the characters find themselves in a small or confines space. The Bushes learn that Karl Rove is married and has a nine-year old daughter after Laura fixes him up with one of her friends.
Personal Matter: Situations and resolutions in confined spaces
National Matter: Oil drilling in Alaska (more like a backdrop instead of a matter here)
script 108. Fare Thee Welfare (Original Airdate: 5/23/01)
George is forced to resign, and Dick Chaney becomes president. George gets a small, trashy apartment in a trashy city somewhere downtown. Maggie also gets fired, and ends up moving in with them. George tries to get many jobs including: a pro-wrestler, bartender, and a teacher. Note: This episode spoofs many classic TV shows including: The Jeffersons, Welcome Back Kotter, and Cheers.
Personal Matter: A disgraced President tries to live as a regular citizen
National Matter: The chain of succession, and a new President