Episode 1 - Princess Hears a Strange Noise
Episode 2 - Princess Meets Officer Friendly

The History Behind The Shorts

On December 8, 1999 Daily Variety reported that Trey and Matt were going to make 39 shorts of lengths between 2 and 5 munutes. The shorts were to introduce characters and storylines for the fans and determine from fan reaction which ones make it to the series and/or any future movies, as well as to other forms of entertainment (games, puzzles, etc.). In January 2000, in Entertainment Weekly, Trey and Matt said that the shorts will not be related to South Park after all. They were going to try new stuff, weird stuff. They were to have full artistic control, which meant no restrictions from Macromedia or the FCC. In February Alta Vista: Live! reports that Stone and Parker, who were set to debut their show in March, now seem to be at least a month behind schedule. The duo are looking for real estate near Marina del Rey, Calif., to house some computers and serve as headquarters for the show. Explains Stone, "We're in a ramp-up period." On March 22 and 23 there was concern about the content in the first short Trey and Matt sent to Shockwave, but Macromedia said it didn't mind the content. The concern is over the audience the shorts will be presented to. It said the shorts will be for adults only, and will not be edited. Since then, nothing more has been heard of those shorts, though Macromedia has established several regions to visit on its site.
January 9, 2004 - On this day Mr. Hankey linked to an article from TV Barn that sheds more light on this abortion:
The result was "Princess." Drawn in the style of a pre-school children's cartoon, "Princess" is about a lap dog who observes the adult-sometime very "adult"-world around her. The sexual content was so extreme that production on the "webisodes" was halted early on and has never been seen in any medium.
Shocked includes clips from the two completed shorts, as well as original interviews with Stone, Parker, and the Shockwave executives who were there.
Clips from the two completed shorts will be included in Shocked, TRIO's 30-minute original documentary (a parable of the age), as well as original interviews with Stone, Parker, and the Shockwave executives who were there. The documentary is produced for TRIO by World's End Television. Gregor Cameron is the Executive Producer. Shocked premieres on Sunday, March 7 at 9:00-9:30 p.m., ET/PT.
They were made available to fans the day after they aired, March 8, 2004. If you see these on a side which earns its income on ads, leave that site and come back here.