The Twenty-First Season

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2101. White People Renovating Houses (Original Airdate: 9/13/17)

Protests break out on the streets of South Park. Protestors armed with tiki torches and confederate flags take to the streets of South Park. Randy comes to grips with what it means to be white in today’s society.

2102. Put It Down (Original Airdate: 9/20/17)

North Korea takes aim at South Park. When Tweek is caught in the middle of a petty conflict, it drives his relationship with Craig to the brink.

2103. Holiday Special (Original Airdate: 9/27/17)

An undeniable bond is formed: In a return to form, a forbidden love story between a white man and a Native American man unfolds. However, the boys story exploits people’s misery for laughs. 4 ½ out of 5 stars. A-.

2104. Franchise Prequel (Original Airdate: 10/11/17)

The head of Facebook comes to South Park. Professor Chaos has found the perfect tool to spread lies and misinformation about Coon and friends. In trying to save their reputation, the boys come face to face with Mark Zuckerberg.

2105. Hummels & Heroin (Original Airdate: 10/18/17)

Beloved entertainers are being cut down in their prime due to massive overdoses of opiates. Drugs are flowing into South Park. A passionate young health advocate has traced the source of these illegal meds and is about to expose Stan Marsh.

2106. Sons A Witches (Original Airdate: 10/25/17)

It only takes one bad witch to ruin it for all witches. This year at the traditional Halloween get together, a witch casts a spell that terrorizes the town and ruins Halloween for the boys. Cartman sees a way to use the witch’s power to his advantage.

2107. Doubling Down (Original Airdate: 11/8/17)

No amount of peer pressure can get Heidi to break up with Cartman. Kyle doesn’t understand why Heidi won’t break up with Cartman. He’s playing with fire when he gets in the middle of the school’s most talked about couple.

2108. Moss Piglets (Original Airdate: 11/15/17)

It’s time for the annual science fair. Jimmy and Timmy’s project has caught the attentions of some very important people. Their experiment could have far reaching implications that could save the world… and they might even win first prize in this year’s science fair.

2109. SUPER HARD PCness (Original Airdate: 11/29/17)

It’s never been more challenging to be a PC Principal. PC Principal is wrestling with some unfamiliar feelings. Meanwhile, boys will be boys except for Kyle who, for the first time, seems to see things differently from the rest of his friends.

2110. Splatty Tomato (Original Airdate: 12/6/17)

The President has been scaring the children of South Park. The children of South Park claim to have seen Mr. Garrison lurking around town and they’re frightened. The town comes together to make the President go away.