The Nineteenth Season

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1901. Stunning and Brave (Original Airdate: 9/16/15)

The boys express their utmost respect for Caitlyn Jenner in the season premiere of “South Park” titled “Stunning and Brave”. There is a new principal at the helm of South Park Elementary. He forces the boys to confront the damage they’ve done through their history of racism and unconscious bias. It is the most stunning and brave South Park ever.

1902. Where My Country Gone? (Original Airdate: 9/23/15)

The United States government has decided to let anyone who wants to cross the border. The boys are at odds with the increasing number of undocumented immigrants in their classroom. Mr. Garrison wants to build a wall to keep them all out.

1903. The City Part of Town (Original Airdate: 9/30/15)

The town of South Park is about to be rewarded for the great strides it’s made in becoming more up-to-date. As the town is gentrifying around him, Kenny attempts to climb out of the cycle of poverty by taking a job at City Wok.

1904. You're Not Yelping (Original Airdate: 10/14/15)

With the influx of new restaurants comes the onslaught of on-line reviewers. There’s a new kid in school and his parents have opened a restaurant in the recently gentrified part of town. Cartman now considers himself the top on-line restaurant reviewer in South Park.

1905. Safe Space (Original Airdate: 10/21/15)

Cartman is the latest victim of body shaming. Randy has to deal with uncomfortable confrontations every time he shops at the new Whole Foods. He feels exposed at every turn and it’s ruining his Whole Foods experience. Randy and Cartman are both seeking a safe space.

1906. Tweek x Craig (Original Airdate: 10/28/15)

The Asian girls in school are drawing dreamy pictures of Tweek and Craig. The news of a romantic relationship between Tweek and Craig hits South Park Elementary. Mr. Mackey tries to figure out who started the rumor. Meanwhile, Cartman, who struggles to understand his friends’ relationship, finds he has an admirer of his own.

1907. Naughty Ninjas (Original Airdate: 11/11/15)

Barbrady is the next victim in the gentrification of South Park. When Kenny leads the boys in playing Ninja Warriors, a foreign terrorist organization takes notice. The ever more PC citizens of South Park decide that they no longer need a police force. As the first American town to get rid of their cops, they plan to celebrate their advanced sensibilities with a PC Carnival.

1908. Sponsored Content (Original Airdate: 11/18/15)

PC Principal has met his match. PC Principal‘s façade begins to crumble. Jimmy is sent to the principal’s office for using an inappropriate word in the school paper. His integrity as a newsman runs head on into PC Principal's ideology. Will Jimmy be the undoing of PC Principal?

1909. Truth And Advertising (Original Airdate: 12/2/15)

PC Principal disappears with two students. The latest news in the school paper sets the boys on a search to find their two missing classmates. Being the crack reporter that he is, Jimmy sets out to learn everything he can about what makes Leslie tick. Meanwhile, Principal Victoria and Mr. Garrison return to a South Park that has become unrecognizable.

1910. PC Principal: Final Justice (Original Airdate: 12/9/15)

PC Principal is back with a vengence! The citizens of South Park feel safer when armed. The gentrification of South Park is pricing Randy right out of town. Meanwhile, Kyle’s distrust of Stan has broken their friendship and thrown Kyle into a dangerous alliance.