The Seventeenth Season

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1701. Let Go, Let Gov (Original Airdate: 9/25/13)

Cartman wants to hold the government accountable for secretly monitoring all of his personal information in an all-new episode of "South Park" titled, "Let Go, Let Gov." When Cartman manages to get himself behind the doors of the NSA, he doesn't like what he finds in his personal file. He thinks it's time he told everyone the truth. Meanwhile, Butters finds someone new to listen to his prayers.

1702. Informative Murder Porn (Original Airdate: 10/2/13)

The boys are concerned that their parents are going to try to kill each other, so they use the game of MINECRAFT as a distraction. The kids are trying to keep their parents from watching graphic sex and violence on television. Now Randy and Sharonís nightly TV routine is interrupted and getting their "Informative Murder Porn" back is a matter of life and death.

1703. World War Zimmerman (Original Airdate: 10/9/13)

The world faces death, destruction, chaos and Eric Cartman. Cartman is deeply disturbed by a single person whom he sees as a threat to all humanity. He races around the country to put an end to Patient Zero, the ticking time bomb that is Token.

1704. Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers (Original Airdate: 10/23/12)

The Goth kids team up with their sworn enemies. One of the Goth kids, Henrietta, has been sent to a camp for troubled children. When she returns, her friends find her changed in a disturbing way. With their very existence threatened, the Goths have to do something drastic. They are forced to ask the Vamp kids for help.

1705. Tamiing Strange (Original Airdate: 10/30/13)

Kyle doesnít understand WHATíS HAPPENING TO HIS BABY BROTHER. Ike just isnít himself lately and he and Kyle are growing apart. Kyle goes to the guidance counselor for advice but Mr. Mackey is too busy dealing with the bugs in the schoolís new integrated technology system to help. Kyle decides to take Ike to a live performance of his favorite show; Yo Gabba Gabba. He hopes it'll make his little brother like him again.

1706. Ginger Cow (Original Airdate: 11/6/13)

Cartman's latest prank has brought about the necessary spiritual conditions for world peace. Religious leaders descend upon South Park to witness a Biblical prophecy that has been fulfilled. Cartman and Kyle are the only two at odds as the world embarks upon a thousand years of peace and harmony.

1707. Black Friday (Original Airdate: 11/13/12)

Anticipation for the biggest shopping day of the year is building. The dark days of winter are coming and that can only mean one thing: the fight to be the first in the mall on Black Friday has begun. The boys prepare to battle the crowds the day after Thanksgiving to get the best deal on the new gaming systems. Meanwhile Randy gets a job working as a mall security guard to help control the insane number of people lining up to take advantage of the official first day of holiday shopping.

1708. A Song of Ass and Fire (Original Airdate: 11/20/13)

Hordes of soulless shoppers approach the mall in anticipation of the Black Friday sales. The console wars are heating up in South Park. Princess Kenny's betrayal has left Cartman out for revenge. The kids prepare for an epic battle where one faction's favorite gaming device will come out on top. Will Stan and Kyle's friendship survive Black Friday?

1709. Tittes and Dragons (Original Airdate: 12/4/13)

The doors to the mall will finally open this week and only one gaming device will be the winner. Princess Kennyís charm has brought more and more support to the PlayStation camp. Cartman and Kyle have not wavered in their loyalty to X-Box. But now, the wait is over. It's time for everyone who has lined up to seize their opportunity for Black Friday sales. itís going to be a bloodbath and only one side will be left standing.

1710. The Hobbit (Original Airdate: 12/11/13)

Wendy tries to fix up one of her girl friends with Butters. Wendy tries to prove a point about how much pressure little girls feel to look like celebrities. Her latest soapbox issue gets her in trouble with everyone at school. It also gets Clyde a new girlfriend.