The Sixteenth Season

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1601. Reverse Cowgirl (Original Airdate: 3/14/12)
After a South Park citizen meets with an unfortunate accident, the TSA steps in to prevent it from happening again. One of the boys had been told time and time again about leaving the toilet seat up after he goes to the bathroom, but he didnt listen. His actions have consequences and ultimately result in an unimaginable catastrophe.

1602. Cash for Gold (Original Airdate: 3/21/12)
Cartman launches a gemstones network show and creates a very lucrative business. Stan searches for the real value of a piece of jewelry that was a gift from his Grandpa. Meanwhile, Cartman's lucrative new business preys upon an extremely vunerable clientele.

1603. Faith Hilling (Original Airdate: 3/28/12)
The boys are consumed with a life-threatening phenomenon. Mankind's evolution begins to accelerate at a rapid and disturbing pace. Concurrently, another species on the planet is exhibiting the same drastic development. Eventually the two species will battle to the death and "Faith Hilling" may be humanitys only hope.

1604. Jewpacabra (Original Airdate: 4/4/12)
South Park's big Easter egg hunt is in jeopardy when there are rumors of a dangerous beast lurking in the woods nearby. Cartman tries to warn everyone that their lives are at risk if they participate in the egg hunt. No one believes him until he produces video evidence of the mysterious being.

1605. Butterballs (Original Airdate: 4/11/12)
Bullying has become a national health epidemic and South Park Elementary is not immune. Stan wants to raise awareness about the dangers of bullying by shooting a big dance video. Will he able to handle the pressure that goes along with the notoriety of taking on such a worthy cause?

1606. I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining (Original Airdate: 4/18/12)
Spring Break won't last forever and the kids want to make the last day count. The boys are excited to spend a day ziplining in the Colorado Mountains. But high in the Rockies, far from their families, their trip takes a bad turn. Chances of survival are slim. All they can do is wait to be rescued. But will help come too late?

1607. Cartman Finds Love (Original Airdate: 4/25/12)
Cupid runs rampant in South Park. There's a new girl in school and everyone wants to know who she has a crush on. Cartman is especially excited. He's discovered something inside himself that he never knew he had. Now, to make sure nobody gets in the way of true love, it's time for Cartman to finally let someone know exactly how he feels.

1608. Sarcastaball (Original Airdate: 9/26/12)
Randyís attitude toward new safety rules in the game of football changes the sport in a big way. As a concerned parent, Randy radically changes the way football is played at South Park Elementary. The new version of the game quickly becomes the nationís most popular sport. One gifted student emerges as a star athlete in sarcastaball.

1609. Raising The Bar (Original Airdate: 10/3/12)
Cartman becomes yet another obese person who gets a mobility scooter. Cartman owns up to being fat and decides that driving around on a scooter is his right. Kyle sees that Cartman isn't the only one who finds no shame in his unhealthy lifestyle. Meanwhile, Cartman discovers he has a rival in Americaís Sweetheart, Honey Boo Boo.

1610. Insecurity (Original Airdate: 10/10/12)
Kyle is convinced that his mom is having an affair with the UPS delivery man. The man who visits all the homes in South Park every day is now under suspicion. The luxury of having packages delivered to your doorstep is suddenly a threat to every family in the neighborhood. Cartman takes matters into his own hands and signs up for a home security system.

1611. Going Native (Original Airdate: 10/17/12)
Buttersí outrageous behavior is a sign. It's time for him to begin a journey where he will follow in the path of his ancestors. When Butters starts acting out at school, his parents realize itís time to tell him why heís not like all of the other kids. He must travel to a foreign place to learn the ways of his people. It will be a difficult trip for a young boy to make alone so Butters chooses Kenny to travel with him to the distant and secluded island of Hawaii.

1612. A Nightmare On FaceTime (Original Airdate: 10/24/12)
The boys are all ready to dress up as their favorite foursome, the Avengers, for Halloween. After months of planning their costumes, at the last minute Randy tells Stan he canít go trick or treating with his friends. Instead, Stan has to pitch in and help his father with a new business venture.

1613. A Scause for Applause (Original Airdate: 10/31/12)
A serious doping scandal shakes everyone's faith. Rocked by the recent news of drug use by a beloved icon, the world is left feeling lost and betrayed. The boys, join with the rest of the nation, and remove their yellow wristbands. Everyone is on board, except for Stan, who just canít seem to cut off his bracelet.

1614. Obama Wins! (Original Airdate: 11/7/12)
The presidential election isn't over! Cartman is hiding something in his bedroom that could change the outcome of the entire election. While Americans innocently plan to go to sleep Tuesday night with the election results counted and a winner announced, Cartman has secretly wrestled control of the presidential election from the voters.