The SP Timeline 2016

Hiatus 2016

  1. January 4, 2016 - Here's a work in progress. On the SPS BBS Sgt.YatesMonkeyBalls has a thread on speaking appearances ranked by the number of episodes a character speaks in. He began this four years ago and last updated it a month ago. I liked the idea, so I tried my hand at it after his last update. Having a Web site of my own, I can present the data as a spreadsheet, breaking the appearances down by season as well as character, and here's what I have so far. I'm sure I missed a few appearances here and there, maybe even added appearances that shouldn't be there, so corrections are welcome. Enjoy.
  2. February 9, 2016 - Australia's The Feed visited South Park Studios two months ago to interview Matt and Trey. Most of what The Feed asked is well-known to us fans, from the first two Spirit of Christmas shorts to the Seasono 19 finale, but there are a few new things.
    a. Trey could have just shut down the show after making "Make Love, Not Warcraft" because he just wasn't sure it would work. Good thing it worked, and we got at least 13 more years of South Park.
    b. There are a few clips of "PC Principal Final Justice" in there, so you know The Feed was there the week the episode was made.
    c. The games were not mentioned, but you can see artwork for Fractured But Whole 75 seconds in.
    Enjoy the interview!
  3. February 29, 2016 - The Fractured But Whole figurines at the New York Toy Fair two weeks ago. They were just up for display. They will be in stores beginning this summer. As you can see from the pic at the bottom, the major players in this game will be Professor Chaos, The Coon, and Mysterion. New superheroes will be Super Craig, Call Girl (Wendy), and Captain Diabetes (Scott Malkinson).
  4. April 2, 2016 - Two days ago, the start date for Season 20 was announced: September 14! (Source: Mashable). This is how the schedule looks now, based on last year's schedule:
  5. Year, Season 2016, 20
    Premiere September 14
    First Break October 5
    Second Break November 2
    Thanksgiving Break November 23
    Finale December 7
  6. April 13, 2016 - Trey Parker is announced as the keytar-playing villain Balthazar Bratt in Despicable Me 3, which will hit theaters in the summer of 2017. Parker and Stone has been updated accordingly.
  7. April 22, 2016 - Here's a recap of Muhammad In South Park, from his first appearance in "The Super Best Friends" to his current status on the show. It's pretty safe to say he will not appear on South Park ever again.
  8. May 1, 2016 - Netflix lost South Park almost three years ago when Viacom pulled all its shows from there, but SP:BLU stayed there for another year until Hulu and Viacom struck a deal. After that it left Netflix until recently. Today, someone on reddit found the movie on Netflix again.
  9. May 17, 2016 - Check out this video: The Philosophy of South Park: Season 19.
  10. June 9, 2016 - New information about An Elephant Makes Love To a Pig has appeared. By that, I mean some old information has disappeared. ;).
  11. June 15, 2016 - Keep up with the latest news and info on the site's Facebook page or click on the Facebook link to the left and down a bit. I'll put up info about The Fractured But Whole announcement here in the coming days.
  12. June 25, 2016 - Take this survey and check out the results when you're finished: South Park. If you just want to see the results, click here. You only get to vote once.
  13. June 26, 2016 - Season 19 will hit stores on September 6 on DVD and Blu-ray!, but if you pre-order it on Best Buy, you will receive it on August 16! Here's the cover art for them. :)
  14. The Blu-ray will come with #socialcommentary, but both will come with Season 19 Commentary by Matt and Trey, South Park: The Fractured But Whole – E3 2016 Game Trailer, and Deleted Scenes

    July 14, 2016 - Three Emmy Award Nominations!!!

    This is the first time South Park has more than one nomination in any given year. I guess the Studios were really proud of last season. :)

    Outstanding Animated Program - 2016

    "You're Not Yelping"

    Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance - 2016

    "Tweek x Craig"
    Matt Stone: Craig Tucker, Tweek, Thomas Tucker

    Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance - 2016

    "Stunning and Brave"
    Trey Parker: PC Principal, Cartman

Fall 2016

  1. September 14, 2016 - South Park returns for Season 20 tonight! The Creative Arts Emmys have come and gone, and South Park didn't win in either of the categories it submitted entries for. Outstanding Animated Program went to Archer and Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance went to Seth Mcfarlane. Next, this article asserts something that was posted at South Park Studios 10 years ago, before Season 10 began: Isaac Hayes didn't leave South Park of hiw own volition. After his stroke in January 2006, he was in no condition to quit the show on his own, so other people did it for him, probably as much to let him recover as to protect Scientology. Live Tweet for "PC Principal Final Justice" in a hour on Twitter. Finally, here's a very brief episode description for Season 20, Episode 01. and some previews.
  2. Episode 2001 - Member Berries

    Mr. Garrison is still on the campaign trail as the National Anthem gets a reboot by an American Icon.

    South Park is BACK!
    Who Are You Voting for?
  3. September 19, 2016 - Here's the episode description for Season 20, Episode 02. and some previews. Whatever happens, it'll affect the girls more than the boys.
  4. Episode 2002 - Skank Hunt

    The students of South Park Elementary have to deal with a painful loss, and the boys decide they have to take Cartman down. Kyle’s dad manages to keep his identity as a troll a secret while skankhunt42 takes his reign of terror global.

    He's Getting Kinda Famous.
  5. September 26, 2016 - Here's the episode description for Season 20, Episode 03. and some previews. The police pay Gerald a visit.
  6. Episode 2003 - The Damned

    The police are investigating Cartman’s mysterious disappearance on social media. Gerald enjoys more media attention as Skankhunt42 continues to troll everyone and anyone. Meanwhile Garrison is getting ready for the Presidential debate.

    Do You Know This Child?
  7. October 9, 2016 - Here's the episode description for Season 20, Episode 04. and some previews. Butters is a boys' rights activist.
  8. Episode 2004 - Wieners Out

    Kyle feels tremendous guilt over the rift between the boys and the girls. When he tries to bring them together, things only get worse. The boys finally band together to stand up for their rights. The noose is tightening as Gerald feels the pressure of being found out.

    Not Ashamed!
  9. October 17, 2016 - Here's the episode description for Season 20, Episode 05. and some previews. Garrison was staying in because he didn't wanna look like a jackass if he dropped out of the Presidential race. Will he drop out this Wednesday?
  10. Episode 2005 - Douche And A Danish

    Giant Douche wants out of the Presidential race. Garrison finally crosses the line at his most recent Presidential rally. The kids get pulled in to the search for the notorious Skankhunt42. Meanwhile, Gerald joins forces with the other trolls to stop Denmark from launching

    Where Did I Lose You, Honey?
  11. October 24, 2016 - Here's the episode description for Season 20, Episode 06. and some previews. Garrison discovers member berries, and Cartman reaches Mars?
  12. Episode 2006 - Fort Collins

    The Presidential election is only two weeks away and Garrison is still hiding out in Colorado. Everyone freaks out when an entire city in Colorado gets hacked. Gerald faces ruin if his complete history of internet activity becomes public. Memberberries are afraid for their lives and Cartman starts to realize the future is in jeopardy.

    Got a minute?
  13. November 6-9, 2016 - Here's the episode description for Season 20, Episode 07. and some previews. Garrison meets Bedrager.
  14. Episode 2007
    (October 6) The Very First Gentleman
    (October 9) Oh, Jeez

    The new administration has plans for Gerald, who comes face-to-face with the Troll Hunter. PC Principal tries one more time to make peace between the boys and the girls.

    America Is Going To Be Great Again.
  15. November 14, 2016 - Here's the episode description for Season 20, Episode 08. and some previews. Garrison visits South Park to finish business there.
  16. Episode 2008 - Members Only

    The President-elect has some unfinished business with his hometown. Gerald tries anything to escape the Troll Hunter’s revenge. Meanwhile, Cartman and Heidi make their way to SpaceX to try to get on the first rocket leaving for Mars.

    It's the President-elect
  17. November 29, 2016 - Here's the episode description for Season 20, Episode 09. and some previews. Butters may just sweep Heidi away from Cartman.
  18. Episode 2009 - Not Funny

    Everyone is desperate to get off the planet. Cartman is certain Heidi can solve the problem of getting them to Mars because she’s really funny, but he also suspects that Butters is trying to steal his girlfriend. Gerald tries to save himself by reasoning with the Troll Hunter while Garrison explores his new found military power.

    The basic decency of the American people
  19. December 4, 2016 - Here's the episode description for Season 20, Episode 10. and some previews. Sometimes you think you know a person... ;)
  20. Episode 2010 - The End of Serialization as We Know It

    Cartman finally understands what awaits men on Mars. As TROLLTRACE goes live, Sheila logs on to see Gerald’s on-line activity. At SpaceX, Cartman tries to convince the scientists that going to Mars is a bad idea. And defying their mom, Kyle and Ike get all the kids together to try to save the world from certain destruction.

    I'm a Visionary