The SP Timeline 2009

Winter 2009

  1. January 10, 2009 - Happy belated New Year, everyone! There's news that Matt & Trey amd MTV are finally coming through with How's Your News, which they were supposed to do three years ago. Here's a brief description of the show, from Wanted by MTV: "Adventure capitalists".
    "How's Your News?" began in 1998 as a series of short films directed by Arthur Bradford featuring cast members with disabilities serving as news reporters who interview people on the street. Stone and Parker later executive produced a feature film following the reporters. The MTV series will feature a team of reporters who drive across America in a customized tour bus documenting their experiences covering events like the Grammys.
    In MTV show has 'How's Your News?'- worthy premise, Matt Stone worries a bit about how his and Trey's outlandish reputation might actually hurt the program's reception. Some of the celebrities who make appearances include Amy Sedaris, Sarah Silverman, Jimmy Kimmel, Ben Affleck, Kathy Griffin and John Stamos, who spends a night out on the town with reporter Jeremy Vest as his wingman.
  2. January 15, 2009 - Two days ago South Park Studios posted a press release announcing the start of Season 13, and the show's entry into HD broadcast. Here are the parts of the press release that don't deal with the DVD (see the December 17 entry about that).

    Season 13 Premiere in HD

    On Wednesday March 11, 2009 at 10 pm EST South Park goes HD. We are really excited because, not only will the season premiere be in HD, but we have been working hard for over a year re-rendering previous seasons in native HD. We are not up-converting the episodes, but actually going into each episode and re-rendering every shot and frame at true HD. Check back soon for more info on the Comedy Central and South Park HD news, and the season 13 premiere.
    Also, "Six Days to South Park - About Last Night" will appear on South Park Studios' site next week, on or near the Inaugural. Comedy Central Launched its HD Channel three days ago on Cablevision and will do so later on this month on Cox and DirecTV. More HD launches are expected throughout the year. Thirty HD versions of South Park episodes will be part of the programming on Comedy Central HD.
  3. January 28, 2009 - Someone asked me to compile an episode guide for The Cult of Eric Cartman - Revelations. Click on the link to see what I came up with. Oh yeah, the four featurettes that were supposed to be on the DVDs? Not there. Not there at all!
  4. January 29, 2009 - South Park in the News: South Park’s Kenny Features In All Russian Passports (see picture below), Family Guy opts out of Spears cameo (Britney Spears approached Seth McFarlane about providing a voice on Family Guy in a retaliatory episode, seeing as how South Park has mocked both of them, but he rejected the idea, as he didn't want to start an onscreen battle with South Park writers Trey Parker and Matt Stone.), and Stars spread the love for Monty Python (Matt and Trey provide some commentary about Monty Python in a five-minute clip with other stars).
    (Just so you know, it's because the 8 looks like Kenny's eyes, that's all.)
  5. February 18, 2009 - Last October 8, ButtersDad at South Park Studios announced that South Park was going to appear as an application in iPhone and iPod Touch. I didn't report it here back then because Matt and Trey hadn't approved a game in years. This time though, it was Apple who rejected this idea. Here's a look at what might have been.
  6. March 3, 2009 - No news today, but an informative article about Matt and Trey and South Park from the New York Times: ‘South Park,’ a Vision and a Payoff . It talks about how successful Matt and Trey have been while newspapers, Hollywood and the network business are struggling to find the future. South Park will be available on Netflix, since it made a cash offer, so you Hulu and Joost users are out of luck.
  7. March 9, 2009 - South Park Studios has news! Episode 1301 arrives in two and a half days! But first, let's get this news out of the way: “South Park: The Complete Twelfth Season Uncensored” DVD Arrives in Stores On Tuesday, March 10. All-New Season 13 Episodes Available IN HD Exclusively On xBox LIVE, iTunes,Sony Playstation Store and Comcast Video On Demand. New Episodes Also Available On,, And Amazon Video On Demand. Now to the episode description!


    NEW YORK, March 9, 2009 –KENNY AND HIS NEW GIRLFRIEND GO TO A JONAS BROTHERS’ CONCERT in the 13th season premiere of “South Park” titled, “The Ring.” Thinking it's his way into her heart (and other body parts), Kenny takes his new girlfriend to a Jonas Brothers Concert. His dream of taking their relationship to the next level is crushed when the Jonas Brothers give them purity rings.

  8. March 13, 2009 - If Kenny had to die, at least he died doing something he's always wanted to do. :D Also, Matt and Trey have brought out their first South Park book, South Park: Guide To Life. You can pre-order it at Amazon and at Comedy Central.
  9. March 16, 2009 - South Park Studios has news! Episode 1302 arrives in two and a half days, and it looks to be a boys-centered ep, with two "superkids" vying for the town's support. One of them is dressed in black and wears a cape and utility belt. To the episode description!

    "THE COON"

    NEW YORK, March 16, 2009 – One young citizen takes it upon himself to maintain order during a time of despair in South Park. “The Coon” rises from the trash and takes his place as a lone vigilante who wipes out crime in the town of South Park. A rival superhero appears on the scene in the form of “Mysterion” and challenges the Coon’s place as a “symbol” for the town.

  10. March 17, 2009 - I've heard that you can see what Kenny actually says if you turn on closed-caption on your TV. As I get the eps through the Internet, I don't get closed-captions. Can someone check for me and send me all the corrections for what Kenny said last week? And even for older eps? Thanks in advance. As for tomorrow's ep, the Coon's body type is that of Cartman, so Cartman is the Coon. Kyle has to be Mysterion, since Kyle would hate for Cartman to be the town hero. Butters is already Professor Chaos, so this can't be a Cartman-Butters episode. Those are my thoughts on the ep. :)
  11. March 19, 2009 - Who is Mysterion? Since he only showed his face and not hs hair, and didn't speak once after that, we just don't know.

Spring 2009

  1. March 22, 2009 - South Park Studios has news! Episode 1303 arrives in three days! To the episode description!



    NEW YORK, March 22, 2009 – Everyone in South Park is busy pointing fingers when it comes to who is responsible for the state of the economy. Randy steps forward with a solution to fix the desperate financial state everyone finds themselves in. The town gets behind him and everyone starts to live a life that no longer depends on any economy at all. Meanwhile an unlikely savior makes the ultimate sacrifice to solve everyone’s problems.
  2. March 24, 2009 - Added info on How's Your News? and Princess in the Episode Guide > Other Scripts. No actual scripts though.
  3. March 30, 2009 - South Park Studios has news! Episode 1304 arrives in two days! To the episode description!


    NEW YORK, March 30, 2009 – THE 4TH GRADE BOYS ARE THE VICTIMS OF AN APRIL FOOL’S JOKE in an all-new episode of "South Park" titled, "Eat, Pray, Queef.” Someone played an April Fools joke on the boys and it didn’t go over well. Butters is incapacitated, Cartman is furious and the rest of the boys are afraid someone might do it again.
  4. April 6, 2009 - South Park Studios has news! Episode 1305 arrives in two days! To the episode description!


    NEW YORK, April 6, 2009 – Creative differences ruin friendships in an all-new episode of "South Park" titled, "Fishsticks.” Cartman decides to help Jimmy with his comedy routine. Everyone loves the new joke they come up with. The joke starts to take off and it even hits all the late night talk shows. The boys are thrilled with how popular it’s become until somebody tries to take all the credit.
  5. April 10, 2009 - Kanye and Carlos have both reacted to the episode. Kanye took it in stride, admitting he needs to work on his ego now that he's a big name. Mencia just wants people to see the episode again and again - free publicity. ...Oh Jeez, Kanye had a video of the Gay Fish song on his blog, but Viacom got YouTube to take it down. Fuuuck.
  6. April 13, 2009 - South Park Studios has news! Episode 1306 arrives in two days! To the episode description!


    NEW YORK, April 13, 2009 – BUILDING A PINEWOOD DERBY CAR IS THE OPPORTUNITY FOR SOME GOOD OLD FASHIONED FATHER-SON BONDING TIME in an all-new episode of "South Park" titled, "Pinewood Derby.” RANDY IS DETERMINED THAT STAN WILL WIN THIS YEAR’S PINEWOOD DERBY. He comes up with a PLAN that will assure Stan a first place trophy.
  7. April 20, 2009 - South Park Studios has news! Episode 1307 arrives in two days, and after that, the hiatus! To the episode description!



Summer 2009

  1. July 13, 2009 - Just saw this on

    'South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut' Headed for Blu-ray

    Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny will be uncensored in high-definition this fall.
    Paramount says 'South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut' will be available on Blu-ray on October 13.
    The Blu-ray will feature 1080p video, a Dolby TrueHD 5.1 soundtrack, and supplements will consist of an audio commentary with Trey Parker and Matt Stone, a music video "What Would Brian Boitano Do," and three theatrical trailers (in HD).
    Suggested list price for the Blu-ray has not yet been announced.

    Source: Hi-Def Digest
    The report didn't need to say that the film would be uncensored, did it? I mean, the DVD is uncensored too... On the other hand, the BRD will come with a commentary, something Matt and Trey didn't want to do for the DVD ten years ago.
  2. July 16, 2009 - Emmy nominations are out:

    Outstanding Animated Program (for programming less than one hour)

    American Dad • Sixteen-Hundred Candles • FOX • 20th Century Fox / Underdog / Fuzzy Door
    Robot Chicken • Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II • Cartoon Network • ShadowMachine
    South Park • Margaritaville • Comedy Central • Central Productions
    The Simpsons • Gone Maggie Gone • FOX • Gracie Films in Association with 20th Century Fox Television
  3. July 19, 2009 - CrapTV is down, went down as I was switching to another thread on its message board yesterday night. Only a list of links remains at its root directory, and those links go to bluehost. Edit: it's back.
  4. July 26, 2009 - I'm sure you've all heard about the coming South Park game on XBOX Live Arcade. Click on the picture below to see a video about the game. If you went to Comic Con this week, you already know about it.

    The actual trailer.

    Watch for it on October 7! Here's a short history of the game with lots of media for you to watch. :)

  5. August 12, 2009 - Happy 12th Anniversary, South Park!! This may be the 13th season, but it's only been 12 years since the first ever episode aired on August 13, 1997. But South Park Studios has decided to bring you the unaired version of Cartman Gets An Anal Probe. I noticed a few changes, but for the most part, this version is the unaired version. Click here and watch!
  6. August 24, 2009 - Below are the fifteen kids that will be in the "South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!" game mentioned a month ago. The four kids that weren't mentioned or shown before are Butters, Tweek, Pip, and Red. Check out the GamesCon trailer below for more game action!
  7. September 9, 2009 - A reminder: The Creative Arts Emmy Awards will be handed out this Saturday! Two-time Primetime Emmy® Award winner Kathy Griffin will host the 2009 Primetime Creative Arts Emmy® Awards on Saturday, Sept. 12 from the NOKIA Theatre, Lee Miller and Steve Venezia, executive producers of the Creative Arts show, announced today. The show will air as a two-hour special on E! Entertainment Television. If South Park wins an award, it will do so on this night. Attention SP and Trey Parker fans! Trey will be at Central Michigan University on Tuesday, September 21, for a Q&A session in the evening. In the afternoon he will be at the Veterans Memorial Library branch of the Chippewa River District Library System. More info on the chalkboard below:

    Co-creator of South Park Trey Parker to be at CRDL

    Sometimes, when the planets are aligned just right and the wind blows a certain way, you get lucky and the opportunity of a lifetime lands right in your lap.
    Well, on Monday Sept. 21 that opportunity is landing at the Veterans Memorial Library branch of the Chippewa River District Library System. Musician, director, actor, and South Park co-creator Trey Parker will be stopping by in between appearances at Central Michigan University for a fun and informal afternoon of questions and answers at your library.
    We are immeasurably excited that, thanks to a little “this person knows that person who knows this person”; we are able to offer our patrons and our community a free opportunity to pick the brain of one of Hollywood’s most creative minds.
    While hundreds will more than likely pack CMU’s Plachta Auditorium that evening to listen to CMU English professor Jeffrey Weinstock talk with Trey Parker, the afternoon Q&A at your library will be your chance to chat with him in a much smaller, informal, intimate gathering.
    An afternoon of questions and answers with Trey Parker is a free Chippewa River District Library event, but due to limited seating, you must have a ticket to get in. Tickets are free and a limited number will be available at Veterans Memorial Library starting Tuesday.
    Again, because of seating limitations, persons 16 and older may pickup two tickets per person. Just stop at the check-out desk and tell them you’d like a pair of tickets for Trey Parker.

    CRDL: Calendar

    9/21/2009 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    An Afternoon of Q&A with Trey Parker

    Musician, actor, director, and South Park co-creator, Trey Parker, will be visiting Veterans Memorial Library at 3:30pm on Monday September 21st for a small, informal, intimate gathering of questions and answers.
    An Afternoon with Trey Parker is a free CRDL event, but because seating is limited, tickets are required. Tickets may be picked up at Veterans Memorial Library starting on September 8th.
    * Limit 2 tickets per person
    * Must be 16 or older to pickup tickets.

    Source: Central Michigan Morning Sun, Rob Wang reporting

    “South Park” creator Trey Parker coming to CMU

    CMU students have a chance to speak next month with Trey Parker, co-creator of the hit show “South Park” and renowned popular culture satirist.
    English professor Jeffrey Weinstock will host an “informal conversation” with Parker at 7 p.m. Sept. 21 in Warriner Hall’s Plachta Auditorium.
    The speech is open and the public.
    Weinstock is asking for questions to be posed to Parker in advance of the event. Inquirers are encouraged to send potential questions to, an e-mail account created by Weinstock for this purpose.
    Students also are encouraged to ask Parker questions on the spot near the end of the event.
    “It’s really informal … There will be an opportunity for Q-and-A with the audience directly,” Weinstock said.
    This opportunity was presented to Weinstock because of a serendipitous connection in the communications department, he said. Journalism professor emeritus Elliot Parker is a relative of Trey Parker.
    “(Elliot Parker) just flowed the idea past me and I thought it would be great,” Weinstock said.
    The event has been in planning since last spring, but gained momentum over the summer when Trey Parker indicated he would be interested in participating.
    “It’s an excellent opportunity for the CMU campus to go see somebody who’s influencing popular culture.” Weinstock said.
    A free show
    Weinstock said Parker’s trip to Central Michigan University is unlike most celebrity visits that happen.
    “Unlike other celebrities like comedians, he’s not getting paid anything.” Weinstock said.
    Instead, Parker is coming purely out of interest in discussing his show and meeting some of his fans. He covered his airline ticket for the flight.
    Weinstock is the author of “Taking South Park Seriously” and a regular viewer of the Comedy Central program.
    “My favorite aspect is the topicalness of its humor — its ability to respond quickly to current events,” Weinstock said.
    South Park’s immediate response to many events in the news is apparently no coincidence.
    “They can put together an episode in a week,” Weinstock said.
    One “South Park” fan is already looking forward to the chance to see a creator of one of his favorite programs.
    “I like the multitude of ways (South Park) can make fun of simple things.” said Waterford senior Josh Hunt.

    Source: Central Michigan Life, Connor Sheridan reporting
  8. September 12, 2009 - YES YES YES YES YES!!! South Park wins again!

Fall 2009

  1. September 29, 2009 - For the next two weeks, until the South Park BD comes out, South Park Studios is streaming South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut. You'll also find five clips from the commentary the BD will have. Too bad a matching DVD will not be sold to those of us who don't have BD. On the other hand, when the DVD came out 10 years ago, I didn't have a DVD player, and bought one just for the movie (the player cost about $140 at the time), so I'll probably get a BD player now. Prices have come down, so I can find a BRD player now for less than $100.
  2. October 4, 2009 - South Park Studios announces Episode 1308 - Dead Celebrities.

    Episode 1308 - Dead Celebrities

    The boys bring in professional ghost hunters to investigate evidence of paranormal activity in the Broflovski House. Powerful forces are tormenting Ike. He's freaked out and the stress could kill him. Kyle and the boys are doing everything they can to save him but the poltergeists won't leave Ike alone. See the really short preview below.
  3. October 10, 2009 - If either of the two voices (beside Walter Cronkite, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson) in Ike's hospital room are linked to the celebrities shown later on, let me know. Also, seems Michael Jackson fans have taken offense at the episode for making light of Jackson's death. I'm a big MJ fan myself, despite his off-stage activities over the past 20 years, but I love South Park, so I couldn't take offense at the episode. :)
  4. October 11, 2009 - South Park Studios announces Episode 1309 - Butters' Bottom Bitch (a bottom bitch is a pimp's most treasured prostitute - she's the one he can always count on, and she'll stick by him through anything).

    Episode 1309 - Butters' Bottom Bitch

    Prostitution is on the rise in South Park. This affects South Park Elementary in an unusual way. Butters has made it all the way to the 4th grade without ever kissing a girl. All of his friends have been teasing him mercilessly. Butters is determined to catch up with the rest of the boys in his class. See the really short preview below.
  5. October 17, 2009 - South Park Studios announces Episode 1310 - W.T.F. Wrestling Is Awesome is just the name of the clip below.


    After attending a WWE MATCH, the boys ALL WANT TO BE PROFESSIONAL WRESTLERS. The boys have found their new calling in life and they hurry to sign up for the wrestling club. They soon find out THE KIND OF WRESTLING THEY TEACH AT SCHOOL IS not the same thing they saw at the WWE. The boy’s wrestling coach has the same problem. He’s been struggling for years to get people to see the difference.
    Clearly en episode about World Wrestling Entertainment, the male wrestlers shown are John Cena and Edge. The shirts the boys are wearing represent WWE and its wrestlers: CM Punk (the forearms on Token's shirt), WWE itself (Get the F out, indicating it got rid of Federation in its name), John Bradshaw Layfield (the initials JBL on Kenny's shirt).
  6. October 26, 2009 - South Park Studios announces Episode 1311 - "Whale Whores." "Free Willzyx" wasn't enough whale for our two dynamic creators.

    Whale Whores

    The Japanese are on a mad-hunt to kill all the world’s dolphins and whales. Stan and his family are spending his birthday at the Denver Aquarium where they will get to swim with the dolphins. Things turn bloody when the Japanese attack, kill all the dolphins and ruin Stan’s big day. There seems to be no end to the senseless killing. Stan takes on the cause to save the dolphins from the Japanese.
  7. October 30, 2009 - The three samples of Cartman's version of Lady Gaga's Poker Face.
  8. November 1, 2009 - South Park Studios announces Episode 1312 - The F Word.

    The F Word

    The boys aren't going to let the Harley Festival being held in South Park ruin their weekend. Everyone agrees they've had enough of the loud and obnoxious bikers that have arrived in South Park. The boys are taking on the Harley Riders. They throw down the F word and the game is on.
  9. November 3, 2009 - For anyone wondering why "Gay Fish" was available for download so quickly while Cartman's version of "Poker Face" is not, the answer is that "Gay Fish" was not a cover of a Kanye song while "Poker Face" is, and covers need to be cleared with the original artists before full versions can be available for download.
  10. November 4, 2009 - I just call obnoxious motorcycle riders obnoxiuos motorcycle riders, no reason to call them fags, but here's Trey's addendum to the definition for "fag".
    One could argue that Trey figures this group is now more deserving of "fag" than homosexuals are, or just that he finds the loud motorcycles as annoying as anyone else does.
  11. November 7, 2009 - A word from someone who's made the same point about the word "fag" that Matt and Trey were trying to make here:
    Basically, kids often use words without knowing the meanings they have in the grown-up world, but instead use them in their own way. This helps words evolve, change meaning, and lose the targets of previous negative or positive connotations. Louis CK was a kid in the 1970s, which was 30 to 40 years ago, and even then "fag" was not used exclusively to mean "gay person." That wasn't a meaning he knew until later.
  12. November 8, 2009 - South Park Studios announces Episode 1313 - Dances With Wolves Smurfs.

    Dances With Smurfs

    Cartman has a daily forum for his agenda when he is chosen to do the morning announcements. Eric Cartman seizes the opportunity to become the voice of change at the school when he takes over the morning announcements. His target is South Park Elementary’s Student Body President, Wendy Testaburger. Cartman is asking the tough questions and gaining followers.
  13. November 15, 2009 - South Park Studios announces Episode 1314 - Pee.


    The boys are super excited to spend the day at Pipi’s Splash Town but there is danger at every turn. Things at the water park are not what they seem. The boy’s fun filled day is about to turn deadly. Events are in play at Splash Town that signal the end of the world is upon us. Cartman tries to warn everyone but no one will listen. Disaster is about to strike and the boys are in a race to survive.
    The End of the World? Must have a 2012 reference to it. :D And it looks like the Fab Four are now the Stunning Six. Jimmy and Butters are with the four boys for this one.
  14. December 15, 2009 - TV Shows On DVD is reporting that Season 13 will come out on both Blu-ray and DVD on March 16, so mark your calendars! According to the site:

    Yesterday Comedy Central and Paramount Home Entertainment announced that South Park - The Complete 13th Season will come to both DVD and high-def Blu-ray Disc on March 16th. Now we've learned some additional information about these releases, which contain 14 uncensored episodes from the most recent season of the series.
    First of all, in our report yesterday we passed along that these would each be a 3-disc set. Information sent to retailers clarifies that, saying that the DVD release would be on 3 discs, but the Blu-ray release would come on 2 discs. The same info provided to retailers shows that both versions will be presented in widescreen video. We're not sure if the latter is accurate, however: when The Complete 12th Season came out this past March, the DVD was in full screen, while the BD came in widescreen.
    The studio announcement yesterday said that these releases would both include Mini-Audio Commentary by creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone on every episode, which has been the case with each previous season set. That is confirmed by the details sent to retailers, but apparently it isn't the only bonus material that you'll find. For the first time ever, Deleted Scenes will be included with this release. Also, a special XBOX cross promotion will be available for this title, with a giveaway of a free character and 2 unlockable levels for the South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play! XBLA game, with purchase of either the DVD or Blu-ray sets.
    Finally, we have an early look at the front cover art for both versions of South Park - The Complete 13th Season. This was provided to retailers and may still be subject to change, but here's a taste anyway to whet your appetite!