The SP Timeline 2006

Winter 2007

  1. January 2, 2007: Happy New Year!!! - I guess some people worry that I'm having fun for the holidays. :) Yes, I've heard about Saddam's hanging, and I thought of Cannibal's showcase song, "Hang the Bastard" when I heard of it, but there's no reason to mention it unless Matt and Trey have a storyline about it in two monhts. Now, the Christmas season isn't over yet, so Merry Christmas, too!!!
  2. January 12, 2007 - Remember, people, the only Goth kid who has a name is Henrietta, and Craig and his family don't have a last name. I have NO idea where "Nommel" came from, though I do know someone uses that name on the South Park Studios BBS, and the names you see for the other Goth kids did NOT come from the show.
  3. January 25, 2007 - UK fans will be able to see Season 10 locally next month. Sasa42 reports that the second half of season 10 (for those who haven't already seen it) is starting 9th of February on Paramount Comedy 1. "Make Love, Not Warcraft" at 9pm, followed by "Mystery Of The Urinal Deuce". Also, MTV will start showing the first half of season 10 on Sunday at 10pm.
  4. February 2, 2007: Groundhog Day! - I had no idea Comedy Central made a MySpace for South Park... Big Fish Produced MySpace Profiles for "South Park" Viewed by 16 Million People. I just saw this space yesterday, heh. No mention was made of it at South Park Studios, either, even though that MySpace was made as part of the show's 10th Anniversary last October and mentioned on Comedy Central's page. Shows how often members of South Park Studios' message board go there. The following FAQ is now wrong:
    May 7, 2006

    Q. - Is there an official MySpace for South Park?

    A. - No.

  5. February 14, 2007: Happy Valentine's Day! - Two weeks and six days to go for the DVD release of Season 9!


    Bonus Material Features Mini Audio Commentaries On All 14 Episodes By Creators Trey Parker And Matt Stone

    Memorable Ninth Season Includes The Emmy Award-Winning, "Best Friends Forever" And The Infamous "Trapped In The Closet" Episode

    NEW YORK, February 12, 2007 -- In the ninth season of "South Park," Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny find themselves in the middle of hot button political issues and celebrity shenanigans. Released via COMEDY CENTRAL Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment, "South Park: The Complete Ninth Season" DVD arrives in stores nationwide on Tuesday, March 6 and will also be available at
    "South Park: The Complete Ninth Season" DVD is an exclusive three-disc collector's edition comprised of all 14 legendary episodes. In addition to the Emmy Award-winning episode, "Best Friends Forever" (original air date: March 30, 2005), this unforgettable compilation also includes the episode involving an A-list Hollywood celebrity and a cultish religious group in "Trapped in a Closet" (original air date: November 16, 2005). The bonus material contains five-to-seven minute mini-commentaries on all 14 episodes by creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
  6. March 1, 2007 - Yahoo! posted this press release yesterday for Season 11, Spring:

    'South Park' is Back With All New Episodes

    The Hit Series Launches Its 11th Season on Wednesday, March 7 at 10:00 P.M.* on COMEDY CENTRAL®
    Season 11 Uncensored Episodes Available on iTunes

    NEW YORK, Feb. 28, 2:11 pm ET /PRNewswire/ -- Coming up in the 11th season, viewers can expect a parody of the popular FOX hit series, "24," and Hilary Clinton pays a visit to "South Park." There will be plenty of shocking surprises from the legendary fourth-graders with seven all-new episodes beginning on Wednesday, March 7 at 10:00 p.m. on COMEDY CENTRAL. As a bonus, fans will be able to download the uncensored version of each new episode from the 11th season on iTunes the Tuesday after it premieres beginning on Tuesday, March 13.
  7. March 2, 2007 - Five days until Season 11 begins! Four days until Season 9 arrives on DVD! No days until the latest news! New Zealand is going to air the two parter "Cartoon Wars" at the end of April and beginning of May after holding it back for review by the international distributor. Part I airs on April 24, Part II on May 1. XBox Live subscribers will be able to download seasons 5 through 8 from Xbox Live Video Marketplace. Entertainment Weekly has the following PopWatch interview with MnT:

    The PopWatch Interview: Controversy on 'South Park,' what-what-what?!?

    Mar 2, 2007, 11:46 AM | by Mandi Bierly

    South Park returns March 7 for an 11th season on Comedy Central, and though we don't need to tell you that creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone still deliver after all these years, the fact that EW has dubbed their premiere our "Must Watch of the Week" — without actually knowing what it's about — does kinda say it.
    What speaks even louder: Neither the duo nor the network will be revealing the plot of the episode before it debuts, period. "If it got out what it was," Parker says, "someone would try to stop us from doing it before it got on the air." Impending controversy? Hooray!
    Here's what they did tell us during our recent chat:
    They've got so many good ideas, it's hard to pick what the first one should be. Seriously, Stone said, "Please write that we've got so many good ideas, it's hard to pick what the first one should be." And apparently, he's not joking. As of Monday, the duo was still deciding which of two top-secret ideas should air first. (Yes, that means at least one other episode this season will be making "someone" pissy.) Parker credits their wealth of story lines to a particularly fruitful February writers' retreat in "geriatric" Palm Springs, where distractions were limited. "Yeah," Stone says, "we got to go places where it's not that fun to be."
    Starting this season, episodes will be available uncensored on iTunes.
    Stone: "Oh, that's something that we can talk about."
    EW: "That's cool, but can you tell us anything about the premiere?"
    Parker: "Honestly, when you see it, you're gonna be like, 'I see why they couldn't tell me.' Unless, we end up not going with that one because it doesn't work, and we go with something else." [Laughter]
    Stone: "You suck so bad."
    Norman Lear officiated Parker's Jan. 2006 wedding in Hawaii.
    Parker: "Yeah, it was pretty great. Like, I couldn't imagine how else I would get married. I wasn't going to have some Catholic priest come down. And it just came out. I told Norman I was getting married, and he was like, 'Oh, well, I'm ordained. I can marry you.' He had married like four other couples or something like that. My wife didn't know who he was, so it was fine with her. She's Japanese, so it was basically a Shinto-slash-Norman Lear wedding. It was nice and simple and short and intimate."
    EW: "Did you ever think you'd be doing an interview about your wedding?"
    Parker: "No. No."
    EW: "This is what happens, gentlemen, when you won't tell me a plot of a single episode."
    [Laughter. Silence]
    Stone: "You wanna tell her about 24?"
    One of the first seven episodes will be a parody of 24. "Basically, we've spent the last month watching like three or four episodes a day, studying what they do," Parker says. "We're fans of the show, and we're really impressed with the writing, but as soon as you have Cartman saying the same stuff, it's pretty damn funny."
    They're not planning on touching the Anna Nicole Smith media frenzy. For now.
    Parker: "It's not to say it's not gonna end up in week 4 or 5, but so far, we just don't really have a take on it. Like things have happened in this off season that we really did get worked up about, and the Anna Nicole thing is like, we really just don't care."
    EW: "So what worked you up?"
    Parker: "Oh, you'll see." [Laughter] "Oh boy, you'll see."
  8. March 4, 2007 - More good news from Xbox: First ever HD South Park episode for free on Xbox Live Marketplace. Long story short: "Good Times With Weapons" will be the first ep to come out in HD. This should make members of #southpark-episodes sit up and take notice, since they insist on releasing SP eps in low-res RM, justifying it by saying South Park is deliberatly crappy enough so hi-res versions of the eps are a waste of space.
  9. March 5, 2007 - Here's the press release for this week's episode, "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson":


    NEW YORK, March 5, 2007 -- New cases of people using the "N" word are on the rise in an all new "South Park" entitled, "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson," premiering on Wednesday, March 7 at 10:00 p.m. on COMEDY CENTRAL.
    While the citizens of "South Park" must contend with the widespread use of the racial slur, Cartman fights a midget.
  10. March 7, 2007 - I hope you already got or will soon get the Season 9 DVD set. :) ROLLING STONE's Top 25 Moments From "South Park" complete with video clips (printer-friendly version to see them all at once). Remember: "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson" tonight!
    From Entertainment Weekly this week:

  11. March 8, 2007 - Rolling Stone presents this online excerpt from tomorrow's issue: Still Sick, Still Wrong. I'll get scans of the whole thing soon.
    From Rolling Stone (buy it tomorrow):
  12. March 11, 2007 - South Park Studios presents this little clip for next Wedensday's episode, "Cartman Sucks." More Jew jokes. :)
  13. March 12, 2007 - Here are four pages from Rolling Stone 1022, with Cartman taking a cellphone picture of Saddam hanging from a noose. I didn't scan the picture of MnT in front of the Scientology plaque because the one three entries down is much cleaner. Warning: each of these images is around 7 megs in size, so you might want to right-click and save them first, then view them offline. Here they are!
    Cover, page 1 page 2, page 3.
    These are in PNG format, but I can save them and present them in JPG format if these are too big for y'all. ... Update: bigd23 has just sent me a PDF of the article, which is just 1.64 Mb big, compared to the 30 megs or so I uploaded earlier. Enjoy! And now, this week's description!

    Cartman Sucks

    NEW YORK, March 12, 2007 -- Butters' dad does what any good father would do if he believed his son was bi-curious in an all-new "South Park" entitled, "Cartman Sucks," premiering on Wednesday, March 14 at 10:00 p.m. on COMEDY CENTRAL.
    When another one of Cartman's pratical jokes puts Butters in a compromising position, his dad is determined to "straighten him out." While Butters is at a special camp trying to "pray the gay away," Cartman realizes the joke is on him.
    Read this RS snippet for the relevant scene.
  14. March 13, 2007 - Welp, it's been a week since the Season 9 DVD set of South Park came out and y'all have been waiting for the commentary minis, so here they are!
  15. March 19, 2007 - First word on Wednesday's episode, from South Park Studios: "This Week on South Park: Lice Capades An infestation of head lice plagues South Park Elementary. When Garrison refuses to name names, Cartman finds a way to detect who has lice so they can make fun of the unfortunate kid."

    Lice Capades

    NEW YORK, March 19, 2007 -- The fourth grade class won't be denied their rights as children to make fun of the unfortunate kid who has lice in an all-new "South Park" entitled, "Lice Capades," premiering on Wednesday, March 21 at 10:00 p.m. on COMEDY CENTRAL.
    Confidentiality about who has head lice must be maintained so no child is embarrassed; so says the administration at South Park Elementary. When Garrison refuses to name names, Cartman finds a way to detect who has the head cooties.

Spring 2007

  1. March 24, 2007 - South Park is being profiled at Apple's site: South Park Studios: No Walk in the Park, all about how South Park is made with the latest in hardware and software.
  2. March 26, 2007 - First word on Wednesday's episode, from South Park Studios: "This Week on South Park: The Snuke. Hillary Clinton is in town for a big campaign rally. Cartman follows a lead on a possible terrorist attack.


    NEW YORK, March 26, 2007 -- Cartman suspects the new Muslim student is behind a terrorist threat in an all-new "South Park" entitled, "The Snuke," premiering on Wednesday, March 28 at 10:00 p.m. on COMEDY CENTRAL.
    The clock is ticking as the citizens prepare for Hillary Clinton's big campaign rally. Every minute counts as Cartman uses his own methods to interrogate the suspect. But could the plan to target Hillary Clinton be just the tip of the iceberg?
  3. March 29, 2007 - People have wondered how South Park is made. For some time now, Keef Bartkus, one of the editors at South Park Studios, has been posting videos about his job at South Park on YouTube, under the username Videorganics. Here's your chance to fnd out about Keef, the making of South Park, and his budding family. :) Also, South Park depicts the Queen's suicide after plot to conquer US fails (Daily Mail), and Comedy Central® Mobile Launched 'South Park 10: The Game'.
  4. March 30, 2007 - Beware what you find up your (lady's) snizz! Good to see Buttbaby around, but no Kenny. :(
  5. April 2, 2007 - First word on Wednesday's episode, from South Park Studios: "This Week on South Park: Fantastic Easter Special. Determined to get the real story behind why he has to decorate eggs for Easter, Stan falls in with an eccentric society that guards a legendary secret.
  6. April 3, 2007 - If you want a real history lesson, watch South Park (Times Online) - It's getting so that real history lessons are being relegated to edgy cartoons while our leaders determine which parts of history to not pass on to the next generation. Who Are the Smartest Celebrities? Matt and Trey come in at #5. And yesterday's press release:


    NEW YORK, April 2, 2007 -- Stan refuses to decorate another Easter egg in an all-new "South Park" entitled, "Fantastic Easter Special," premiering on Wednesday, April 4 at 10:00 p.m. (ET/PT) on COMEDY CENTRAL.
    Stan just wants someone to explain what eggs have to do with Jesus dying for his sins. Determined to get the real story behind all of the eggs and bunnies that are part of the Easter ritual, Stan and Kyle fall in with an eccentric society that guards a legendary secret.
  7. April 6, 2007 - Pope Benedictus is the Antipope! Ave Pope Snowball!
  8. April 9, 2007 - First word on Wednesday's episode, from South Park Studios: "This Week on South Park: D-Yikes. Ms. Garrison gets dumped again and she takes it out on the fourth grade class.


    NEW YORK, 9, 2007 -- When Ms. Garrison is the victim of yet another failed relationship, she takes it out on the fourth graders in an all-new "South Park" entitled, "D-Yikes," premiering on Wednesday, April 11 at 10:00 p.m. (ET/PT) on COMEDY CENTRAL.
    Every time Ms. Garrison gets dumped, life becomes unbearable in the classroom. When the boys can no longer handle their teacher's erratic mood swings and excessive homework assignments, they discover people-for-hire who can help out in any situation.
  9. April 14, 2007 - Mrs. Garrison has almost come full circle - he's been gay, he's been a regular woman who loves men, and now a lesbian. To complete the circle, he's gotta turn back into a man who loves women. South Park has a silent partner (MacLean's, Canada) - For anyone who wonders if Matt does something more than provide a few voices for the show.
  10. April 16, 2007 - First word on Wednesday's episode, from South Park Studios: "This Week on South Park: NIGHT OF THE LIVING HOMELESS. Increasing numbers of homeless are eating, sleeping and asking for change all over South Park. The boys are working to solve the homeless problem once and for all.


    NEW YORK, April 16, 2007 -- The homeless population is on the rise in an all-new "South Park" entitled, "Night of the Living Homeless," premiering on Wednesday, April 18 at 10:00 p.m. (ET/PT) on COMEDY CENTRAL.
    Increasing numbers of homeless are eating, sleeping and asking for change all over South Park. While the adults are working on creative solutions to care for the homeless, the boys are busy solving the problem once and for all.
  11. April 19, 2007 - Hope you enjoy the hiatus. Nall, the admin at South Park Studios, says the show returns on October 3. I'll have my trascripts up by Sunday. This week's lesson: if you want to get rid of the homeless, just tell them of a more inviting place and persuade them to go there. Texas offered Evergreen as a more inviting place, and Evergreen offered South Park. Eventually, most of the homeless end up west of the 405 (San Diego) freeway, in Santa Monica, Venice, Marina del Rey, Brentwood, etc. Santa Monica has often been a haven for the homeless, and it now has a Homelsss Court to deal with the homeless who commit minor offenses. Another message is that it's easy to become homeless in this society - make one bad move or encounter a bit of bad luck (like plummeting property values) and you can lose everything surprisingly fast. How come South Park didn't hear about Evergreen's homeless problem three months earlier? How about some California Love?
  12. May 5, 2007 - Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! Cannibal Lover found this article at the L.A. Times entertainment section two days ago. I'll just quote the article rather than make you sign up for it:

    The 'South Park' guys going for a G? Monstrous!

    Matt Stone and Trey Parker team with the screenwriter of 'Pretty Woman' for 'Giant Monsters Attack Japan!' Rubber suits are guaranteed.

    By Jay A. Fernandez, Special to The Times
    May 2, 2007

    A G-rated film from the creators of "South Park"?
    J.F. Lawton was 6 years old when he saw the James Bond film "You Only Live Twice" (screenplay by Roald Dahl!) in 1967. But the film's peek at an exotic Japanese culture, with its kimonoed beauties and training camps full of stealth warriors, had him hooked. Young Lawton began devouring books about Japan, studying martial arts and, inevitably, delving into the antagonistic latex world of Rodan, Mothra and Godzilla.
    Thirty-nine years later that Nipponphilia paid off. His original comic screenplay, "Giant Monsters Attack Japan!," is a deadpan pastiche of a variety of Japanese pop cultural forms, icons and fetishes. Ninjas, samurai, cutesy mini-monsters, giant robots and the country's most enduring export, city-stomping mega-monsters played by men in rubber suits, all make appearances in an amusing story about an 8-year-old American boy obsessed with Japanese pop culture who moves to Tokyo when his widowed father is transferred there for work.
    Lawton plays all of these clichéd cultural inventions straight, as actual elements of a modern Japanese society that has long since made peace with its little monster problem. And in keeping with the original films' goofy innocence, Lawton always intended the film to engage children at a PG or even G level, with the filmmakers forgoing CGI for the old-school technique of nothing but a sculpted bodysuit and a committed actor.
    "I'm not sure exactly where the ratings board is on monster-to-monster violence, what their reaction is to men in rubber suits wrestling but never getting hurt," Lawton says, laughing.
    Well, if there's a filmmaking pair that can get imaginative feedback from the ratings board, it's Matt Stone and Trey Parker, who have signed on to direct and produce "Giant Monsters!" Parker and Stone have desecrated everyone and everything in the crudest ways possible in "South Park," its film treatment "South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut" and their last feature, "Team America: World Police." And Parker wrote and directed the four-quadrant slam-dunks "Orgazmo" and "Cannibal! The Musical," so it's not immediately obvious why this is a perfect match.
    "It's funny, Trey and Matt said that they felt that they could do a G movie or a PG movie easier than they could a PG-13, because it's their nature to push an issue," says Lawton, pointing out that as filthy as some of their material is, there is still a childlike (or childish, depending) quality.
    When Lawton ("Pretty Woman," "Under Siege," the Japan-set "The Hunted") sent out his screenplay, he appended a one-page primer on the ubiquity of Japanese pop culture in America (see: anime, manga, Pokemon, horror remakes, etc.). He also scattered throughout his pages digital color photos of anime characters, giant robots and classic monsters.
    "I knew that I was dealing with a lot of imagery that is very familiar to any 14-year-old kid who's into anime and reading manga and all that, but might not be obvious to a studio executive," he says.
    Nickelodeon and Paramount — or their younger executives, anyway — were indeed hip to Lawton's script, especially once Stone and Parker got excited by its possibilities. Shooting will have to wait until the "South Park" creators have finished the current season of their show and then direct the teen comedy "My All-American," written by Jeff Roda.
    "I was terrified when I wrote it that people would say, 'OK, great, we'll do this and we're gonna CGI all the monsters,' " Lawton says. "And Matt and Trey want to do it with guys in rubber suits, which is what it needs to be. There's something really special about that."
    Why we're getting info about this movie first is beyond me. :) Here's a page from the script and a link to the Unerwire article.
  13. May 15, 2007 - TV Shows on DVD has info on the Season 10 DVD release of South Park. Apparently, they don't want people copypasting the info (which isn't much - it just announces the artwork), so just click on the link to see what they have to say. Or not: The DVD set comes out August 28th!

    Check out that cover!

  14. May 30, 2007 - "Hippitus Hoppitus": Animals in Pope Hats. A bit late for the Easter season, but here you go. :) From CritterCampMom.

Summer 2007

  1. June 22, 2007 - For all SP fans attending a concert in Rush's Snakes & Arrows tour, you may be greeted by this little intro for "Tom Sawyer." Below is another video with the intro and song. Watch out for deep bass. South Park Studios' nall has confirmed that Matt and Trey did indeed make that intro for Rush.

    South Park Tom Sawyer intro live bootleg video taken at the Sound Advice Amphitheater in West Palm Beach, FL on June 15, 2007 on the Snakes & Arrows tour
  2. July 25, 2007 - As you probably already know, South Park submitted its nomination for this year's Creative Arts Emmy; Without further ado...
  3. August, 2007- Emmy Award Nominee (2007)

    South Park • Make Love, Not Warcraft • Comedy Central
    TREY PARKER, Executive Producer/Director/Writer
    MATT STONE, Executive Producer
    ANNE GAREFINO, Executive Producer
    FRANK C. AGNONE II, Supervising Producer
    KYLE MCCULLOCH, Producer
    ERIC STOUGH, Director of Animation

    And Matt and Trey produced at least three shorts for philosopher Alan Watts. Check them out below:

    Life and Music

    Prickles and Goo

    And that's something, at least, in this summer without any info on what they're doing.
  4. August 6, 2007 - Nothing new to report except that Giant Monsters Attack Japan! and My All-American have been added to the Episode Guide (I'll have to change that title, heh), but there still isn't much to report. My All-American is scheduled to come out next year, so they could be working on that now. And now, a letter from a writer about religion in South Park. Enjoy:

    Hey there,

    I am currently writing an awesome book about South Park and religion. I’m discussing South Park’s portrayal of every religion, other religious issues in the show like God, Satan, Jesus, the Bible, the Holiday Season and more, and the way that South Park ultimately portrays religion in America – and why. Right now I am writing my book proposal, the block of material that is my attempt to sell this book to publishers. One important section of this proposal is marketing. I must describe how this book can reach fans of South Park that would be interested in reading it. One great way is with the help of some of the best South Park websites. I was hoping that your site might be willing to let its fans know that there is a new book on South Park and maybe even include a link to a short excerpt from the book. Honestly, anything you would be willing to do to help out a huge South Park fan and one trying to spread the show’s messages would be incredibly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Take care,
    Jay Solomon

    August 13, 2007 - Eyes of a Child: Ten Years of South Park

    by BadDrama

    Happy Birthday, South Park!!!

  5. August 20, 2007 - CoolCoates sent me a rar of the Season 10 Commentary Minis a few days ago, and I just got around to uploading them. Enjoy!
  6. August 27, 2007 - Breaking news about South Park's future! Three more seasons! New digital opportunites! Looks like South Park Studios is leaving Marina del Rey for the city next door, Culver City. The New York Times has all the info!

    ‘South Park’ Creators Win Ad Sharing in Deal

    Published: August 27, 2007

    LOS ANGELES, Aug. 26 — In March, the season premiere of “South Park” began by barging into typically risqué territory, with a squirm-inducing bit about the taboo of using a certain racial epithet.
    To Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators and executive producers of “South Park,” Comedy Central’s most lucrative franchise, the clip ought to have been blazing its authorized way around the Internet, its flouting of social norms picking up ad revenue with every set of eyeballs. Instead, the clip was easy to find, but it wasn’t making any money for its rightful owners.
    “If I’m overseas and have to get an episode right away,” Mr. Stone lamented, “you literally have to go to an illegal download site.”
    Because of the slow entry into the digital realm of Viacom, Comedy Central’s parent, and an almost crippling deal point in Mr. Stone’s and Mr. Parker’s contract, the lewd, rude, crudely animated and mordantly funny series — one that began with a viral video before the term even existed — has barely had a presence as an avalanche of user-generated entertainment hit the Web. Meanwhile, sites like YouTube met the demand for free “South Park” clips without paying for the privilege.
    Now, however, Mr. Stone and Mr. Parker and their bosses at Comedy Central, a unit of Viacom’s MTV Networks, are attempting to leapfrog to the vanguard of Hollywood’s transition into Web. In a joint venture that involves millions in up-front cash and a 50-50 split of ad revenues, the network and the two creative partners have agreed to create a hub to spread “South Park”-related material across the Net, mobile platforms, and video games.
    The deal, signed Friday, begins with a three-year extension of the show and its creators’ contracts through a 15th season, in the year 2011, and gives Mr. Stone and Mr. Parker sizable raises, both in their salaries and in their guaranteed advances against back-end profits from DVDs, merchandising, syndication and international sales.
    It also creates an entity called, to be housed in the show’s animation studio in Culver City, Calif., that is intended to be an incubator not only for new applications for characters the likes of Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny, but for new comedy concepts that could one day mature into TV series of their own.
    All told, people involved in the deal confirm that it is worth some $75 million to Mr. Parker and Mr. Stone over the next four years. But what is likely to draw the most attention in Hollywood is not the richness of the pact, but the network’s willingness to share its advertising revenue.
    Television networks have long maintained a wall between ad revenue and the compensation they pay the talent. As recently as 2000, Leslie Moonves of CBS erupted upon realizing that Mark Burnett, the creator of “Survivor,” had been given a share of revenue from its first season — saying this was tantamount to letting the inmates run the asylum — and a new deal gave Mr. Burnett a much bigger license fee instead.
    Doug Herzog, president of MTV Networks Entertainment, acknowledged that the 50-50 digital deal, which was approved by Philippe P. Dauman, Viacom’s chief, would set a precedent. “If this is seen as a bold stroke, all the better, because it’s going to take bold thinking to move ahead,” he said. But he said it was justified by the “South Park” team’s stellar track record and by the changing balance of power between the buyers and creators of entertainment.
    “The landscape has shifted dramatically,” Mr. Herzog said. “The way of the Web seems to be, there’s a very low barrier to entry, so you don’t need, necessarily, a major media company to be in business, or a movie studio, or whatever it is — you just need to be able to set up shop and go. You’re seeing a lot of guys doing this, being the best example.” ( was started this year by the comic actor Will Ferrell and his production partner, Adam McKay.)
    Adding to the likely interest in the revenue-sharing pact is that digital income is one of the key issues confronting negotiators for the Hollywood studios and the guilds representing writers, directors and actors, who want to ensure they are compensated fairly for their work for the Web, mobile devices and other technologies still in their infancy.
    “Talent will look at this and say, ‘Why not us?’ ” said Warren Littlefield, a television producer and former president of NBC Entertainment. “Unfortunately, what you’ll probably find is the response is, ‘We’ll tell you why not you: because you haven’t achieved what they’ve achieved.’ This is based upon a decade of proven success; it’s not a deal that’s made on the come, it’s not a deal made with an established creator who’s about to create something new. It’s 10 years in.”
    Few shows are as important to a network as “South Park” is to Comedy Central. “It put us on the map,” said Mr. Herzog, who commissioned it in 1997 when the channel was still in its infancy. Its huge popularity, particularly with young males, fueled the channel’s growth, and he credits the show with inspiring a boom in original programming on basic cable networks.
    “South Park” is still the network’s highest-rated with an average of three million viewers for first-run episodes, and has generated hundreds of millions of dollars from DVDs and other types of merchandising. It reaped a record $100 million in 2003 from one of the earliest successful broadcast syndications of a cable show.
    But even Mr. Parker and Mr. Stone would most likely not have been able to negotiate their new joint venture had they not years ago inserted into their contract what has proved to be a killer deal point. Comedy Central’s boilerplate reserved to the network any income generated by the show through other network divisions. But the pair’s lawyer, Kevin Morris, insisted that any “South Park” revenue not derived specifically from broadcast on the cable channel would go into the pot for calculating the men’s share of back-end profits.
    This was meaningless at first, but it has taken on huge significance of late, Mr. Morris said. As Viacom struggled to change into a digitally nimble media company — making a failed bid for MySpace in 2005, suing Google and YouTube this year, and striking a retaliatory deal with Joost — the exploitation of “South Park” was subject to this nettlesome requirement. It was thus no coincidence that “South Park” was not part of the Joost deal.
    Both the show’s creators and the network, therefore, stood to gain if it became easier to sell the show digitally. The brainstorming that led to Friday’s deal began a year ago in Mr. Morris’s office when Mr. Herzog proposed creating a digital animation studio led by Mr. Stone and Mr. Parker along the lines of a similar one at Nickelodeon.
    The “South Park” partners now spend only about 20 weeks a year making the series, leaving plenty of time for creating or mentoring new projects. “Anything we get out of it is icing on the cake,” Mr. Herzog said.
    Mr. Morris said the deal would show tech companies venturing into entertainment on the cheap that they will have to pay well for top talent, while pointing the way for Hollywood studios going digital as they compete with companies like Google and Apple.
    His clients, meanwhile, said it would give them the freedom to act quickly and decisively in seizing new digital opportunities.
    Mr. Stone, speaking by phone from Istanbul, added that he and Mr. Parker were particularly glad to be taking an ownership stake in their main life’s work.
    “The idea that we’re getting a little piece of it back — and in five years we’ll probably be going to court and fighting about it — but in ownership terms, that’s kind of an amazing thing,” he said. “People always ask us, ‘You own it, right? No? Why’d you sign that deal?’ And I have to say, ‘Because I was sleeping on my friend’s couch.’ ”
  7. September 13, 2007 - Oh, I know I'm late with the news, but y'all didn't need me to tell you, didja? :) South Park won the Creative Arts award for outstanding half-hour animated program for last season's episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft", two years after winning one for Best Friends Forver. The long drought is indeed over. Maybe someone will have a clip of the award presentation after the CRAP Awards air this Saturday.
  8. September 16, 2007 - Ray from South Park Alliance to the rescue! He's got the clip from the Creative Arts Emmys here. No Matt or Trey, since they're insulted that their category is not in the PrimeTime Emmys airing tonight. That, and they never won the award until the ninth season. Maybe they'll show up if they win the award a third time.
  9. September 19, 2007 - UK fan Dean sent me the following email:
    Hey there

    just thoguth i'd let you know. In england, there are airing 3 adverts of "real" south park moments titled "menace to society". I have no idea if this is just promotion for a new series or if it's a new thing all together. They started airing in between advert breaks on Friday September 14th 2007.
    the website is
    and here are the clips:

    Menace To Society TV

    Menace To Society 2

    Menace To Society 3

    If you could mention i gave you the news, cheers

    Dean Ward
    I don't know either. Does anyone? As you can see, though, the clips have four boys dressed as Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny causing mischief throughout the UK.
  10. September 20, 2007 - Turns out the videos are ads for the 11th Season of South Park, which begins in the UK on Friday, October 5th. Thanks to all who wrote to me about it. :)

Fall 2007

  1. September 28, 2007 - Two commercials for the first new ep of South Park have been airing on YouTube for a few days now, so, if you don't already know, it's about Cartman coming down with Tourette's syndrome. South Park Alliance was the first to come out with them, as Ray encodes his own videos. (YouTube took the videos down, heh). I'm not impressed that it's Cartman coming down with Tourette's (which is why I'm taking my time posting these), but I'll enjoy the episode just the same.
  2. September 30, 2007 - South Park Studios has a short official description of the new episode:

    Episode #1108
    Air date: October 3, 2007

    Cartman discovers the joys of having Tourette’s syndrome. Drunk with the power of saying whatever he wants without getting in trouble for it, he lines up National TV Coverage to take advantage of his new life with no filters.
  3. October 3, 2007 - New South Park tonight! Woo! And Matt and Trey are going to bring a Canadian show to Comedy Central and produce new episodes for it. Here's more info about it from Yahoo News:

    'South Park' creators back new series

    By DAVID BAUDER, AP Television Writer Thu Sep 27, 6:20 PM ET

    NEW YORK - The current kings of juvenile humor on Comedy Central, "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, are pitching in to bring a series of silly competitions to the cable channel. Comedy Central has acquired rights to a Canadian series, "Kenny vs. Spenny," and fans Parker and Stone agreed to help produce new episodes.
    The series essentially consists of two friends, Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice, who engage in all manner of silly competitions for bragging rights. Some of the challenges: Who can stay naked the longest? Who can sell more Bibles? Who do gay guys like more? Who can wear a dead octopus on their heads the longest?
    An episode about which man could stay awake the longest — Spenny ate health food for help, Kenny (the winner) kept gobbling caffeine — caught Parker and Stone's eyes as they were pulling all-nighters to finish the movie "Team America: World Police."
    "It touched our hearts because we had just gone through that," Stone told The Associated Press on Thursday.
    Parker and Stone essentially gave Hotz and Rice advice on which ideas would work best and are lending their comedy cache.
    "I'd like to make a joke about how we made them understand the differences between the Canadian and American senses of humor, but it was really just letting them make their own show," Stone said.
    The two buddies can't stand to lose to each other, no matter what the competition, and many guys will see themselves in it, he said.
    "It's what guys do," he said. "Guys will sit around and ask, `can you throw that beer can into the waste basket?' and before you know it they've created an intricate competition."
    Comedy Central has agreed to make 10 new episodes of the series and acquired 10 old ones. It will premiere Nov. 14.
    Meanwhile, Parker and Stone are at work making another episode of "South Park." One new episode to look forward to: Cartman pretending he has Tourette's syndrome.
    "That one seems so natural," Stone said, "we wondered why we hadn't thought of it before."
    Matt and Trey love Canada now. :) And I'm a week late on this. Oh well. That changes tonight!
  4. October 4, 2007 - If I could know where the phrase I'm just typing out came from, I would be sooo happy.
  5. October 8, 2007 - I've been archiving a thread on another board over the weekend, so I didn't check for new episode info... until now! South Park Studios has posted the description for episode 1109: More Crap:


    NEW YORK, October 8, 2007 - Stan's dad takes the biggest crap of his life and his mom just can't see what the big deal is in an all-new episode of "South Park" entitled, "More Crap," premiering on Wednesday, October 10 at 10:00 p.m. on COMEDY CENTRAL.
    Randy becomes South Park's home-town hero when the guys down at the local bar see the size of his most recent crap. Randy contacts a society that keeps track of the world record, thinking his masterpiece would definitely be a contender.
    Press release images1 | 2
    and a preview from the Studios.
  6. October 15, 2007 - South Park Studios has posted the description for episode 1110: Imagination Land:


    NEW YORK, October 15, 2007 – The doors of a whole new dimension are thrown open and the boys of South Park walk right on in. It’s an all-new episode of “South Park" entitled, “Imaginationland,” premiering on Wednesday, October 17 at 10:00 p.m. on COMEDY CENTRAL.
    Finding Cartman’s leprechaun is just the tip of the iceberg when the boys are about to have the entire contents of the world’s imagination laid before them. The boys realize that what they know has become a valuable commodity to the U. S. government. Meanwhile, Butters is about to become collateral damage.
    Press release images 1 | 2 | 3
  7. October 22, 2007 - South Park Studios has posted the description for episode 1111: Imaginationland: Episode II Not quite Star Wars phrasing, but it's a reference. Something from last week: "Imaginationland" (Part I) Was The Most Watched Program In All Of Television Among Men 18-24 And 18-34 And Ranked #1 In Cable Among Persons 18-49. The rest of the press release follows:


    O beautiful for spacious skies
    For amber waves of grain
    For purple mountain majesties
    Above the fruited plains...

    So Cartman inadvertently comes to save the day, eh? :D

    Stan and Kyle are being held in the bowels of the Pentagon until they tell the government how they got into Imaginationland
    Our imaginations are spinning out of control. The government needs to find a way into Imaginationland and Stan and Kyle are the only two people known to have been there. Meanwhile, Cartman can't rest until Kyle fulfills his side of the court-ordered agreement to suck his balls.
    Press image
  8. October 23, 2007 - For a couple of days, Keef Bartkus, an editor at South Park, had information about "Imaginationland" up on YouTube and Flickr, which he's been asked to take down. Two items stood out:
    1. He was hoping the trilogy the show eventually came out with would be a full-length movie. If we use SP:BLU for comparison, then we're talking about 80 minutes of South Park: Imaginationland
    2. Kyle would have sucked Cartman's balls if this had become a movie. He might still do that tomorrow night, maybe even onscreen, but don't hold your breath.
  9. October 29, 2007 - Episode description for "Imaginationland: Eipsode III": "Inside Imaginationland, Stan and Butters engage in the battle of their lives as they fight the army of evil imaginary forces. Meanwhile, Cartman goes all the way to the Supreme Court to get Kyle to suck his balls." Check out Al Gore proving that ManBearPig exists. XD Here is a transcript of Imaginationland if it were an hourlong movie.
  10. November 1, 2007 - Matt and Trey are under the impression that terrorist attacks are curtailing our imagination and creativity. Is today's entertainment reflecting this? Are our movies and TV programs playing it safe until the attacks end, if they ever end? If our imaginations are indeed running wild, are we making too much out of these attacks?
  11. November 3, 2007 - Here be the secrets for episode 1112, the transcript, and the complete trilogy as an hourlong movie.
  12. November 5, 2007 - Here's a brief episode description of this week's episode, Guitar Queer-o.

    Guitar Queer-o

    Stan and Kyle are hooked on Guitar Hero. But Stan's superior skills on the video game damage his friendship with Kyle.
    Dunno if that kid is Kyle with his hair down or not... probably not.
  13. November 6, 2007 - I decided to include the Wikipedia lists for the Imaginationland trilogy in the guest pages for the three eps, and in the master guest list for the trilogy.
  14. November 12, 2007 - Happy belated Veterans' Day. Here are news updates on this week's episode "The List", The Christmas DVD "Christmas Time In South Park", and the Imaginationland DVD coming in March:


    Last Week's Episode Was COMEDY CENTRAL's Most Watched Telecast Of The Year And Was The Most Watched Program In All Of Television Among Men 18-24 And Men 18-34 And Ranked #1 In Cable Among Persons 18-49

    NEW YORK, November 12, 2007 -- The girls in the fourth grade class have made a secret list that rates every boy's looks from cutest to ugliest in an all-new episode of "South Park" titled, "The List," premiering on Wednesday, November 14 at 10:00 p.m. on COMEDY CENTRAL.
    When the boys steal the list that rates cutest to ugliest from the girls, they aren't really prepared to deal with the results. The boys are about to discover how manipulative and psychotic little girls can be.
    Last week's episode, "Guitar Queer-O," drew 4.0 million total viewers (P2+) and was the most watched telecast of the year on COMEDY CENTRAL, as well as the most watched program in all of television for Wednesday night among M18-24 and M18-34 and the most watched program on cable among P18-49. M18-24 led viewing with a tremendous 7.1 rating / 22 share. For the season, "South Park" is averaging 3.8 million total viewers (P2+), the series' best performance since 2004.
    And Christmas Time In South Park, coming out TOMORROW!!!


    NEW YORK, October 29, 2007 -- It's the perfect holiday gift! There’s no better time of year than Christmas, especially in South Park. Sing along with the citizens of South Park with everyone’s favorite holiday classics such as “Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo” and “Christmas Time in Hell.” Check out the boys bringing Christmas to Iraq and learn how hard it is to be a Jew during this holiday season. Released via COMEDY CENTRAL Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment, "Christmas Time in South Park" DVD arrives in stores nationwide on Tuesday, November 13 and will also be available at
    "Christmas Time in South Park" DVD is a collection of all seven Christmas-themed episodes:

    "Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo" (original air date: 12/17/97)

    While the kids at South Park Elementary are attempting to stage a non-offensive, non-denominational holiday play, Kyle checks himself into a mental institution.

    "Merry Christmas Charlie Manson" (original air date: 12/09/98)

    Cartman’s Uncle Howard breaks out of prison to share Christmas with his family. He shows up for dinner with his cellmate Charles Manson.

    "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics" (original air date: 12/01/99)

    Hosted by Mr. Hankey himself, holiday songs are performed in unique South Park style.

    "A Very Crappy Christmas" (original air date: 12/20/00)

    Mr. Hankey’s a no-show for Christmas this year. He’s busy with his new wife and their three little nuggets. Without Mr. Hankey, the boys are doing everything they can to bring the spirit of Christmas to South Park. They are inspired to make a video Christmas card starring Jesus Christ and Santa Claus.

    "Red Sleigh Down" (original air date: 12/11/02)

    When all the tallies are in, Cartman is overdrawn in the “naughty” column and has to score one big “nice” to be eligible for Christmas presents this year. He enlists Jesus, Santa and Mr. Hankey to help him bring Christmas to the downtrodden citizens of Iraq.

    "It's Christmas in Canada" (original air date: 12/17/03)

    The Broflovski family is dealt a devastating blow when Ike’s Canadian birth parents show up unexpectedly and want their baby back. When the townspeople decide to forgo Christmas gifts and take up a collection to get Ike home to South Park, the boys are distraught. Before all the money for their Christmas presents get spent, they hightail it to Canada to bring Ike home themselves.

    "Woodland Critter Christmas" (original air date: 12/15/04)

    The woodland critters in South Park ask Stan to help them build a manger in anticipation of the birth of their Lord and Savior. Stan complies only to find out that they serve a very different Lord.
    And Imaginationland

    The "Imaginationland" trilogy will be released by COMEDY CENTRAL Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment in March 2008. The special DVD release will be uncensored and will include additional footage created exclusively for the DVD. More details will follow.
  15. November 28, 2007 - Here's Eric Cartman introducing the starting lineups for Colorado in last Friday's college football game between Colorado and Nebraska. That's American football to readers outside the U.S. They've been up on YouTube for a few days now, but South Park Studios ain't posting them, so I will. :D Of course, some fans have lots of questions as to how Cartman was able to do this (read: how Matt and Trey got ABC, the NCAA, and Comedy Central to cooperate and get this going), but I don't know the answers to that.
    CU Starting Offense

    CU Starting Defense

    Trey and Matt as ugly boys? Who do you reckon the kid on the right is?
  16. November 29, 2007 - Cannibal Lover found the answer to my question in the except below from this article ( Turns out it was answered before I thought to ask. :) Thanks, CL
    Finally, [CU Coach Dan] Hawkins called Friday’s introductions by South Park’s Eric Cartman “awesome.”
    It turns out they were weeks in the making.
    CU sports information director Dave Plati came up with the idea while brainstorming with ABC producer, Chris Pfeiffer. ABC and ESPN use celebrities for pre-game introductions prior to games they televise, and there’s a contest to find the “most original guys to do the deal,” Plati said.
    Plati contacted the South Park people via e-mail with the help of a CU professor of film studies. His answer didn’t come for three or four weeks. The idea was born the week before CU played Florida State on Sept. 15.
    Trey Parker and Matt Stone, CU alums, create the popular TV show.
    “One of the things we’re always trying to do is reach out to our alums and get them engaged, which Dave did a great job with that,” Hawkins said.
  17. December 2, 2007 - It's been a while since I've done one of these, but it's back: South Park In the News! From Dave Cutler's reaction to Stan dissing him to Comedy Central giving p2p sites and torrents a run for their usefulness, here's the news for the past three weeks.
    Broncos Cutler Talks About South Park Cameo (FOX 31, 11/14) - "It was cool," he said. "I thought it was funny. They can make fun of me if they want to."
    'South Park' Season 11 Stretches the Limits of the Imagination Turning in its Best Performance Since 1998 (Broadcast Newsroom, 11/16) - Stats if you want 'em.
    Is tomorrow's Clapton playing 'Guitar Hero'? (ZDNet Technology News, 11/28) - The immense popularity of the hit Guitar Hero franchise may be the best thing that has happened to the instrument, to rock 'n' roll, and to guitar instructors, in a long time.
    MTV to offer all "South Park" clips online (Yahoo News, 11/28) - NEW YORK (Reuters) - MTV Networks plans to make every clip from every episode of the hit animated comedy "South Park" available for free online next year as part of a strategy to reach consumers everywhere.
    The decision from the biggest division of media conglomerate Viacom Inc follows on the heels of the "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," whose popularity online has helped boost television viewership.
    SOUTH PARK - WEBSITE WILL BE ALL SOUTH PARK, ALL THE TIME (, 11/29) - Beginning next year, fans of Comedy Central's South Park will be able to watch any episode of the animated series at any time -- free -- by accessing it online at, MTV Networks announced Wednesday.
    South Park Comes Full Circle, Though Viacom Doesn't Seem To Realize It (Addict3d, 11/30) - A brief summary covering the history of South Park online, from the first video, The Spirit of Christmas, to sites offering full episodes online and Comedy Central threatening all of them for hosting the episodes, to CC offering the episodes on South Park Studios beginning next Spring for free.
    13th annual South Park Sertoma Victorian and Cowboy Christmas Ball (Summit Daily News, 11/30) - Any of you readers gonna be in Fairplay, Colorado, next Saturday? Mark your calendars for the 13th annual South Park Sertoma Victorian and Christmas Ball to be held on Dec. 8 from 7:30 p.m. to midnight at the Fairplay Hotel.
    Musical entertainment will be provided by the 4th Artillery Quadrille Ensemble. Victorian or cowboy attire appropriate to the period is required. Tickets are only available in advance for $35. For tickets or more information, call Jerry LiPuma at (970) 453-5869 in Summit County or Charlie G. Gordan at (719) 836-2664 in Fairplay. Proceeds will benefit local charities.
  18. December 5, 2007 - Happy Chanukah 2007, Jewish readers! Today I have news of a merger of two video game companies whose games South Park has spoofed before, with or without their input: World of Warcraft joins forces with Guitar Hero (By Josephine Moulds, of, 12/5).
    Computer games giants Activision and Vivendi Games have agreed to an $18.8bn (£9.1bn) merger to create the world's biggest gaming business by revenues.
    The deal will give Activision - maker of the best-selling Guitar Hero series - access to the online gaming market with the wildly popular World of Warcraft, developed by Vivendi subsidiary Blizzard Entertainment.
    France's Vivendi will give up its interactive games business and pay $1.7bn for a 52pc stake in the combined entity, called Activision Blizzard. The new company will have forecast revenues of around $3.8bn. The deal values Activision shares at a 19pc premium to their closing price on Friday.
    Activision chief executive Robert Kotick will become president and chief executive officer of Activision Blizzard. Bruce Hack, chief executive officer of Vivendi Games, will serve as vice-chairman and chief corporate officer.
    Vivendi chief executive Jean-Bernard Levy said: "We are a fast-growing business. There will be some synergies but it is not an issue of cost-cutting." The companies are forecasting £50m-£100m of cost savings. The management team said some administrative jobs would be lost but would not say how many. Mr Kotick added that over the next four or five years the company would be increasing its headcount significantly.
    Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft is a so-called "massive multiplayer online role-playing game" in which over 9m players interact with one another in a virtual world. Screen Digest estimates that World of Warcraft subscriptions generated revenues of £471m in 2006, representing 47pc of Vivendi's gaming revenues.
    Screen Digest analyst Piers Harding-Rolls said: "Activision has been pretty slow at getting into the online space. In terms of the massive multi-player online space Blizzard is the jewel in the crown.
    "Vivendi games has a mobile division, which Activision doesn't appear to be very active in. This deal gives Activision a very quick way to diversify their portfolio away from simply PC and the console and handheld platforms.
    "With console games the risk is huge. In the online space you can make it free to play but have advertising. You can have subscriptions for the massive multiplayer online games. You can have incremental sales of virtual items. There's lots of different opportunities to elongate the shelf life of the product. That's the driving force."
    Blizzard is rumoured to be developing another massive multiplayer online game to follow on from World of Warcraft. Mr Harding-Rolls said: "There's a suggestion World of Warcraft may have peaked. Blizzard has got over 2,000 people doing customer relations across the globe. They've got that huge infrastructure of staff and servers. All that, you feel, needs to be translated to a new title as the other one slows down."
    Analysts are expecting further consolidation in the gaming market. Electronic Arts recently bought VG Holding, which owns developers BioWare and Pandemic Studios, for $855m in a bid to bolster its offerings in action, adventure and role-playing games. There is also speculation that EA will bid for Ubisoft, the French developer in which it holds a 15.4pc stake. UK group SCI Entertainment, meanwhile, continues to be in bid talks.
  19. December 8, 2007 - Here's something for you South Park fans to back me up on or correct me on: In 1998 a cartoon appeared on British and Australian TV called 3 Friends & Jerry. The character Frank is said to have been voiced by Trey Parker. South Park's Trey Parker. Now, I've been following Trey's career ever since South Park started airing in 1997 and hundreds of South Park fan sites appeared. Many of us fans were in touch with Taison Tan, Web master for the biggest fan site at the time,, and personal friend of Trey's. Or at least he got to go to premieres and such and got a lot of inside info from Matt and Trey for three years or so. I figure, if Taison had heard about 3 Friends & Jerry, we fans would have discussed it on his forums. Now, it could be that he did mention it, but as the show didn't air in the U.S., we all just forgot about it. What say you fans?
  20. December 10, 2007 - So far, no confirmation that Trey took part in 3 Friends & Jerry except for sites that say he did and seem to have treated rumor as fact. Anyway, here's the voice cast for the show, which is airing in the UK right now, according to reader Deano Ward:

    Now, I do see some English-language names on there, like Tim Earle, Linnea Hicks, Annie Kabala, Allan Manson, Indy Neidell, Stephen Watts. No mention of Trey Parker or John Leguizamo in there. Why is that? The answer is obvious: it JUST DIDN'T HAPPEN. Someone said Trey wrote about it in his autobiography? WHAT? Trey hasn't written ANY autobiographies. Where do people get this info? Sheesh.

  21. December 18, 2007 - Canadian viewers can now purchase episodes on iTunes Canada (The Province, 12/13), and South Park (3.654 million total viewers) had better ratings than TBS's House of Payne (3.1 million total viewers). Check it out (Multichannel News, 12/14).
  22. December 19, 2007 - Cartman was #84 on the list of Top 100 entertainment icons in the November 23 edition of Entertainment Weekly. See the picture below.