The SP Timeline 2004

Winter 2004

  1. December 21, 2003 - Mattt Potter has some news for you concerning Orgazmo:
    I am doing the last and final touches on the ORGAZMO DVD. Universal had some last minute tweaks that needed to be done..a few logo's blurred here some bits of the documentary shaved there...(don't worry anything cut will be here or at at some point) this leads me to some bad news however... The orgazmo dvd has been pushed back due to the fact that the widescreen print of the movie has yet to be found. It has been considered MIA and they are making a new one. Fret not patient Orgazmo fans. The print is going to be delivered in January and shortly after the DVD will be released. i have opted not to release any more dvd release dates as every time I do, the studio changes them..The next time you here when the Orgazmo DVD is coming out, it will be over at DVD FILE or Shrine or review or Amazon..or wherever. NOT HERE [Crap TV]. Its becoming a bit of a CUBS GOAT curse around these parts, so I am going to keep my trap shut on the matter.
  2. December 27, 2003 - The third day of Christmas, y'all! Some of you might think Christians are really stupid, some of you may realize that they do watch South Park and can have a sense of humor, but... read! The other thing you might wanna see is this: Trey Parker and Nichole Robinson at the Love Don't Cost a Thing premiere on Decmeber 10. No doubt he was invited to the première. :)
  3. December 29, 2003 - Comedy Central will kick off the New Year with a South Park Rock-A-Thon - six episodes on end, capped after midnight by the movie, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.
  4. January 4, 2004 - Penn Jillette, of Penn and Teller, tells us what he did last year. Check this out:
    I loved the South Park movie, but I never saw the shows. After hanging with Trey, I started to TiVo them and I just want to see them all. They are perfect. It makes me understand why the Simpsons doesn't grab me. Man, I love South Park. I just love everything about it. I can't believe how in line with my politics and philosophy they are.
    Thanks to bo-barri for posting the link at CrapTV.
  5. January 14, 2004 - The Rumor Mill: What's up with Matt Stone and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos? What does John Stamos' brother have to say about all this? :D kbirl posted a nice little December timeline of them at Fudge, Packer?. Party Girl! She's a Party Girl!
  6. January 17, 2004 - The Rumor Mill: What's up with Trey Parker and Nichole Robinson? Check the December 27 update, then gaze upon these lovely photos from the Torque première! Thanks to nobby and ceri for that info. :) And congrats to ChiaGod for winning another South Park quiz. Hope you enjoy the South Park doormat breayle is sending your way. :)
  7. January 20, 2004 - Jason O'Malley sends this update on South Park in syndication: A 'SOUTH PARK' SPARK. Fifteen of the eps are too raunchy to clean up and air on network TV, but the other 96 will air. I'm happy 'cause KCAL here in Los Angeles will air them! Woohoo! :D Syndicated eps will begin airing September 2005, possibly before the 8 p.m. hour if standards have loosened enough to let that happen.
  8. January 23, 2004 - Marc Shaiman to conduct music for the 76th Annual Academy Awards! Thanks to KrazyKenny for this info.
  9. January 30, 2004 - Canadians will finally see "Christmastime In Canada" the day before Valentine's Day. Also, Doug Herzog, parodied in "Death" but instrumental in bringing the show to the world, will return to Comedy Central. The entire cast of South Park makes the list in the top ten gay cartoon characters. And Tweek is mentally unstable. :D
  10. February 3, 2004 - South Park Studios reports that Season 8 may begin a week later than advertised - March 24. There's also mention of the Giant Lego Cartman you may have seen elsewhere, but that Geocities page has esceeded its bandwidth a few times. You might be lucky enough to see it though. :) If not, you'll find a copy of the report on Mr. Hankey
  11. February 10, 2004 - CrapTV's Mattt Potter reports that filming has begun on Team America and Orgazmo T-shirts are now being made - going to the screener's today.
  12. February 12, 2004 - Trivia at #spstrivia for a Chef T-Shirt (Medium) at 3 p.m. Pacific, 6 Eastern. To get there, click on the following links:
    mIRC and IRCle users: click here
    All others: click here
  13. February 13, 2004 - You can have an autographed copy of the 8th draft of SP:BLU for over $100 on eBay (but some people suspect the autographs are fake, copied from the Web and printed over the script, which could also have been copied from the Web), or you can get the draft for free here, print it out, find some signatures... you get the idea. :D The original SAG release. Also, Foyf sent me some episodes from another British comedy inspired by South Park: Fatpie! Someday, its domain,, will be back online.
  14. February 16, 2004 - This layout will stay one more day, even if that day is Presidents' Day. :) Poor Canada, being the brunt of so many jokes these days...
    An Insolent Puppet Roils Canadian Politics.
    There's a backlash to being too cool.
    We're acting like doggone wussies.
    South Park aims at Canada -- again. - This one is about the season closer, which Canadians just viewed. The reviewer Alex Strachan loved the episode. :)
    Laugh it up, eh? - a mixed report.
  15. February 17, 2004 - The Spring movie season began last Friday, as did the Spring holiday season. Go to your local mall and check out all the Easter items now available. Easter this year will fall on April 11.
  16. February 19, 2004 - From this week's TV Guide.
  17. February 21, 2004 - Based on the February 13 update and Eliza Schneider's blossoming career, South Park Studios may well get new voice actresses to voice the women and girls of South Park. Stay tuned. Big Brian found this at Korn TV.
    The Flash intro to the site has that image from Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery in it, and it goes by quick. Keep an eye out for it, you'll see it four times before the flash ends and you're dropped onto the main page.
  18. February 24, 2004 - Mardi Gras!!! In Aborted Projects I put a link to this article about the fate of the Shockwave shorts Matt and Trey were supposed to put on the Internet - its history will be on Trio's Shocked coming in two weeks. Following is a schedule of dates the program Shocked will air on:
    March 8 - 9:00 PM and midnight
    March 9 - 12:30 PM and 4:30 PM
    March 12 - noon, 4:00 PM, 9:00 PM, and midnight
    March 13 - 5:00 PM and 8:30 PM
    March 14 - 2:30 PM and 6:00 PM
    March 19 - 10:00 PM and 1:00 AM
    March 21 - 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM
    March 26 - 10:30 PM and 1:30 AM
    March 27 - 11:30 PM and 2:30 AM
    March 28 - 1:00 PM and 8:30 PM
    March 29 - 10:00 PM and 1:00 AM
    March 30 - 9:00 PM and midnight
    The broadcast day ends at 5 AM the following morning, so don't worry about AM times following PM times. Trio is making sure you don't miss this thing. :) Thanks to Ella for sending in this schedule. :)
  19. March 2, 2004 - South Park Season Eight, Spring Run!!!.


    An All-New Easter Special And The Return Of Lemmiwinks Highlight The Season

    NEW YORK, March 2, 2004 - With so much attention on indecency in pop culture, will Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman change their ways? Find out when an all-new season of "South Park" premieres Wednesday, March 17 at 10:00 p.m. on COMEDY CENTRAL.
    In Season Eight, "South Park" presents a very special Easter episode, "The Passion of the Easter Bunny." Also in this season, the kids "get served" when a group from a rival town challenges them to a dance-off.
    With a nod to the style of Japanese Anime, the boys buy ninja-like weapons at the flea market and become powerful warriors. In other episodes, Cartman continues to terrorize Butters by pretending to be his new best friend and he joins Jimmy in competing in the Special Olympics. Finally, Lemmiwinks makes his triumphant return to South Park.
    So we're gonna get references to The Passion of the Christ, You Got Served, and ... The Return of the King!!! And with Cartman partnering with Butters once again, it looks like Kenny will stay dead for a while.
    South Park Land (or Cow Days, if you go by the domain name) returned on February 24 after a looooong hiatus, but I didn't mention it until now because I wanted to wait for it to fill out a bit. So, go check it out. Thanks to Warren 'slim' Smith for letting me (or us, if you've been to the message boards) know about that. :)
  20. March 3, 2004 - Coming in a few months, South Park Series 2 figurines!
  21. March 8, 2004 - More markets added to syndicated South Park transmission.
    Tribune, Debmar Studios Reach 'South Park' Distribution Agreement:
    Tribune Entertainment Co. reached an agreement with Debmar Studios for an off-cable distribution deal for "South Park," the Comedy Central hit. Under terms of the agreement, Debmar Studios will distribute "South Park" in the top 30 markets throughout the United States, while Tribune Entertainment will distribute the show in all remaining markets and exclusively oversee all advertising sales for the program.
    The show will premiere as a strip (!) in fall 2005 and has now been cleared in 19 of the top 20 markets, representing more than 60 percent of the country. Top markets clearing the program include WPIX-TV, New York; KCAL-TV, Los Angeles; WCIU-TV, Chicago; WPSG-TV, Philadelphia; and KBHK-TV, San Francisco. It will be carried on stations from the Tribune, Viacom, Cox, Belo, Sinclair and Weigel station groups. "South Park" is being offered on a cash plus 90-second barter basis.
    The same article mentions EchoStar on the verge of dropping CBS's 15 owned-and-operated television stations at midnight Monday if the satellite company and CBS parent Viacom can't resolve a legal dispute over retransmission fees and the networks EchoStar must carry. If no agreement can be reached by the deadline, all of the Viacom networks carried by EchoStar would go dark. In addition to top-rated CBS, the networks affected include MTV, VH1, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon.
  22. March 9, 2004 - Team America info found at Fudge, Packer?, thanks to kbirl.
    Movie File: 'Spider-Man,' Matt Stone, Trey Parker, McG, Peter Jackson, Sylvester Stallone, Edie Falco & More
    Matt Stone and Trey Parker are putting the finishing touches on their next movie, "Team America," which will hit theaters in late 2004. "It's all about politics ... the world police," Parker said. "It's actually puppets, all marionettes, and it's really, really hard to do." "We thought it would be a really good idea," Stone added. "The main reason being we wouldn't have to deal with any actors, but puppets are almost as hard to deal with as actors." "They're just as dumb," Parker said.
  23. March 10, 2004 - This report is from last November, but you might be interested in it: AFI's 100 YEARS...100 SONGS has a list of 400 songs from the movies. The Greatest 100 of these, chosen by experts of the motion picture community, will be featured in a three-hour television event on the CBS Television Network in June 2004. SP:BLU's "Blame Canada" is in there. Let's hope it makes the top 100. Thanks to Jenno for bringing this to my attention.
  24. March 11, 2004 - The South Park Informer has a preview for the season première. The première has the boys acting as ... martial artists. If they're supposed to be ninjas, they certainly don't dress the part. Ninjas are dressed in black from head to toe. The ep will spoof action anime like Dragonball Z and Yu-Gi-Oh! I'n looking forward to it. :) Props to Ray for having the preview at his site.
    Someone has to say it: Oh my God, DISH killed Kenny! Viacom Raises Pressure in Contract Talks With Echostar. Check your local magazines and newspapers. The company has a cache of new print ads waiting in reserve, including one that explains that it was the Dish Network that killed the character of Kenny, who usually dies in every episode of the Comedy Central cartoon "South Park." Hell, if Dish is gonna ask for $3/month more from its customers, it can afford to give up six cents out of those $3 to continue offering Viacom's channels.
    1 a.m. - Looks like Kenny's back in business. :) Viacom, EchoStar settle satellite spat. Looks like those print ads will not see the light of day... unless someone lets one slip out.
    For those of you who bought or plan to buy a DVDA CD being sold on eBay, know that it's a fan-made CD recorded on June 29 2000. If you bought it thinking it's an official DVDA CD, you were ripped off. DVDA has NOT made any CD albums. If you bought it knowing it's a fan CD and wanted it anyway, enjoy.
  25. March 12, 2004 - Breayle at South Park Studios has posted the episode info for next Wednesday's season première. It is reproduced here:

    Episode 801: Good Times With Weapons

    The boys and Butters, Butters as Prof. Chaos.
    South Park takes on the look of Japanese Anime. The boys are transformed into Japanese Warriors after they buy martial arts weapons at a local flea market. Their sworn enemy, Professor Chaos, confronts them and a highly stylized battle ensues.
  26. March 13, 2004 - Salon's review of Shocked (thanks, Ella).
  27. March 15, 2004 - At Broadcasting & Cable, Restraining Order reveals how South Park will be cleaned up for broadcast TV next year. The eps on cable will be unaffected. See the table below:
    For South Park, Comedy Central's top-rated program now entering its eighth season, the five edited versions screened aren't dramatically different from the originals, with such words and phrases as "goddammit," "Jesus Christ," "asshole," and "butt-plug," toned down to "dammit," "ass," and "butt."
    Some phrases, such as "sucks ass" and "ass rammer," are nixed, but much of the original language remains. And, while broadcast viewers won't see Osama bin Laden's head get blown off by U.S. freedom fighters (however much they may want to), they'll still see Kenny die in some gruesome fashion in nearly every episode.
    Boner / Prick
    Punk-ass Bitch
    Son of a Bitch
    Asshole (to Ass)
    Jesus Christ! (to Damnit!)
    Ass Rammer
    According to TV Shows on DVD, Paramount will release South Park - The Complete 4th Season in June. Exact date isn't given, and the 5th Season boxed set is already in the works, probably to come out in December, just in time for Christmas. Save up! :) Now, lessee... 6/3/03, 12/16/03, ...6/29/04 is a good bet for a release date. The question the article raises is, with "A Very Crappy Christmas" containing scenes from "The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs. Santa" present in this DVD set, will the short (or both of them, for that matter) be there as well, among the DVD extras? Season 2 gave us the unaired pilot. Quote of the day:
    The Super Bowl sleazefest taught Washington and Los Angeles that when the most debased programming narrowcasted in the neatly compartmentalized youth culture — MTV, Howard Stern, "South Park," you name it — is exposed to the broad mass of the American people, they go from passively unaware to actively outraged.

    Brent Bozell, Censorship — or democracy?

Spring 2004

  1. March 20, 2004 - This article exploring the state of the show after the first show of the eighth season. Yes, the crude humor is what keeps the show from ever getting too respectable and thus keeps it from getting stale. :)
  2. March 21, 2004 - Doug Herzog, once and current head of Comedy Central, acknowledges that sanitizing "South Park" "is going to be tough, and it just got tougher, thanks to public reaction to Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction."
  3. March 22, 2004 - Comedy Central Press:

    Episode 803: Up The Down Steroid

    Timmy finds out what Jimmy has been taking to bulk up.
    Timmy is crushed when he discovers that Jimmy has been using steroids to increase his chances of winning. Meanwhile, Cartman feels he can easily take first place competing against Jimmy. He just has to convince the qualifying committee that he's handicapped.
    There go the Special Olympics! roffle!
    Also, look out for the "best" episode(s) of South Park and That's My Bush! the week before Comedy Central's 13th Birthday celebration, which takes place on April 25.
  4. March 25, 2004 - Beefylogs' rip of Episode 803 available here! No Dave Chapelle commercial here! Right-click and save! Now, just one year ago we discovered that Jim was

    Why did his last name changed to Valmor?
  5. March 26, 2004 - Juz has made these images of Stan trying to pull the shuriken out of Butters' eye! Ponder the question at the end of the post.
  6. March 29, 2004 - Comedy Central Press, episode title change:

    Episode 804: The Passion of the Jew

    Kyle goes to the theater, Kyle cringes at what he sees onscreen.
    After weeks of pressure from Cartman, Kyle finally sees "The Passion." Cartman's dream comes true when, as a result of seeing "The Passion", Kyle has to admit Cartman has been right all along. Inspired by Kyle's change of heart and a powerful love for Mel Gibson, Cartman incites many of the film's hardcore fans to band together and carryout its message. Meanwhile, Stan and Kenny also see the movie and embark upon a quest to find Mel Gibson.
    Two weeks ago I suggested June 29 would be a good bet for the release of the Season 4 DVD boxed set of South Park. Today I find that to be the case.
  7. April 1, 2004 - Trey aficionados will remember that he loves a joke he calls The Aristocrats. Here, in SP's inimitable glory, is Cartman regaling the boys with the same joke, updated to include 9/11. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Aristocrats!!!
  8. April 3, 2004 - A real-life Timmy. :D
    Q: Timmy of South Park, Colo. - Why is golf so boring?
    A: Gary D'Amato - Hi, Timmy. It depends on your viewpoint. I'm guessing you don't play the game, which could explain why it seems boring to you. I happen to think it's the ultimate game for combining physical skills, eye-hand coordination and mental toughness (if you play at a high level). Plus you're outside, in a park-like setting ... what's boring about that?
    Check out for The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, coming Friday, Nov. 19, to be promoted as "Bigger, Squarier and Spongey-er!"
  9. April 5, 2004 - Comedy Central Press:

    Episode 805: You Got F'd In The A

    Stan with potential recruits. One of them is a Goth kid he met last Decemter. :)
    Stan "gets served" when a group of kids from Orange County challenge him to a dance-off in an all-new episode of "South Park," entitled "You Got F'd In The A." In this week's episode, it's up to Stan to put a team of South Park's best dancers together to compete against a rival troupe from Orange County. While Butters has won awards for his dancing, he refuses to help Stan out, as he hasn't been able to dance since the tragic death of eight audience members at his last competition.
  10. April 6, 2004 - A small note at Comedy Central Press says the second half of Season 8 will begin on October 20. Maybe a new Halloween ep? Of course, the date may change. :) Remember the April 1 update mentioning The Aristocrats? Looks like Penn Jillette is going to make a digital documentary about the joke. I suppose he's still working on that documentary, 'cause that report is 2½ years old.
  11. April 7, 2004 - Transcript for The Aristocrats. Last week's episode, "The Passion of The Christ," had 4.4 million viewers, second largest viewership after the 6.2 million the April Fool's episode, "Not Without My Anus," got back in 1998.
  12. Season 4 DVD boxed set, out June 29April 10, 2004 - Cover art for the Season 4 Boxed Set of South Park Props to Darren.
  13. April 12, 2004 - Comedy Central Press:

    Episode 802: AWESOM-O

    Butters sleeps with AWESOM-O at his side | Butters asks AWESOM-O to help him out with a suppository
    Cartman hatches his next genius plan for picking on Butters when he becomes "AWESOM-O." In this week's episode, Cartman dresses up like a robot, calls himself "AWESOM-O," and moves in with Butters. His plan is to learn all of Butter's innermost secrets and then use them against him. While Butters is thrilled to have found a new best friend, the Army believes "AWESOM-O" is some new secret weapon, and Hollywood is after the phony robot to develop their next big blockbuster.
  14. April 14, 2004 - From South Park Studios: Season 4 DVD box set will be released on June 22nd. There will be mini-commentaries. For anyone who ever wondered if Liane Adamo was the woman having sex in this video, the definitive answer comes from Dian Bachar at the end of this thread:
    That is not Liane having sex in the movie. She may have been in the show, but the nude stills are not her. By the way, IMDB is moronic....they'll take submissions from just about any dipshit that comes along to give them info, even if it's false.
    Trust isn't her.
  15. April 16, 2004 - After looking at the episode again, I wonder if the disclaimer at right has anything to do with these three lines:
    General: Unethical? Let me explain something to you, Mr. Scientist! We understand that the robot is from Japan! That means that the Japanese have more of them! And if the Japanese fabricates one of them into a weapon before we do...
    Black Officer: Jesus. It would be Pearl Harbor all over again.
    White Officer: But worse. With robots.

    That would make an awesome climax for this run, and even a cliffhanger for the fall run. South Park came in at #6 on Wednesday with 3.96 million viewers.
  16. April 19, 2004 - Comedy Central Perss:

    Episode 807: The Jeffersons

    Cartman rides the train with Mr. Jefferson
    A wealthy black man and his son stir things up in an all-new episode of "South Park," entitled "The Jeffersons." All the children of South Park are attracted to "Mr. Jefferson", his son and their home filled with games, toys and animals. Cartman goes out of his way to get "Mr. Jefferson" to love him, while the local police force resent him for being black and wealthy and decide to bring him down.

    It's easy to forget that Michael Jackson has kids of his own...
  17. April 24, 2004> - The image at right is from "Going Down To South Park." It's the cover page for the report the Christian Family Network drew up to warn parents to keep their kids away from the show.
    I don't know of anyone who has a copy of this report, and it has not been online for five years now, for those of you who are wondering where this report could be found. What was available once is here presented, as recovered from the Wayback Machine. I combined the two available pages into one and put the table of contents under the picture. It's been six years, so the report is probably no longer available, and it's quite obsolete now.

  18. April 26, 2004 - South Park takes on illegal immigration and leaky borders. From Comedy Central Perss:

    Episode 806: Goobacks From the Future

    A liberal addresses the class | The boys walk past some time immigrants
    Humans from the year 4035 are arriving in droves. South Park gets a little too crowded when people from the future arrive through a recently discovered time portal. When the boys try to earn some extra money, the time immigrants, who are willing to do the same work for next to nothing, take their jobs.

  19. April 27, 2004 - Check out the latest images at Sweeeter. It's Juz's site, Sweeet, come back from the dead, only sweeeter. Now, found at City Wok, info about Penn and Teller's documentary about The Aristocrats:

    dbwcko writes:

    I went back to the site where I originally found the piece, and there was an update about it. Here is the quote:

    That wickedly funny South Park joke is from an upcoming movie. That dude Penn from Penn & Teller wrote me an e-mail about it: "This perfect little South Park moment is from a movie called "The Aristocrats" that will be out later this year. It's a movie by me (Penn Jillette) and Paul Provenza. It's 100 comedians telling the same fucking dirty filthy fucking cunt-snot joke over and over. This South Park clip is not even in the top 5 for dirtiest." Personally, I can't fucking wait to see it.
    I don't know if this is correct because the webmaster of the site usually posts some crazy stuff. But perhaps someone can find out the truth.
    More about the libertarian politics of South Park, including Trey's admission that he's a registered Libertarian.
  20. May 2, 2004 - Anyone curious as to how much money guest voices make for a spot on a South Park episode? Dian Bachar provides the answer:
    Actors (other than Trey and Matt) who do voices on South Park are paid less than $300 per episode, with no residuals.
  21. May 9, 2004 - South Park Chat now contains the South Park Scriptorium. I'll be shutting down the spscriptorium domain on Monday or something.
  22. May 11, 2004 - If some of the female voices sound different this season, it's because Eliza Schneider has left the show. Gracie Lazar has taken over the voices Eliza Schneider used to provide. Remember the SAG article back on February 13th? Lazar is most likely not a SAG member. She's rather new, as IMDb doesn't have any info on her, and TVTome has picked her up only for this year's South Park appearances.
  23. May 12, 2004 - Matt and Trey work with the creators for the stage play Avenue Q. I got the following email five weeks ago from Ririkkaru, but I didn't report on it since there was no confirmation on it until now.
    Avenue Q and South Park??
    My Aunt Tara was talking with the associate producer of Avenue Q(Sonny Everett) which is a "dirty" muppets play that is currently on Broadway. Anyway he told her that some producers from South Park wanted to turn Avenue Q into a TV show on Fox.
    Avenue Q's guest roster shows that Matt Stone, Trey Parker and Marc Shaiman have all been to see Avenue Q.This was the best form of any kind of solid proof of what my Aunt had said was true. I just thought it was kind of interesting if you wanted to research it more.
    But maybe that "some producers from South Park wanted to turn Avenue Q into a TV show on Fox" has morphed into "We're working on a musical with the creators of South Park" From the article:
    "We're working on a musical with the creators of 'South Park'," Lopez told Playbill On-Line. "It's a new musical about religion. A comedy. Ironic and funny. It's about a religion but we can't tell you which one. It should be ready in about a season or two."
    When pressed if the religion in question was possibly Judaism, Islam or the Mormon church, Lopez laughed, "It's one of those three!"
    As for the TV show, it's not going to be a Fox show, and it will not involve Matt and Trey:
    "VH1 is doing a TV show about us. A real-life sitcom in which the stars are two Broadway composers - one straight, one gay – and their lives," Lopez explained. "Very much like us!" quipped Marx. Lopez continued, "The trick of the show is that we actually break into song in reality. Full-fledged production numbers on the streets of New York with a little hand-held camera. Not only that, but we're also doing `Avenue Q - The TV Show.'"
  24. May 16, 2004 - The Worlds Filthiest Joke Goes To Film. An article on the film being made about The Aristocrats. And, Isaac Hayes is featured in a new 30-second commercial by the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development. Plenty of news outlets mentioning that, so a Google search can take you to the article. This is what Hayes is saying in the commercial:
    "In Tennessee, the stage is set for you. Just go out and play, baby ... on this stage, it's all good."
  25. May 17, 2004 - Look what's coming to DVD!!!


    DVD Also Includes Episodes "Christian Rock Hard" And "Red Hot Catholic Love"

    NEW YORK, May 17, 2004 - COMEDY CENTRAL's always controversial series, "South Park," presents its take on Mel Gibson's recent blockbuster "The Passion of the Christ," when "South Park: The Passion of the Jew" is released on DVD Tuesday, August 31. The three episode disc will be available in retail stores nationwide and at via COMEDY CENTRAL Home Entertainment distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment.
    The long-running COMEDY CENTRAL series is known for its ability to tackle topical subject matter and is heralded as being one of the most politically-astute shows on television. "South Park" is one of the few shows to explore different religious themes in an intelligent and boldly irreverent way. Episodes featured on the new DVD along with "The Passion of the Jew" are "Christian Hard Rock" and "Red Hot Catholic Love."
    "The Passion of the Jew" (# 804 - original air date: March 31, 2004) After finally seeing "The Passion," Kyle has to admit that Cartman has been right all along about the Jews role in history. Inspired by Kyle's change of heart and a powerful love for Mel Gibson, Cartman incites many of the film's hardcore fans to band together and carryout its message. Meanwhile, Stan and Kenny also see the movie and embark upon a quest to find Mel Gibson.
    "Christian Rock Hard" (# 709 - original air date: October 29, 2003) When the other boys kick Cartman out of their band, Cartman pulls his own group together to make music for Jesus. Meanwhile, Stan, Kyle and Kenny are arrested for downloading music from the internet.
    "Red Hot Catholic Love" (# 608 - original air date: July 3, 2002) When the Catholic Church scandal negatively impacts church attendance in South Park, Priest Maxi travels to Rome to confront religious leaders about a solution.
    Launched in 1997, "South Park" is based on the animated short entitled, "The Spirit of Christmas." Trey Parker and Matt Stone are co-creators and executive producers of the Emmy-nominated "South Park," with Anne Garefino also serving as executive producer.
    Page Six has more info on the DVD, which arrives on DVD the same day.

    If you're looking for an animated alternative to Mel Gibson's gruesome gorefest "The Passion of the Christ" when the DVD comes out on Aug. 31, the folks behind "South Park" have just the thing.
    Comedy Central is releasing a special three-episode "South Park" DVD with a religious theme to coincide with Gibson's flick hitting stores. The DVD includes this season's already classic "The Passion of the Jew" as well as old favorites "Red Hot Catholic Love" and "Christian Hard Rock."
    Though "The Passion of the Jew" relentlessly mocks Gibson's movie, "South Park" series co-creator Matt Stone admits he's never even seen it.
    "I saw the last half hour from a bootleg DVD in South Central," he tells PAGE SIX's Ian Spiegelman. His partner, Trey Parker, endured "Passion" in its entirety - but Stone says, "I never got around to it."
    The bit he did see doesn't get a rave review: "If what you wanted to watch was Jesus getting beaten up for the last 12 hours, it was well done. I bet Gibson wanted to play Jesus until he realized he's too old and not Semitic-looking enough."
    In Stone's cartoon "Passion," Gibson's movie inspires the character Cartman to lead the town in a wave of anti-Semitism while Kyle - a Jewish kid who's based on Stone - decides that all the world's trouble can be blamed on Jews. When the boys find Gibson and demand refunds, he practically begs them to torture him.
    "If you look at his filmography, he is obsessed with tortured heroes," Stone says. "Even in movies where it's like, 'That doesn't really fit,' he works in a little torture."
    Though "South Park" has lambasted everyone from Ben Affleck to Steven Spielberg, there's only one celebrity who should take it personally: "Barbra Streisand we pretty much hate," Stone says.
    He explains the disliking for Babs goes back to 1993, when the singer said she would never perform in Colorado - where she has a mansion - if a controversial ban on gay rights was passed by that state's legislature.
    "We're both from Colorado and it was like, 'Fuck you, lady! Who the hell do you think you are that you're gracing us with your presence?' She is the worst example of a celebrity who should just keep her mouth shut. She sounds like an idiot."
    They haven't done any Streisand-bashing on "South Park" in a few years but, says Stone, "Maybe we should come back to it. People do want it."
    Did anybody see this during football season last winter? Or even last week? BeccaCutswald mentions the following at South Park Studios' BBS:

    I was out at dinner with my family the other night, and was watching football on the tv.
    Then a commercial comes on and I think, "Hey, that looks like Matt Stone. It IS Matt Stone! And Trey Parker!" They were wearing Broncos jerseys, but I couldn't hear what they were saying because it was a sports bar. At the end, a logo of something I couldn't see comes up and Cartman pops up behind it.
    Father says it was the NFL channel, since there *is* no football this time of year on the normal stations. I didn't know such a channel existed
    So does any one know where I could possibly find this commercial? Or did I just hallucinate seeing Matt and Trey?
  26. May 19, 2004 - Today's Page Six has the following to say about the Farrelly Bros.' the Ringer:


    THE Farrelly brothers - who have brought us such comic gems as "Dumb & Dumber," "There's Something About Mary" and "Me, Myself & Irene" - are hard at work on their next project: "The Ringer." Insiders tell us Peter and Bobby Farrelly's next movie is about "a guy who rigs the Special Olympics by acting like he's retarded and entering hmself as a contestant." Sadly, "South Park" creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have beaten them to the punch: A recent episode showed Eric Cartman entering the Special Olympics - only to lose every competition due to his obesity.
    Cartoons kick ass! I've gotten a few emails about this over the past two months, but didn't feel the need to mention it until this came along. :) Oh, Celine Dion, Ugly Bob’s lover on South Park, is back with a new album. Penn Jillette says South Park's version of "The Aristocrats" is not dirty enough to make the top five dirtiest versions of the joke.
  27. May 22, 2004 - Alanis Morissette is starring in a movie premiering at Cannes, De-Lovely, about Cole Porter. Even though she sings a song in that movie, she says that the "best musical on the planet" is the South Park movie. :) I wonder what she thinks about the episode "Chef Aid," in which she profits from a song Chef wrote years ago.
  28. May 26, 2004 - Happy 33rd Birthday, Matt Stone! And now, a haiku thread from two years ago. :D
  29. June 7, 2004 - Wow, almost two weeks without a word about South Park. Well, wait no longer. Check out this week's news! From Comedy Central Press:


    Licensing Programs in Motion For "South Park," "RENO 911!," "Chappelle's Show" And "The Man Show"

    NEW YORK, June 7, 2004 - COMEDY CENTRAL, fresh off its highest-rated quarter in network history, is bringing its most popular series to the Licensing Show from June 8-10 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. "Reno 911!", "Chappelle's Show", "South Park" and "The Man Show" are some of the properties that will be showcased. Nickelodeon Consumer Products, which last year brought in $3 billion in retail sales for properties including "SpongeBob SquarePants", will now handle licensing for sister network, COMEDY CENTRAL.
    "We are very excited to be working with COMEDY CENTRAL," said Maureen Taxter, SVP Retail and New Business Development, Nickelodeon Consumer Products. "The network continues to blaze new paths in the comedy genre. Ratings are up and the COMEDY CENTRAL brand is poised to become a leading player in the consumer products market."
    Nickelodeon Consumer Products will oversee the strategic development of the COMEDY CENTRAL brand and its properties in consumer products and at retail. The initiative is generating tremendous momentum already. "Chappelle's Show" Season One DVD boxed set launched as a top seller with demand for additional product categories growing. "South Park", always a ratings hit on air, is seeing a strong resurgence at retail with the introduction of new products and categories. The property is featured in over 500 Suncoast, Media Play and Sam Goody outlets. Each store has a dedicated section for "South Park" including signage and a full array of products from plush toys, collectible figures, t-shirts to DVDs. At this year's Licensing Show, potential licensees will have the opportunity to meet with the legendary singer and voice of the popular "Chef" character, Isaac Hayes. He will be making an appearance at COMEDY CENTRAL's booth #1519A on June 9.
    "RENO 911!" the fake-reality cop show, which became a breakout hit since its premiere July 2003, will also be presented at the Licensing Show for the first time.
    Monday, June 14 - Thursday, June 17
    9:30 p.m. "South Park: Outdoor Survival Week"
    The kids from "South Park" try to test their survival skills with a week's worth of episodes featuring outdoor adventures. Over the course of four nights, Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny go hunting with Stan's Uncle Jimbo, get lost in the rainforest with the school choir, get caught in the middle of an all-out Scouting brawl and find themselves in the middle of a holy war out in the wilderness. "South Park: Outdoor Survival Week" is sponsored by Honda Motorcycles.

    Wednesday, June 16

    10:00 p.m. "South Park" -- ep. #806 "Goobacks"
    Goobacks: Humans from the year 4035 are arriving in South Park through a time portal and are looking for work. When the boys try to earn some extra money, the time immigrants, who are willing to do the same work for next to nothing, take their jobs.


    NEW YORK, June 7 -- Park the trailer, grab a 12-pack and get ready for a comedy-yee-haw good time full of redneck fun! COMEDY CENTRAL salutes farmer tans and pick-up trucks with a whole weekend dedicated to inbred country humor from an extensive comedy library. "Redneck Weekend" begins Saturday, June 26, airing from 7:00 a.m. through Sunday, June 27, at 2:30 a.m.
    Catch redneck episodes of your favorite COMEDY CENTRAL shows such as "MADtv," "South Park" and "RENO911!" Jeff Foxworthy takes redneck to the extreme in an hour-long stand-up special, "Jeff Foxworthy: Totally Committed."
  30. June 10, 2004 - Check out the Canadians in this video. Thanks to Stephen for that. :)
  31. June 12, 2004 - Important SP dates for the rest of the year:
    June 29 - Season 4 DVD set comes to stores
    August 13 - South Park's 7th Anniversary on the air
    August 31 - Special "Passion of the Jew" DVD with "Christian Rock Hard" and "Red Hot Catholic Love."
    October 12 - Tentative release date for the Season 5 DVD set. Unconfirmed.
    October 19 - Trey's 35th Birthday
    October 20 - Season 8 resumes.
  32. June 13, 2004 - Cover Art for the Passion of the Jew
  33. June 14, 2004 - Here, from the Orlando Sentinel, is an article all about how South Park treats religion.
  34. June 17, 2004 - Wow, just read this!
    Paramount Pictures is hoping that action spoof Team America, by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, can be ready for a pre-election release, reports Variety.
    The studio's best-case scenario for the $20 million film, which started shooting last month and stars marionettes, would be an October 22 release. The spoof would serve as an R-rated comic tonic to the barrage of election news this fall, adds the trade.
    The story, written by South Park writers Parker, Stone and Pam Brady, centers on a prototypical action hero who's drafted to help Team America thwart the world's evil forces.

    Also, a new online serial: Big Trouble in Little South Park

  35. June 18, 2004 - Matt Stone is part owner of Xes, backwards for... you know... and pronounced "excess." The club is just north of Hollywood Blvd. and opened on Valentine's Day. Trey Parker will appear on the VH1 première of I Love the '90s sometime during the week of July 12-16, between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m.

Summer 2004

  1. June 29, 2004 - Holly-B is looking for some voices to fill out a South Park project she and nall have been working on for two months now. Needed: voices for BUTTERS, DAMIEN, STAN, or KYLE, PLEASE. Send in your voice samples by clicking on her name. Original material, please. Don't quote from the show. :) Tomorrow: my 40th birthday. Thursday: Cartman's Birthday, Canada Day.
  2. July 6, 2004 - Press Release for this week:


    "South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut" And Documentary "Goin' Down to South Park" Also Premiere As Part Of "Extreme South Park Weekend"

    NEW YORK, July 6, 2004 -- Just when you thought "South Park" couldn't get any more extreme, COMEDY CENTRAL provides fans with an all-access weekend pass to the 25 most outrageous "South Park" episodes ever created. The "Extreme South Park Weekend" airs Friday, July 16 through Sunday, July 18, beginning at 9:00 p.m*.
    The stunt will count down the 25 most outrageous episodes leading up to the number one episode, as chosen by the show's biggest fans and a panel of "South Park" experts. On Friday and Saturday nights, the episodes will be followed by a play of "South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut." On Sunday, the episode deemed most outrageous will be immediately followed by the documentary, "Goin' Down to South Park," featuring "South Park" creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker.
    The most devoted "South Park" fans were invited to send in their nominations for the most outrageous episodes through a special e-mail address, which was posted in the South Park Booster Club newsletter and on


    Perennial Animated Favorite "South Park" Receives Fourth Nomination

    NEW YORK, July 15, 2004 -- COMEDY CENTRAL earned seven nominations in the 2003-2004 Primetime Emmy Awards competition, it was announced today.
    "South Park," the adult-oriented animation phenomenon, home to Kyle, Stan, Kenny and Cartman, received its fourth nomination for the Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program (less than an hour).
    The Emmy Awards will be presented during two ceremonies. The first, primarily for creative arts categories, will take place on Sunday, September 12, while the balance of the Emmys, primarily for the performing arts, will be announced before a black-tie audience during a primetime telecast (ABC) on Sunday, September 19. Both ceremonies will take place at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, CA.

    OUTSTANDING ANIMATED PROGRAM (For Programming Less Than One Hour)

    South Park
    Trey Parker, Executive Producer, Writer, Director
    Matt Stone, Executive Producer
    Anne Garefino, Executive Producer
    Frank C. Agnone II, Producer
    Jennifer Howell, Supervising Producer
    Eric Stough, Director of Animation
    From the SPS BBS I learn that South Park got nominated for the episode "Christmas Time in Canada."
  4. July 20, 2004 - Team America Images! Check out the Gallery! Now, have a look at Isaac Hayes' Three Laws of Robotics! According to Broadcasting & Cable, Tribune Broadcasting's ready-for-broadcast syndicated version of Comedy Central's South Park has been cleared in 85% of the country for a fall-2005 launch. How's Your News is now out on DVD. We now have the Professor Chaos syndrome, where something is made that ends up inferior to something similar that came before it. In this case, it's the movie Arthur, which the review behind the link says is inferior to Braveheart, and therefore repetitive, redundant.
  5. July 21, 2004 - Dude, this is so fucked up may no longer be an active site, but it still pays attention to what's going on in the world of South Park. Here is its recognition that South Park is up for its fourth Emmy this year. :).
  6. July 25, 2004 - Team America News at San Diego's Comic Con, from Ain't It Cool?! Mirrored here, in case AICN goes down. Read all about it! Also, check out the official and unofficial sites for Team America! And get ready for the official E-lections at South Park Studios in a week! More Team America News from Empire Online and! Mirrored here!
  7. July 30, 2004 - Time to update my South Park Directory. A few sites have disappeared since the last time I updated it, so, if anyone has a new SP or Matt&Trey site they want me to put in the Directory, send me a link and a button for the site. A few sites have become message boards only, so send me links to those boards as well.
  8. July 31, 2004 - Time for some of the weirdest expressions you've ever seen on South Park. Add to this list by sending in a pic and a small caption for it. :) And, check out the Team America trailer at the official site. Snatch 47 images from the trailer here. What's more, according to Arwen Goenitz at the SPS BBS, the British series Dead Ringers recently made an episode called "South Bank" which spoofed South Park by replacing the boys with film critics. Click on the link to get the video. Right-click and save. :) Check out and get the screen caps there, too!
  9. August 1, 2004 - A recap of news you've already heard, and a small mention that South Park will continue into a tenth season and beyond: "Parker and Stone have reupped with Comedy Central to continue churning out more episodes of South Park until at least 2006."
  10. August 2, 2004 - Voting begins tomorrow at South Park Studios' Contests Page and goes on for three weeks. The Calendar for the next half year

    October 15 - Team America hits the big screen! This you already know. :)
    October 20 - Season 8 resumes! This you already know, too. :)
    November 9 - Season 5 released to video! This bit of news from TV Shows on DVD!
    More on religion in South Park
  11. August 5, 2004 - For anyone not part of the SPS BBS, you may want to join, you may just want to leave it alone. I've set up a poll there just for the board members. I think it will be more honest than the one on the SPS site. If you're not a member, sign up. If you are, vote! Have a look at the sites and at the episodes each character has assigned to him or her, then sign in and vote! The poll will be refreshed daily at midnight PDT, with the ending day's results added to the new day's poll. Remember though, the bbs poll is NOT the official poll.
    Anyway, here's some news on people who used to work on the show. And stuff.
    Pam Brady is working with Trey Parker and Matt Stone on Team America: World Police as well as on a new Fox sitcom.
    Seems the Bush Administration is pissed off about being spoofed in Team America: World Police.
    From the New Your Post's Page Six, July 31, 2004
    FORGET blaming just Canada. "South Park" creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker take on the world in their next movie, starting with the French. "Team America: World Police" opens with a chase through Paris that results in the inadvertent destruction of the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. Voices for the cast of marionettes are led by Alec Baldwin, who plays the president. And in "Zoolander"-style, where the Malaysian president was the villain, this time the bad guy is North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il
  12. August 7, 2004 - Butters may be late in starting this, but he's started one: His Live Journal for the E-Lection! He's we'll represented by six sites, so all he has to do is gather their Web masters and talk about the elections. And discuss the candidates himself. :)
  13. August 10, 2004 - Looks like Cartman is gonna run away with the E-Lection over at South Park Studios. As of this entry (2:33 a.m. PDT), Cartman leads with 14283 votes (30%), while Butters has dropped further behind at 10601 votes (22%). Kenny is third at 6340 votes (13%), while Kyle, whose campaign managers have worked long and hard to get his message out, has no chance of recovering at 2821 votes (6%). Even Stan is ahead of him at 3516 votes (7%). Here are the current stats:
    Cartman Votes: 14283 ->30%
    Butters Votes: 10601 ->22%
    Kenny Votes: 6340 ->13%
    Timmy Votes: 4307 ->9%
    Stan Votes: 3516 ->7%
    Tweek Votes: 3215 ->6%
    Kyle Votes: 2821 ->6%
    Token Votes: 952 ->2%
    Wendy Votes: 746 ->1%
  14. August 11, 2004 - From the bowels of a message board which link I shall not divulge (it's a pretty dull board) comes this enticing message from one Taison Tan:


    Posted by Taison on 8/6/2004, 7:10 pm

    Wow... this board still exists?
    And there are even names I recognize here. will return one day soon. Just got to find the time to mess with it again.

    Beef-Cake had been down for a few weeks now. I know one person who'll be glad to know one of the first two big sites will return someday soon.
  15. August 12, 2004 - 9:30 p.m. PDT. This speaks for itself. :D

    The current stats as of 2:30 a.m.:
    Cartman continues his sprint away from the other candidates. Token and Wendy are pretty much done for. Tweek has crept up on Stan. The majority of fans are Cartman fans, and Comedy Central has been pandering to them with commercials urging everyone to vote for Cartman. This has been the case for at least two days, according to people I've talked to in chat. Also, Holly found this little bit of info at Junichi Nishimura's BBS and shared it with me. The original is in Japanese, but my html editor cannot handle the characters. What I present is the English translation from Nifty Translator, and then my interpretation of that translation. The post was made on July 31, the reply was made on August 2. The last line in Satoru's post is self-explanatory:
    Translation - Satoru writes:

    does DVD of "passion OBUZAJU" of Kile also come out on the same day as the sale day of passion? Period of treatment! However, since a region code is different, a Japanese fan cannot be seen. Regrettable.
    Is the president-of-a-class election done now? (Although it does not understand whether it is doing truly, have many support sites risen anyhow?) Although he likes Kenny or BATAZU, since I am an also-runner, I think that I will put into Kile.

    Interpretation - Satoru writes:

    Does the DVD of Kyle's The Passion of The Jew come out on the same day as that of The Passion of The Christ? Since the region code is different, Japanese fans can't see it. Regrettable.
    Is the E-Lection for class president over yet? (Although I don't understand what's really happening, how many campaign sites are up now?). Although I like Kenny or Butters, since I am an also-ran (or sidekick), I think I will vote for Kyle.

    Jun writes:

    An appearance better seed, DVD. However, it aims too much and is KORE [ be / it ]. (Bitter smile) However, since ???? is deep, this episode is one article [ a Japanese fan ] to see very much.
    Jun writes:

    This is better seen on DVD. However, it aims too high and is way out there. (Bitter smile) However, since the subject is deep, this episode is one that a Japanese fan should see very much.
    Satoru might be interested to know that Butters (21%) is kicking Kyle's (6%) ass in the votes by a margin of 3.5 to 1, although Cartman is ahead of all the candidates.
  16. August 13, 2004 - Congrats on seven years on the air! Woot!!!
  17. August 14, 2004 - South Park to have two more years! Matt and Trey will make a tenth season after next year's ninth. But then we already knew that, no? Here's the clip.

    We've gonna take two more runs of South Park and then we're gettin' the fuck out of here. No more... No more.
    Ken Tucker, Ask the Critic, Entertainment Weekly, posted by Stanley_Marsh109 at the SPS BBS:
    Let's see- I admit it took the brilliant South Park feature film for me to appreciate how good the TV series is. This year's parody of the Passion of the Christ only confirmed its ongoing excellence "as it has aged" in your words, even if its cartoon kids haven't.... -
  18. August 16, 2004 - Taison plans to have Beef-Cake up and running by the end of the year.
  19. August 19 - Whoa, it's been five days since the last update! What's been happening since that day? Lots of mudslinging between Cartman and the other candidates, of course. And South Park as cultural force. From Eye on Entertainment for Aug 1 (
    Many people say that The Simpsons ushered in the second wave of adult cartoons, but I think it all started again when Trey Parker and Matt Stone introduced us to four 8-year-olds named Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McCormick and Eric Cartman, young friends who live in the quaint little town of South Park, Colo.
    “South Park” is a cartoon that continues to not only push the envelope, but continually tear it wide open. And the full-length movie, “South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut,” is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. I still wonder how Comedy Central can show it at 1 a.m. uncensored, considering the language and content.
    Team America news: In Team America: World Police Set Visit!, Jerry Katz reveals that the marionette heads have animatronics in them. And this from the Winnipeg Sun last Sunday.


    The White House is taking on its most formidable foes yet.
    Puppets. Yes, I said puppets. (No word on whether they're puppets of mass destruction.)
    The source of George W. Bush's latest ire is Team America, a sure-to-be scathing social satire from Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of South Park.
    The movie -- which looks like the most expensive episode of Thunderbirds ever -- lampoons the war on terrorism.
    Predictably the White House is not pleased, reports the website
    "I really do not think terrorism is funny," a senior Bush adviser was quoted on the website recently.
    Parker, for his part, was pleading ignorance, denying the movie is about bashing the president: "Bush is not even in the film."
  20. August 20 - There's really no further point in voting - Cartman won the E-Lection late Tuesday or early Wednesday. All you voters can do now is vote for Butters from now until Tuesday night in order to beat Cartman.
  21. August 24 - E-Lection news. Results won't be in until tomorrow, but here's the schedule of shows for next week at 9:30 p.m.
    9:30 p.m. "South Park 2004 eLection"

    Monday, August 30 through Thursday, September 2

    In one of the most important election years in our nation's history, it's every patriotic American's duty to vote and no election is more important than "South Park 2004 eLection" for class president, determined by the viewers. Each night COMEDY CENTRAL presents an episode of "South Park" voted for by the American people. "South Park 2004 eLection" is sponsored by NHTSA.
  22. August 31 - DNS transfer complete. Check back by Saturday for this site's restored domain.
  23. September 1, 2004 - The Passion of the Jew came out yesterday, if you're interested in purchasing that. Three eps, $20. Psss: get someone else to buy it for you. :D
  24. September 3, 2004 - A message for the children.
    The Onion: If you could send one message to the children of the world, what would it be?
    Matt Stone: "Give up. Just give up, now. Give in, give up."
    Trey Parker: "Start fuckin'."

    Robin Williams probably has a better answer though:

    Robin Williams: "Stock up."


  25. September 14, 2004 - Taken from Comedy Central's weekly press release:
    "South Park" - Season Eight Continues
    Wednesday, October 27 at 10:00 p.m.
    Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman return in seven all-new episodes, rounding out the series' eighth season.
    Shouldn't there be 8 more episodes? The contract was for 15 eps a year, and 7 have been made so far this year.
  26. September 15, 2004 - More Team America news: Pulling the irreverent strings. Nothing new except their political statement: they're out to offend everybody!
  27. September 16, 2004 - You may or may not have heard this, but South Park's "Christmastime In Canada" lost out to "Samurai Jack: The Birth of Evil" back in the Creative Arts portion of the Emmy Awards four days ago.
  28. September 17, 2004 - Comedy Central goes for more voting.
  29. September 19, 2004 - More Team America news: Newsweek.

    Puppet Power

    In 'Team America: World Police,' the 'South Park' boys tackle the war on terror. These are serious times. This is not a serious movie

    Here's a phrase you don't hear every day: explicit puppet sex. It's also something you may not see in "Team America: World Police." The first cut of the new movie from "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone featured a scene of two naked marionettes getting very down and very dirty. Sadly, the Motion Picture Association of America, which doles out film ratings, doesn't give points for artistic vision. It slapped the film with an NC-17. For Parker and Stone to get an R, some or all of the scene will have to be cut. "I think it's a beautiful scene about lovemaking," Parker said last week as he prepared a shot of a drunk puppet vomiting on a bar. "Apparently, the MPAA can't handle that much love."

    Read the full article here.

    For all you people in and around Mt. Vernon,

    The Lincoln Theatre in downtown Mount Vernon presents "Cannibal! The Musical" at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 22, as part of the theatre's Mind Melting Cinema Series. This musical, from the creators of "South Park," offers three hours of bone-chilling, flesh-eating, show-stopping hilarity. It's the true story of the only person convicted of cannibalism * in America, Alfred Packer, who was the sole survivor of an ill-fated trip to the Colorado Territory.

    Call 360-336-2858 for more info..

    * ...but cannibalism isn't something you prosecute unless it's attached to something more serious, like manslaughter. Which was the case with Packer: There's no denying Packer ate the bodies. The question is, was he guilty of manslaughter, of having killed the other five miners?
  30. September 20, 2004 - Trivia this Friday, if you can make it. From South Park Studios.
    Das Trivia: Congratulations to GoLions84 for winning the South Park Lamp last Friday, those of you who missed out have another chance to play the game this Friday @3:00pm/6:00pm (west/east)
    This week's prize: A Pair of South Park cotton boxers (size very small medium) it has an image of chef on the leg with the caption "Well... it's in the bedroom ladies... come on."
  31. September 21, 2004 - I'm looking for Season 4 Real Media video clips from South Park Studios so I can round out my collection of media from there. If you have any, send then to me here.

Fall 2004

  1. September 22, 2004 - Welcome to Fall!!! Breayle announces that Matt & Trey will be on 60 Minutes in a few weeks. Look out for that.
  2. September 23, 2004 - More Team America news: This article seems to think so. The paragraphs including Matt & Trey is quoted below.
    It also may have something to do with the way two Coloradans - Trey Parker and Matt Stone - have ruthlessly mined the state for satiric humor in their animated Colorado-set TV series, "South Park." In the 1999 spin-off movie, "South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut," a war between the U.S. and Canada is set off after local kids see the vulgar movie "Asses of Fire," starring Canadian TV stars. Thanks to Parker and Stone, it's hard to take anything about Colorado at face value anymore.
  3. September 27, 2004 - Shpadoinkleman at OrgazmoDVD reports that Matt and Trey will be appearing on the Tonight Show to promote Team America on Tuesday, October 5th. Look out for that, too.
  4. September 28, 2004 - More Team America news from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The paragraphs including Matt & Trey are quoted below.
    Parker and Stone insist that the main reason "Team America" is coming out in October is that they have to get to work on the new season of "South Park."
    "The first script was handed in before the Iraq war," Parker said. "That idea of us being the world police is well before George Bush and will be there no matter who gets elected. We'll still be the world police, and people will still be hating us."
    He said they toyed with using Bush and Kerry puppets in the movie but decided, "No, this movie's bigger than them. ... At the end of the day, it makes fun of movies more than it makes fun of politics."
    Stone pointed out how cartoons from Disney and Warner Bros. during World War II addressed the conflict. "It's not like you're minimizing it. They dressed Donald Duck as a soldier and Bugs Bunny as a soldier. Kim Jong Il is in the movie and terrorists are in the movie. I think it's cool to, like, belittle your enemy."
  5. September 29, 2004 - More Team America news from IndieWIRE. Denver fans, take note.
    The 27th Starz Denver International Film Festival will present its first ever Opening Night After-Hours Special Screening on October 14th. Festival organizers announced that they will screen Trey Parker and Matt Stone's "Team America: World Police" at a special 11:30 p.m. showing on opening night. An all-wooden cast of marionette puppets are featured in the new Parker/Stone film, which follows "a daring team of puppets who thwart the world's evil forces, including every ilk of enemy from terrorists to washed-up celebrities."
    "We are delighted, for the first time ever, to offer a second title to co-open our festival," said Festival Director Ron Henderson. "And we salute our own home-grown heroes, Mr. Parker and Mr. Stone for putting the 'F' back in Festival."
    TV Shows on DVD reports that Paramount has delayed the release of the Season 5 DVD set again. It's not coming out on November 9 as previously reported.

    We found out that the next box set has been pushed back once again. No reason was given. A particular date has not been set so far, but don't give up yet, or pull a Cartman and say "screw it!" Just stay tuned, and we'll let you know when you can buy this. Don't touch that dial!
    And even MORE news!

    Sharks swim for Best Animated Oscar - "We're not in it for the awards, I already have my nomination," mocks "Team America" director Trey Parker, who was nominated for best song for "South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut," which missed the new animation category by two years. "We're in it to make a statement, although I'm not sure what it is."
    Parker, who is in the Academy because of his nomination, jokingly considers proposing a Best Puppet Oscar.
    Gregson-Williams replaces Shaiman on 'Team America': - Another rejection of an original score for a major, big budget Hollywood picture has taken place: Marc Shaiman is no longer scoring Team America: World Police. Burt Berman, President of music at Paramount Pictures, has confirmed to Music from the Movies that Harry Gregson-Williams is the new composer onboard the project.
    JUST CALL HIM KIM JONG REEL - DON'T be surprised if Kim Jong Il is first in line to see "Team America."
    All strung out - An in-depth article on what Matt&Trey had to do to bring this film to fruition. Enjoy!
    That's more updates than I thought I'd get today. :D
  6. September 30, 2004 - Kim Jong Il sings! Here's an excerpt, and a pic. :)

    ...and some technical details about the film.

  7. October 4, 2004 - Puppetry of the Meanest (uncut) - A Matt & Trey interview.

    and Ain't It Cool's Moriarty reviews the film 10 days before it premières, and...

    NEW YORK, October 4, 2004 -- With eight Cartman-packed seasons to choose from, how will any self-respecting "South Park" fan be able to decide on his/her favorite episode? Find out when COMEDY CENTRAL counts down the definitive list of The 27 All-Time Greatest "South Park" Episodes, beginning on Friday, October 22 at 9:00 p.m.
    COMEDY CENTRAL offers viewers the chance to choose their favorite episode of "South Park" in a month of online voting, which began in September. Fans can choose from over eight seasons worth of episodes to cast their vote. Voting will end on Friday, October, 15. Viewers also have a chance to enter the ESPN Videogame Sweeps and win one of 50 videogames, or they can watch a trailer from the "South Park" creators' upcoming feature film, "Team America," which hits theaters nationwide on Friday, October 15.
    The "South Park" marathon the weekend of October 22 will run as follows:

    Friday, October 22
    9:00 p.m. - 3 a.m.

    Saturday, October 23
    9:00 p.m. to 1 a.m.
    1:00 a.m. - 3 a.m.

    Sunday, October 24
    9:00 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.
    12:30 - 1:30 a.m.
    1:30 - 3:30 a.m.

    All Time Favorite Episodes, 27 - 16

    All Time Favorite Episodes, 15 - 8
    "South Park: Bigger, Longer And Uncut"

    All Time Favorite Episodes, Final Seven
    "Goin' Down to South Park"
    "South Park: Bigger, Longer And Uncut"

    Saturday, October 9, 9:30 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.: "Insider's Guide to Team America with Matt & Trey"

    The minds behind "South Park," Matt Parker and Trey Stone, are bringing their latest creation to the big screen in the movie "Team America: World Police." Tune-in to COMEDY CENTRAL when Matt and Trey host a special block of "South Park" episodes and give an all-access, insider's guide to their new movie, including introductions of all the members of "Team America," a sweepstakes where viewers can win items from the movie and, at the end of the night, an exclusive clip from the film that can only be seen on COMEDY CENTRAL.
    and (click for a legible, larger picture)... Matt and Trey come in at #40 out of the 50 most influential men under 38 years of age in this month's Details magazine

    40 out of 50 most influential men under 38 years of age.

    Does that picture look familiar? Last year, November's Details printed The Last Word. The photo above was taken at that time, along with this one. :)

  8. October 5, 2004 - Kim Jong-il Satirized in US Film - Lots of spoilers in this article. You've been warned. In 'Team America': Sex, Puppets & Controversy Roger Friedman reviews an unfinished version of the film, liking it best for its Looney Tunes humor (Kim Jong Il as Elmer Fudd) and for the detail put into the props. In Puppet Sex Leads to Rating Rift Parker, Stone, and Rudin talk about the leeway the MPAA gives to violence while keeping a tight leash on sex.
  9. October 6, 2004 - Now you can create your own character over at Team America: The Movie. Just click on the link at lower right once you get there. There you will also find that the film is rated R. That bit of news confirmed here! No more NC-17 to worry about. :D The Team America soundtrack comes out on October 19 after all: The tracks are listed below:
    Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

    1. "Everyone Has AIDS"
    2. "Freedom Isn't Free"
    3. "America, F**k Yeah"
    4. "Derka Derk (Terrorist Theme)"
    5. "Only A Woman"
    6. "I'm So Ronery"
    7. "America, F**k Yeah (Bummer Remix)"
    8. "The End Of An Act"
    9. "Montage"
    10. "North Korean Melody"
    11. "The Team America March"
    12. "Lisa & Gary"
    13. "F.A.G."
    14. "Putting A Jihad On You"
    15. "Kim Jong Il"
    16. "Mount, Rush, More"
    Breayle at South Park Studios got this from someone who works at Paramount:

    Hi there....I work at Paramount Home Entertainment and am the Product Manager for Comedy Central releases.
    South Park Season 5 has been pushed back to a February 15, 2005 street date & may change again ( I noticed there was a street date of Nov posted on the page). This is due to the fact Matt & Trey have been so busy working on Team America, they have not yet had the chance to record their commentary for the DVD. If you want I will keep you updated.
    And now, Matt and Trey's segment on the Tonight Show yesterday night, encoded and sent to me by regular chatter nall:
  10. October 7, 2004 - SOUTH PARK creators TREY PARKER and MATT STONE have ridiculed suggestions their forthcoming film TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE was designed to persuade voters against re-electing US President GEORGE W BUSH in next month's (NOV04) election.
  11. October 10, 2004 - Courtesy of South Park Alliance, I present to you Ray's encode of "MTV's Making The Movie - Team America: World Police" and "MTV's Making The Movie - Team America: World Police". Right-click and save, or just click to view. You will need Quicktime to view this. If you run an SP fan site, as I do here, you can link to this copy, or upload it to your own space.

    After a day with my best friend, Sam, watching Taxi and eating at Island's, I took the Blue Line back to Hollywood from Long Beach and stopped off at Mann's Chinese Theater to see about getting a ticket to Team America: World Police at 7:30. Sold out there, so I took the Red Line up to Universal Studios and checked out the theaters there: I snagged a ticket there, and found the theater half full when I went in for the 7:50 show.
    What I saw in the movie was pretty damned funny, and you'll recognize a few South Park references and one song in there (I'm not telling, but they'll appear in the dyns after the film goes wide. The comments on one site do mention the one song though) The sex scene was indeed scaled back quite a bit, but what you do see will make you roar with laughter. And now, the lyrics of "Ronery," as they were heard yesterday night, and as they may be heard in the movie next Friday. One minor change:

    I'm So Ronery

    I'm so ronery
    So ronery
    So ronery and sadry arone

    There's no one
    Just me onry
    Sitting on my rittle throne

    I work very hard and make up great prans
    But nobody ristens, no one understands
    Seems that no one takes me serirousry

    And so I'm ronery
    A little ronery
    Poor rittre me

    There's nobody
    I can rerate to
    Feer rike a bird in a cage

    It's kinda sihry
    But not rearry
    Because it's fihring my body with rage

    I work rearry hard to stay nice and fit
    But nobody here seems to rearize that
    When I rure the world maybe they'rr notice me

    But untir then I'rr just be ronery
    Rittre ronery, poor rittre me
    I'm so ronery

    I'm so ronery

  12. October 11, 2004 - CNN is just one of a growing number of sites mentioning the death on Sunday of Superman Christopher Reeve at the age of 52, after he lapsed into a coma on Saturday. You'll remember him in South Park in "Krazy Kripples" when he tries to rehabilitate himself by drinking the blood of fetuses and becomes the leader of a group of supervillains. Now, for the news:

    P. Diddy Slammed

    South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have slammed Sean "P. Diddy" Combs for his voter awareness campaign for the upcoming U.S. election. "Just saying 'Vote or Die' is a serious danger to democracy," Stone told "If you don't know what you're talking about, there's no shame in not voting." A spokesperson for Puffy has claimed that voter registration is up 250% because of the rapper's campaign.
    That drew this response from Sean Penn (from The Drudge Report, October 6)
    To Trey Parker and Matt Stone,

    I remember a cordial hello when you guys were beginning to be famous guys around Hollywood at some party. I remember several times getting a few giggles out of your humor. I remember not being bothered as you traded on my name among others to appear witty, above it all, and likeable to your crowd. I never mind being of service, in satire and silliness.
    I do mind when anybody who doesn't have a child, doesn't have a child at war, or isn't or won't be in harm's way themselves, is encouraging that there's "no shame in not voting" "if you don't know what you're talking about" (Mr. Stone) without mentioning the shame of not knowing what your talking about, and encouraging people to know. You guys are talented young guys but alas, primarily young guys. It's all well to joke about me or whomever you choose. Not so well, to encourage irresponsibility that will ultimately lead to the disembowelment, mutilation, exploitation, and death of innocent people throughout the world. The vote matters to them. No one's ignorance, including a couple of hip cross-dressers, is an excuse.
    All best, and a sincere fuck you,

    Sean Penn

    P.S. Take this as a personal invitation from me to you (you can ask Dennis Miller along for the ride as well) to escort you on a trip, which I took last Christmas. We'll fly to Amman, Jordan and I'll ride with you in a (?) 12 hours through the Sunni Triangle into Fallujah and Baghdad and I'll show you around. When we return, make all the fun you want.
    That drew this response from The Glorious Revolutionary Federation of Fortune 500 Killers today
    Recently, the vapid Hollywood star Sean Penn sent a publicized letter to conservative South Park co-creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker criticizing the two for proclaiming that there was “no shame in not voting.”
    Elsewhere, Penn wrote: “Not so well, to encourage irresponsibility that will ultimately lead to the disembowelment, mutilation, exploitation, and death of innocent people throughout the world. The vote matters to them. No one’s ignorance, including a couple of hip cross-dressers, is an excuse.” He ended his letter with: “All best, and a sincere fuck you, Sean Penn.”
    Actually, Penn can go fuck himself for his own ignorance. In 95% of House congressional districts, voters have no real choice at all due to gerrymandering. Those who care about the following issues: Palestinian rights, the racist prison-industrial complex, police brutality, the Patriot Act, the pre-emptive war doctrine, abortion access, and gay marriage will find no voice in the national electoral arena during this cycle. Indeed, moving beyond a myopic electoral focus into day-to-day grassroots activity between elections is a far more “responsible” position, to use Penn’s words, rather than encouraging voters to pull the lever for either pro-war war criminal from Yale. Unless Penn is supporting the candidacy of Ralph Nader, Michael Badnarik, David Cobb, the Workers World Party, the Socialist Workers Party or the Socialist Party USA—and he most certainly is not—he has no business invoking the horrors of Iraq against those who will not vote, as the candidate he supports is as responsible for them.
    All best, Sean Penn, and a sincere fuck you.
    Matt and Trey are, of course, Hollywood’s new puppetmasters. Apologies to Matt Damon. Matt and Trey were present at An Evening at Home With the Osbournes Happy Columbus Day! Now, send in the names of any movie stars you saw as marionettes in Team America. :) So far...

    Gary, Joe, Kim Jong Il, Hans Blix - Trey Parker
    Chris - Matt Stone
    Lisa - Kristen Miller
    Sarah - Masasa
    Spottswoode - Daran Norris
    I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E. - Phil Hendrie (radio talk show host. Mission to Mars, anyone?)
    Alec Baldwin - Maurice LaMarche

    Remember that American History cartoon in Bowling for Columbine that so many of us fans and even workers on the show tried to show was NOT from Matt and Trey? Well, they're a little pissed off about that themselves. From 'Team America' Takes on the World (Nwe York Newsday):

    Parker and Stone still harbor hard feelings about that sassy, anti-gun cartoon because they feel it was done in "South Park" style. They believe the proximity to Stone's interview misled some fans into thinking they had done the cartoon, even though Moore never said they did.
    For this slight, Moore's punishment in "Team America" is extreme: he's depicted as a gibbering, overweight, hot-dog eating buffoon who straps explosives to his body to blow up the American do-gooders. The puppet was reportedly stuffed with ham when it blew.
  13. October 12, 2004 - A list of celebrities who were scheduled to appear at yesterday's premiere of Team America: World Police at Grauman's Chinese Theater:
    Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Danny DeVito, Laura Flynn Boyle, Matthew Perry, Owen Wilson David Spade, Stephen Dorff. Kevin Smith, Spike Jonze, Pete Yorn, Eric Idle, Weird Al Yankovic, Aisha Tyler, Hilarie Burton, Alexis Arquette, Rachel Bilson, Fred Durst, Evangeline Lilly, Jack Osbourne, Bob Odenkirk, Jason Ritter, Nick Carter, AJ McLean, Preston Lacy, Lake Bell, Kathleen Robertson, Ivana Milicevic, Dina Meyer, Melissa Rivers, George and Geoff Stults, Maeve Quinlan, Skyler Stone, The Roots, Les Claypool of Primus, Steve Coogan, Andrew Wilson, Jennifer Holiday, Donovan Leitch, Timothy Bottoms, Randall Batinkoff, Phil Hendrie, and others.
    Both E! and Access Hollywood were there to get some comments from the stars. SP Alliance has video from the E! segment; look there for the Access Hollywood segment as well if you don't catch it on TV. Pics here.
  14. October 14, 2004 - Team America will reach Great Britain on January 14. On the success of their films: “I don’t give a fuck about box office,” Parker says. “I just want to make things that my friends will call me up and say, „Dude, that was sweet.’ We make cartoon and puppet movies. How seriously can you take yourself?” Matt and Trey mention a year or two more for the show - nothing new there. MTV reports on Monday's premiere. Trivia time: Matt & Trey had to submit the movie to the MPAA 10 times before they got the R. And, yesterday's Conan clip from nall, new media provider for spschat and this site. And here's the 60 Minutes II clip from Coffeeguy (skip to 15:30 to see it). Thanks, the both of you. :) Matt and Trey talk to Teen Hollywood about "Team America" (print version, so you don't have to leaf through the pages). Finally, 'South Park' creator combines action, puppets. In this article, the only new thing is that season 6 is the second-highest-rated season.
  15. October 15, 2004 - Well... Go out there and watch

    And send in your dyns!!! (Did You Notice?)

    Christy Lemire of Associated Press calls 'Team America' the funniest film of the year, but Roger Ebert hated it. He gave it only one star, while he gave SP:BLU 2½ stars five years ago. The Daily News gives TA:WP 3½ stars while Total Blade gives it 4. The Journal Times thinks the duo can do far better than they do in this film, giving it only 2½ stars. Spliced Wire says this movie is forgettable in a way South Park will never be.

    Articles and Interviews:

    TV Guide
    The Stanford Daily
    Cinema Confidential
  16. October 16, 2004 - Help me fill out the South Park Calendar off to the left with any appearances by Matt and Trey, events in other countries, and what not so you all know what'll happem when. Thanks. :)
  17. October 17, 2004 - October 14, on the radio, Matt said that the entire love scene is going to be on the TA:WP DVD, so we'll all be able to see the parts that were removed from the movie. Listen to it now! Other stuff to learn from there: Matt is an agnostic Jew. They wanted to voice Chef themselves, but CC told them they neeeded a black actor to voice him. Team America came in at #3 this weekend.
  18. October 18, 2004 - A challenge for anyone who's up to it: stick around for the end of the credits and record Kim Jong Il's song about Alec Baldwin, then DCC it to me in chat, email to me, or send it to me on AIM. Also, Breayle says Matt and Trey are scheduled to return to work today, and Season 8 resumes in nine days. And now, the quote of the day, straight from the film. :D

    There are three kinds of people: dicks, pussies and assholes. Pussies think everyone can get along and dicks just want to fuck all the time without thinkin' it through. But then you got your assholes, Chuck. And all the assholes want is to shit all over everything. So pussies may get mad at dicks once in a while because... pussies get fucked by dicks. But dicks also fuck assholes, Chuck! And if they didn't fuck the assholes, you know what you'd get?? You'd get your dick and your pussy all covered in shit!!
    The same speech at the awards ceremony.

    We're dicks! We're reckless, arrogant, stupid dicks! And the Film Actors' Guild!.. are pussies. And Kim Jong Il!.. is an asshole. Pussies don't like dicks!.. because puusies get fucked by dicks. But dicks also fuck assholes. Assholes who just want to shit on everything. Pussies may think they can deal with assholes their way, but the only thing that can fuck an asshole... is a dick... with some balls. The problem with dicks is that sometimes they fuck too much, or fuck when it isn't apporoporate, and it takes a pussy to show 'em that. But sometimes pussies get so full of shit that they become assholes themselves. Because pussies are only an inch and a half away from assholes. I don't know much in this crazy, crazy world, but I do know that if you don't let us fuck this asshole, we are gonna have our dicks and our pussies... all covered in shit.
  19. October 19, 2004 - Team America secrets are now rolling out. Read and submit your own findings. Also, the Team America soundtrack is out on iTunes today and in stores two weeks hence.
  20. October 20, 2004 - Seven days till new SP eps come out. Lord knows what they'll come up with: South Park Studios has no idea. And, 13 days till your vote counts. Read up on the candidates and go to your polling station on Nov. 2. And now, a Dark Horizons interview with Matt & Trey made a week ago. You non-Americans may well get the entire two-minute sex scene we were deprived of.
  21. October 22, 2004 - Fall schedule added to the South Park Calendar. Season 8 will end up having 14 episodes, like Season 5 did. The episode numbers are tentative, so they may air out of order anyway. South Park Studios reports that after the winter hiatus the crew will return in February to start on season/series 9. Also, the South Park Alliance is now part of CrapTV, which to me means it has left the ranks of independent fan sites. Phew. :) Good luck, guys.
  22. October 23, 2004 - The Top 27 so far... updated on the sps bbs, if you want to know what's aired. And heeeere they are:
    27: 217 ~ Gnomes
    26: 503 ~ Cripple Fight
    25: 310 ~ Chinpokomon
    24: 209 ~ Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls
    23: 513 ~ Kenny Dies
    22: 704 ~ Canceled
    21: 709 ~ Christian Rock Hard
    20: 803 ~ Up the Down Steroid
    19: 113 ~ Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut
    18: 202 ~ Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut
    17: 104 ~ Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boatride
    16: 509 ~ Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants
    15: 807 ~ The Jeffersons
    14: 203 ~ Chickenlover
    13: 508 ~ Towelie
    12: 410 ~ Do The Handicapped Go To Hell?
    11: 411 ~ Probably
    10: 804 ~ The Passion Of The Jew
    09: 608 ~ Red Hot Catholic Love
    08: 501 ~ Scott Tenorman Must Die
    07: 404 ~ Timmy 2000
    06: 613 ~ The Return of the Lord of the Rings to the Two Towers
    05: 502 ~ It Hit's the Fan
    04: 614 ~ Deathcamp of Tolerance
    03: 110 ~ Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo
    02: 801 ~ Good Times with Weapons This should have been #1
    01: 705 ~ Fat Butt and Pancake Head way!
    Beware of 'Team America'. It Exceeds 'South Park' expectations. Rolling Stone has a review of Team America: World Police as well. Airman posted the following at the sps bbs

    Matt and Trey just revealed, on Jimmy Kimmel, the plot for the newest episode of South Park. Season 8 returns this Wednesday, October 27th.
    The school is holding an election for a mascot. The "election" is between a giant douche and a turd sandwich. Stan says he doesn't want to vote, and so P.Diddy comes to South Park and tries to kill him. (an obvious reference to the argument two weeks ago about P Diddy's "vote or die" statement)
    Matt and Trey also brought a clip with them, if you can call it that. It was 2 storyboard scenes, with a clip of Stan's voice, cut off mid sentence. That's a lot, considering the script isn't done and they just came up with the idea today. (which means this may never make it on air - it's just an idea they're tossing around right now)
  23. October 25, 2004 - This week's episode: 808 - Douche and Turd The screen grab below is far livelier and prettier than anything I could come up with. :)

    Stan, ostracised by the town.Cartman and Butters dancing.Cartman and Butters dancing.

  24. October 27, 2004 - South Park Does Thunderbirds’. No sequel planned.
    "Never in a million years. Filming Team America was the worst six months of my life,” says Trey Parker, who wrote, produced and directed the film with his creative partner Matt Stone. “Writing the songs was the only fun thing that happened for us in those six months. Otherwise it was gruelling 18-hour days and that was seven days a week.”
  25. October 28, 2004 - What song does the Giant Douche come out dancing to? You might come across this if you search for South Park news, but let me say that P Diddy was NOT in last night's episode. Trey did his voice. Also, found at Bloody Disgusting: Finally Someone Grows Some Balls and Sues the MPAA!!
    Come on everyone, let's say it together, F--- the MPAA! So I'm sitting at work reading this weeks Entertainment Weekly, which sports Mel Gibson on the cover, and inside I find an interesting article on 'Team America.' As I read, I come across a shocking surprise- once Trey Parker and Matt Stone finish the next run of 'South Park' episodes, they are raging a full blown war on the MPAA! Although nothing has been filed just yet, they claim that the operation being run by the MPAA is ridiculous and out of hand- claiming that studios can "negotiate" their ratings while independent films are SOL- among other things. My favorite claim is how the MPAA had 'Team America' sent home with some random woman to rate it- basically putting the entire films future in her hands. Check out the article at newsstands now, not only is it hilarious, but it makes a tear come to my eye. Good luck on your mission boys, don't let us horror fans down!
  26. October 29, 2004 - Remember How's Your News? Well, here it is, revisited: NEWS Campaign Trail: Jabberwocky Is Hard at it Again with News Team. :)
  27. November 1, 2004 - I'm keeping this background and other graphics until the end of tomorrow, for it is the feast of the Day of the Dead in Mexico (should be Days of the Dead, since it's a two-day holiday.) More on that later. First, straight from Comedy Central Press:


    NEW YORK, November 1, 2004 - The little mountain town of South Park is changed forever when a very large warehouse superstore opens its doors in an all-new episode, entitled "Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes," premiering Wednesday, November 3 at 10:00 p.m. on COMEDY CENTRAL.
    The streets of South Park are like a ghost-town when a giant Wall-Mart lures the townspeople to the new store with its incredible bargains. Cartman becomes a boy possessed by the power of Wall-Mart and its low, low prices. In order to save their town, Stan and Kyle have to find a way to destroy the ever-expanding superstore while keeping Cartman from stabbing them in the back.
    Now for the Days of the Dead:
    This used to be a midsummer feast, but the Conquistadores wanted to line them up with All Saints Day and All Souls Day, so now we have this:
    November 1 - Day of the Little Angels: This grew out of All Saints Day. All dead kids are remembered on this day.
    November 2 - Day of the Dearly Departed: This grew out of All Souls Day. All dead adults are remembered on this day.
  28. November 2, 2004 - Go out and VOTE today. Now for some Orgazmo news: the DVD has a release date of February 15, but it won't be the grand thing we've been waiting for. :(
    Just announced from Universal Home Video is the long-awaited Orgazmo: Special Edition. Unfortunately however, it seems like the project has been scaled back from its once-planned double-disc set.The single-disc release will be available on February 15th with an anamorphic widescreen transfer and Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo sound. Retail will be $19.98.
  29. November 6, 2004 - Script and secrets for "Something Wall*Mart This Way Comes" now up in the Episode Guide, Season 8. Go check them out now and submit any corrections. I was a bit distracted this week, so I'm sure there are more errors than usual. :)

  30. November 8, 2004 - Mom! Comedy Central's Cussing Again! covers Comedy Central's penchant for raunchy programs. And now, this week's ep:


    Catch A Rare Glimpse Of The Boys In Their Formative Pre-School Years

    NEW YORK, November 8, 2004 -- The boys fear for their lives when a friend once scorned seeks revenge in an all-new episode of "South Park," entitled "Preschool," premiering Wednesday, November 10 at 10:00 p.m. on COMEDY CENTRAL.
    For five long years, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman and Butters have kept a secret about an illegal incident that happened back in pre-school. Now, the kid who took the fall for the group, Trent Boyett, is getting out of "juvie" and his first order of business is justice for his betrayers. When Butters ends up in the hospital after his run-in with Trent, the boys decide to hire some sixth graders to watch their backs.
  31. November 10, 2004 - Check out this picture from the Beastie Boys' "Right Right Now Now." The poster appears throughout the video, as it was filmed at one place.

    Check out "Right Right Now Now" and other videos from the Beastie Boys here.
  32. November 13, 2004 - Attack of the Puppet People: How reviewers misread Team America, the year’s most potent political satire.
  33. November 15, 2004 - Episode info from Comedy Central Press!!! W00t!!!


    Token, Cartman, ...and I'm guessing the third kid is Kyle.Stan, Jimmy, and Butters join the three in a meeting.

    NEW YORK, November 15, 2004 -- The boys of "South Park" produce their own morning news show on the school's closed-circuit television station and are immediately caught up in the intense competition for ratings in an all-new episode, entitled "Quest For Ratings," premiering Wednesday, November 17 at 10:00 p.m. on COMEDY CENTRAL.
    Cartman and Jimmy anchor "Super School News" bringing all the latest from South Park Elementary to their audience of four viewers. When the show faces cancellation, the boys refuse to give up. Committed to restructuring the program to attract viewers, Cartman will try anything to hook an audience.
    Also, the pics for the last two eps: Preschool

    The boys as preschoolers.
    The boys visit the sixth graders.
    Another shot of the scene.

    and Something Wall*Mart This Way Comes

    Cartman plots to thwart Stan and Kyle's plan to kill Wall*Mart.
    Randy, drunk with consumerism.

  34. November 16, 2004 - Orgazmo release date pushed back to March 29. South Park Season 5 DVD set comes out on March 1.
  35. November 22, 2004 - Three more eps after Thanksgivig, then hiatus till February.

    This is not Kenny. This is Butters with a great head of hair. Would that he have this much hair all the time. :D
  36. November 29, 2004 - New ep info combined from Comedy Central Press and South Park Studios!

    Episode 812: Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset

    Who is the "Stupidest Spoiled Whore" in South Park? The world's most well-known socialite arrives in South Park and engages in some "friendly" competition
    All the fourth grade girls idolize a rich, famous and spoiled socialite, known for her jet-set lifestyle, television show and extra-curricular activities. They even have her brand new toy set that comes complete with video camera, night vision filter, play money and losable cell phone. In an effort to impress their idol, the girls pursue the boys to make their own videos.
  37. December 1, 2004 - Beavis & Butt-head or South Park? You decide. Also, from the Christian Science Monitor, there are at least twenty things to be thankful for. :) Here's #4:
    4. Matt Stone and Trey Parker. The two creators of "South Park" are still scorching earth and taking names both on their television show and in "Team America: World Police," which should be required viewing for anyone who is involved with the exercise of American military force. Plus, it's puppets, people. How can you not find puppets funny?
    Cover and DVD art for Season 5, coming March 1:

  38. December 5, 2004 - From one Freddy Krueger on Usemet:
    I just love the character of Mr. Slave, the gayest, most perverted, effeminate, butch, leather queer I've ever seen, and I happen to be gay myself. Though not my scene, there are countless gay men out there who stick the most amazing things up their asses.
  39. December 6, 2004 - Fun fact: If you're a woman over 30, you probably hate Eric Cartman's rendition of "O Holy Night." Check it out. And now, new episode info from Comedy Central Press.

    Episode 813: Cartman's Incredible Gift

    Cartman suffers a severe blow to the head after a nearly fatal fall in "Cartman's Incredible Gift." After sustaining a severe head injury, Cartman appears to have the power to see into the future. South Park detectives are quick to enlist his help in cracking unsolved murder cases and Cartman is more than willing to help, for a price. In the meantime, a group of "licensed" psychics cry foul when Cartman refuses to join their ranks.
    And last week's megapic for "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset":
  40. December 8, 2004 - Around the World Round Up: 'Incredibles,' 'Bridget' Top $100M

    Team America News

    In its international debut, Team America: World Police invaded Australia with $968,430 from 142 screens, South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut, grossed a relatively strong $31.1 million in its entire offshore run and with success in Germany and the U.K., Team America could match or pass that mark.
  41. December 9, 2004 - I decided to restore a board I started two years ago on Aug 16th, 2002 and which lasted until February of this year. I'm waiting on an e-mail to regain control of the board. You can go ahead and sign up if you like, and paste images deemed too large to display at South Park Studios. The board is named after this site, of course. :) The last post was made by Lisa, SPS BBS member. Enjoy. Vote for your Favorite Animated Movie, then vote for some other movies.
  42. December 10, 2004 - Here's a blast from the past: Star Park, with completed musical. Milk and Cookies offers this video up as the uncut marionette sex scene in Team America. Breayle, from South Park Studios, tells me that the clip is still incomplete. Scenes that weren't shown are Hot Karl, Filth Sanchez, and bukkake. Finally, transcript and secrets are up for Wednesday's episode.
  43. December 13, 2004 - Next Monday you will see Version 2.0 of South Park Studios. Anyone who's read a graphic novel will recognize the new look. :) This has been in the works for nine months now. South Park Studios will be down from sometime Friday afternoon to Monday morning. A teaser pic showing off the new version will be up in the meantime. :)


    In this episode, entitled "Woodland Critter Christmas," Stan is approached by the forest critters and asked to help them build a manger in anticipation of the birth of their Lord and Savior. Stan complies, only to find out that they serve a very different Lord.
    New episodes will return to the network in March 2005.


    The Stars of The New Film, "In Good Company," Host New Year's Eve On COMEDY CENTRAL With Six Back-To-Back Episodes of "South Park" The "Rock-A-Thon" Leads Up To An Unedited Airing of "South Park: Bigger, Longer And Uncut"

    NEW YORK, December 13, 2004 - COMEDY CENTRAL parties with Dennis Quaid, Scarlett Johansson, Topher Grace and Cartman and company as they ring in the New Year with six rockin' episodes of "South Park" starting Friday, December 31 at 10:00 p.m.
    These stars from Universal's new feature film, "In Good Company," coming to theaters on January 14, host New Year's Eve on COMEDY CENTRAL with six back-to-back episodes of "South Park," featuring messed-up musical numbers and boy bands gone wild and share clips and behind-the-scenes stories from their new film, all leading up to "South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut" at 1:00 a.m.
    The "South Park New Year's Rock-A-Thon" will run as follows:
    Friday, December 31

    10:00 p.m.South Park Episode #214 - "Chef Aid"
    10:30 p.m.South Park Episode #404 - "Timmy 2000"
    11:00 p.m.South Park Episode #409 - "Things You Can Do With Your Finger"
    11:30 p.m.South Park Episode #705 - "Fat Butt & Pancake Head"
    MidnightSouth Park Episode #709 - "Christian Rock Hard"
    12:30 a.m.South Park Episode #805 - "You Got F'd in the A"
    1:00 a.m."South Park: Bigger, Longer And Uncut"

    From various Yahoo! reports:
    The American Film Institute's top 10 television programs of the year, selected by a 13-person panel, were HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Deadwood," "The Sopranos" and "Something the Lord Made," ABC's "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost," FX's "Nip/Tuck" and "The Shield," Fox's "Arrested Development" and Comedy Central's "South Park."
    Top films and shows will be honored at an AFI luncheon Jan. 14 at the Four Seasons Hotel.
  44. December 14, 2004 - Aesthetic and Ethical Relationships in South Park, by Chris Wallace.
  45. December 15, 2004 - Today's news: Breayle Reiss has left as South Park Studios Webmistress and there are no plans for a new Webmaster. And, AP critics pick the year's best movies in this article
    The top 10 films of 2004, according to AP Movie Critic Christy Lemire. Coming in at #2:
    "Team America: World Police" - It works on every level: as sidesplitting comedy, sharp political satire, observant parody of bombastic action flicks, even as a musical, with meticulously detailed sets and costumes. And did we mention that the stars are puppets? The "South Park" guys are at it again, and just when you thought they'd sufficiently shocked you, they've come up with a sex scene involving marionette superheroes that will make you laugh so hard, you'll cry. Easily the year's funniest movie.
  46. December 19, 2004 - Here's a blow-up of the town shown in the episode.