The SP Timeline 2002

Winter 2002

  1. January 3, 2002 - Keith Hui reports that is to close tomorrow because Comcast picked up the webmistress' IP from @Home, so she lost her static IP. The message board remains open, though. Also, Festival News from the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival:


    Whoopi Goldberg, Lily Tomlin, Bill Maher, Norman Lear, The Smothers Brothers, Dick Gregory and "South Park" Creators to Be Honored as HBO's Eighth Annual Festival Returns to Aspen, February 27th - March 3rd, 2002


    Celebration of Free Speech — For Matt Stone and Trey Parker, comedy has always been the best way to satirize the current state of affairs. They have innovatively used TV to push the envelope of free expression by introducing the outrageous Comedy Central hit series "South Park," and by creating "That's My Bush," a sitcom parody involving the real President Bush. In 1999, the duo presented their feature film, "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut," which earned an Oscarฎ nomination and an MTV Movie Award.

  2. January 10, 2002 - Update on Rocpoint: Keith Hui is now hosting it. Sue, the original webmistress, will be doing her own updates there.
  3. January 12, 2002, 12:40a - The domain is here! You can still use the old link to visit here, or use to visit.
  4. January 14, 2002, 12:40p - Topic on #spschat: New South Park plushies coming soon! Towelie and Mr. Mackey! And Towelie will talk! More info at South Park Studios.
  5. January 16, 2002 - Tina Yothers today. :) Is that Goth enough for ya? The ladies at Cannibal Lovers found this long blurb from TV Guide. Tina Yothers, on South Park:
    "To be parodied on something like that show is a great thing," she tells TV Guide Online. "I could've been offended by being a South Park character, because they're all three feet tall and three feet wide. But I wasn't."
    "Actually," she adds, "I was introduced to Matt Stone at a club — he's the gentleman with glasses and curly Afro hair. My friend just introduced me like, 'This is Tina. She's in a band.' So he starts talking to me about how he loves music and wants to be in a band. Then, my friend comes back and tells me, 'That's the creator of South Park.' So I go, 'No! Cool.' So I whispered into his ear, 'Up yours, Tina Yothers!' That's their line from the show. So he took a step back like I was some freak, and then it clicked. Then, he blamed the [parody] idea on his partner [Trey]."
  6. January 18, 2002 - Justin "juz" Trevena is thinking of selling the Sweeet domain. If you're seriously interested in buying it, contact him through the site. Also, check out South Park Studios and DTISFU for information on Run Ronny Run. Trey and Matt have cameos in it.
  7. January 19-20, 2002 - First UK SP Convention.
  8. January 28, 2002 - "Dude, This Is So Fucked Up" has moved to a new host and bought three domains by which fans of Matt and Trey can reach it:,, and Congrats. :)
  9. January 29, 2002 - From SPS: Broadcasting & Cable reports that the Parents Television Council counts 126 violent or raunchy moments per half hour, the most on basic cable. On the SP Digest, John Horne reports that Rank's Top 20 Guilty Pleasures! on E! had South Park ranked 4th! Stars of Who's Line Is It Anyway including Drew Carey said they love the show, along with some other celebs. And breayle posted on SPS the next day:
    Bryan Cranston (Hal on Malcolm in the Middle) says he loves the show especially since the kids heads are obviously boobs, okay whatever!?!
    and the Cast of "Whose Line is it Anyway" was raving, Wayne Brady did his impression of Cartman and Drew Carey said "South Park is a show you should be proud to admit watching, I love it!"
  10. February 1, 2002 - Orgazmo is coming! Orgazmo is coming! SPS reports that the DVD will be here on April 23 for $29.95 and provided this link to the news. Here's the Orgazmo Gallery showing some sneek peeks. DTISFU reported the same thing a few days ago, and posted this link for the Orgazmo DVD site, which seems to be coming along quite nicely. Compare that to the link for Club Orgazmo off to the right. Maybe Elvis was right after all - it takes two days to approve a news item over at SPS, lol.
  11. February 9, 2002 - Nothing new around hmya, but SPS's breayle has been finding download sites long-time fans of the show have known about for a while. South Park Downloads she posted for the fact that they took SPS's episode guide, reversed the order, and replaced the download links with ones to full episodes. Now, images from SPS are allowed to be used on other sites, but not the layout - that belongs to Kung Fu Design. South Park Episodes she posted because some of that site's members went onto the Studios' channel to ask how SPDownloads got to be mentioned in SPS's update — and then to advertise their server. She's also posted Amazon links to seasons 3 and 4 DVDs that won't play on U.S. DVD players (I wonder if they'll play on computer DVD players). Blame Rhino and Warner Brothers for not making season DVDs more readily available for us Americans. Looking at other links I have... is back online getting ready for next Saturday's Presidents' Day marathon (woohoo!).
    How's Your News will be airing again on the 19th and the 25th on Cinemax and screening in Los Angeles and San Francisco.
    For you Matt'N'Trey fans, DTISFU reports that Rufus Wainwright likes Trey, but Trey is a straight Republican.
  12. February 10, 2002 - South Park Media is returning, or so Oakl3y (Kojo Chono) tells me. Also, South Park can be detrimental to a business. Here's what it did for Enron.
    Enron staffers in Texas pushed the Washington office to abandon its Beltway manners in favor of a more creative style. One former executive recalls being chided to adopt a "South Park attitude," in reference to Comedy Central's animated series populated with profane and irreverent third-graders. The idea, the executive said, was to push hard and not worry about making friends.
    Here's the full article, which shows how some movies helped define Enron's financial strategies: Hard Money, Strong Arms And 'Matrix'
  13. February 15, 2002 - The Towelie Plush was available for a day or two at SPS but he was pulled. Breayle wasn't given a reason why. Orders that may have already been shipped may be recalled, but lucky are those who receive their orders. :) Mr. Mackey is available here on eBay before Comedy Central gets a chance to promote him.
  14. February 19, 2002 - Park County Shenanigans at The Music Box: Bar Fight Leads To Park School Superintendent Firing. And, from South Park Studios' update today, Yahoo! now has up-to-date eGifts, with Mr. Mackey now on sale.
  15. February 20, 2002 - I got word that people who ordered Towelie before he got pulled are getting them. :) Lucky for you! (man, I'm envious. :D) Breayle put up some info and pics about last night's screening for How's Your News? on SPS, but no pics of Matt or Trey.
  16. February 20, 2002 - Mr. Mackey is now available at the Comedy Central store!.
  17. February 21, 2002 - More reports from Tuesday's screening at SPS (Matt shows up in this one) and HYN. Enjoy. :)
  18. February 22, 2002 - Small correction: the title to the song playing when the boys are upstairs with the members of NAMBLA in "Cartman Joins NAMBLA" is indeed "Page d' criture," or "Writing Sheet." Butters posts some answers to questions made by nobby at DTISFU. You can find them here
  19. February 25, 2002 - Butters (Charles Song) has posted more stuff at DTISFU: Pam Brady and Nancy Pimental no longer work for the show, and Comedy Central wants to do a big 5 year anniversary thing for South Park. Look to August 13 to see what'll happen.
  20. February 26, 2002 - Eight more days until the sixth season begins! And with the fifth anniversary coming up, how's about a South Park Monopoly game? The idea has appeared in a few places... More pics from last week's HYN screening at SPS (Trey is in one of them).
  21. February 27, 2002 - Comedy Central's press release for the first run of Season 6 South Park episodes (six episodes). The press release also has a few plotlines from the episodes. Two SP hockey sticks will be auctioned off, but when isn't known yet. Check South Park Studios for more info.
  22. March 4, 2002 - From DTISFU: From the Denver Post - Yucks surpass the yuks: Wednesday's episode was to be "Subway Sandwiches Gave Jared AIDS," but Subway, a show sponsor, protested the episode, so changes had to be made to appease the sponsor. And this blurb from the Aspen Daily News - Censorship takes fest's center stage (Oliver Stone was disagreeing with just about everyone): Miffed by [Oliver] Stone's antics, Parker put his tongue in his cheek to reach a different conclusion: "After this whole thing, I've changed my mind. I believe in censorship now. We should absolutely censor as much stuff as we can."
  23. March 5, 2002 - In SPS' Behind the Scenes Butters reveals that (Cousin) Skeeter will return for tomorrow's show, as well as vocal cameos by two SP characters of old, and VISITORS! (check for 'em - five in all, not including the intro) Chef is in studio to provide lines for the season opener. Update on February 27 info on the two hockey sticks shown at SPS: they will be auctioned off during the L.A. Kings - San Jose Sharks game on March 23. Also, there's new information about the upcoming DVDs. It's good to see we won't have to wait until November to get both of them.
    1. June 4 "Insult to Injury" DVD/VHS
      1. Episode 502 "It Hits the Fan"
      2. Episode 503 "Cripple Fight"
      3. Episode 501 "Scott Tenorman Must Die"
      4. Episode 507 "Proper Condom Use"
      5. One of these will be left off the VHS version
    2. September 3rd "Ghouls, Ghosts, and Underpants Gnomes" DVD/VHS
      1. Episode 312 "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery"
      2. Episode 215 "Spooky Fish"
      3. Episode 217 "Gnomes"
      4. DVD only — Episode 413 "Trapper Keeper"
  24. March 6, 2002 - Season 6 of South Park to begin with "Jared Has Aides". Six new episodes for this run.
  25. March 7, 2002 - The town now has the Kenny McCormick Memorial Town Square. :) But the topic at #spschat said that Kenny's filming a movie of the week in Vancouver, BC.
  26. March 8, 2002 - Two articles: From SPS - Celebrity Dodgeball game tomorrow, with Trey and Matt in it. From DTISFU: Chicago Sun Times: 'South Park' vs. Subway - an interview about the title of Wednesday's episode. At Aahs! I found Towelie on sale for $11.95 and Mr. Mackey on sale for $15.95, so check your local novelty store for these plushes. Kenny's situation has been entered into Kenny's Wisdom., after "Kenny Dies."
  27. March 9, 2002 - First annual celebrity dodgeball tournament at The Sports Center and Toluca Lake Tennis Club. Trey and Matt head team South Park, which includes Keef Bartkus (editor), Jack Shih (animator), and Eric Stough (Director of Animation).
  28. March 12, 2002 - Beef-Cake's Taison Tan would often link to huge pictures from Photowire or copy them onto his site for readers to download, and they were excellent. But they haven't appeared in quite some time. Photowire last posted one last November for "Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants." Luckily for us, Comedy Central has created an archive for all those large pictures, and now I bring it to you. Here's the archive. I'll be posting the links to the large pics as the episodes come out.
  29. March 13, 2002 - In SPS' Behind the Scenes Butters tells of an article about Isaac Hayes in the current issue of Stuff Magazine, and of Team South Park's loss in the second round of last Saturday's celebrity dodgeball tournament. But the team still enjoyed itself. Read it! :)
  30. March 15, 2002 - Trey and Matt will be at a Friar's Club Roast for Larry Elder, KABC afternoon radio talk show host. From ESPN Page 2 - 10 Burning Questions for Matt Stone: Question six reveals that Kenny might returm sometime down the line and that Butters is a wannabe, for now. Check out the whole article for more Matt and Trey info. :)
  31. March 16, 2002 - From the SPS FAQ: the two Star Trek geeks from "Fourth Grade" will return in Wednesday's episode.
  32. March 17, 2002 - South Park has been banned in Turkey, so Nomad, of South Park Turkey is appealing to fans around the world to write in and lobby Turkey's Radio and Television High-Institution (RTUK) to get South Park back on the air there. Go to the site and show 'em some support.
  33. March 18, 2002 - Isaac Hayes to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, along with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Brenda Lee and Gene Pitney. The ceremony will be in Manhattan. Hayes got his start as a sideman in R&B groups. Playing keyboard, he backed up artists such as Otis Redding, but later became a solo artist. He's best known for scoring the 1971 blaxplotation film ``Shaft,'' with its funky theme song highlighted by his signature deep vocals. He's now a disc jockey on WRKS in New York City and the voice of ``Chef'' on the animated TV series ``South Park.'' And now, my view of the events concerning Kenny's absence and Butters' new role on the show: Butters' Ascendancy.
  34. March 19, 2002 - An L.A. Times report about dodgeball being banned from some schools. Matt Stone thinks it's being banned because it's too much fun. And an update about SP in Israel from Gilad Gavze:
    Hi Willie,

    I saw you were wondering about SP in Israel, so I have good news, but I guess I'm too late...
    Israel has 3 cable companies and 1 sattellite TV company. SP is aired on the digital cable on the 3 companies, but only seasons 1-3.
    Only something like 40% of the Israelis can see it, because the sat. TV has alot of consumers, so the target is not 100% achieved, so we still need more signers.
    The petition got publicity on some TV guides, and on some sp sites (yours too :D).
    Anyway, SP is up on channel BIP, for something like 6 months, but I was forgot to announce that...:D
    Hope I wasn't too late...
    Thanks for your help so far, we still need it..:D


Spring 2002

  1. March 23, 2002 - The two hockey sticks shown at SPS are auctioned off during the L.A. Kings - San Jose Sharks game. They garner $1000 each for the Cedar Sinai Hospital Cancer Ward.
  2. March 20, 2002 - SPS will have the season 6 intro up for download soon, so it'll be going off this site. And Zuzu and Jenno bring to you... South Park March Madness. Now that this info is in the time line, you can see the results of the four rounds as well as the overall winning team.
  3. March 21, 2002 - What does Jun know? Unless you know Japanese, or can use Babelfish to half-ass translate what he's saying, you'll be left to wonder... Check out the picture you see immediately upon seeing his page. Oh, Jun keeps a diary of his days working on the show. :) Thanks to nobby for showing me the pic.
  4. March 27, 2002, 4:30p - Found at - "kh" wrote: "I got this email on 16/02/02 from a friend who is a ski instructor in Whistler. He said the following: Ok, last night I was at one of the many pubs in Whistler with a few buddy's from work and we bump in to Matt Stone and Trey Parker (south park guys). They told us that they're up there working on a new movie. It's a rip off of harry potter about some retarded kid in a wheelchair going to a magic school. Sounds pretty funny." If this is true, we're in for a movie all about TIMMAH!, a live actioner. Well, maybe not Timmy, but someone along those lines. And if it isn't true, well, just another rumor to juice up the community for a while. :)
  5. April 3, 2002 - Trey and Matt share some memories in TV Guide's "TV We'll Always Remember"
    Trey: "The thing that sticks out from being a kid is that on CBS, whenever they had a holiday special, they had that little thing spinning around saying 'Special'. And you knew it meant that either Rudolph or Charlie Brown was going to be on, or something like that. And it was so special, because there was that one time a year when you could see The Grinch and that was it."
    Matt: "It wasn't so much the O.J. chase, but the fact is was during Game 5 of the NBA Finals. It was Houston and New York, at Madison Square Garden, and then they had the 405 [freeway on one part of the screen], and the game on the other corner at the same time. Now, that doesn't seem that rad. But I remember watching that and being like, 'Oh, my God-live from Madison Square Garden, live from L.A., same time.' That blew my mind."
    From Charles Song, SPS' Behind the Scenes: Check April 20's (two weeks from now) Ultimate Cable edition for an interview with Matt.
  6. April 7, 2002 - More from DTISFU: That Orgazmo 2-CD set that was supposed to come out on April 23 has been postponed indefinitely. That would explain why the content on the DVD's site disappeared some time ago.
  7. April 12, 2002 - from Breayle Riess at #spschat - OK. I got some news on the Orgazmo DVD. Seems the reason why it was postponed is because company that is distributing it just got bought out, and the new people want to release it later after more thingd are done to it, and it should be coming out in the fall sometime, but don't take my word for it haha. I got info from Jason McHugh.
  8. April 15, 2002 - Combined report from last two updates: The reason the Orgazmo DVD was postponed is that USA Home Entertainment just got bought out (by Universal), and Universal Studios Home Video wants to release the DVD later after more things are done to it. It should be coming out in the fall sometime. Mark your calendars for April 23, for on that date USA Networks will sell its entertainment assets to Vivendi Universal.
  9. April 27, 2002 - From Comedy Central Press: "South Park" new episodes begin June 26th and go to July 24, so five eps this time around. The five most notorious episodes will air from May 29 to June 19.
  10. April 28, 2002 - Wow! Big congrats to Justin "Juz" Trevena of Sweeet! for landing a position at Crap TV (currently being redesigned) in helping design the Orgazmo DVD site! Cool beans! Go join the message board there if you're an Orgazmo fan! Ah yes, the release will be on two DVDs.
  11. April 29, 2002 - Here's a funny article that had me believing it was true until I tracked it down. :D Whitley Strieber To Be Awarded Special Hugo (Humor by Edgar Harris). It says that Trey and Matt were taking a break from filming the Orgazmo sequel, Orgazmo Goes To Salt Lake City when Harris interviewed them. Only problem is, there's no such film listed at Corona's Coming Attractions or at the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). There's no Orgazmo sequel, as far as the people at Orgazmo DVD are concerned, ...yet.
  12. May 1, 2002 - A South Park exclusive! Check out a Quicktime clip of a Larry Elder show done South Park style at spschat! If you've seen and liked SNL's (and Comedy Central's) TV Funhouse, you'll love this! From Mattt Potter at the Orgazmo DVD forum, some features of the upcoming 2-DVD Orgazmo release:
    The disc includes audio commentary by Matt and Trey and Dian Bahar, Stan, Andy and Jason
    Plus a third is the porno star track and other cast...Maki San, David Dunn, Robyn Rabb (G-Fresh, ACUP and Lisa) Jason and me.
    The celeb Audio track consists of The south park writing staff (Pam Brady, Matt Pregger and Kyle McCulloch), Weird Al Yankovic, Dave Foley, Bob Odenkirk (From HBO's Mr. Show) Kevin Smith, David Cross (From HBO's Mr. Show) and David Zucker.
    The second disc has a one hour documentary "The Book of Orgazmo" One hour of deleted scenes and outtakes. The original 16 MM trailer. The original theatrical trailer. The original EPK. Dragon Con Footage and fully animated menus.
    Don't worry this disc is coming out. Maybe sooner than later.
  13. May 5, 2002 - Cinco de Mayo, folks. :) If you're an Orgazmo fan, as I am, here's a petition you'll be interested in: Orgazmo 2: Trouble in Tokyo. It's for Trey to get started on the sequel to Orgazmo.
  14. May 16, 2002 - Two items: First, if you want your eps in order when they come out on VHS and DVD, go and sign this petition. When Rhino was handling the releases it released the eps in order, by season. Then Warner Brothers took it over and switched to themed releases, which really fucks things up for people who want to collect the eps as they came out, in order. Many other shows release their eps in order; South Park should be able to do so as well. Second, Matt and Trey are going to provide commentary on Kids In The Hall's new DVD, Same Guys, New Dresses coming out soon. KITH will begin a Virgin Megastore Tour this Saturday at the Sunset Virgin Megastore in Los Angeles, then go on to San Francisco, Phoenix, and finally Las Vegas. Read more about it here. Update: According to this thread, Warner Brothers will start releasing Region 1 season sets of South Park starting this fall. Rhino's already done this, but it'll be nice getting all the eps from ONE source.
  15. May 19, 2002 - U.S. News and World Reports confirms May 16's update in "DVD It Yourself:" Best of South Park disks also had fans fuming; season sets start this fall. Since the issue's sell-by date is May 20, that issue has been on stands since last Monday, so the thread simply pointed out what U.S. News and World Reports had already printed. And that just rocks! Guess that petition did its job. :)
  16. May 23, 2002 - Seen at Aahs! - 7 inch tall Ass-Face Kenny plush for $15.99, in its own oversized milk carton.
  17. May 31, 2002 - If you find yourself downloading a file called "Episode 515 - Cartman Loses Virginity", be advised that it is actually "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving"
  18. June 5, 2002 - South Park Studios releases Cartman's Desktop Theme. Go there to get it.
  19. June 11, 2002 - SPS goes down for three days as it switches ISPs and makes sure the site works there. It returns on the 14th.
  20. June 16, 2002 - Scandal in the Catholic Church - My take.
  21. June 18, 2002 - DTISFU was the first, and until now, the only site to report on the following: 'Park' and Ride: Aging 'toon still a boon to cable. Yeah, but there's a general feeling that as the creators near the end of their contract, the shows are losing their punch. A few fans have stopped watching the show altogether, but still love the show.
  22. June 20, 2002 - Butters updates South Park Studios today with info on next week's episode, "SIMPSONS ALREADY DID IT". Read the news there. The only thing I can add is that Butters seems to have carved out a leading role all his own apart from the four boys. I thought he would. :)

Summer 2002

  1. June 21-23, 2002 - US South Park Convention II, at Fairplay.
  2. June 21, 2002. - Summer arrives! Woohoo! Also, the transcript for the Most Notorious Episode is here, complete with Matt and Trey commentary! As I melded the two original transcripts together, I noticed that some of the lines were redone. Just something to look out for, no biggie.
  3. June 22, 2002, 3a. - Butters (Charles Song) reports on DTISFU's Matt and Trey board that new SP DVDs will come in November (There's one more themed DVD scheduled for September). He could only mean the season (or series) DVDs (no doubt box sets) that people outside the U.S. already get. With VHS tapes being phased out now that DVD sales are strong, will VHS box sets be released as well?
  4. June 23, 2002 - I've heard that there are at least two threads protesting my ban from GTG. I figure I'd give you some background on that...
    On May 10, 2001 Matt & Trey held a chat with South Park Studios, and Catpoo was dedicated enough to get screen grabs for all the questions. He then transcribed the grabs and posted the transcript on GTG. I promptly copied the transcript and posted it here without his permission (but then, I don't recall him asking SPS for their permission to post it or to dictate the manner of its distribution, either, but no matter). When he bitched about it and banned me I took it down and put a link up to the GTG thread. Then I was let back in. Months went by and eventually the transcript disappeared from GTG, and that's when I decided to put it up again (no, I didn't ask for his permission. Live with it), this time with corrections from the official transcript. Hell, I could have put up the official transcript up in html and Catpoo would have banned me for it. :D I put the link up in the Creators' page. Needless to say, Catpoo found it and banned me again. :) Now, the first time, I apologized. This time, I wear the ban as a badge of honor. Youse can go debate that on GTG - I won't know anything about it, at least not first-hand.
    Thanks for the support, those of you who protest for me. :)
  5. June 27, 2002 - Last day of the South Park Digest tomorrow. You. can read all the Digests from as far back as January 1998 here. A forum will replace the Digest on July 1 or 2 at Comedy Central's site. SPS today mentions the Ass-faced Kenny on sale (check the May 23 update - they've been out for a month elsewhere). The Thompsons, the ass-faced couple, has been on sale there since last week. Check out the novelty stores.
  6. June 26, 2002 - second part of season 6 begins with "Simpsons Already Did It."
  7. June 28, 2002 - last day of the South Park Digest. You. can read all the Digests from as far back as January 1998 here. A forum will replace the Digest on July 1 or 2. SPS notes that the Thompsons are now on sale at the South Park store. Get your ass-faced Kenny there, too. Also, the first season will be rereleased on Novermber 12, this time with director's commentary from Matt and Trey. You might also be interested in these two babydoll shirts: South Park Stay Away From My Man and South Park Timmy. And even MORE South Park Stuff!!! A Butters doll is coming soon. Details as they come.
  8. July 2, 2002 - SPS has an interesting link to Ananova, for you Brits who are interested in summaries for the video releases for series 5, episodes 6 through 14. But they still get Mr. Hat's name WRONG! Also, Butters posted in Behind The Scenes that at least one actor from That's My Bush is parlaying his role there into a film role: Timothy Bottoms will play President George Bush once again in Steve Irwin's new film The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course. The trailer to this film has been out for a few weeks now. I suppose this is all that remains of that wonderful movie, George Bush and the Secret of the Glass Tiger, the TMB movie that was said to be in the works late last summer. Anywho, DTISFU has a link to some IMAX films in the works. Now, Matt and Trey have done Jesus Vs. Frosty and Jesus vs. Santa, but not Santa vs. Frosty. So, Steve Oedekerk will do the honor in... SANTA VS. THE SNOWMAN!.
  9. July 3, 2002 - The SP Digest board. Comedy Central came through with the board, but it's no substitute for the Digest.
  10. July 5, 2002 - New Matt and Trey site by Zuzu and GirlyGirl. Niiice.
  11. July 7, 2002 - The Many Deaths of Kenny - Big Jim W at South Park USA has compiled many of Kenny's deaths into a seven-minutes video. Go to his site to stream it or download it. Nicely done!
  12. July 8, 2002 - An update on Scandal in the Catholic Church. It has a review of the episode and the issues it addressed last week. Script, secrets, guests up, pics later. Now to other news. SPS announces the Fifth Anniversary Special. The Anniversary Special will consist of three episodes from the series uninterrupted for the first time ever on television, and have commentary by Danny DeVito, Hugh Hefner, Chris Klein, Jay Leno, and others. Read more on the special there. Also, Breayle has made a QuickTime video of the Great Destinations intro to the Most Notorious Episode available for download.
  13. July 16, 2002 - Matt and Trey's Zuzu has posted the second of Matt and Trey's segments for the Most Notorious Episode. Zuzu has lots of room for this stuff on her site (I can only hold up to 50 MB), and bre wants to get the video out the fastest way possible.
  14. July 18, 2002 - Alternate SPS link if the main one isn't wokring: Found at Comedy Cemtral Press - "South Park" - new episodes (begins November 6) (check out the menu on the left side - of that site, not this one :) - and scroll down). But the page the link goes to doesn't say anything about new eps in November. Not yet, anyway. The SPS FAQ (March 21) says that 15-17 episodes will air. We had six in the spring, five this summer. Maybe five in the fall? Anywho, on to some Emmy news:
    Posted by: butters @ SPS on 07-18-2002 12:45 (9:45 am PDT)
    Yep, we just got nominated for the third time (in five years, what where they smokin' the other two?) for "Osama bin Laden has Farty Pants."

    Ah yeah!

    We're up against "As told by Ginger" "Futurama" "King of the Hill" and, of course, "The Simpsons"

    Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming Less Than One Hour)
    1. As Told By Ginger • Lunatic Lake • NICK • A Klasky Csupo production in association with Nickelodeon
    2. Futurama • Roswell That Ends Well • FOX • The Curiosity Company in association with 20th Century Fox
    3. King Of The Hill • Bobby Goes Nuts • FOX • 20th Century Fox Television in association with 3 Arts
    4. The Simpsons • She Of Little Faith • FOX • Gracie Films in association with 20th Century Fox Television
    5. South Park • Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants • COM • Comedy Central
    Award date: It airs Sunday, September 15 at 7:00 p.m. on E!
  15. July 23, 2002 - Orgazmo is now listed at Amazon for pre-order. It comes out in about two months. Props to Beeb, since I checked email first, and he had sent me a message about this. Help him out by ordering through his shop, near the middle of the page.
  16. July 25, 2002 - Yesterday's episode marks the 90th first-run episode of South Park to air. Since the contract calls for 100 episodes, there are ten more episodes left before we have to say goodbye to the show. All ten may air starting November 6 (21 episodes total for season 6), or five may air starting November 6, and five more next year for a short 7th season. Matt and Trey may announce more episodes to come after the 100th, or they may just leave the show while Comedy Central continues with a writing staff, current or otherwise. The fate of the show is not known yet.
  17. July 26, 2002 - The following story may not have anything to do with South Park, but ...Boy's Penis Stitched Back After Donkey Bite. Ya think maybe Cartman has it in for someone else? :D
  18. July 27, 2002 - Child Tracker is real! But it uses a cell phone instead of a cumbersome helmet. Of course, you can leave the cell phone behind and not be tracked, have your friend carry your phone, etc. But if you're a parent and want to keep track of your child without calling him or her, check that site out.
  19. July 29, 2002 - If you're interested in bringing Kenny back and ending the fourth-boy shuffle on the show, tell Matt and Trey to reconsider removing Kenny McCormick from South Park. All you Kenny fans on the BBS should be up for this. Found on the SPS BBS:
    Posted by: Jules31 @ SPS BBS @ 07-29-2002 11:28
    In the new TV Guide they count down the 50 best cartoon characters and Cartman is number 10! Yeah! Go, Cartman! There's also some quotes from Matt and Trey in the article.


    And Zuzu at Matt and Trey has this quote from the article:

    10. Eric Cartman
    The vulgarity and irreverence of "South Park" (Comedy Central, Wednesdays, 10PM/ET) is all rolled up in Cartman, the show's big-boned pottymouth and breakout star. You either gasp at his scathing indictments of American life or you gasp because you can't catch your breath for laughin. Or both. Trey Parker, who voices Cartman, created "South Park" with Matt Stone (who once described the crude cartoon as "'Peanuts' on acid"). "I like that people can think Cartman's really cute and childlike, and then he does things that are really dark," Parker says. "People are always talking about how fragile children are, and they're sort of forgetting what little bastards they can be."
    Vote for YOUR favorite here.
  20. August 1, 2002 - The show may be on hiatus until November, but this site'll stay current when there's something to report. Enjoy the down time from midsummer to midfall. :) Pre-order Roundup:
    Amazon | CD Now - Orgazmo
    Amazon | CD NOW - South Park Season 1, coming November 12 (found at the SPS BBS)
    You can use coupons found at to save even more on these pre-orders. Check out the Spiderman gif at upper left.
  21. August 4, 2002 - *** Happy First Birthday, #SPSChat!*** It was on this day last year that Zuzu registered the channel as a fan channel. On October 30 breayle made the channel the official South Park Studios chatroom, so if you missed this day, come back on October 30 for its official birthday. Hop on DALnet and enter #spschat, or use the Java client at South Park Studios' fan section to chat with the regulars there. It's a good thing the channel was first founded on Friendship Day. :)
  22. August 5, 2002 - Kenny may return, if only once more
    SPX member Bill Gates says he has inside info that lower ratings this time around, fan pressure to bring Kenny back, and more SP merchandise for season 7 has CC wanting to make more Kenny merchandise, which means they may want one more ep with Kenny in it from Matt and Trey. Matt and Trey weren't happy with this, as they had meant Kenny to stay dead...
    We'll see if this Gates is right soon enough.
    South Park Studio - 150 new items!!! Kewl!!! New items in every section (escept heads - still need a Cartman-type head, body, and clothes)!!! The possibilities are that much closer to being endless!!! And on a sad note, RIP Chick Hearn, Voice of the Los Angeles Lakers, died at 6:30 p.m. PDT at the age of 85.
  23. August 6, 2002 - Kenny's doing far better being a dead character than coming back to life. :) From FlyNome, a database of (mutant) genes found in flies.


    Story:kenny homozygous adults, when infected by Gram negative bacteria, die within two days. Thus their name, after the South Park cartoon character, who dies before the end of each episode. Synonymous : Red Shirt
    Literature reference:Rutschmann et al. (2000) Nature Immunology 1(4):342-7 and Elrod-Erickson et al. (2000) Curr. Biol. 10(13):781-4
    Contributor:Rutschmann Sophie
    This person named this mutant.

    Oh, "Red Shirt" refers to the anonymous red-shirted Starship Enterprise officer who is always the first to die when a landing party from the ship explores a (hostile) planet in the original Star Trek series.

  24. August 7, 2002 - Found at Target: South Park prints (Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, Tweek, and Towelie on navy-blue background) on men's lounge pants ($19.99) and camp shirts ($14.99). Buy the pants, you get a free Towelie keychain (attached to the pants). I got the pants. :)
  25. August 8, 3:30 p.m. - From SPS: DVD Toons releases info on features to be included in the boxed DVD release of South Park: Complete First Season. M&T female fans, Girlfriends says Matt and Trey are people they'd love to party with (more so if Big Gay Al comes along). Mattt Potter at the Orgazmo Forum says that CrapTV will reopen later this month, and the Orgazmo DVD site will most likely open in September - check out Trey and the soccer ball :).
  26. August 12, 2002 - Mad Blast, an Internet toons site, has an interview with Antonio Banderas about Spy Kids 2. In the interview Banderas discusses parodies made of him elsewhere, and here's what he has to say on Matt and Trey's parody of him in South Park:
    ...he was a big fan of the South Park [episode - "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery"] where Cartman carried around his mom’s life-size anatomically correct Antonio Banderas sex doll.
    “I loved that because I love Trey Parker. I love his movies, all those Troma productions, Cannibal: The Musical is one of my favorites and Orgazmo is fantastic. If these guys call me one day I might do a movie with them. I am totally serious. I really like to jump on that side of our profession because I started like that. That’s Almodovar in the beginning.”
  27. August 13, 2002 - Happy 5th Anniversary, South Park! And now, some bad news for us chatters: seems the US DALnet servers are either down or gone, and the European ones are overloaded. It's well nigh impossible to connect, so maybe Zuzu and breayle should move the chatroom to another network, like Zuzu's old haunt. For those of you who are REALLY into South Park trivia, both DTISFU! and list articles that have one quote (only MattNTrey has this one), one character, and one paraphrase from the show to demonstrate how it has become a source of cultural references. For a week or so, the chat moves to
  28. August 14, 2002 - Breayle's comments on Bill Gates' post (see August 5 entry): Ratings haven't dropped (indeed, they're higher since Kenny passed on), and Matt and Trey haven't been talking about the show for about a month now. Still, Kenny may return - we'll have to wait and see.
  29. August 20, 2002 - South Park Studios has info on another special coming up - "Precious Moments: Five Years Of South Park Memories", a three-hour marathon on August 31 starting at 9 p.m. Go there and read up on it. This one is for free, as opposed to "The South Park 5th Anniversary Special."
  30. August 22, 2002 - The South Park Digest is still around, but is just announcements, some blurbs about posts on the message board over at Comedy Central, and questionable ads. And now, an update on the Segway and the still-mysterious IT. I'm of the opinion that Ginger the Human Transporter matches Fred the walking wheelchair, and IT could no longer be called Ginger.
    Hello again, this is Spliff. I spoke with you last November about a South Park Episode named "The Ginger Project" which later got changed to "The Entity." Well apparently evidence is starting to show that the Segway Human Transporter (scooter) was never really Ginger/IT at all but rather another project. MSNBC picked up on the story: However you can find the full argument here:,92057.
    Thought you might be interested still.

  31. August 24, 2002 - Mark Earnshaw came out with the SP4U newsletter last year. Now Kyle, an SP fan, comes out with his own South Park For You Web site. Check it.
  32. August 27, 2002 - South Park Smart Guy has a few blurbs from Maxim's Blender magazine - in the "Top 50 Greatest Musical Movie Moments," "Uncle Fucka" comes in at #19, while the theme from Shaft comes in at #30 (check the blurb with Chef). So I looked around and found this, "The Filthiest Lyrics of All Time!" from the April/May 2002 edition:
    7. Terrance and Phillip, “Uncle Fucka”
    South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut Original Soundtrack, 1999

    THE DIRT The South Park movie's obscenity-filled howler, complete with fart duet
    FILTHIEST BIT “Youre an uncle fucka, yes it's true/Nobody fucks uncles quite like you”
    OUR EXPERT SAYS “It's probably not good for kids to be listening to fuck-your-sister-type albums,” Tucker Carlson, of CNN's Crossfire, argues. “Kids are already vulgar, so there's not a lot of reason to reinforce that. It's like giving malt liquor to an alcoholic.”
    BLENDER'S CLEAN VERSION “You're Uncle Walt, yes it's true/Cryogenically frozen, turning blue”

    Breayle reports that an Emmy crew is filming clips with Matt Stone as I type this for their Creative Arts nomination at the Emmys. Who else finds it ironic that the Emmys are mentioned in "Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants," the ep nominated for the Emmys? :)
  33. August 29, 2002 - Have a look at the latest Cartman caper right here (look at "Inside the RIAA")! That pic brought to you by the ladies at DTISFU! Congrats to the person(s) who hacked that site in order to put that up! :D Needless to say, the RIAA was down at the time this was posted, could be up again by the time you read this. :) DTISFU has links to articles about the hacking, and in those articles is a link to a mirror site containing the defaced front page.
  34. September 2, 2002 - Have a good Labor Day, y'all! Now, though Labor day is the unofficial end of summer, it seems to have become the unofficial beginning of the holiday season as well. Already you can find Halloween and Christmas items on sale. Today also marks the opening of Los Angeles' new cathedral. And for all you Orgazmo fans, the OrgazmoDVD message board is up. It's a backup, though, as all posts between late May and yesterday are gone. xxxjay over at the South Park X message board says that he ran into Dian Bachar over the summer (he doesn't remember the name, heh), and that after conversing at some length with Bachar, learned that after Season 6 ends in December, that'll be it for the show. If Kenny is to return, it'll have to be in the last episode at the latest. But then, this info was gleaned after some beers and a few shots of liquor, so all that could be the alcohol talking. Again, as with Bill Gates' posts, we'll see.
  35. September 3, 2002, 1 a.m. - Apple's Project Marklar - a project about the future of Apple OS X running on x86 architecture normally found in PC's. LooseChanj posted this article at The Marklar first appeared on South Park in November 1999. The project had already started by then. :)
  36. September 4, 2002, 1 a.m. - Turns out the three episodes shown were personal favorites. Before I get to that, lemme note that Matt and Trey hosted a party for themselves - no one else came. :) Anywho, on to favorite eps:
    Trey Parker - It Hits The Fan
    Matt Stone - Cripple Fight
    Steve, a friend - Jewbilee
  37. September 5, 2002, 2 p.m. - All Webmasters take note: if you're offering episodes for download (you know who you are ;)), remove them now. Comedy Central has begun sending out cease and desist letters once more, and given how soon the show may end, one last time, to those sites that have eps on board. The Planearium is the first to get one. Make your time!
  38. September 9, 2002, 11 p.m. - Orgazmo DVD is up and running! Go and see the site! Browse its options! Enjoy some ass! Check out the Orgazmo Special Edition page! :D
  39. September 12, 2002 - Let's Roll! Back to business: on Tuesday I saw Halloween items on sale at Aahs! Among the hats being sold are Kenny hoods, so if you wanna walk around feeling like Kenny, get the hood. :) has some news on South Park, the movie, and the show. The movie is showing as part of the "It’s Forbidden to Forbid" film festival in two theaters in Beirut, Lebanon. The show itself is being passed up by fall premieres - hopefully, South Park will retake the ratings crown on November 6. And if you're gonna check out Bowling for Columbine next month, watch for the three-minute SP-style animation that's part of the movie. :) More info at
  40. September 13, 2002, 10 a.m. - After reading the articles on Bowling for Columbine and learning that the SP-style animation will be a three minute history of the US, I wonder if Matt and Trey reworked Trey's "American History" or if Trey submitted the original short to the movie (since it's SP-style, which casts doubt that it's a South Park creation, and "American History" is pre-SP)? Matt is listed among the cast members for the film, which makes sense, as he went to high school in Littleton, CO., where Columbine High is located.
  41. September 15, 2002 - This year's winner for Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming Less Than One Hour) is Futurama • Roswell That Ends Well. BOOOOOOOO! :(
  42. September 17, 2002, 4:15 a.m. - Last Halloween closed its doors after four and a half years. This month will close its door after a run just as long. Beefcake closed down after six months of troubles and more demands placed on Elvis' time. For Sweeet the case is more demands placed on Juz' time. He hasn't been around OrgazmoDVD much either, so you know he's pretty busy these days. Here's the news straight from Sweeet:

    I'm sure a lot of you have been expecting it, and I'm sure there's a lot of people who have been wanting it - but I've finally decided that it's time for Sweeet to end it's run.
    It's been over 4 years (creeping up on 5) of hard work - and I've met a lot of people over this period (Some great friends now) - but it's now come to the point where I can't dedicate any time to the site, and I've lost that "spark" that I did have (as is obvious by the lack of updates recently).
    So this will mean I will shut down This will also mean shutting down (email), and
    I might end up reusing the domain name for a personal site (not decided yet) or something - but it won't be SP related.
    Oh, and to the few people I still owe a picture or 2 to, I'll get them completed as soon as I get into my new house.

    - juz

    If there are any pics there you want, go get them now. With GTG leaving the scene, I can say that the only thing I miss about being there is Aurora's art, which I haven't seen since February.
    Since the beginning of season 6 I have linked to the South Park page of "Jump the Shark" which tracks fans' opinions about the show's turn to lameness. Now it seems that it was South Park that really got the site off the ground. Read about it here: Fin Tuning, from Rocky Mountain News. (Mr. Garrison was reading from that paper in "Mecha-Streisand")

Fall 2002

  1. September 23, 2002 - A truly dedicated Norwegian fan of South Park, Thomas Dedekam, sent this beautiful tattoo he had done on his arm. Just click to have a look at it. :) I don't want to grow up. From the Boston Globe article, For US troops, a changing mission. Someone get these guys a copy of the movie. :)
    Nation-building is a task for which conventional forces are not trained, and many of the battle-ready 82nd Airborne Infantry soldiers who provide security for Orgun-E, one of a dozen Special Forces forward bases across the country, feel out of place as the operation has shifted mostly to peacekeeping. Frustrated by the politics that prevent them from crossing into nearby Pakistan to hunt down Qaeda and Taliban forces, bored as they run out of books to read or episodes of ''South Park'' to watch, and itching to go to Iraq if the United States invades, many feel their job in Afghanistan is done.
  2. September 25, 2002 - Maybe Cartman was onto something with his mom's Ultravibe Pleasure 2000 back in Christmas 1997. :D A few weeks ago I heard about this new Harry Potter toy, and Zuzu at Matt N Trey has found this article about... the Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 Broom! From all I've read, it might as well be the Ultravibe Nimbus 2000 Pleasure Broom! :D Does this leave any doubt as to why a witch's favorite mode of transportation is a broom? More site terminations. And this one comes from the provider itself. Sweeet, GTG, and eSweeet would have been forced to close if juz hadn't decided to close beforehand. Sam over at SPX has just posted a letter from NetShelter saying they will terminate hosting services on the last day of this month for all the fan sites residing on it, and that includes Sweeet as well as SPX.
  3. September 26, 2002 - The South Park Store now has Jimmy for sale, so if you have Timmy (get him here if you don't), you can now get Jimmy to spar with him. And now a reminder of how Puritan the Unites States still is. The following is the same column, by Matthew Engel, found in two different papers: Australia's the Age - Puritan values still dominate American culture (props to, and the UK's Guardian Unlimited - Their very own Taliban (props to DTISFU). Given this report, did all the envelope-pushing South Park has done over the years amount to anything? And does being any less Puritan really make one any more enlightened? And to answer a question Zuzu asked on her update, yes, Engel thinks America sucks. It certainly isn't the image he saw before coming here. To paraphrase: "Europeans are inclined to think that those who believe in the perfectibility of humankind (i.e. Americans) may be, to coin a phrase, assholes."
  4. Click me! Click me!September 27, 2002 - A screen cap of the SP-style short in the upcoming Michael Moore film, Bowling for Columbine. It's original work, so Trey could have submitted this, but it looks like a mix of South Park and Baby Blues. Have a look =>
    What do you think? How does this compare to the storyboards at South Park Studios?
  5. October 2, 2002 - Just moved the episode stuff into season folders, and put other stuff in info and biography folders. If there are dead links, let me know. :)
  6. October 8, 2002 - South Park Republicans. I would be one of those. If anything, though, South Park is more Libertarian than Republican, something mentioned in this article from December 2000. For those who saw the PPV special last month, there's a reason Trey wore Larry Elder pants. :) To summarize, "South Park Republican" is just another term for Libertarian.
  7. October 10, 2002 - Found at DTISFU: this link to an article about the careers of Matt and Trey, and further proof of their Libertarianism. Found at the SP4U newsletter: this USA Today article about Footnote TV, a Web site that explains things from shows it covers that viewers ask about. Near the bottom, the article says the site is expanding its coverage to include South Park. Should prove interesting. :)
  8. October 14, 2002 - I haven't been to this location yet, but I've walked by it a few times. Maybe I'll eat there after watching this movie - click here for more info on the movie.Bowling for Columbine's Web site is updated with more stuff from the movie, including the credits. Matt and Trey get a mention here, and the animators for the short mentioned in the September 27 news item (scroll down to read it) are listed here, and given Trey's presence in the credits, you can bet that he and Matt provided the voices for the short - several SP voices can be heard on there, like Jimbo's, Stan's, and Pip's. You can also find clips of the short and Michael Moore's interview with Matt here. Thanks to DTISFU for the heads-up. To the right is the Westwood, CA. In-N-Out burger joint Moore interviewed Stone at.
  9. October 15, 2002 - Check out Cartman's Boombox at South Park Studios. Link and the Kung Fu Design crew have been working on this for a few weeks now, and I was one of the beta testers for this java app. Enjoy! :) Now, MattNTrey and DTISFU have more links to reports and reviews about Bowling for Columbine, so go to those two sites to read them. I'll just post two links from all those reports: This from my alma mater, UCLA's Daily Bruin, and this from Ain't It Cool? News. Note to the writer of the Slate article: Matt is the Littleton native, not Trey. And it was the boy's uncle, not his grandfather. Next time, pay attention!
    One last thing... God and Satan were brough into the picture over the weekend: Is there a God? (Matt and Trey chime in on this question), and the New Faces of Satan (South Park's Satan is mentioned). God may not exist, but Satan is now just a parody of his old evil self. And of course, both of them made appearances South Park. :)
  10. October 17, 2002, 12:30 a.m. - From #spschat, some stuff to look forward to in the coming weeks as November 6 approaches: a Ms. Choksondik plush doll (never mind that she's dead...) - (the plush appeared on October 28), billboards and magazine ads for the coming episodes (first one appeared on the 24th), and ...a promo CD you can get at certain R rated movies (still need one, but apparently some people got it on this day, as the screensaver was being given out on this day). I'm still waiting for that Butters/Professor Chaos plush!
  11. October 18, 2002 - An oldie but goodie: A Mother's Courage, comic book version.
  12. October 19, 2002 - Trey turns 33. Happy Birthday!
  13. October 22, 2002 - Matt and Trey have signed to make a new movie. From Roger Friedman's column dated October 17:

    South Park Creators Pull the Strings

    South Park's madcap creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have signed to do their next movie.
    I [Roger Friedman] must confess, when Matt told me about it the other night, I was thrilled.
    "It's going to be marionettes," he said. In fact, the Paramount feature will be an ode to the great work of British puppeteer and filmmaker Gerry Anderson, the brilliant inventor of Thunderbirds, Fireball XL-5 and Supercar in the early sixties.
    "The only difference of course is that it's going to be R-rated, very over the top, and no holds barred," Matt said.
    Also in that bit are Matt's comments on Bowling for Columbine's. The Halloween Costume Contest is ON! Get thee to South Park Studios and enter the contest! Eight days! Get crackin'!
  14. October 23, 2002 - The ad campaign has begun! I've seen the first two ads for the new eps.
    At a bus stop, I saw a lovely Renaissance-style drawing with Kyle playing a guitar (shades of him serenading Rebecca), Stan playing a harp, and Cartman behind them smiling big. Behind them is a marble portal, and beyond that lovely green fields. Above the boys two angels flit about. The sign is deliberately left unfinished, as at the bottom is a picture of a worker painting in the rest of Stan (lower right of the sign).
    In Maxim's Blender there's one of a woman's back being tattooed with pictures of the boys. Stan and Cartman ride on birds on the woman's shoulders, and Kyle, located in the middle of the woman's back, has a halo over his head. Roses unfurl around him. I wonder where they got the idea for a tattoo... :) I'll scan a picture in later.
  15. October 24, 2002 - SPX has the screensaver from the promo CD mentioned on the 17th. Gotta get me one of these, but have a look at South Park X for more info. It seems, though, that Mr. Hat's Hellhole and South Park 24/7 had these on October 17, the day I made the announcement. Forget the PPV special back in September, tonight is the REAL South Park 5th Anniversary star studded event / Halloween party, according to someone who's actually going there (not me, lol)! Morris Day is on the guest list. Breayle says that movie Matt and Trey are supposedly doing is actually a short created over the break.
  16. October 24, 2002 - for those of you who are interested, SPX and GTG are on a Kimo server over at Smoovenet, but that server has been disconnected due to violations, so SPX and GTG will be back soon, once Kimo returns.
  17. October 27, 2002 - Pics from the official South Park 5th Anniversary party at Quixote Studios here (3 pages). Summary of stars: Aaron Carter, Coolio, Morris Day, Larry Elder, Diane Farr, Edward Furlong, Bret Harrison, Natasha Henstridge, Liz Levy, Sarah Martin, A.J. McLean, Trey Parker, Natalie Raitano, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Matt Stone, Caitlin Wachs, Wierd Al and Suzanne Yankovic. You want bigger versions of the pics shown on that archive? That's gonna cost ya!
  18. October 28, 2002 - Ms. Choksondik Plush Doll! Get it here, or for $3 less, here!!!
  19. October 29, 2002 - You can now rest assured there will be more than 100 episodes total. With six eps coming up, that leaves only four for next year. That just doesn't sound right. On E! last Friday, MNT said they still enjoy making the episodes and Matt considers the more recent ones edgier, and the show better, than before, so you can forget that 100-ep contract. There will be more coming. :)
    Matt Stone and Trey Parker reflected on the meaning of friendship during last Thursday's party. Check out the last article on this Yahoo news brief.
    And now a litle so'm so'm Zuzu found just minutes ago: Win the complete first season of "South Park" on DVD! Don't try playing the boombox there, though. The link is either broken or wrong. The prize includes a CD copy of Matt and Trey's commentary that won't be available on regular issues of the boxed set.
    Not directly related to the Halloween Costume Contest, but you can make your own SP character at Conedy Central's SP site now. You'll find Janina's name and Website at the bottom, so props to CC for doing that, and Janina for creating the character studio. :) If you want to save the finished pictures, remember to "Print Screen" and paste the pic into your favorite graphics program. If you want a larger pic, zoom in and "Print Screen" on each section of the picture and paste into a graphics program like Paint Shop Pro. Later, crop the images and assemble them properly into one image.
  20. October 30, 2002 - SPX is back online, GTG returns a bit later.
  21. A Ladder To HeavenOctober 31, 2002 - Happy Halloween!!! BOOOOO..... Zuzu found these two articles earlier today: South Park's Kenny Returns! | Kenny's "South Park" Comeback. The message in both these articles? Kenny will kinda sorta kinda be back. Might he turn up as a ghost again? Could he have a long-lost twin? With Saddam stockpiling weapons of mass destruction in Heaven, will Kenny turn up to save the day? Or, as discussed on the SPS BBS over the summer (the Dallas theory), was it all a dream? Parker and Stone reply in unison: "It's better than that! Better than that!"

    Any of you wanna go up a ladder like the one at right? :D And no, it's not the beginning of the seventh season, it's the beginning of the fall quarter of the sixth season. From Details Magazine (with Mike Tyson on the cover)!

  22. Novenber 1, 2002 - The four magazine ads for season 6, part 3: available upon request.
  23. Novenber 2, 2002 - Posted by StrangeQuark at the South Park BBS: Long before there was Mr. Garrison's IT and before the Segway appeared last year, there was the Rocket Roadster. Here's more on monowheels. Zuzu found this article at Read and enjoy, but remember these facts: South Park hits its fifth year, but it is ending its sixth season. The boys are still in fourth grade, as far as I know, so they aren't in middle school just yet. Matt and Trey have done 90 episodes and will go to 96 episodes by Christmas. But the one thing the article makes clear is that "South Park" is Comedy Central's biggest hit and shows no signs of slowing down. This site will certainly stay up until the show folds.
  24. Novenber 5, 2002 - As mentioned on the October 29 update, the first season DVD box set coming out next Tuesday will not come with commentary Matt and Trey would have put on there. The commentary will be released on separate CDs. Why? The answer, as quoted from Matt Stone via South Park Studios:
    "This is our audio commentary for the first 13 episodes of the international comedy super-hit South Park. Warner Brothers would not release it on the DVD without editing some of it's content for "standards" issues. Trey and I simply love the sounds of our own voices to let this happen. We also believe in a little thing called the First Amendment. After you hear it you may wonder "What was the big deal about it anyway?" Good question. And one better directed at Warner Brothers than at a TV screen. So let them know what you think. Trey and I did. And enjoy our first ever sober audio commentary."

    --Matt Stone, Kabul 2002

    South Park Studios has info on how to get the CDs if you want them, so go there to see how.
  25. Novenber 7, 2002 - Amazon has the SP Season 1 DVDs on sale for $30, CD Now has them for $28. Compare to $40 at Comedy Central's store.
  26. Novenber 8, 2002 - Found by misterrick at the SPS BBS: On the SBS website (SBS carries South Park in Australia) you will notice that it says...
    17 episodes commencing Monday, 11th of November at 8.30pm
    Kenny's dead for good, but not forgotten. In this hilarious new series of 17 fully sick SOUTH PARK episodes you'll die laughing with the world's most famous five year olds - Cartman, Kyle, Stan and new gang member Butters. And a word of warning - Eric Cartman is bigger, badder-assed and more abusive than last season so be prepared to be offended - and enjoy it!
    ...but the boys are NINE. The show has been on for five years now, but the boys aren't that young.
  27. Novenber 15, 2002 - Clarifications: South Park Rising asserts that South Park Republicans do indeed exist, and they aren't necessary Libertarians or libertarians. And South Park Studios says that the Bowling for Columbine cartoon about the United States' love affait with guns is indeed just "South Park"-like. Matt and Trey had no part in making that cartoon - no part in the animation, no part in the voices, so those South Park voices were just coincidences, thus nullifying some info in the September 27 and October 14 Timeline entries.
  28. Novenber 21, 2002 - Some more preliminary info, from the South Park 4 You newsletter, release dates for DVD sets of South Park Seasons 2 and 3.

    Subject: MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT-------MARK YOUR CALENDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 21:47:33 -0500
    From: "John Horne"

    MARCH 11th, 2003 - SOUTH PARK Season Two
    JUNE 17th, 2003 - SOUTH PARK Season Three
  29. December 2, 2002 - eBay, Comedy Central and South Park Studios offer a COMEDY CENTRAL SOUTH PARK ERIC CARTMAN STILL, from the original pilot. The bidding ends on December 12. The still goes for $10,100. Congrats to the winning bidder. :)
  30. December 4, 2002 - Mark Earnshaw, you might be interested in this report. Get those shorts if you can! :)
  31. December 5, 2002 - Two items for this roundup. Spratt of South Park Archive wants you all to know about the games on his site. It seems to be one of the last, if not the last, South Park gaming sites around. Check the games there and spread the word. In the South Park Christmas Scavenger Hunt you can find ten presents, jot down the pages they're on, and send the list to the Webmaster there to get the brand new, rare, and highly collectible South Park interactive CD-ROM created by ElectricArtists to promote the current run of South Park episodes.
    Commentary: I liked Prof. Chaos' brief appearance in the episode. Tuesday afternoon, I suspected he might be on the show and might even have a hand in making the future selves possible, but I was wrong on that one. :) Now, some observations from the regulars at GTG: craNKGod was right two for two: an actor (1) hired to play a homeless future Stan (2) in order to stop Stan from going down the road to delinquency. I agree with him that Butters is becoming indispensible - the boys can't let go of him. But this I had thought ever since he came into his own back in the third season. On the flip side, Butters has to learn quickly to fit in for the show to run smoothly again. The tension between his lameness and his indispensibility has made for an interesting story this year, but it should be resolved next year - he has to lose that lameness factor. And yes, MNT are libertarian. Several articles have documented this already. Brazz's observation that South Park is headed for the "This week, on a very special South Park" realm with Stan pointing out the Lesson of the Week indicates another step closer to Jumping the Shark.
    It seems Matt and Trey attacked liberals for something conservatives are better known for: trying to get kids to not use drugs. Liberals are the ones who promote drug use and drug legalization, something the "ultra-liberal" Motivation Corp. director, given the corporation's goals, wasn't about to let happen. Also, that greater emphasis is given to Stan delivering the Message of the Week seems their response to fan complaints that Stan is a cipher. Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, Butters, Jimmy, and Tweek have personalities while Stan had become so bland as to disappear.
    'Night. ZzZzZzzzz...
  32. December 9, 2002 - Zuzu found this editorial at the Oregon Daily Emerald. I'd like to tell the author that Mohammed has already appeared in South Park, in Episode 504 - "The Super Best Friends." Oh, if you've ever been to the South Park Studios chatroom or visited the chatroom's board, go take this quiz to see which op you are most like, then post your replies on the board. This quiz brought to you by Jennorific! :)
  33. December 10, 2002 - I found this video of Kyle's Mom is a Stupid Bitch in D Minor at DragonBall Extreme Z. Right-click to save it to your hard drive. Also, check out the Fat Abbot one on the site. :D Janina's South Park Studio has inspired people to make South Park images of themselves, and it was the source for the images in a Flash video to Linkin Park's "Pushing" (you can see that video at Zi's Mom's). Now it's the source for an online comic strip made by New Zealander Beerman. Have a look at Buckfutter. Good strip. :) Beef-Cake has returned, but it won't aim to be the site it once was. Taison is back at the helm and Elvis has returned as well. I'm glad to see it back. :)
  34. December 12, 2002 - $10,100 with 8 hours to go. Looks like this is the high bid on the COMEDY CENTRAL SOUTH PARK ERIC CARTMAN STILL. And tonight's Red Sleigh Down was pretty good, with twists here and there. :) Elvis at Beef-Cake has posted lyrics for "The Most Offensive Song Ever" from a version of the song that had Mr. Hankey singing all by himself. Give Taison and Elvis some ideas on what kind of site Beef-Cake should be this time around, as Beef-Cake has been away for over a year. Update: I and a few other fans are now getting the song, so expect the song here soon and notes to be added to the lyrics on the lyrics page to "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics." The song will be on the site until Christmas. Here's an article I found at 'South Park' Regains the Christmas Spirit, about yesterday's ep, the loss of shock value that comes with the loss of fad status, and what Contact had to do with the commentaries being given away separate from the season 1 DVDs. You know, Matt and Trey haven't done a holiday ep in two years, and now they go all out for this Christmas ep, bringing back all sorts of characters. Is this the last holiday ep? Is this the beginning of South Park's swan song?
  35. December 14, 2002 - South Park Studios has the Winter calendar for South Park on its site now, and I've copied it to the South Park Calendar page on this site. Seems Season 7 will begin on March 5, so mark your calendars... with pencil, as this date may change.
  36. December 15, 2002 - A wrapup of all that happened last year concerning Kenny: Kenny Returns! December 16, 2 a.m. - Jesus, Santa, and Christmas: Jesus is Dead! Also, Sweeet has returned, but it won't be about South Park at all. At Smiley Town go get a parody of Cartman on pot, brought to you by Opie and Anthony, and tyler of #spschat, who found it on KaZaA.
  37. December 17, 2002 - Interesting FAQs from South Park Studios:
    Q: Did Jesus Die for good?
    A: We do not know if Jesus is coming back. Maybe he'll show up around Easter.

    Q: Is Kenny Finally Back for Good?
    A: We are not sure if Kenny is back for good.

  38. December 20, 2002 - Name change: I'm going to use the spelling found in the official script for Mark and Rebecca's last name in "Hooked On Monkey Phonics." Kotzwald will now be Cotswolds.