South Park Studios FAQ

Compiled by Willie Westwood
from the list of questions answered by the staff at South Park Studios.

Part 9 - Spring 2003

Some commentary is provided in the third column
June 13, 2003
Q: Ok, you told me that I get eight South Park Figures for $49.99. But that's still up $1.24 for inch and I'm sure this is an high price between TV series' figures.A: Dude; if it's that big of a problem don't buy the figures. I personally do not think that itís a lot of money (and I don't make much). But then again, Iím not a teenager without a job. I'm assuming you're a teenager with no job. I apologize, if you're not. Maybe you are just some dude who doesn't like to spend money on the collectable things he wants to buy (Or she for that matter); maybe you feel that the makers of the series owe it to you for being a fan to lower the price. What ever your story may be, please keep in mind that Matt and Trey do not have control over the merchandise, if you want to blame someone. Take it out with Comedy Central, or MIRAGE TOYS, the makers of the product. My advice to people: If you are tight on cash DO NOT BUY THESE FIGURES. If you're fine with cash, buy them they are a good deal. Being a collector means you have to pay for the items you wish to acquire. Thanks.Considering that people will pay $50 for two 7" plushes. (about $3.50 per inch), paying $50 for eight plastic dolls sounds like a great deal. Especially if those dolls are solid through and through. If they're hollow, the deal isn't that great.
June 9, 2003
Q: What the hell do you think your doing insulting Canadians? Its not like all we do is play hocky and ride mooses! If there's another insult against Canadians you can lick my Canadian balls.A: It seems that some Canadians can't take a F*CKING joke! (ya hoser). Maybe it has something to do with having nothing to do but ride moose and play hockey. PS: Bryan Adams SUCKS.
Q: Do Trey and Matt ever regret that they fed Macon the Pig bacon?A: No, as a matter of fact they don't. When Matt and Trey told the pig's owner what they wanted to do, he said that it was perfectly fine!
June 5, 2003
Q: Wow man, $49.99 for South Park figures. I've been waiting for these for so long, but this is insane. Why so expensive, are they really big or something?A: The South Park Figures come in sets of four with a bonus figure for each character. That means there are a total of eight figures. They stand about Seven inches tall (except the bonus figures those are about 3 inches tall). It's actually a pretty fair price, and they look like they've been made very inches tall? I have plushes that small, but having figurines that big beats the hell out of having plushes that size. Might as well sell them plushes off...
Q: In the original pilot, it shows Cartman's mother cooking dinner for a man, and a child. What's that all about?A: When the pilot first was made, Cartman DID have an extended family. His family was cut out of the final release. They did not show in the version Comedy Central aired.
June 3, 2003
Q: Have you ever thought of getting a live web cam for your studio?A: Yes. Unfortunatly Matt nixed the idea, he didn't feel comfertable with millions of eyes peering in at him all day every day.
Q: How do you send in a question for the FAQ?A: DERP! You just did it.
June 2, 2003
Q: In the movie, who is the guy in the picture above Satan and Saddam's bed?A: Skeet Ulrich
Q: Is that a pair of balls on the end of Mephisto's cane?A: No, it's a monkeys ass!
Q: I heard about best the deal where you get the extended version of the pilot "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe." What scenes are in this?A: There is about ten extra minutes of footage. When Matt and Trey made the pilot they made it too long. They didn't factor in the commercial breaks so they went over. In the extended version, they go a little more into detail with the story, and alot more alien interaction. There is even a scene where they drive by aliens BBQing some of the inside out cows.
Q: How come when we have a fireside chat with trey and matt the dog that they are petting always changes?A: Because, it's funny. :p
Q: HEY! Asshole... don't you dare insult Canadians. We don't live in igloos or ride mooses. Just shows how uneducated Americans are. You guys are so hateful, jumping at any chance at having a war. We are just too peaceful to kick the shit out of you dickheads. Go fuck yourself.A: Okay, so you don't live in igloos (I always thought that was Eskimos but, whatever). But I'll be damned if you want be to belive that you don't ride moose! And I dunt tink yu shuld say us Amerikans aree unedukated! I HATE YOU! I DECLARE WAR ON YOU!
May 30, 2003
Q: Do Matt and Trey make sketches or sell animation cells? If so, where can I get them?A: Matt and Trey do make sketches of some of the characters for the Storyboard artists so they have a better idea on what Trey wants in a new character. Most of the time the sketch is tossed aside or written over. Not many sketches are kept, and most of them are on the walls of the studios! Since South Park is generated on MAYA (The 3D animation program responsible for the creation of Final Fantasy the movie) there are no animation cells left over. Animation cells are used for hand drawn cartoons. South Park has not been handmade since the pilot in 1997.
May 28, 2003
Q: When is Kenny gonna get a girlfriend?A: Kenny had a girlfriend in "Rainforest Shmainforest."But now that he's not dying anymore? Who knows?
Q: Do people seriously still think that EMINEM is going to be in South Park?A: Yes, even though I have put that up as one of the most asked questions I still get about 10 people a week asking when the good old Marshal Mathers will be killing Kenny. Just to clear it up once again... EMINEM has never been considered to do South Park by Matt and Trey.
Q: I heard a rumour that Matt and Trey were going to be working on some kind of new show over this break from South Park, and that's why the season is so far spaced apart. Is this true? What kind of project are they working on?A: Matt and Trey did have a couple of ideas they wanted to work out over this long break. I cannot tell you all what kind of projects because Matt and Trey are not sure they're going to do what they planned on. The only thing we can tell you to do is please be patient. And we'll report any news on new shows as soon as we get it.
Q: Is it true that Ben and Jennifer were pissed off about "Fat Butt and Pancake Head?"A: We are not sure how Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reacted to our little joke. However, it was rumoured that J-Lo wasn't too pleased. I don't think that Ben Affleck would be pissed, he's always seemed to have a good sense of humor about making fun of himself. If he did see it, I'm sure he had a laugh (when Jennifer wasn't around of course).
May 22, 2003
Q: In a FAQ when a Canadian asked how he could see new episodes of South Park without having to download them, you told him to move to the US. Do Matt and Trey hate Canadians?A: Only as much as they should be hated. Those damn moose riding kanuks!
May 19, 2003
Q: To get the audio commentary, do you have to be a certain age to call the number?A: No, you just need your information regarding your items. Such as, when did you send in your request form, who did you sent it to. And have a credit card statement (if you paid with one) to let them know your account has been charged. If your parents bought it for you, please ask them to call the number.
Q: Are there any other places you can buy the first season of South Park DVD that's not on the internet?A: Yes, you can get them from any Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target or Suncoast. I have also seen copies at Blockbuster Video and Hollywood video.
Q: You answerd my question "Is it true that trey and matt wrote and performed the song Chewbacca?" that is in the moive "Clerks." But the dvda bootleg I have has the 6 songs they did openning up for ween. and one of the songs is a song called "chewbacca". Is this a cover or a song they made with the same name?A: It is a song with a SIMILAR NAME. The two songs are very different. DVDA's "I am Chewbacca." and Supernova doing "Chewbacca"
May 16, 2003
Q: I read the FAQ about Cartman getting skinny, but you said he only got skinny in "spontaneus combustion." Didn't he also, technically get skinny in the fat camp episode?A: No, Cartman was NEVER skinny in the "Fat Camp" episode. Cartman paid the kid from the Drug Rehab clinic across the river to be the skinny him. Cartman however, stayed at the Fat Camp selling candy bars to the fat kids.
May 12, 2003
Q: Are the same mouths used on all the characters?A: All the male characters share the same "mouth," the same with the female characters. They are all automatically added to MAYA then used by the lipsyncers.
Q: Why do you answer stupid questions like how long your penis is but you can't answer legitamite questions that south park fanas wanna know about SOUTH PARK, not your penis.A: Because most of the questions that have come in here are all lame, and stupid. All the "legitimate" questions have been answered... sometimes even more than once. So every once in a while we take the "less lame" of the lame and answer it. Once people start asking good questions and not questions like "What kind of music to Matt and Trey listen to?" We'll start posting them :)
Q: Who's that Alex guy from last episode ?(April 30th)A: Alex Glick was the highest bidder at a charity auction. The item being auctioned off was a guest spot on the show... hence the random character "Alex". The charity auction was to benefit AIDS research.
Q: Is there a way that someone can just join the BBS and not anything else? Or can they post anonymously?A: You cannot post anonymously... you have to register. When you are registering on our site, you are just registering to THIS site. You can however, add your name to two Comedy Central Mailing lists when signing up.
Q: Can Matt and Trey mimick each others' voices?A: Yes, they can. And it's pretty funny. :)
Q: I've noticed some referances to Les Miserables on South Park. Are Matt and Trey fans of the musical, or are they making fun of it?A: Trey is a HUGE fan of Les Miserables, and many other musicals.
Q: Is it true that trey and matt wrote and performed the song "Chewbacca" that is in the moive "Clerks" At the end of the movie?A: No, that was not DVDA. That was Performed by a band called Supernova.Matt and Trey's song is called "I Am Chewbacca!!"
May 2, 2003
Q: October?! Why is there such a long wait between episode sets? You said it only takes a few days to make an episode, so what on earth is stopping you guys from making new episodes in say, like, a month or 2? I mean christ, is a 5 1/2 month vacation REALLY neccesary when you have only put in around 30 or so days of actual work?A: Matt and Trey have been thinking of starting on another project. Having four and a half months off will help them bring that together. I'm not sure what the project is, when it's going to be made available for the public AND I don't know what it's about.
Q: Why did Season Seven only have SEVEN new episodes? When will season Eight start? Is there even going to be a season eight?A: The seventh season IS NOT OVER. The second part of the seventh season airs on October 22nd 2003. Season eight will not start for well over a year, and YES there is going the be a season eight. :)
April 28, 2003
Q: Can I get an autographed picture of Cartman?A: No, Cartman does not give out autographs. He does however give out used smelly poopstained panties for $2.50 a pop. He swears that the underwear have been worn by the Latin singing sentation, Jennifer Lopez.
Q: How long is Breayle's penis?A: About 32 1/2 inches long, I roll it up like a cinnamon roll in order to "tuck it away". For some reason it keeps flopping out and smacking people in the chin, I try to keep it duct taped but it's hard to keep all of it from snapping out.
Q: So... why doesn't Kenny die anymore?A: Maybe he stopped being bad luck?Or having it, or some curse has been lifted, or Trey decided he's had enough of Kenny dying... Who knows?
Q: Will Cartman ever get skinny?A: Whatchoo mean, will he ever? He HAS been skinny before. Episode 302: Spontaneous Combustion. Original Air Date: 04-14-1999 Cartman gets nailed to the cross when the boys are re-enacting the Stations of the Cross. Stan and Kyle accidently forget about Cartman at the top of the hill, and when they come back a few days later, he's been starved for so long that he's really skinny!
Q: In a recent faq you said that Kevin was explained in the album "Chef Aid". What song is it?A: "Mephisto and Kevin"
Q: What does Nessie do with the "tree fity" he is given?A: Nessie goes out to the most popular club on the Island of Fabled Sea Lizards. It's a pretty cheap club that serves coffee and danishes for tree fiddy a lizard.
April 25, 2003
Q: What is the actual method to getting the exact muffle of Kenny?A: Matt just takes his sleeve and talks in to it.
Q: You suck balls. I know your a hermaphrodite.A: Damn, my dirty little, ball sucking, hermaphrodite being, secret is out?
Q: Why are there so many bad characters all 2D and undevolped in this show?A: Because South Park has always been a show filled with crappy 2D undeveloped animation. It's part of it's charm :)
April 24, 2003
Q: Will Matt or Trey ever make an episode explaining Mephisto's little friend, Kevin?A: Kevin was explain in the album "Chef Aid" (better get the uncensored version)
April 22, 2003
Q: What does Kenny say in the 7th season intro?A: We can't tell you! Matt and Trey have vowed to keep it a secret for ONE WHOLE YEAR! Try back in a year (laugh)
April 21, 2003
Q: I recently said that I keep having questions not answered, but other people ask and you answer (you gave no reply) and once again "Don't you think it's about time to change the banner that says "new episodes Wed Nov. 6" at the top of the screen?" is something I have asked before, but I worded it differently, I hate you.A: You're obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawer. That banner has been changed for well over a two months. And I hate you too.That's not true. Last time this was mentioned was March 10, and the answer was "A: Yeah we do... and we did. :p" I took a snapshot of that answer and the banner above it - See? It still read Wed. Nov. 6. As of the date of this answer, then, it's only been 42 days since the banner was changed, not well over two months.
Q: How do I register for the BBS? I can't find the option ANYWHERE.A: Please click the "NEW USER" link underneath the LOGIN box on the right of the main page. Or if you are already a member, all you need to do is re-activate your account.
Q: How could that guy drive through South Park, CO? It's not even a real place!A: There **IS** a South Park Colorado. It's not a City, it's a county. :)
Q: Jesus is already back. In "I'm a little bit Country", you can see him amongst the singers in the final scene (with most of the town on stage). He's in the top row, complete with Halo. So, apparently, Jesus isn't gone for good. Guess that can come out of the top ten questions?A: Of COURSE he's back! Where did you think he'd go, Minnesota? He's JESUS! Even if he does get killed he's bound to come back at least three days later :p
Q: At the end of the episode "Fat Butt and Pancake Head" Cartman tells Kyle that he fooled him. If Cartman was aware of what his hand was doing why was he doing that stuff to Ben Afleck?A: Because, there is something seriously wrong with Cartman. He'll do absolutly anything to get one over on Stan and Kyle.
Q: Which is the official 100th episode - I'm a Little Bit Country or Cancelled?A: "I'm a Little Bit Country" Cancelled was not. It was just numbered 704. When the scripts are first written they're numbered, and if they're sequence changes the number stays the same. This is so people don't get confused.Well, at least so that the workers don't get confused. We viewers easily get confused when things come out in the wrong order.
Q: In the episodes Krazy Kripples, what is that thing Christopher Reeve is in at the end?A: He was sentanced to live in the Phantom Zone, like Zod and his crew were in Superman. It's a shout out to the move!
April 1, 2003
Q: What does Kenny say during the openeing sequence for season 7?A: Matt and Trey have sworn to keep what Kenny says a secret for ONE YEAR! Try and figure it out yourself :)Mark you calendars for March 18, 2004.
Q: Hey, I drove through South Park, Colo. There was not one Cartman billboard to be seen. What's up with that?A: There is no Comedy Central in the real South Park Colorado. Most of the people have only heard of the show.The real South Park is a ghost town. It's Fairplay that stands in for South Park on the show. Many of South Park's characters are based on people in Fairplay.