South Park Studios FAQ

Compiled by Willie Westwood
from the list of questions answered by the staff at South Park Studios.

Part VIII - Winter 2003

Some commentary is provided in the third column
March 17, 2003
Q: Just wondering, when can we expect the BBS to be readyA: The new BBS is still under construction, we will have it for you as soon as possible. Thanks!
March 13, 2003
Q: What is the song that Cartman HAS to finish every time he hears it?A: "Come Sail Away" by STYX
Q: Are Trey and Matt aware that Poppy Z Brite has written a very... interesting story about them?A: Yes we have, and stories like that creep us out.Oh! The Horror! I know one woman who likes it, though.
March 10, 2003
Q: Don't you think it's about time to change the banner that says "new episodes Wed Nov. 6" at the top of the screen?A: Yeah we do... and we did. :p
Q: Why is the show rated mature? It seems to me like tv-14 would be a more appropriate rating. Come on, it's not THAT bad.A: Because Comedy Central and South Park want to make sure parents and everyone else know that the show is NOT meant for kids. Taking the rating down to TV-14 makes parents think that kids are targeted.
Q: Who is the bloke on the DVDA video for What Would Brian Boitano Do? Is he the lead singer of DVDA? Is there such thing as DVDA?A: That bloke is some random fellow that Comedy Central hired to do the video. Matt and Trey didn't have anything to do with the making or the casting of the video.
March 9, 2003
Q: Randy Marsh is the coolest, funniest, yet subtlest character on South Park. Is he based on a real person?A: Randy Marsh is based on Trey's father, Randy! Mr. Marsh is pretty much Trey's dad, in fact Randy Parker is a geologist just like Mr. Marsh.
March 7, 2003
Q: Which character voices are closest to Matt and Trey's actual voices?A: The characters who sound the most like Trey and Matt are Randy Marsh (for Trey) and Gerald Broflovski(for Matt)
March 4, 2003
Q: Season 7 is starting in a matter of days, and you're saying Trey and Matt are still making the drafts for the episodes. How can they get everything done on time if an episode takes 3-4 months?A: HAHAHA! Things don't work that way here, we've never said an episode takes 3-4 months to make, we've said they've got ideas 3-4 months ahead of time! But episodes generally get made in about 3-4 DAYS here at South Park; it's quite irregular. In fact the episode they're working on right now is not the premiere episode, but an episode further down the line of the new season.
March 3, 2003
Q: When is the 3rd season of DVD's coming out?A: There is no news about the third season as of right now.
Q: Why are there no commentaries available for the Second Season DVD set?A: Matt and Trey were not asked to do another commentary for this season. WB had so many problems with their last commentary they decided to leave it off.
Q: Can I buy an Uncensored version of South Park?A: There are no episodes available for sale that are not censored. South Park sends the show to Comedy Central with the bleeps already in the video. So the only copies that are sold are the censored ones.But if you're lucky, you might be able to get an uncensored one, especially from the first two seasons, from a friend in another country.
Q: Someone told me that Kenny was coming back for good in the 7th season, is this true? Please set my at ease!A: Kenny may be in this season, Matt and Trey are still not sure about whats going on for this season. Stay tuned for the premeire on March 19th 2003 @ 10:00pm.
February 18, 2003
Q: What the hell is that thing that has the yellow shirt and always follows the scientist around?A: His name is Kevin (AKA Gopher Boy) you can hear about him on the "Chef Aid" soundtrack, get the uncensored one of course!
Q: Hi, I'm from Japan. I've noticed that you have used good Japanese words such as "chinpokemon" and "okama sphere" in the episodes. Where do you guys get these Japanese words and/or the ideas from? you guys are great! i love south park. Thanks!A: Trey Parker (co-creator of South Park) speaks fluent Japanese, and also goes to Japan often. He's always been facinated with the Japanese culture, you can see more Japanese inspired comedy in the film "CANNIBAL! The Musical" Available on DVD and VHS. Check out for more information.
February 11, 2003
Q: How'd you make the graphics for Thirst for Blood from the Towelie Episode?A: We used Corel Draw to draw them out, then sent them to the Animators to animate in MAYA.
Q: Your 100th episode is coming soon are you making it a special one?A: We haven't had any recent plans to do anything special. We will keep you updated.
Q: Is it true that there's been a version of "The Most Offensive Song Ever" with only Mr Hankey singing in it released? If so, where can I download it, or will it be released at some later time with other South Park songs?A: Yes it is true, and the only way you can find it is by searching the Internet, try places like or "Kazza" maybe even posting it on our BBS.Since it IS a Christmas song, you'll find it on this site next Christmas.
January 30, 2003
Q: On a recent FAQ you said that Matt has a wife. That's new information. Is Trey married too?A: I don't think we've ever said Matt or Trey were married in our FAQ's. And if we did, it was probably a joke. You might be referring to a recent FAQ asking who the inspiration of Eric Cartman was. That was a man named Matt Karpman who just recently got married.
Q: I live in Canada and we have a crappy Canadian version of comedy central and it takes forever to get new episodes, also my computer is to slow to download. What should I do.A: Move to Los Angeles, we get new ones all the time.
January 28, 2003
Q: I once read that in creating Cartman, Trey was inspired by a high school mate. Was Cartman his actual name? Was he really such a fat piece of crap? You have his photo?A: His name is Matt Karpman, and yes he's just like Cartman. Matt recently got married, for some reason his wife doesn't think it's funny when people laugh about him being the inspiration to the worlds biggest little asshole :)
Q: As a resident of Mississippi, I feel slighted that South Park has made fun of Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee and Texas and passed over our state entirely. We're just as lame as those other states (well maybe not Alabama). What's up?A: The seventh season is coming up, I'm sure Matt and Trey will get to your lame state sooner or later.
Q: I sent away my check and proof of purchase to get my copy of Matt & Trey's commentary CD's, but the envelope was sent back by the post office. "Box closed." Did I get screwed? Is there any way I can still get my CD's?A: Apparently Comedy Central has run out of Commentary CD's. Unfortunatly the only thing south park studios can do for you is take down the link that goes to the offer. All other complaints need to be sent to
Q: Is the 6th season over with? Will we have to watch reruns for a while until season 7 rolls around?A: ....yes...and yes
Q: You have it posted on the web site that comedy central has run out of the commentary cds. If I buy a copy of the dvds on ebay that comes with the certificate for the commentary, will that be redeemable?A: If you buy a copy of the Commentary on DVD from or any other private auction you will not get redeemed.That's 'cause you bought it on resale, not an original purchase.
Q: Is it true Metallica performed on "Hell Isn't Good" or is it just a rumour?A: Yes, these are one of the rumors of South Park that are acutally TRUE!But Hetfield wanted to keep that hush-hush. There's no fooling the ear in this case.
January 22, 2003
Q: In the credits of "Beauty and the Beast" it says that Mary K Bergman voices a bimbette. is it the same woman that worked on south park?A: Yes, Mary Kay was a very talented voice actress and had a lot of experiance with cartoon characters under her belt. She did films like "The Iron Giant" and was the Official Voice of Snow White at Disneyland. You can check out more about who she was on her site, Wacky Voices.
Q: What ever happened to G - Fresh? Do Trey and Matt still keep in touch with him?A: Of course! He was in the South Park Studio recently to record tracks for the Orgazmo DVD commentary (currently STILL under production). His real name is Masao 'Maki' San
Q: On the episode guide it says that "Damien" was aired on Febuary of '98, but the ones AFTER that say they were aired before, like on November and December of '97. This happens on a bunch on other parts of the guide also. Is it a mistake?A: Alot of episodes were completed out of order so the air dates will sometimes be out of whack. When episodes get played out of order it usually means that that certain episode is not finished in some way, and needs more work.
Q: I live in Hawaii and I would like to purchase the season one box set with the commentary disk. Is this site the only place to buy it together or will it be at retail stores?A: You can order it from However, I cannot gaurentee you will be able to get the free audio commentary disc. You might have to wait for copies to be sold by indivuduals on places like
Q: Was the cast of South park suprised when Cartman made TV Guide's list of the Top 50 Greatest Cartoon Characters?A: Absolutly not. We knew that Cartman was a big favorite!
Q: Is there a misprint in the South Park season I dvd? Such as "Starvin Marvin" being on disc three.A: Yes, there are a lot of misprints on the newest boxed set. There are also a number of audio "pops" in a large amount of copies. The misprint was just poor box design, the audio pops are from a poor copy of the previous dvd collection. No new encoding was made for the most recent South Park Boxed set. So don't worry it's not just your set thats super janky... it's everyone's.
Janaury 16, 2003
Q: How long did it take to make the south park movie?A: It took about a year to make the movie
Q: Did you guys know about this? Yes we did, Matt and Trey think it's pretty awesome!
Janaury 15, 2003
Q: I see that you have little moving characters on the side of the page, where can i get those for my comp?A: They're simply just animated .gif's you can save them by right clicking on them then highlighting "save image as"
Q: I'm 12 and my dad says South Park is bad for me is this true?A: Probably, South Park is not for people under the age of 18. Besides, the show will warp your fragile little mind!
January 8, 2003
Q: Where did Trey and Matt get the idea for Sexual Harassment Panda?A: Trey was sexually harassed by a panda. The panda thought he could take what wasn't his.
Q: When you select the text in the creators' bios, the lines "I love Trey" respectively "I love Matt" appear. Is this a hidden hint, that you fell in love with the guys and you are a shy guy searching for the right way to tell them about your homosexual tendency?A: No, of course not! There are all kinds of hidden things (easter eggs) throught our site, you're the first person to have mentioned it!
Q: Doesn't Matt Stone feel just a tad offended or awkward by the load of anti-sematic gags Trey puts in the show?A: Matt's usually the one tossing in the Jew jokes!
January 6, 2003
Q: What do you call a fly with no eyes?A: ...a walk
Q: Any plans on future seasons to be on dvd?A: There are plans to release seasons 2 and 3 later on in the year.
Q: Do Trey or Matt ever read fanmail?A: Matt and Trey do not have any fanmail adresses at this time.