South Park Studios FAQ

Compiled by Willie Westwood
from the list of questions answered by the staff at South Park Studios.

Part 7 - Fall 2002

Some commentary is provided in the third column
December 20, 2002
Q: When was the first time Jimmy was on South Park?A: Episode 503: Cripple Fight
Original Air Date: 06-27-2001
Q: How long does it take to complete one episode of South Park?A: About four days
December 19, 2002
Q: What are those strange faces with big ears refering to when the kids open their presents ? I've seen this drawing style somewhere else on xmas illustrations. Thank you :)A: A while back a run of stop motion animation christmas movies were made. The kids from these movies all looked like the little kids in the "Red Sleigh Down" episode.

This is one of those movies. Another one is "Rudolph's Shiney New Year"
Q: PLEASE tell me who sings with Kyle during the song, "Jew On Christmas" on Mr. Hankey's Christmas Special on CD. It sounds like Neil Diamond, but I think its Trey or Matt imitating him. Please tell me.A: It's not Neil, it's just Trey. Look at the back of your CDs usually if a famous person is on another famous persons album they will be credited.
December 15, 2002
Q: I have the entire run of South Park on my hard drive and it takes up 4.06 Gigs. I watch, on average, about 5 episodes of South Park a week. Why can't I get laid?A: Maybe because your a nerd. Look at the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons. Having a huge collection of TV memorabilia is NEVER a big hit with the ladies... unless of course your a multuimillionare!
Q: What are the names of the raindeer on Red Sleigh 2?A: On Steven, on Fluffy, on Horace and Chantel, on Skippy and Rainbow and Patches and Montel!
December 14, 2002
Q: Trey is really hot-will he have sex with me??A: Russell Crowe, your beginning to embarrass yourself.
December 9, 2002
Q: There seem to be two people at South Park Studios with the name Howell. Any relation?A: Jennifer Howell and Bruce Howell are NOT related NOT dating nothing! They are just two co-workers who happen to have the same last name.
December 5, 2002
Q: Whose hands are used in the opening sequence?A: Eric Stough's
December 3, 2002
Q: When will the Top Ten FAQs be updated? Are you sure those are still the most asked questions by now?A: Yes, those ARE still the top ten FAQ's. NO ONE ever reads the top ten!!
Q: How big were the original construction paper cutouts of the characters?A: The orginal boys were about 4 inches tall. The adults like Chef were about 5 inches tall.
November 25, 2002
Q: Why doesn't chef sing anymore?A: Maybe he lacks inspiration?
Q: What are the lyrics for the Lemmiwinks song?A: A great adventure is waiting for you ahead
Hurry onward Lemmiwinks or you will soon be dead
The journey before you may be long and filled with woe
But you must escape the gay mans ass so your story can be told!

Lemminks! Lemmiwinks! Lemmiwinks! etc.

Lemmiwinks journeyed a distance far and fast
To find his way out of, a gay mans ass
The road ahead, is full of danger and fright
But push onward Lemmiwinks with all of your might

"Lemmiwinks, you are coming to the entrance of the small intestines. There you must seek out the sparrow prince!"

The Sparrow Prince lies somewhere way up ahead
Don't look back Lemmiwinks or you will soon be dead
Lemmiwinks, Lemmiwinks, the time is growing late
Slow down now and seal your fate

"I am the Sparrow Prince, long has my spirit been trapped within this place. Before you lies the maze of the small intestines, one path leads to the stomach, the other to doom. Take with you this helmut and torch, let them be your guide."

Take the magic helmut torch to help you light the way!
There's still a lot of ground to cross inside the man so gay
Ahead of you lies adventure, and your strength still lies within
Freedom from the ass of doom is the treasure you will win!

Lemmiwinks has made it out, his tail is nearly through

"Great job Lemmiwinks!"
"Thanks to you we are all free."
"But your adventures are just beginning, for you are no ordinary gerbil, Lemmiwinks. You are, the Gerbil King!"
"All hail the Gerbil King!"

Now that you're the Gerbil King there's more adventures to go on
Fly away to far away lands into the setting sun
There's still so many enemies and battles yet to fight
For Lemmiwinks the Gerbil King Could be told a thousand nights

Lem, Lem, Lemmiwinks, Lemmiwinks etc.

Q: "The Digital Bits" ( stated that the commentary CDs would be available with DVD Proof-of-purchase. Is that so? What is the address to send Proof-of-purchase to?A: You can get the forms to send the proofs of purchase here:

You will need to download the PDF file and print it out, the address to send the proofs of purchase is on the printout.

Q: Whats Lemmiwinks suppose to be a parody of?A: It is a tribute to The Hobbit.
November 21, 2002
Q: What the hell was that? (referring to "The Death Camp of Tolerance")A: Your guess is as good as ours dude!
Q: Were any gerbils harmed in "The Death Camp Of Tolerance Episode?"A: Only one, but he was paid well and it was just a flesh wound.
November 18, 2002
Q: In "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers," when the boys rush in to take the porno from Butters, we see a live action clip on his television screen. Where is the clip actually from?A: It, along with the porno audio tracks, is from an actual porno provided by Vivid Entertainment. I can get you the actual title if you're interested... pervert.
Q: Where did you purchase the Alabama Man doll?A: We didn't. It was made by a prop maker specifically for the shoot. Only one set was made, and it was given to Pam Brady, a former South Park writer, for her birthday.
Q: Since Comedy Central will not ship overseas, is there any other way one can aquire the South Park first season DVD WITH commentary CDs? I would very much like to listen to the commentaries and have already bought the previous dvd release, and am willing to shell out more for the latest dvd release WITH commentary CDs please help.A: Your best bet would be to wait a little while and get it on I'm sure lots of people are going to be burning copies of the commentary.
November 16, 2002
Q: Do you suppose Osama Bin Laden is Satan's new lover?A: If you read the news, you'd know that Osama's not dead yet.
Q: I'm taking a dramatic studies course in which the ideas of Brecht and Artaud (among others) are taught. As I've been learning about these two schools of thought, I've constantly found myself applying their ideas to South Park. I may eventually write a paper for class illustrating such parallels. Have Trey or Matt been directly influenced by these dramatic theorists, or am I just trying to make South Park seem more intellectual than it actually is?A: A big fat affirmative to Brecht, but an equally fat negative to Artaud. Surrealism is for losers.
November 15, 2002
Q: If I shave off every last bit of my body hair (including eybrows and eyelashes) butter myself in salted butter, strip down naked and run backwards buttered, shaved and naked through a corn field, don't you think that should earn me a guest role on the show?A: No you fool! God what kind of sick freak would suggest something like this!? :o
Q: Matt's from Switzerland?A: NO! It's Swaziland, dammit. Get it straight.
November 14, 2002
Q: How do I get onto the site that lets you make your own south park characters?A:
Q: The Bowling for Columbine cartoon that Matt and Trey made, why is it not mentioned anywhere on this site?A: 'Cause they didn't make that cartoon. It's just "South Park-like." Actually, it's very similar to a animated short Trey did in college called "American History." He won a student Academy Award for it.
November 11, 2002
Q: Can you please send me the DVD with first season on it.I`ll do anything for it! ANYTHING!A: Will you shave off every last bit of your body hair (including eybrows and eyelashes) butter yourself in salted butter, strip down naked and run backwards buttered, shaved and naked through a corn field?
Q: It it Trey or Matt that does the voice for Saddam Hussein?A: Saddam is done by Matt Stone
November 6, 2002
Q: How often are Matt, Trey, and the SP staff sober?A: There was that one week in '98...
Q: I just want to make a comment: this is a shame how you people do this for kids. this is the most UNGODLY show I ever seen. you shouldn't be aloud to be on tv or make movies. your are teaching the kids in a terrible way of life. I am a christain, that Jesus Christ is my Lord. I'm against south park. write a cleaner show.A: 1. South Park never has been and never will be for kids. It's on at 10:30 PM. 2. It is the parents responsibility to monitor their childrens tv watching not ours. 3. The whole show is just one big joke after the other. If you ask me, I think God has a sense of humor... if he didn't the world would have ended long long ago.
November 5, 2002
Q: I live in Pensacola, FL. We have a Starvin' Marvin's gas station here. Did Trey and Matt know this and name Marvin after that or is it just a cow-inky-dink?A: That's one hell of a cowinkydink!There's a Starvin' Marvin's gas station in Sarasota as well. Here's the Web site: Starvin Marvin, now owned by Speedway SuperAmerica.
Q: Will Trey marry me?A: No he wont Russell Crowe! And stop pretending it's not you!
Q: How do they make Kenny's voice mumbled when recording? So they cover up his mouth with something, or do they do something with computers?A: When Matt did Kenny's voice, all he would do was cover his mouth with his sleeve and talk into it. The pitch however is changed with audio equipment to make him sound more like a kid, and less like a 30 year old :)
October 23, 2002
Q: About a long time ago, I wrote you guys a letter, wondering on how exactly did Big Gay Al get out of his suitcase at the end of his first episode, and you guys wrote "Who said that Big Gay Al had to stay in a suitcase?", well for your information, you guys kinda said it because it's been like, since the movie that we saw him next after his first episode. So, wouldn't you agree that one can assume that he was still in the suitcase, considering he was never seen or heard from again until the movie? And also, is his animal santuary still in that suitcase too?A: Don't you think that you're reading into the sillyest show in America just a little too much???????
October 22, 2002
Q: Will you ever take any unsolicited scripts or ideas for episodes?A: As of right now we will not accept fan scripts.Come on now, there are legal issues involved there. Better not to deal with fan scripts at all than to find some fan suing them for using his script without compensation or royalties.
Q: In Reservoir Dogs, Joe shot Mr. Orange, Mr. White shot Joe, and Nice Guy Eddie Shot Mr. White. Who shot Nice Guy Eddie?A: jimbo did it!
Q: can i have matt and treys autograph on my email? ps CARTMAN ROCKS!!!!!!A: i guess if you want to write their names, yourself, and email that around, you can, it's not really the same, though. ps, he does rock!
October 17, 2002
Q: Who is macon?A: Macon is a pig that Matt and Trey used as a guest on their VHS volumes of South Park. They feed REAL bacon to a live pig and the pig just gobbles it up!
October 15, 2002
Q: Was it real bacon that you fed to Macon?A: Yes real bacon was REALLY fed to macon! Matt and Trey asked the owner if they could do this icky act and he was fine with it! Macon really did love that bacon!...stupid pig
...stupid gay pig.
October 11, 2002
Q: Were Trey and Matt dorks when they were in school?A: HAHA! Were!? They ARE dorks!!Suddenly, being a dork ain't so bad. :)
October 10, 2002
Q: What was in Marcellus's briefcase in the movie "Pulp Fiction"?A: His soul
October 8, 2002
Q: It's almost impossible to find any Terrance and Phillip merchandise - do you have any idea where or I can get some?A: The best place to search for older South Park merchandise is they've always got tons of Terrance and Phillip shwag!
Q: Does Matt or Trey know how to play any instruments?A: Matt can play the bass guitar, guitar, and drums. While Trey is a very talented pianist. A lot of the music that is on Sout Park is usually composed, written an played right here in the studios.
Q: What are the lyrics of Cartmans best-friends song?A: You guys
Are my best friends
Through thick and thin
We'll always be together!
We're four of a kind
Having fun all day
Laughin around, and pallin' away
Just best friends!
Best Friends are!
I love you guys
It's "pallin' around and laughin' away"
Q: Are there any plans to release "That's My Bush" on dvd?A: There have been no plans as of right now to make a DVD set of "That's MY Bush!"Who needs DVD? If you have the eps on CD or on the hard drive, you're set! :)
Q: How much pleasure do Trey and Matt take in tormenting, changing and screwing with peoples heads?A: So much pleasure that we have Friday set aside special for celebrating the joys of messing with peoples heads. There is a huge catered meal where we mess with the caterers. Sometimes we hire hobos off the street and pay them to dance. Dancing drunken hobos are funny... and sometimes we even hire them! Where do you think Matt and Trey got Eric Stough?
Q: Who are you and how come you know so much about Matt and Trey? Are you their stalker? If so, do you have any pictures of them in the shower?A: We know so much about them because we work in the same office as them, and I do have naked pictures of them in the shower... I'll be selling them on Ebay. Good luck and Happy Bidding ;p
Q: Kenny sings Puccini in one episode. What was the name of the Puccini song?A: I'm assuming that you mean the Quintuplet episode where Kenny is dressed in the funny outfit, while Stan, Kyle and Cartman to areobics in their chonies? Well that's not Puccini, that's Andre Bocelli and the song is called "Conte Partiro"
Q: Why didn't you answer my last two questions?A: Well it's totally possible that they were not answered for the following reasons:
1. They've been answered MANY times on the site AND in the FAQ's
2. Your questions sucked
Q: Ok I know what DVDA stands for, but is TVTA physically possible? Trey/Matt might know.A: Dude, if it's possible I don't want to hear nor see it. I don't even want to meet the girl who can do it... or the men who would be involved in it... ick gross eeeeeeew!!!!And if Trey/Matt do know, they ain't telling. But if you can pack a bunch of cigarettes in your mouth...
October 2, 2002
Q: What did Matt and Trey think of "Attack of the Clones?"A: I dont know what they thought but I think that movie sucks so much ass!
Q: How many people work down there at the SP studios?and how many of those have to remain working there during the dead time (when they're no episodes being produced)?A: I could tell you bu then I'd have to kill you.
Q: I miss Saddam... bring Saddam back!A: Well if President Bush has his way we should all be seeing a lot more of Saddam real soon.
October 1, 2002
Q: helloA: hello
Q: where can you go to buy south park merchandise at a store?A: You can usually get South park merch at the mall. Spencers Gifts often has a wide selection.I find a much greater variety at Aahs! I hardly find SP stuff at Spencer Gifts anymore.
Q: Are Trey and Matt working on any new projects currently, or are they only focusing on south Park?A: They are currently working on their sun-tans and hangovers.
Q: good byeA: see ya
Q: Is either Matt or Trey related to Fat Mike of NOFX?A: No they are not.
Septembner 30, 2002
Q: Who does the voices for the main four boys?A: Trey Parker and Matt StoneTrey does Stan and Cartman. Stan does Kyle and the fourth kid (Kenny, Butters, Tweek... you get the idea)
Q: I write a lot, and was wondering if I can send an episode?A: No, we currently do not accept episodes from outside sources, sorry.In the past they've read spec scripts, but have never used anything in them for the finished episodes.
Q: in earlier episodes it is mentioned that terrence and philip is a cartoon, if this is the case then how could the boys meet them in the later episodes when T&P were no longer talking and had gotten all fat?A: It's a cartoon, we can do whatever we want.It helps that South Park is a cartoon, too. :)
Septembner 29, 2002
Q: Was kenny's jacket ever cursed???A: You've watched the show, what do you think?
Q: who does the voice for gregory in the south park movie?A: Howard McGillinThat's for his singing part in "La Resistance medley," since McGillin is a tenor. Trey did the speaking parts.
Q: In Mr.Hankey the christmas poo, why was Kyle cutting ham when he's jewish?A: Ah yes, ham the Jewish dilemma
Q: When will new episodes start again?A: In November
Septembner 28, 2002
Q: Will you guys ever broadcast the southpark movie and Orgazmo on TV? Sad to say I haven't seen either.A: Both movies have been on cable and pay per view, try going to the video store to rent them.
Septembner 27, 2002
Q: would u please send me the characters biography or the history of the show, oh, and where could i download the eminem feature?A: No! Do your own damn homework, all the info is on the site, you can dig around for it yourself!
Q: if marklar would marklar all the marklar from marklar on top of marklar with the marklar previuously referred to as marklar, would then marklar have to marklar all their marklar to marklar?A: yes
Septembner 25, 2002
Q: What are the lyrics to the Butters Show theme song? Who's the boy that can laugh at a storm cloud?
Who can turn a frown into a smile for free?
Who's that kid with a heart full of magic?
Everyone knows it's Butters!
That's Me

Who's the boy with the eyes full of wonder?
Who thinks being yourself is the best thing to be?
Who's that rascal with the tweezers in his pocket?
Everyone knows it's Butters!
Wul, wul, that's me!

Jumpin' in puddels, skippin down the hallyway
pettin at the pettin' zoo. He loves John Elway.

Who's that tike with the cutest little dimples?
Battin his eye at everyone he sees?
If you look inside youself you may be suprised when you find
a little boy named Butters!
And That's Me!

"He love John Alway"
Septembner 24, 2002
Q: What was the name of the monster with the celery arm and Patrick Duffy leg in "Volcano"?A: Scuzzlebutt
Septembner 23, 2002
Q: Who's ass did Mr. Hankey come out of?A: Well in the first Mr. Hankey episode, Kyle is going to the bathroom when he first meets him. So that would lead me to believe that Kyle's ass is a holy ass!But if you eat fiber on Christmas Eve, he might come to your town!