South Park Studios FAQ

Compiled by Willie Westwood
from the list of questions answered by the staff at South Park Studios.

Part 6 - Summer 2002

Some commentary is provided in the third column
September 16, 2002
Q: Why are the first season 4 episode titles ending with the number 2000?A: When the year 2000 was coming up, everyone and their brother had "2000" in the titles of their products and TV shows. America was obsessed with 2000, so Trey put "2000" in the titles to make fun of the overuse.
Q: One of my friends said that South Park used to be on MTV. Is this true, or is my friends brother a hippy indian?A: Your friend is a Hippy Indian. South Park was never on MTV. Beavis and Butthead were.'Course, that error may have come about because Brian Graden, who brought South Park to Comedy Central, now works at MTV.
Q: How come you always give out lame answers when people ask questions?A: Because usually the questions are lame...
Q: Can you buy the seasons of south park on Dvd or Video?A: The first season of South Park will be available on DVD this November.
Q: What do you have against poor people?A: All they ever do is get food stamps and have babies!
Q: In an earlier FAQ you said that Flanders quotes a line from Cannibal in the episode where his wife dies. What line is that?A: In that episode Ned Flanders says "I'm about as full as a baked potato!"No, he says "I'm about as exciting as a baked potato." He had just stopped by Homer's house after a bad night of dating.
September 11, 2002
Q: Whatever happened to Asses of Fire 2? I remember you said it would be coming out some time in June.A: We NEVER said Asses of Fire 2 would be made, we actually mentioned on the site the day after it showed that it was just a part of the tv show.
September 3, 2002
Q: Why did Kenny die?A: Because he's poor, and poor people suck.
Q: Do you ever let nice, well behaved, loyal fans tour the South Park Studios?A: South Park studios does not have any tours available at this time.
August 30, 2002
Q: What episode was Rancid a guest star in?A: Episode 214: Chef Aid
Original Air Date: 10-07-1998
Q: Are Matt and Trey going to star in the "Precious Moments" thing on Comedy Central?A: As far as we know right now, Matt and Trey will not be making an appearance in the "Precious Moments" marthon on Comedy Central. They will however be doing a PPV special on September 3rd.
Q: What are the lyrics to "Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld?"A: Timmah!
Timmah livin' a lie!
Eh Timmah!
And the Lords of the Underworld
Darkness fills my heart with pain
And when girls start to sleep with girls
His love will rise again!
Timmah! Livin a lie!
A buh buh buh!
Yeah! OH!
And the Lords of the Underworld!
Darkness fills my heart with pain
And when girls start to sleep with girls
Timmah livin a lie!
I pledge allegiance to the flag....
To the United States of...
Timmah livin a lie!
And the Lords of the Underworld
Darkness fills my heart with pain
And when girls start to sleep with girls
Timmah! Timmah timmah timmaah timaaaaaaaaaaaaaah TIMMAH!
Q: How come the sixth season was so short?A: The sixth season IS NOT over yet. The last part of the sixth season airs November 6th 2002 @10:00pm.
Q: Are Matt and Trey going to be releasing boxed sets of seasons two-six on DVD?A: No, Comedy Central might though! Matt and Trey do not control what episodes get put out on DVD. Comedy Central ownes South Park and merchandising rights.
Q: How long does it normally take to make a South Park episode?A: Well... normally an episode can get done in four days... normal TV studios however ususally take longer.
August 14, 2002
Q: Will there be box sets of the first season released in the UK?A: Boxed sets for seasons one though five are available already for you Bristish people, and you can get them on
Q: I know that there are two different versions of "The Spirit Of Christmas" and that neither has ever been released. Any chance of getting them as a bonus feature on the upcoming Southpark Season 1 DVD or a future volume??A: There are absolutly no plans what so ever for a release of the Original "Spirit of Christmas: Jesus Vs. Frosty" and "Spirit of Christmas: Santa Vs. Jesus" on DVD or VHS.
August 12, 2002
Q: In the Getting Gay With Kids Rainforest Episode, is the head of 'Getting Gay With Kids' really Jennifer Aniston or just someone who sounds like her? A: Yes, Jennifer Aniston did guest star in that episode.
Q: Who was that Colorado Caninbal guy? Was he real?A: That Colorado Cannibal guys name is Alferd Packer and yes, he was very real. Alferd Packer was the first man to be convicted of Cannibalism. Do a search for him on
August 8, 2002
Q: Are Matt and Trey cool guys or has the money and the fame spoiled them like it has so many other celebrities?A: They used to be cool, but now they're kind of spoiled. Right now they're riding the Galley to Japan. Matt's cracking the whip making the people row, while Trey is on deck sipping daiquiri's.
Q: In the "Free Hat" episode what is Hat's last name? Is Hat real?A: Hat's last name is McCollough and no, he's not real.
Q: Is "Tweek" his first name or his last name?A: Tweek's name is "Tweek Tweak"Tweek Tweek! Check his dad's name tag.
Q: Is there going to be a release of South park: Season 1 on dvd?A:
July 29, 2002
Q: When Are you gonna change the top five faqs?A: We will change the top five FAQ's when people stop asking them. They are still the most asked questions.
July 23, 2002
Q: That game that Cartman was playing with Bebe, Lambs, what the hell was that about?A: If you've ever seen "Silence of the Lambs" you'd understand.Not even the note I have in my secrets will help unless you've seen the movie.
Q: Will Trey and Matt be at the Emmy's this year?A: Matt and Trey will not be attending the Emmy's this year.Reason for that is that the show's category is one of many that won't be televised.
Q: Why does Cartman hate hippies so much?A: Cartman hates hippies because they want to save the earth, and all they ever do is smoke pot and smell bad. ... and because hippies suck
Q: Why is there so much info about Trey's childhood, but nothing about Matt's?A: Well Matt was born in a small cottage in Switzerland. There he learned how to make goatcheese and chocolates. One day while he was reading over one of his American Comic Books, he started to understand the words. Promptly he took his wooden shoes, knowledge of Goat Cheese and chocolates and took a small boat to America. After that he lived in NYC doing certain things for money that we'd rather not talk about, then he moved to Texas. After a few years roping steers Matt flew to Colorado and started taking classes. This is where he met Trey, and they've been friends ever since.That's pretty good, almost as good as the info found at IMDb. :)
July 17, 2002
Q: In "Starvin Marvin" there is an Ethopian baby that has a Canadian style head. What's the deal with that?A: Maybe he was adopted?
Q: Is it true about the Digitally Re-mastered version of Cartman Has an Anal Probe being released? If so, when?A: No it's not true, it was a joke.
Q: Where can I download all those cute little animated gifs that y'all keep putting on your site?A: All you need to do is right click and "save target as." Keep in mind they're matted and have a little bit of the background color that they're on around they're edges.
July 9, 2002
Q: What was the game Father Maxi was in while struggling to find that document?A: That was a homage to the popular ATARI 2600 game called Pitfall. There is a new version of Pitfall available with the voiceovers of Bruce Cambell (Ash from the Evil Dead movies).
Q: Why did the characters on the Anal Probe episode look different from all the other episodes?A: "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe" was the first South Park to air on Comedy Central. It is also the only episode that was actually animated in construction paper on Comedy Central.
Q: How can I get a nude picture of Trey Parker?A: It's called photoshop...Um, yeah. LOL
July 3, 2002
Q: What are Matt and Trey's favorite movies?A: Matt: "Megaforce" (1982) Trey: "A Christmas Story" (1983)
Q: What is General Disarray's real name?A: Dougie. You may first remember him from #308 - "Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub" where he played "Charlie's Angels" with Butters.
July 1, 2002
Q: Is that Timothy Bottoms playing GWB in the movie, "The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course"?A: Yes it is! Good eye!
June 28, 2002
Q: Whatever happen to Kenny's parents? Did they die too?A: No. They will return in Episode #609.They sure did. And with new clothes, to boot. :)
Q: Do you think Osma Bin Laden was pissed off after "Osma Bin Laden Has Farty Pants" aired?A: If he's got Comedy Central on that little TV in his crappy little cave hideout... then yeah I assume he'd be a little pissed off about the arrogant rich American Capitolist Pigs making fun of him not having a... "noodle"
Q: What is Catman's toy frog's name?A: His name is Clyde Frog. Cartman's other toys include Plolly Prissy Pants, Peter Panda and Rumpletumkin.
Q: What was the highest-rated South Park episode ever?A: "Not Without My Anus" people tuned in for the conclusion to a cliff hanger, and got a 30 min fartfest.
Q: Would you please stop giving full descriptions of every episode before it airs? It is hard to fight the urge to read it and it kind of ruins the suprise.A: We never give out full descriptions, a lot of things are left out of the episode descriptions.
June 25, 2002
Q: Could you please list the Five Most Notorious Episodes in order?A: 5. Episode 404 "Timmy 2000"
4. Episode 110 "Mr. Hankey The Christmas Poo"
3. Episode 406 "Cartman Joins NAMBLA"
2. Episode 502 "It Hits the Fan"
1. Episode 113 "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut"
Q: I saw 'Now Without My Anus' for the 1st time on Comedy Central Sunday at 2:30 A.M. I don't understand why it was banned. Was it because it pissed a lot of Canadians off, or was it because of all the gas-passing going on?A: It wasn't banned, people were so upset because Matt and Trey told them that they would learn who Cartman's dad was, when they aired the T&P Special on an April Fools the fans went a little crazy. It hasn't aired since because it pissed so many people off!