South Park Studios FAQ

Compiled by Willie Westwood
from the list of questions answered by the staff at South Park Studios.

Part 5 - Spring 2002

Some commentary is provided in the third column
June 20, 2002
Q: Have you guys ever thought about doing a 3D South Park episode?A: Actually, I did, once. I brought it up with Eric Stough, our Animation Director, and he just looked at me like I was fucking insane.Well, the games have 3D animations of the characters, but it just isn't the same.
June 19, 2002
Q: Choose one making you better feeling!A: ...All your base are belong to us?YATTA!!!
Q: Since it's told that SP animation is now computerized, then makes me wonder about Chef. How come whenever Chef walks sideways, his face and body is still facing straight? Also, if his body is facing sideways sometimes when walking, then his face is not sideways with his body. Why is that?A: Trey has never liked the way Chef looked when he turns profile, so he's never been animated in profile.
June 18, 2002
Q: Where did you get the name Chinpokomon from?A: Chinpokomon is the names of the little characters that the boys become additcted too. They're a parody of "Pokemon" which means "Pocket Monters" in Japanese. Chin Chin is the Japanese word for "penis" it's kind of like our parents calling our nauty bits "wee wee" or "noodle".
Q: I heard that Issac Hayes doesn't do the voice of Chef anymore. Is this true?A: You heard wrong, Issac Hayes continues to do the voice for "Chef" on the show.He's just not on as much, and he hasn't sung a tune in quite a while now.
Q: Who are the actors in the little ad for cherokee hair tampons?A: Some of them were hired to do the shoot, while others were staffers at the office.
Q: Do the SPS Polls really make a difference with Matt & Trey's decisions regarding what to do on South Park in the future?A: No, the polls are there for our entertainment only."Our" meaning "fans', of course."
June 4, 2002
Q: Is there going to be another South Park video game?A: There are no plans for a new SP video game at this time. Matt is too busy playing Halo.
Q: Are there any plans to release full seasons of South Park on DVD instead of the 4 episode at a time format?A: All will be revealed (ala Jules Asner) at the appropriate time.
Q: How did Miss Choksondik die? It's mystery!A: If they do explain what happened to Mrs. Choksondik it will most likely happen in the new episodes. For now we don't know.
June 3, 2002
Q: Did you use the same animation program to create South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut? Are there any changes you made to the production process?A: We used Alias/Wavefront's Power Animator on BL&U, the same program we used during the first four seasons of South Park.

We've been using Alias' Maya software since the beginning of Season Five (#102 - "It Hits the Fan").

And to answer your second question, the movie definitely changed the way we produce the show. You may have noticed that the animation is not as rough and crude as in the earlier seasons.

And you thought your eyes were playing tricks on you. Check out the first season of The Simpsons and compare the animation to how it looks now. Things evolve...

May 29, 2002
Q: Why do you constantly keep posting the same questions over and over again when it's obvious you've answered them before?A: Because people keep asking the same damn questions over and over even though we've answered them before.And they don't take the time to search the FAQ (or look here) before asking.
May 28, 2002
Q: What was the Fifth Most Notorious Episode? I missed it.A: Timmy 2000
Q: What do Matt and Trey's parents think about South Park?A: Trey's dad thinks it's funny, Trey's mom doesn't understand why such cute little characters need to cuss.Okay, but what do Matt's parents think?
Q: Do you have an e-mail address where I can contact Matt or Trey!?A: Matt and Trey DO NOT have email public email addresses.Wasn't that asked just last week? I'm getting déjà vu...
Q: How long did it take to get permission to say the word shit on TV?A: About five seconds... they asked and Comedy Central said yes, this suprised Matt and Trey since they were ready to fight to say it!
Q: Do you take fan's ideas for shows?A: Matt and Trey have yet to use a fan submitted show idea.Thus, any similarity between a fan's idea and the content of the episode is purely coincidental.
May 27, 2002
Q: What is the URL to find information on the Orgazmo DVD?A: http://www.orgazmodvd.comPretty straightforward, eh?
May 23, 2002
Q: Is SP Studios an entire building, or just an elevator floor in another building?A: South Park Studios is an ACTUAL studio in LA. We have our own building.
May 21, 2002
Q: Do you have an e-mail address where I can contact Matt or Trey???A: I let you know the moment I get fired/escape from this institution.
Q: I assume both Matt and Trey have seen the new Star Wars movie by now, so what did they think of it? I heard Trey had a problem with Episode 1...A: And he famously let George Lucas know it at Carrie Fisher's birthday party that year.

I heard Matt talking about "Spiderman" (he saw some of the filming while we were working on the Sony lot on "Bush"), but I'm not sure if either of them have seen "Clones" yet.

About 90% of our crew has, however, cause we're suckers like that.

May 16, 2002
Q: How long has South Park been on the air?A: South Park has been on the air for about five years now.
Q: Is south Park on any other days besides Wednesday and Saturday at 10 P.M. on Comedy Central?A: Yes, South Park also airs on Thursdays. Thursdays episode is a different episode then Wednesday and Saturday.
Q: Why the fuck did you kill off Kenny?A: I think we did it just to piss YOU off personally...
Q: Which voices did mary kay do on south park?A: Mary Kay did all the female voices except for Bebe from seasons 1, 2 and most of 3.
May 15, 2002
Q: What episode are you guys going to send to the Emmy board for consideration this year?A: Episode #509 - "Osama bin Laden has Farty Pants." I will declare a jihad if f@#$*&% "As Told By Ginger" gets nominated over us again.
Q: why is the moon green?A: It's made of Cheese!
Q: Do Matt and Trey actually draw the characters?A: Only the first episode of South Park (and a short scene with Pip in #108) was animated by Trey and Matt (and several other people) with construction paper. Some of the earlier episodes also had a few scanned background elements that were made of construction paper as well.

Now, because the miracle of science we use MAYA by Alias Wavefront to animate the show! The pilot took 3 months to make, so it's a good thing they switched over to computers.

Most of the new characters are drawn by our Story Board crew of four using Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw - they base these drawings on the script and Trey's explicit instructions.

I was under the impression they animated the first four eps by hand while setting up the machinery to automate the process. Anyway, it's episode 101 and Pip's entrance in 105 that were animated by Matt and Trey by hand (both came from the unaired episode).
May 14, 2002
Q: When will you start to air new episodes from the 6th season of South Park?A: The second part of the 6th season will begin on June 26th. There will be five new episodes airing in a row.
Q: What do Matt and Trey think of all the people who are sad that Kenny is gone?A: They throw their heads back in laughter and clink glasses of the finest champagne while toasting, "to evil."

Oh, I'm sorry. They do that every day.

May 13, 2002
Q: In December, you said we would know for sure about the permanence of Kenny's Death in March of 2002. So, what's the deal?A: He's dead, Jim.
Q: If the dirty kid's name is Dirt then why was his name Dog Poo in #606 "Professor Chaos"? Did it changed around like Cartman and Kenny's names for the pilot?A: No, I believe his name changed when went from Alias/Wavefront Power Animator to Maya after the 4th Season for our animation software needs. For example, Butters used to be known as Puff Puff.
Q: Why does Mr.Garrison have a friend or a puppet called Mr.Hat?A: On the most basic level, Trey had a childhood teacher who used to have a hand puppet similar to Mr. Hat (Yes, I know, disturbing).

On a somewhat deeper level, Mr. Hat represents Mr. Garrison's latent urges. His homosexuality, his racist feelings, his inner rage. Even though Garrison has come out of the closet in terms of his sexuality and prejudices, he still has some issues to work out. Mr. Hat is like his crutch, his security blanket if you will.

Besides, it was funny as all heck when Mr. Mackey got into that fight with Mr. Hat on the bus to Arkansas in Episode #317 "The Brown Noise."

May 7, 2002
Q: What do you think is the most talked about, and outrageous episode of South Park.A: Episode #201, "Terrance and Phillip: Not Without My Anus." It's also a staff (and Matt and Trey) favorite. #507 "Proper Condom Use" ranks up there as well.
May 6, 2002
Q: How did they train the German Shepard to perform it's "act" on Joe in Orgazmo?A: Actually the dog came like that! They looked all over LA to find a dog that would hump on command!
May 1, 2002
Q: Which episode was it when Butters made cardboard cut outs of the guys?A: Episode 417: A Very Crappy Christmas
Original Air Date: 12-20-2000
Q: okay, forgive me but, whats a "hidden visitor"?A: A "Hidden Visitor" are the aliens that appear through out the South Park episodes. In most South Park episodes the staff will hide visitors to give the die hard fans something else to look for!
Q: Have any South Park voices ever been done by real children?A: Most of the Kindergardners and Ike were voiced by real kids.
Q: My friend said that when he used to watch South Park when 6 years ago it wasn't censored over. Is that true?A: Ever since South Park has aired on Comedy Central it has been censored. Your friend might have seen the unsensored pilot or the original Spirit of Xmas at the Spike and Mikes Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation! (The birthpace of Beavis and Butthead!)
Q: Will Matt and Trey be making any more Movies like Baseketball, Orgazmo or Canibal?A: As of right now, there is no new news about Trey and Matt making anything else but South Park for now!
Q: Is Lianne Cartman (Eric's mom) based on a real person?A: Yes, she is based on Trey's EX Fiancee! They were going to get married untill Trey discoverd her in the throws of passion with another! So now each time there is a girl with "questionable morals" in Trey's movies... her name is Lianne!
Q: Who are Tom Vogt and Chris Romano?A: Tom Vogt is an editor on South Park and Chris Ramano is a production assistant!
Q: Will Matt and Trey continue to do episode introductions on the new DVD's?A: It has been a very long time since Comedy Central has asked Matt and Trey to do any introductions. Once they ask we'll post what we can!
Q: Do Matt and Trey actually draw the characters?A: The first four episodes of South Park that aired on Comedy Central was animated by Trey and Matt in Construction Paper. Now because the miracle of science we use MAYA by Alias Wavefront to animate the show!
Q: Is there any websites i can download the DVDA music?A: Try going to and download their program (it's like NAPSTER) and do a search for DVDA
April 23, 2002
Q: Who came up with the stareotype that Jews don't have rhythm?A: The Jews did... by having no rhythm!
Q: Why don't you say the "Oh my god, they killed Kenny!" phrase any more?A: Because Kenny is already deadYep. And Kenny's corpse would have to be present for that line to be said.
Q: Who does the voices for the characters on South Park? A: Cartman: Trey Parker
Stan: Trey Parker
Starvin' Marvin: Trey Parker
Timmy: Trey Parker
Jimmy: Trey Parker
Mephisto: Trey Parker
Kyle's Cousin Kyle: Trey Parker
Grandpa Marsh: Trey Parker
Mr. Garrison: Trey Parker
Mr. Mackey: Trey Parker
Stan's Dad: Trey Parker
Mrs. Choksondik: Trey Parker
Ned: Trey Parker
Officer Barbrady: Trey Parker
Phillip: Trey Parker
Evil Stan Clone: Trey Parker
God: Trey Parker
Mr. Hankey: Trey Parker
Osama Bin Laden: Trey Parker
Santa Clause: Trey Parker
Satan: Trey Parker
Kyle: Matt Stone
Kenny: Matt Stone
Pip: Matt Stone
Butters: Matt Stone
Big Gay Al: Matt Stone
Kyle's Dad: Matt Stone
Kenny's Dad: Matt Stone
Terrance: Matt Stone
Priest Maxi: Matt Stone
Jimbo: Matt Stone
Jesus: Matt Stone
Saddam Hussein: Matt Stone
Bebe: Jennifer Howell
Towelie: Vernon Chatman
Ike: Various south park staffers kids
Q: In "Cannibal: the Musical" Trey Parker changed his name to Juan Swartz in the credits for the main character, why?A: Trey didn't think that it would look too good if his name kept popping up over and over!
April 12, 2002
Q: When is the US Orgazmo going to be released?A: The Orgazmo DVD should be available by early or late fall of this year!
April 10, 2002
Q: What does kenny say in the intro?A: Nothing, he's been replaced by Timmy who says: "Timmah, Timmah, Timmah, Timmah, Timmah, Timmah, Live a lie Timmah!"
Q: Will there really be an "Asses of Fire 2"?A: We do not have any information about a REAL "Asses of Fire 2" or a new South Park Movie.
Q: What was the ORIGINAL version of Conan's demise?A: He shoots himeself in the head
Q: Is Towelie ever gonna appear on the show again?A: Tune in tonight.
April 9, 2002
Q: Is it true that Trey Parker and Matt Stone watch animal porn?A: If you call Animal Planet and Mutual of Omaha's "Wild Kingdom" animal porn, I suppose so.
April 6, 2002
Q: After season 4 ended, the animation and music during the episodes changed when season 5 premiered. And from what I can see, that version is still going. How come you guys changed it? I thought the animation and music from the 4th season was fine the way it was, and it still is.A: By the end of Season 4, Alias/Wavefront - the company that provided our animation software at the time (Power Animator) - decided to discontinue technical support for their program. So we had to switch to their new program, Maya (now the industry standard).

Regarding music: South Park's original composer Adam Berry (also, original bassist of DVDA when Matt still played drums) got too busy on other projects. We ended up signing Mad City (who did some work for us earlier). They're nice guys.

Q: Hey, I know y'all like Monty Python (I saw y'all on the John Cleese Forever Show)? Do y'all think you will ever do a Monty Python South Park episode?A: As most people know, Matt and Trey are HUGE Monty Python fans. They did a South Park clip for a Monty Python tribute a while back (the pet shop/dead bird sketch with Kyle and Cartman in the starring roles).

BBC America has been showing all kinds of Monty Python specials (along with "Excalibur"!) for weeks. So check it!

April 5, 2002
Q: In the episode "Starvin' Marvin in Space" (#311) did the idea of the Marklar people saying that every person, place, and thing on Marklar is called Marklar, come from the Smurfs?A: Dude, EVERYTHING comes from the Smurfs. They're like the Rosetta Stone of animation.
Q: Ok, so remember when the South Park movie came out and Trey and Matt were on the Conan O'Brien show? They were setting up their clip and said something like, "Well, the studio only wanted us to show you the part before you jump out the window, but we wanted to show the whole thing, so we found a bootlegged copy and spliced some of it onto this clip." The second part of the clip they showed actually did look bootlegged. So... did they REALLY go to a street corner, find a bootlegged copy of their own movie then show it on national TV or was it planned?A: No, they weren't bullshitting. If you've ever visited or lived in New York City, they have bootleg movies all over the place (usually for 5 or 10 dollars). Seinfeld even had an episode all about it.

They really did go out on the street and bought a bootleg - then spliced it in. What you really should have seen was the ORIGINAL version of Conan's demise.

I needs to find that interview now...
Q: Hey I'm Korean and I noticed in a couple of South Park episodes that there were Korean letters and words. I was wonderin do you have a Korea staff member or do either Matt or Trey know Korean?A: Hey, I'm Korean too. We've always had a few Korean technical directors on staff (two are on the crew right now), so they toss in a few Korean characters every once in a while.

As far as I know, the only Korean Matt and Trey know is Kalbi (Korean Short Ribs BBQ) and Kim Chee (Spicy Korean Pickled Cabbage). Trey, however, does know Japanese - as evidenced by the "Chinpokomon" episode (#310).

Q: Regarding "Asses of Fire II", I thought T&P were now older and fatter, and they look like they're back to normal for the upcoming film. Should we suspend reality, or was this filmed long ago?A: Phillip always stayed slim. Terrance went on that 90-day Tony Horton get-in-shape program after getting back together with Phillip in Episode #505, "Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow," last year.

And he's been keeping off those pounds!

April 4, 2002
Q: What kind of ratings do South Park get? A: Great ratings!

As a matter of fact South Park's ratings have jumped 21% since season five! We ROCK!

Q: Why aren't the new episodes closed-captioned?A: Since we're usually working on the episode until the last minute, there's no time to get the final scripts to the network in time.
Q: What was the Donner Party musical movie that Matt and Trey did?A: It wasn't about the Donner Party, it was about Alferd Packer the first person ever to be convicted of Cannibalism in Colorado. It's called "Cannibal! The Musical" and you can get the DVD from your local video/dvd retailer
Q: How come Kenny's girlfriend doesn't come out anymore?A: Well... Kenny's dead.
April 3, 2002
Q: Why do some guests have "normal cartoon heads" (like Bill Gates, Winona Ryder, etc.), while others have pictures for heads (like Saddam, Ben Affleck, etc.)?A: There's no rhyme or reason. Sometimes they're drawn because we can't track down an adequate stock photo in time.

But mostly, it's Trey's call. It usually has to do with the way they'll be used and/or whichever one is just plain funnier.

Q: Is there any known place in the Internet and/or anywhere else where I can find a town map of South Park?A: I asked Eric Stough (our Director of Animation) about this when we started working on the web site. I thought it would be cool to have a 3-D map where you could click on various locations.

Apparently one doesn't exist. You may notice that we add all kinds of goofy stuff like the docks in #312 and a synogogue in #506 (even though Kyle's family are the only Jews in town) at random.

The closest thing I've seen to a map is in the "South Park Rally" game. And that was totally inaccurate based on what we've seen on the show thus far.

Q: I would like to point out a mistake. Yasmine Bleeth was not in "Baseketball." Carmen Electra and Jenny McCarthy were. I would think you would have caught that.A: Oh gee, then who's that in the credits? Turd.
Q: Any chance of seeing bin Laden and Saddam do a show together?A: What? Like Martin and Lewis? In Vegas? Highly unlikely.

But seeing as South Park succeeded where two Bush administrations have failed (killing Osama and Saddam, that is), you never know.

April 2, 2002
Q: Do you know where I can get a job answering FAQs with smart-ass answers like you? It looks like fun. ;~)A: Damn straight it's fun! And you don't even have to be a smart-ass. Obviously...

Oh, and sorry, but this job's taken.

Q: I've been thinking, and I've came up with the best new special guest for the show.........Pee Wee Herman!A: Better think harder.
Q: I want to know why they don't go back to writing the episodes long in advance. They suck when they're almost improv!A: Well, aside from the ten or so episodes that have lead off a season or run, almost every South Park is written, animated, and edited up to the last minute.

Nothing has really changed. In fact, some of our best episodes (recently: #409 "Something That You Can Do with Your Finger," #417 "A Very Crappy Christmas," #507 "Proper Condom Use"), were all done at the last minute.

Having short lead times allows us to be up to the minute with current events, as in: #403 "Contorting Quintuplets 2000" (the Elian fiasco two Easters ago), #413 "Trapper Keeper" (the 2000 Presidential Election Scandal in Florida), and #509 "Osama bin Laden has Farty Pants" (duh!).

Q: What exactly does Matt do on the show? According to the credits, all Matt does is produce and do voices, whereas Trey produces, directs, writes, does songs and voices.A: Do you even know what producing a show entails? Matt pretty much handles the business side for the duo - dealing with the network on marketing, licensing and publicity issues. He's also the one who deals with the network when they have misgivings about a show idea (along with our other Executive Producer, Anne Garefino). He's also the one who wanted this web site to exist - and he pushed it through.

That's not to say he doesn't have creative input. He's extremely active in the writers meetings and editing sessions (second only to Trey), and he cowrites many of the songs, along with Bruce Howell and D.A. Young.

Thus, Matt is the business in show business, Trey is the show.
April 1, 2002
Q: I work at Pasadena City College and thought it was great to see Michael Dorn in one of our t-shirts. I know he's an alumni...but why did you guys have him wear it?A: 'Cause he's got school pride. Also, a lot of folks wear stuff from their alma mater when they're chilling at home.

I just wish those lame-o's on "The Real World" who went to my school (Cal) didn't advertise it.

Q: In "Kenny Dies" (513) when Cartman is on that snowy road after the 'fetus truck' flips, what song is he singing and who sings it?A: He's singing "Morning Train" by Sheena Easton. This was before Prince got a hold of her and made her slutty. Remember "Sugar Walls"? I know I do.
March 28, 2002
Q: Is J.J. Franzen (listed under "EIEIO" in the credits) an actual employee at Comedy Central/South Park, a friend of Matt 'n Trey's, or just a fictional name?A: Yes, he's one of our System Administrators. You say also know him as Geek #2 in episodes #412 "Fourth Grade" and #601 "Freak Strike."

J.J. explains what "EIEIO" means in an interview I did with him and Sean Laverty in our Behind the Scenes section. Check it!

March 27, 2002
Q: How many episodes have "hidden visitors" in them?A: Over half of them. Eric Stough, our Director of Animation, usually puts them in at the last minute. That is... if he remembers to. Unfortunately, he doesn't keep track of them, so we don't have exact numbers.
Q: In "Fun With Veal," did Michael Dorn do his own voice?A: No, that was Trey.Didn't he sound like Satan to you?
Q: What is the music normally played during the end credits of the show? I would like to have it, but like most of the really good music out there, it's not readily available. Just what the hell is it called and where can I get it?A: That's the original "South Park" theme song from the pilot as played by Primus. It was sped up and changed when the show got picked up.

You can find it on this site under Downloads; Sounds; it's the first sound file.

Q: Has the Tweek character been retired?A: What are we, the Beanie Babies?
March 26, 2002
Q: I love Dian! How tall is he? Is he single? Does he have an email address?A: I think Dian is about 5'5-5'6, not sure if he's completely single, and no you can't!
Q: Do Matt and Trey like Yasmine Bleeth? Because in BASEketball Trey was her boyfriend, but in the "Entity" episode when all of the famous people show up they're in private jets and ships. But then Yasmine shows up in crappy clothes and a crappy car and it's like they're making fun of her.A: Well, if you recall. Yasmine Bleeth was arrested for drug possession a short time before that episode aired. As usual, we were up there with the current events. You may also recall that the "real" IT (or Ginger) was released shortly after our episode.

And remember, just because you see something on TV or in the Movies, it doesn't make it real.

March 25, 2002
Q: Why isn't Kenny on the show anymore?A: He's filming a Lifetime TV movie-of-the-week in Vancouver.
Q: On average, how many hits does this site [South Park Studios] get each day?A: High five figures to low six figures a day. More when we're airing new episodes.
March 23, 2002
Q: What cars do M&T drive?A: Matt drives a 2001 Hummer stretch with a horn that plays "Where the Party At?"

Trey drives a replica of the original Batmobile. It's FRESH!

Q: Will there ever be a line of Towelie bongs or rolling papers?A: I wish! Unfortunately, Comedy Central would NEVER go along with it. There are, however, unlicensed South Park bongs being sold all over Venice Beach, CA and America. It's only a matter of time before Towelie gets his moment to shine.
March 21, 2002
Q: How many episodes are there going to be in Season Six?A: Between 15 and 17 episodes (most likely 16... which is between 15 and 17 the last time I checked).
March 20, 2002
Q: Why hasn't Timmy been in any episodes for the last two seasons? Are you planning on writing him off for good or what?A: Besides the three main boys, everyone else (Timmy included) are secondary or tertiary characters. That said, Timmy can't be featured in every episode because that would cause him to lose his unique charms.

If Matt and Trey come up with another great story line for Timmy, you can be assured that he'll make a reappearance. But I don't think they'll try to force it.

It's Butters-time! For now...

Q: What was with the whole 80's/new wave thing going on in "Asspen?" Was it a reference to something?A: Yes, it was a reference to all of those cheesy 80's ski movies like "Better off Dead" (a great movie btw), "Hot Dog," "Ski Patrol," "Ski School," etc....

Also, totally unrelated, a former "That's My Bush" writer now writes for "That 80's Show."