South Park Studios FAQ

Compiled by Willie Westwood
from the list of questions answered by the staff at South Park Studios.

Part 45 - Spring 2012

Some commentary is provided in the third column
June 19, 2012
How many times has Eric Cartman said "Screw You Guys I'm Going Home"? By my count, he says that infamous phrase (or some variation of it) a total of 18 times. It's totally possible that I missed one, so don't bust my balls, but here's the full rundown of "screw you guys" episodes:

Cartman Gets An Anal Probe (101), Mr. Hankey The Christmas Poo (110), Summer Sucks (208, three times), Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls (209, three times), Rainforest Schmainforest (301), Spontaneous Combustion (302, two times), Hooked On Monkey Phonics (313), Red Badge of Gayness (314, two times), Cherokee Hair Tampons (407), Chef Goes Nanners (408), A Very Crappy Christmas (417), and Raisins (714)

June 9, 2012
Dear Mr. FAQ Guy: What are the lyrics to "Jackin' it in San Diego" and "Make Bullying Kill Itself"? Please help, thank you. Ps--You are my hero, anyone who knows SO much stuff about South Park is my all time favorite person... :D Well you certainly know how to butter me up. It's not every day we double down on script access, but what the hell. Here are the lyrics to both of those awesome songs from "Butterballs" (1605).

I've put the clips below as well, so GET YOUR GUMMY BEARS and sing along!!

"Make Bullying Kill Itself"

Bullying isn't cool
Bullying is lame, Bullying is ugly
and has a stupid name.
For a healthy world,
Bullying's unfit and I think I know
what we should do to it --
doot doot doot doot do to it

Let's all get together
And make bullying kill itself
Bully-ing's an ugly thing
Let's shove it's face in the dirt,
And make bullying kill itself
Woa woa woa

Boy you like my body set the mood let's play.
You can touch me anywhere -
except for my va-jay-jay

We can make it stop, We can stomp it out
We can beat its ass, Until it starts to cry
Let's gang up on it, And tell it, it smells
And beat its ass worse, If it ever tells
(if-if-if-it ever tells)
Let's all join together
To try and make bullying kill itself
It'll be fun to see
Just how bad we can make it feel
Make bullying kill itself
Woa woa woa

My heart sez yes - (sez yes) -
but my Va-jay-jay sez no

Trapped inside the darkness of my mind.
I try to break free but words are so unkind-



(half hearted)


HEY CAN I- CAN I not do this please?!

The music STOPS and everyone loses their smiles and the lights come on-

"Jackin' It In San Diego"

I'm gonna jack it where the sun always shines
(He's gonna jack it)
Been spreadin the word and now I need ease my mind.
(Jack'n it ho)

Been plantin them apple seeds and while the apples grow
I'm gonna go out Jackin it in - SAN DIEGO!

Jackin' it Jackin' it Jackity Jack
Spankin' it Jackin' it Spankity Smack

I Don't need no shirt, no, gonna take them pants right off
(He's aboutta Jack it)
On such a bright day - who needs underwear or socks?
(Jack'n it ho)
Been all around Gods country and there's one thing I know
There's no better place for Jackin it than SAN DIEGO!!

Jack it jack it jackity jack
Spanking spankin it smackity smack
Jack it jack it jackity jack
Spanking spankin it smackity smack

Jackin' it for the LORRRRRD!!!!

Come to San Diego there's so much to see.
From the sparkling waters of mission bay to the warm tortillas of Old town.
And after a day of sightseeing, why not try
spankin' it on one of our charming city streets?
San Diego. Come. Take a load off.

Jackin' it Jackin' it Jackity Jack
Spankin' it Jackin' it Spankity Smack
Whackin' it Whackin' it Whackity Whack
Spankin' it Jerkin' it spankity smack

The cars are passin by me they honk to say hello

(Hey, that guy's jackin' it)

From his window there's a guy shootin' video
And if the good Lord Jesus comes knockin on my door,
just Tell him that I'm jackin it in - San Diego!

Jackin' it Jackin' it Jackity Jack
Spankin' it Jackin' it Spankity Smack
Whackin' it Whackin' it Whackity Whack-

June 8, 2012
How come South Park hasn't made fun of Justin Bieber yet? Is it because he's too easy? Umm...Cartman had the Dark Lord Cthulhu hunt down Justin Bieber and squish his puny little head two seasons ago, in "Coon Vs. Coon & Friends". Come on dude, you need to keep up on your Park!!
June 7. 2012
Does Clyde have sisters? In "Reverse Cowgirl" right before his mom died, she said to "make sure you put the toilet seat down for you sister's sake"...but at the funeral, it was just Clyde and his dad. They never really mentioned him having I'm just a bit confused. Great catch dude, and I understand your perplexed head-scratching. To date, we haven't seen Clyde's sister in any episodes. I'm pretty sure she's still mourning the loss of their mother, or maybe she has also fallen victim to Clyde's flagrant disregard of toilet seat etiquette. Hopefully we'll see her soon...and alive.
June 6, 2012
The uncertainty is driving my insane! On the last episode "Cartman Finds Love", Cartman tells Nicole (and the whole basketball audience) that he loves Kyle and that they're together. I know they're not together so obviously Cartman made that part up, but what about him being in love with Kyle? Is it true or just another one of Cartman's schemes?? I've always thought that he was gay and had a crush on Kyle, it was my only insane way of explaining how he's always picking on him and wanting him to suck his balls so bad. Pleaseeeeee answer my question!!! This is the FAQ of the month -- everyone has been asking about this!! And for good reason -- Cartman has put Butters' wiener in his mouth, had Kyle suck his balls, dressed up like Britney Spears and kissed a Justin TImberlake cutout, and now...confessed his "love" for Kyle.

So is he gay? Is he really in love with Kyle?? All we can say for certain is that he is definitely one confused little kid. (Let's not forget he's also committed countless crimes, befriended the dark lord Cthulhu, and indirectly killed Tenorman's parents, one of which turns out to be his own father). To find out more about his real feelings, we're all gonna just have to watch and see what happens in September...

June 5, 2012
What was the episode where Butters sings "Boom Boom Pow"? I forgot :( That happens in the cracktastic montage from "Crack Baby Athletic Association" (1505). Somebody's got to eat all that bacon, might as well be Butters...
June 4, 2012
Dear Mr Faqer :) I watched the "Cash 4 Gold" episode 3 times and I didn't spot any aliens. So are there visitors in that episode, or has the show gone rogue? My dearest fan, I think it's you who may have gone rogue. The show doesn't have Visitors in every episode, so I wouldn't stress about trying to find them. As we learned in "Cancelled" (704), the Visitors appear randomly to help fix anal probes and whatnot.

So, no, there aren't any Visitors in "Cash 4 Gold". But there IS a squirrel with a top hat on...and I'd like to think that's even better.

June 2, 2012
In Season 4, Episode 1 ("the tooth fairy tats 2000"), Kyle leaves reality towards the end. My question is: what band plays during his mind trip? Ahhh...good question! Kyle's little mind-bending trip is underscored by one of South Park's favorite bands...Primus. That song is called "Welcome to This World" and it's from their 1993 album, Pork Soda.
June 1, 2012
How many episodes of South Park are there? As of right now, Matt and Trey have produced an absurdly-impressive 230 episodes of South Park. We're currently smack-dab in the middle of Season 16, so when this season finishes in November, there will be a total of 237!

Not too bad for an all-construction paper, stop-motion, college class assignment that featured a demonic snowman rampaging the streets of a small mountain town only to be defeated by little baby Jesus.

May 31, 2012
In Season 2, episode 12 (Clubhouses) there's a song -- I was wondering what is played before the kid yells "Moshpit"? That is a ridiculously specific question...but fear not, young South Park apprentice, I have the answer. That raging mosh-pit tune is by the punk band Dr. Know. The song is called "Piece of Meat". Get that and blast it at your next clubhouse party.
May 30, 2012
Matt and Trey are at the Mid-Season finale already, so when will part two be back? Please and Thanks! Matt and Trey and the rest of the gang will be back to give you 7 all-new, super-sweet episodes -- starting in September. The first new episode will premiere on SEPTEMBER 26th, 2012!!
May 3, 2012
The actors who portrayed the boys in the live-action sequence of the ziplining episode...are they part of the South Park crew or did you guys really find actors to play the boys? Haha. As much as we like to do everything in-house here, those guys were actors. Stan was played by Michael Zazarino, Kyle by Eli Bildner, Cartman by Brandon Hardesty, and Kenny by Josh Beren. Kudos to all four of them, they did a pretty epic job of bringing the boys to life...with herpes. You can download a real-life picture of Trey, Matt and the actors taken after filming the sequence right here!
Hey. I was wondering if you knew if they were going to come out with "The South Park Episode Guide, Volume 3" for Seasons 11-15 since they already have books out for Seasons 1-5 and 6-10. Great question, and you're not the only one who's asked about it. We have definitely been talking about making a new "Episode Guide" for Seasons 11-15. There's nothing definite yet, but stay tuned. We'll let you know the details as soon as we have them...
I have three questions that I'm sure you can answer and they all come from "Cartmanland"! First, is Cartman's hired security at Cartmanland the same Mall Cop that pepper sprayed him in "Something You Can Do With Your Finger"? Second, why is Gerald holding a Bible when he visits Kyle in the hospital? AND third, one of Cartman's rollercoasters is called Chupacabra. Coincidence? Happy to take on that trifecta of "Cartmanland" trivia! Let's tackle these in order:

Firstly, yes Cartman's Security guard is absolutely the same Mall Cop from "Something You Can Do With Your Finger". (He also makes another cameo with the group of Security Guards trying to stop Garrison in "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina", 901.)

Second, I hate to point out the obvious on this one, but the Bible also contains scriptures for the Jewish faith. It's called the Old Testament, and it's very important to Judaism. Later in the episode, they also go into a pretty vivid reenactment from the Book of Job, which again is in the Old Testament.

And lastly, big props for that find, dude!! I actually never noticed the rollercoaster was named "The Chupacabra" until you pointed that out. That's a pretty awesome easter egg, and perhaps that's what got Cartman thinking about the elusive "Jewpacabra"....

Hey, I have a question. In the episode about Stan and bullying, when they are filming the video, is that Kip holding the video camera? Oh hell yeah it is! That's Kip taking the lead as the cameraman, and Dougie rocking the boom mic. Didn't you see Kip's Facebook status?

"Shot bullying video. Then had strawberries as a snack."

Sadly... It got no "likes."

Hi! Yesterday, when I was watching TV, the "Men In Black 3" add appeared. Suddenly I saw Will Smith riding the "IT" from the episode "The Entity" and I was like WTF??! My question is: Did they copy it from South Park or was it an older invention? I'm so shocked right now... Haha. You noticed that, huh? Yes, the official trailer for "Men In Black 3" definitely shows a clip of a very IT-like mode of transportation -- you can spot it towards the end of the trailer.

We're not sure if they got the idea. We also don't know if it operates on the 4 flexi-grip mouth-and-anus system invented by Garrison. But one thing's for sure, it does look surprisingly similar!

In "Butterballs", while the kids are making the movie, is that the Vamp Kids?! Dude, that anti-bullying video probably is the most complete display of South Park Elementary kids ever. In addition to the Vamp Kids hanging out in the gym, look for cameos by: Mooey the Cow, Dog Poo, the Ginger Kids, Casey Miller (the smooth-voiced announcer kid from "Danes With Smurfs", 1313), the 6th Graders, the Goth Kids, Thad (from "Guitar Queer-o", 1113), Bridon (from "Elementary School Musical", 1213), Tweek, the Raisins Girls, Timmy, Filmore, and all the Kindergartners.

And believe me, there's more. Watch it a few times -- I guarantee you'll spot some classic characters you haven't seen in a long time!

Was the "Butterballs" episode based off of Cypress Ranch's "Who Do U Think U R" Lip-Dub?? Ahhh yes, nice catch! The WHOLE episode wasn't based on that one video, it was written more about the big "bullying" and "social activism" trends in film, social media, and the news. But yes, definitely, Stan's anti-bullying video is a really awesome parody of that Cypress Ranch lip-dub. If you haven't seen it, look it up.
So my brother got some gross Peeps candy this Easter, and somehow, it got us talking about South Park. He remembered an episode where they scream "PEEEEEPS!", but we couldn't remember the episode title or what season it was from. Could you help us with that? Please and thank you! :D (Please kill Kenny this season!) I can certainly help you out with that one. It's from the bunny-filled episode "Fantastic Easter Special" in Season 11. When the rogue, Catholic ninjas attack and try to capture Snowball, Professor Teabag is forced to jam some marshmallow birds into the microwave and set it to self-destruct...
In the new "Butterballs" episode, what was the "Jackin' It In San Diego" referring to? Can't believe how many people asked this question and totally missed this reference. "Jackin' It In San Diego" is a parody on the very public, and very naked meltdown the creator of the KONY 2012 video. Don't wanna give any big spoilers, but you should look it up -- it will definitely make this song more enjoyable.
Why is live action Kenny brunette in "I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining"? I thought he was supposed to be blonde. A lot of people asked this, and the answer is pretty simple. The live-action bit from "Ziplining" is a parody of how crappy and un-detailed reality show re-enactments are. Watch any of those shows with dramatizations or event recreations -- they are horrible. You will probably also notice that Kyle's hair AND Cartman's shirt are the wrong colors as well.
April 10, 2012
Hi! I know Matt and Trey have talked about it in many interviews, but have they ever made a step-by-step guide to make a South Park animation using computer software? I think everyone would like to know how they make the characters. Luckily for you fans, we keep it mega-real at SPS. We have a couple different ways for you to see what we do behind-the-scenes and how we make our shows. Firstly, there's the super-detailed featurette called "6 Days To South Park", which takes you through the day-by-day process of how we make an episode in 6 days. The one I've linked to covers our notorious Presidential episode "About Last Night".

There's also the super-sweet documentary that Comedy Central last year did about the making of South Park, called "6 Days To Air". This broadcast on TV last October and is available on the recently released Season 15 DVD which you can get right here. I've put the clips and links to everything below -- enjoy!

WAIT, SO IS CARTMAN JEWISH NOW?! This has been the question of the week -- hell, this is probably the question of the decade. After 16 seasons of ripping on Kyle for being a Jew, Cartman survived the night of the Jewpacabra in what he called a "Passover Miracle." Apparently Cartman is now is a believer in Judaism.

As for all the questions we've gotten: Is this permanent? Will he still rip on Kyle?? Is this for cereal?!?! We're all gonna have to just watch and see...

In the "Jewpacabra" episode, when Kyle gets Cartman out of the forest and brings him home -- was that an homage to the end of "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"? You know, where Lucy rescues Linus from the pumpkin patch on Halloween and puts him to bed?? I could tell right away, but nobody else I talked to picked up on it. Dude, you have a great eye! And you are absolutely correct. That scene with Kyle putting Cartman to bed is a pretty awesome parody of that classic Charlie Brown Halloween special from the 60s. A lot of people missed that reference -- you definitely deserve a gold star for your fandom!
I know there was a squirrel wearing a top hat in "Cash for Gold," but was there another one at the end of "Jewbacabra?" That little squirrel is really making his rounds through South Park this season! Yes indeed, that's the same squirrel from "Cash 4 Gold" hopping around in "Jewpacabra", complete with top hat and bow-tie. Look for him here, in the clip of Stan and his grandpa, and again during the Easter Egg Hunt. You won't be disappointed...
What song was Kyle's cell phone melody on Jewpacabra? That's Michael Sembello's 80s jam "Maniac", best known for it's foot-stompin' role in the movie "Flashdance". It's also a very appropriate ringtone for Cartman...
April 2, 2012
In what episode does Butters sing Chicago's "If You Leave Me Now"? I've had the song stuck in my head for a week now and I keep thinking of the Butters version. Please help! Butters actually sings that Chicago ditty in TWO separate episodes, so prepare for it to be stuck in your head double time. You can find it in "AWESOM-O" (802) and "Casa Bonita (711), but I've saved you the trouble and included them both below. Just slide it up in your anus there...
In which episode does Cartman's head explode? Cartman's noodle explodes in the weed-filled episode "Medicinal Fried Chicken" (1403), after he learns that KFC is illegal in the entire state of Colorado. Cartman can handle a lot of things, but that's just way too much.
Hey FAQ guy! I have a question about Cash for Gold, specifically the "jewelry polka." Is that Matt and Trey singing or someone else? It's sooooo funky! Thanks! That was indeed Matt and Trey rocking out on that Jewelry Polka, and I believe it was done ENTIRELY with their vocals. Which marks a pretty awesome milestone: South Park's first montage to be done totally acappella.
Is it just me or was there a squrirrel with a top hat in the episode "Cash for Gold" when Stan and his grandfather were talking in a park? I'm so glad someone caught that! No, it's definitely not you -- there is a happy little squirrel in the background, running around with a top hat. One thing's for sure, that squirrel is clearly nuts.
Hey I got a BIG question. I'm playing "Scott Tenormans Revenge" right now and I noticed they use lines from the show in the game. However, there are some new lines in the game i've never heard in the episodes...and believe me, I've seen e'm all. Did Matt and Trey voice over just a tiny bit in this new game? If not, did they have ANYTHING to do with it? You heard right, dude! Matt and Trey didn't just record a tiny bit of voice over for this, they recorded the ALL the dialogue for "Tenorman's Revenge". It's all new audio, done exclusively for the storylines in the new Xbox Live game.

So to answer that question, YES, they were quite involved in the game! It's loaded with tons of new art, audio, story twists, and awesomeness. Thanks for playing, buddy!!

Is there an episode that parodied the movie(s) "Predator"? Hell yeah there is, dude! It's a short scene, but Butters wanders down a distinctly Predator-ish road in "Butters' Very Own Episode" (514). Predator also makes an appearance as "himself" in the "Imaginationland" Trilogy, fighting for the evil side. It seems like Butters really knows how to bring out the beasts. Oh hamburgers!
This isn't a question, its a thank you. Thanks for bringing back Cartman's cat. He's one of my favorite characters -- his love for Pot Pie, and cat orgy's are some of the funniest stuff I've ever seen. Thanks for bringing him back and I hope you include him in the future. You are more than welcome, guy! We're happy to hear that putting a piece of bread around Mr. Kitty's head brought a little extra meaning into your life. And as a special bonus, we've included a little "Best of Mr. Kitty" collection below, featuring some of his greatest episodes.

No Kitty!! That's a bad Kitty!!

Please tell me my eyes didn't deceive me and that award that gets melted down in "Cash For Gold" said Sean Penn in MILK. It wouldn't get any better than that for me, epic episodes so far! Oh yeah, that was Sean Penn's Oscar for "MILK" alright. Smelted down and dealted with the rest of that crap. Good eye, dude!
When is the exact release date for "South Park: Tenorman's Revenge" for Xbox Live? I am very desperate to know! The wait is over, dude! "Tenorman's Revenge" is available on Xbox Live Arcade now!! Check out our Official "Tenorman's Revenge" page for the trailer, gameplay, and all the info you could ever need.
What was the episode where that guy sings "you do a line and ill do a line honey"? You're looking for the episode "You Got F'd In The A" (805), where we first meet Jeffy the dancing duck. The Farmer takes out a fiddle and starts stomping out that catchy little tune. Check out the clip and episode below, but be warned -- Jeffy might serve you up something fierce.
I could have sworn that there was an episode where Chef gets bored with South Park, and decides that he wants to join the Adventure Club but then, because they won't take him (or something like that), so he decides to join the "Super" Adventure Club. It's really bothering me because if the episode did exist, you have successfully convinced all other fans that it did not. I saw it when I was around nine or ten I think, and I seem to remember parts of "Chef Aid" mixed in with it. The point is, I would just like to know if the episode actually existed?? and I'm sorry this is so long. MER. I think your mind's playing tricks on you, guy. But don't worry, you're not totally crazy -- they do show a "Previously On South Park" segment at the beginning of "The Return of Chef" (1001), so it would seem like there's a previous episode where Chef "leaves" South Park. However, this was just a device used by Matt and Trey to give more back story to that episode, before they killed off Chef. That "previous" episode doesn't actually exist.

But still, most of what you're talking about takes place in "The Return of Chef" where he joins the Super Adventure Club...and ultimately meets his doom.