South Park Studios FAQ

Compiled by Willie Westwood
from the list of questions answered by the staff at South Park Studios.

Part 43 - Fall 2011

Some commentary is provided in the third column
December 16, 2011
Is it true Matt and Trey are going to make a South Park game with Obsidian? Hell yeah, it's true!! Matt and Trey are teaming up with Obsidian and THQ to bring you "South Park: The Game" -- a full-scale RPG for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC! Matt and Trey will also be writing the script, performing the dialogue, and overseeing the development of the game, which comes out in late 2012. It's gonna be epic, check out the details here!
Hey Mr. FAQ dude, can you help me out? I'm looking for the episode where Mr. Garrison writes a romantic novel about penises. Which is it?? Happy to help out, dude! Ethan F. Garrison (that's Mr. Garrison's pen name) writes his best-selling novel in the Season 4 classic "Cherokee Hair Tampons" (407). In case you're wondering, the name of the book is "In the Valley of the Penises". It's a real page-turner.
Hey Mr. FAQ man I noticed that some of the characters in the episode Crippled Summer looked like the ones from looney toons. My friend things I'm wrong, but can you settle the score for us? Nothing makes me happier than settling bets between die-hard SP fans. And you'll be happy to know that YOU are the winner in this battle -- "Crippled Summer" (1407) is chock full of old-school Looney Tunes parodies. There's nods to Elmer Fudd, Droopy, Porky, Pete Puma, Buzzard, and even a Sylvester. And of course, Nathan and Mimsy are an homage to the awesome duo Rocky and Mugsy. Watch the episode closely-er...I think you'll be able to catch them all. And then rub it in your friend's face.
What is the song in "Butters' Bottom Bitch", when the detective is at the college? That frat-tastic tune is delicately titled "F**k the Pain Away" and performed by Peaches. It's great for weddings and bar mitzvahs.
In what episode does Sarah Jessica Parker appear with Cartman? That would be last season's poop and pee filled "Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs" (1402). The boys write an obscene book filled with disgusting words and acts, including Sarah Jessica Parker, who is mentioned 465 times. She is then featured throughout the episode, including with antlers at one point. You can watch it here, just try not to vomit.
Hello Mr. FAQ man, do you know who that girl in the pink hoodie is? I can't remember when she first appears. But my friend says she dies like Kenny in one episode, could you help me out please? I know exactly who that is -- her name is Lizzy, and that episode you're looking for is from the Season 4 jail-breaker, "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000" (401). She leads the charge against the boys in the sledding competition, and unfortunately, gets taken away by a grizzly bear at the end of the very Kenny-ish fashion.
Oh so knowledgeable FAQ guy, Woodland Critter Christmas was the last Christmas episode (aired in 2004). Since the seasons have been starting in October and March, will there ever be another Christmas-time episode? If so, when? Yes, yes. This is a very frequently asked question, and for good reason -- the Christmas episodes are awesome. For the last 7 years or so, our show runs have ended prior to the holiday season (usually, the last episode airs the week before Thanksgiving). And as you know, Matt and Trey like to keep shows topical...and doing a Christmas show in November hasn't been their top priority.

That said, the series just got renewed for another 5 full seasons, so honestly anything is possible. You'll just have to stay tuned and eat lots of fiber, and who knows who will visit...

In the meantime, I've collected all of the holiday episodes and a few awesome clips, for you to watch below -- a little present, from South Park to you. Enjoy!

December 5, 2011
All powerful and noble FAQ guy, I ask a question of thee. I was watching "Ladder to Heaven", one of the best episodes, and is that Russel Crowe's editor after the boys come back from their candy shopping spree? The guy wearing the HEY shirt. You've got a great eye, kiddo. That is indeed him, Russel Crowe's one and only editor. As you mentioned, we'd previously seen him fightin' round the world in "The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer" (604). Bonus factoid -- that editor character is actually based on an editor that used to work here at South Park.
What creature ate Kenny McCormic in (1514) "The Poor Kid?" That would be the giant reptilian bird in charge of everything. It's all a strict part of the Agnostic Code. Can we be certain, though? No, so it's pointless to talk about.
What is the episode where Mr. Mackey is having sex with Ms Chokesondick? That would be "Proper Condom Use" (507), mkay? That's the episode where Mackey and Choksondik try to teach the kids about the dangers of sex...and then wind up performing their lesson plan on each other.
When is the birthday of Kyle Broflovski? Kyle's birthday is May 26th! We learned that little hidden fact in the Facebook episode, "You Have 0 Friends" (1404). In fact, a bunch of boys birthdays were revealed in that episode: Stan's is October 19th, and Clyde's is April 10, and Kip Drordy's is July 17th. Mark your calendars...
Hey FAQ Guy, in what episode does Kyle have to stick his finger in Cartman's anus, but every time he tries Cartman keeps passing gas? That might be the best 3 minutes of South Park ever, so I'm very happy to help you find that gem. That happens in "Cancelled" (704), when the boys visit Jeff the scientist to try and save the world. Go ahead, it won't bite...but it does stink.
At the end of the intro to the episode "Sexual Healing," there is a guy standing next to the South Park sign wearing a green t-shirt with 2 skulls on it or something. Who is this bum? A friend? A deviant? a murderer perhaps?! Just curious because I've never seen him before. I can't tell you if he's a bum or a deviant, but I can tell you he is one lucky fan. That dude in the green shirt's name is Matthew Klinner, and he was the Grand Prize winner of a Season 14 fan contest (the winner got to be animated into the intro of our Season 14 Premiere). We also sent Matthew an epic, framed version of himself in the show signed by Matt and Trey.

And now, he lives on in infamy...

November 21, 2011
How do you decide what shots to show in theme song's montage every season? Great question, dude. Typically, they're shots chosen by Matt and Trey from the previous show run. ("Show run" = a string of 7 new episodes we do in a row, 2x times per year, for a total of 14 episodes.) Basically, the intro for all of the newest episodes -- "Ass Burgers" through "The Poor Kid" -- will be made up from the first half of Season 15. And the intros for the first half of Season 15 -- "HumancentiPad" through "You're Getting Old" --- will be made up of shots from the back half of Season 14, and so on...

This way, the intros always reflect our newest material. That's how it's been since about Season 6; earlier seasons are more of their own thing.

In the episode "Professor Chaos", when the boys are having the possible candidates for their new best friend perform in a talent show -- it sounds like Towelie is attempting to play "Stairway To Heaven" by Led Zeppelin. I right, or am I just too obsessed with classic rock? Yes and yes. You are absolutely right, Towelie's playing a stoned rendition of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" for his BFF audition. As for your obsession with classic rock, we hear you. We've been listening to Steamy Ray Vaughn on repeat for the last three months.
In the previous episode, "The Poor Kid", can you list all of the poor jokes? Let's have more fun with it than that. Because you asked, we made an exclusive "Yo Momma" Pop Quiz for you to play right here. It has all the "yo momma" jokes from this last episode!
May I ask what the lyrics are to Jared's sad song after he is fired from Subway in "Jared has Aides"? I have never laughed so hard at something so sad in my life. But before you read the lyrics, you should know that hilarious scene is a parody of the not-so-hilarious, tear-jerker "Philadelphia". It's pretty spot on.

Here's the lyrics to the song, right from the script...

Finally, a Bruce Springsteen-esque voice comes over the music.

His name is Jared... It's Jared. Lost weight eating Subway now he's cold and alone. No one to talk to no place to call home. Likes sandwiches with Philadelphia... cream cheese.

Jared starts to cry.

Hey Faq, I was wondering when Kenny got a sister. In the season 15 finale, Kenny has a sister -- I remember the brother but not the sister. Thanks Kenny's actually had a sister (Karen) this whole time, she just wasn't shown very much. Even his brother Kevin barely got any screentime prior to this last episode. But she was there, being poor and stuff. Look for Karen in this clip from "Best Friends Forever" (904), walking around with his family in the amusement park.
So now that South Park has been renewed and will reach an amazing 20 seasons, when will season 16 start? Woohooo!! It is indeed amazing news -- just think, we'll still be making you laugh in 2016! As for your question, Season 16 will kick off with brand new episodes on MARCH 14, 2012!!
I've noticed that in the clip section for "Six Days to Air", there are a couple of segments that not only didn't make it into the final show, but also weren't even the SAME EPISODE being created. Will we ever see the rest of that footage? Quite the astute observation, guy! And you are 100% correct -- there are snippets from "City Sushi" and "You're Getting Old", in addition to "HumancentiPad" which was the main focus of the feature. The documentary crew was actually here filming all of Season 15A (episodes 1501 - 1507), not just that one episode. So there's definitely a lot that got cut and sucked down the editing wormhole.

An extended-length version of "6 Days To Air" may be coming out within the next year or two. It'll be loaded with extra footage and goodies...perhaps even from other episodes. Stay tuned!

I see that the episodes start at 101. Where can I go to see everything that was done before the first full episodes? Also, why don't you have it on this website? As you smartly pointed out, Episode 101 ("Cartman Gets An Anal Probe") is indeed the first full-length episode of South Park. Prior to Comedy Central picking it up as a show in 1997, Matt and Trey did two very South Park-ish shorts that were the basis for the show. Comedy Central doesn't own those, so we can't show them here. But I can tell you what they're called (hint hint) -- "Jesus vs. Frosty" was the earliest one (from 1992), and "Jesus vs. Santa" was the one they did in 1995 that became viral. They are often referred to as "The Spirit of Christmas".
November 3, 2011
Hey there, Long time fan, first time questioner. Two things: In the Wikilinks episode, did you base the epic soundtrack off of "The Hobbit" cartoon movie? Also, can we get the lyrics and the track released on the website? That track is too great to let it die away. Thanks! Yes and yes...actually, both the animation style AND the songs parody that rather epic cartoon from 1977. We can't release the song on our site right now, but I can certainly help you out with lyrics. There are two short songs featured in this episode (not counting the Catafish's intro). Here they are, right from the script...

(When we meet Wikileaks:)

Wikileaks, the phone hacker! With a heart of DOOM! Everyone knows the Gerbil King. But no one ever speaks -- of Lemmiwinks' brother -- The evil Wikileaks.

Once again Wikileaks is trying to wreak havoc on our world. Only you can stop him, Lemmiwinks.

LEMMIWINKS! THE KING OF GERBILS! Stop your brother of dooom!!!!

(And during the bus chase...)


How many times did they say blowjob in the episode "Broadyway Bro Down"? By our count, there are 44 mentions of it. Keep in mind bro, that's not including "hummers", "jaw breakers", or any other bro-thority slang.
Is that Kenny with out a hood at diving practice in "Broadway Bro Down", or is it a look alike? Dude, great catch!! I was wondering if anyone would see that little gem. Yep, that is Kenny standing there in his bathing suit, hoodless, with a pretty pristine view of his face. Look for him all the way on the right, in the line of kids waiting for the diving board!
I've asked a few questions before and haven't gotten an answer. They were pretty lame and noobtastic though, so maybe this one will do better. What happened to Catata Fish's gun? He was looking like he was ready to pop somebody in "The Death Camp of Tolerance," but in this season he just looks lame. I guess he doesn't need it nowadays since the Meheecans stopped trying to sneak across the border. GAME OFF! You're right, he used to rock a pretty bad-ass pistola, but in "Bass to Mouth" he's replaced it with a trident and some serious Wikileaks knowledge. After all the heat he took when that story was Wikileaked about the underage salmon performing bass to mouth, he decided to trade in the gun for something less flashy. Or maybe he decided that carrying a firearm went against the wizard code, and decided to strap-on a sea-tastic trident instead.
Production Blog? Hey FAQ guy, On June 9th 2011 you said the production blog would be coming back in the fall. What gives? Yeah, yeah...I know. I apologize that it's not back yet -- we kinda got bamboozled with the behind-the-scenes documentary and all that, and we didn't have time to kick it back into gear. Maybe it will be back soon... It hasn't.
What is Butters's teeth brushing song in "AWESOM-O"? Happy to help out with the lyrics to that tartar-free ditty. Just slide it right up in there...

(brushing teeth, singing)
I love to brush my teeth! In the mornin' and at night!
To keep 'em white and healthy I got to brush them all the time!

October 25, 2011
Mr. FAQ, I was wondering if you could tell me if Matt and Trey's band, DVDA, is still in existence? Also, has it really only been referenced once in all of South Park? My boyfriend and I can't come to an agreement. HELP! I don't want to burst any bubbles, but the band has been on a very long hiatus. That said, most members of D.V.D.A still work for South Park full time (and they have forever) DVDA's creative legacy lives on.

As for that second question, the band has had more than one cameo on the show -- "Now You're A Man" (also featured in Orgazmo) plays over the end credits of "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride" (104), "I Am Chewbacca" plays over the end credits of "Starvin' Marvin In Space" (311), and one of the girls is rocking a D.V.D.A. shirt in Cartman's clubhouse in "Clubhouses" (212).

In "The Last of Meheecans"... When Randy screams "Nooooo!" outside his house. Was that Darth Vader's "Nooooo!" from Star Wars: Episode III??? You nailed that one right on the head! Randy gives a nice little homage to Darth Vader's scream from "Revenge of the Sith" (Episode III). Check out the clip right here...
I have always wanted to find something to ask you guys a question, here it is... I paused at 1:52 in "T.M.I" (Season 15, Episode 4), to check out the names on the board. Looking for Tokens just for the laughs. I saw a funny name "Leroy Jenkins". I'm wondering if I am the only one that caught this little Easter egg. "LEEEEEERROOYYY JEENNNKIIIINNS !!" -Equalox ^-^ Great eye, dude! You aren't the first person to catch this -- it's surprisingly one of the most-asked questions from this season. But yes, there is a little Leeroy Jenkins easter egg on the penis chart in "T.M.I." (1504). Matt and Trey hide little jokes like this in the background all the's always great when the fans catch them!
Which episode is it where Mr. Hat goes missing and Mr. Stick appears? I've looked everywhere but I can't find it. That's what we're here for guy! The episode you're looking for is "Summer Sucks" (208), from Season 2. Mr. Hat goes missing and Mr. Garrison can't cope with it, so he goes to a psychiatrist in New York and eventually ends up with Mr. Twig.

Unfortunately, Mr. Twig doesn't last very long -- Mr. Hat comes back a few episodes later in "Chef Aid" (214) and wins Garrison back over with a daring prison rescue.

First off I want to say that Catata Fish, the Frog King, and The Sparrow Prince are amazing, and was glad to see their triumphent return. But I got to know who does thier voices? It was indeed a glorious return for the Gerbil King and his loyal friends. Interestingly enough, the Sparrow Prince, Catatafish, and Frog Prince are ALL voiced by Trey. There are obviously varying degrees of pitch shifting used for each character, but he holds the power.

Let's make sure to keep this information private from WikiLeaks. We don't need him spreading any more rumors...

October 18, 2011
Will you be putting episodes of "6 Days to Air" on SP Studios? We've been getting this question a lot, and understandably so -- the documentary aired last week and came out awesome. Unfortunately, we won't be able to stream the full film here on SPS. It was made by Comedy Central, so they have the rights to it. BUT, we currently do have some pretty sweet clips from the documentary on our site, which you can watch below...
I have seen the Airport Hilton featured in a couple of episodes, most recently "The Coon", but how many total episodes has it been featured in? Ahhh yes, the Sunset Room at the Airport Hilton -- probably the most used conference room in South Park. Currently, there are three episodes where it's been featured: "Ginger Kids" (911) for Cartman's Ginger Separatist Movement gatherings, "The Coon" (1302) for Coonicon '09, and "Tonsil Trouble" (1201) for Cartman's AIDS benefit...with a special guest performance by Jimmy Buffet.
In the episode "Ungroundable", when the Goth Kids leave the counseling office, is the student of the month on the wall Henrietta's brother? Hah if irony were strawberries, we'd all be drinking a lot of smoothies right now. ~CC Great question, mostly because of your reference to "Krazy Kripples". (I mean, come on.) That Student of the Month is actually NOT Henrietta's brother, Bradley...although he does look quite similar. If you look at Bradley's picture/bio, you can see his hair and clothes aren't quite the same. His hair parts on a different side and he's not nearly filled with enough mint or berry or crunch...

I'm not exactly sure which boy that Student of the Month is, but I'm sure whoever he is, he's an overachiever.

What is Butters dad's real name, Chris or Steven? Ummm...both? The answer really depends on what season you're watching. For the first few seasons, Butters' Dad went by Chris. But for the last 8 seasons or so -- including as recent as "City Sushi" (1506) -- he's been going by Stephen.
In "Ass Burgers," what was the song Cartman sings while he is grilling the hamburgers? Sounds really familiar. Cartman's little burger cookin' tune is a bit of "Heartlight" by Neil Diamond.
September 30, 2011
How many times has Kenny died? This is a tricky one to answer and I know there's gonna be some fan disagreements. But I've tallied up the total deaths that actually occurred on-screen, during an episode, with Kenny as Kenny (I did include one death from the World of Warcraft episode, when they killed his avatar -- that counted as one). Keep in mind, this number doesn't include show intros, videogames, specials or when his soul was stuck in Cartman or a pot roast --- only what you see in episodes...

OK, so the total count is -- drumroll... -- 87 deaths.

His last death occurred in last season's "Coon vs. Coon and Friends" (1413), where he actually died 3 seperate times. I doubt it will be the last...

What are the lyrics to that song Wendy sang to try out for the boy group "Fingerbang"? lol Happy to to give you a little behind-the-scenes snippet from Wendy's song. This is right from the vaulted script for "Something You Can Do With Your Finger":


...Wendy smiles and nods to Schroeder who starts playing.

(Singing and dancing really well)
Mrs. Landers was a health nut
She cooked food in a wok
Mr. Harris was her boyfriend
And had a great big
Cockadoodle doodle
The rooster just won't quit
And I don't want my breakfast
Because it tastes like
Shitzus make good house pets
They're cuddly and sweet
Monkeys aren't good to have
'cause they like to beat their

Stan, Kyle and Kenny all watch on, impressed. Cartman sits slumped over, resting his head on his hand with half-shut eyes.

(Still doing awesome)
Meeting in the office
A meeting in the hall
The boss he wants to see you
So you can suck his
Balzac was a writer
He lived with Alan Funt
Mrs. Roberts didn't like him
But that's 'cause she's a
Contaminated water
Can really make you sick
Your bladder gets infected
And blood comes out your
Dictate what I'm saying
Because it will bring you luck
And if you all don't like it
I don't give a flying ****

She finishes. Stan, Kyle and Kenny applaud loudly.

Thanks Wendy... Don't call us. We won't call you either.

What does it say on the back of Timmy's wheelchair in the "Cripple Fight" episode? Ahh...good question! It says "Lil' Run-About" on the back of his wheelchair. It was a very-limited edition model, made exclusively for the handiCAPABLE.
What was the episode where Radiohead made a cameo? And how did you get them to be on the show? That would be in "Scott Tenorman Must Die" (501). Radiohead was Scott Tenorman's favorite band, so Cartman tricks them into coming by writing them a letter as "Scott", saying he has his ass. You can watch their cameos below, it's pretty awesome.

As for getting them on the show, they were fans of "South Park" and Matt and Trey were fans of they stopped in to record some vocals when they were in town. You gonna cry all day, cry baby?

In the motorcycle episode, where they change the dictionary definition of the word "fag," Emmanuel Lewis is the chief editor of the dictionary... When Stan says "that makes sense," ya that one went right over my head. Just wondering what the deal was with that? Maybe you're a little too young for that joke, but we're happy to help. This story begins long ago...before there was an internet. See if you can connect these pieces: Emmanuel Lewis is an actor best known for his role on the 80's sitcom "Webster". Probably the most famous dictionary in the USA is "Webster's Dictionary". So Emmanuel Lewis being the Chief Editor...I'm hoping you get it at this point.