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Part 42 - Summer 2011

Some commentary is provided in the third column
September 12, 2011
I just want to thank you for the last episode you made. Currently my parents are both getting divorced. The announcement and bitterness began shortly before that episode aired. When I watched the last episode, it blew me away, and I think it's one of the best you've ever done. Oddly enough, watching it seemed to be therapeutic to me. So thank you very much for helping me get by. You are more than welcome buddy. Happy the episode struck a cord with you and that it shed a bit on sunshine with that situation. Even though things might be shitty and seem like turd in a microwave, tomorrow's another day.
I'm watching the episode "Chickenlover," and Cartman gets called to Kenny's house for domestic violence. Then Kenny's dad introduces his TWO kids. I don't ever recall seeing/hearing about Kenny's brother after this episode. What happened to him? Kenny not only has a brother, he also has a SISTER too. POW! They're both just not shown very often (and neither has an official name).

He's definitely still around though -- just look for the dirty kid with a band-aid on his head. He was most recently seen in "Sexual Healing" (1401), both dirty and also cleaned up a bit in a tux for Kenny's funeral. You can also see him in "The List" (1114) and "The Ring" (1301).

What episode does Cartman ask Mr. Garrison, "how would you like to suck my balls Mr Garrison?" Ahhhh....You're actually looking for the South Park MOVIE: "Bigger, Longer & Uncut". That's where Cartman pulls out a megaphone in the classroom and propositions his testicles.

You can also hear Cartman asking Miss Choksondik a very similar question in "Fourth Grade" (412). In that one, Garrison trains her how to handle such situations with his patented "Present Them" approach.

What is the season and name of the episode where Dick Cheney was too evil for Satan and was kicked out of Hell? This is my favorite one, but I cannot find it. That's on odd favorite episode, doesn't exist. The only episodes Dick Cheney has really been in is "Mystery of the Urinal Deuce" (1009) and "A Ladder to Heaven" (612). You can watch some clips of him below, if that helps.

Are you thinking of when Satan kicked SADDAM out of hell? That happens in "Probably" (411).

September 9, 2011
What's the deal with the "Stan, Kyle, and Cartman T-Shirts" in Iran, from the episode "Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus"? Is that an easter egg?? Wow, dude. I don't think I've EVER noticed that one before!! The Iranians are definitely selling some knock-off South Park t-shirts in the local market -- look for them on the right, next to the snake charmer. What an awesome little easter egg. Great find buddy!!
September 2, 2011
Okay, come on. I've seen you guys say a buncha times that Wing is real, but there's no way. For one thing, that's obviously Trey doing a high pitched female-sounding voice. The Lyrics are like half missing and half gibberish/half some other language. And I Just looked at this site: - It all looks like some 8th grader's webpage or a really big joke... Rappy McRapperson? There's no god damn way... Come on guys, confess. Wing can't possibly be real, or if she is, nothing used in an episode or on that website is real. It can't be... There's just no way. I just listened to some of the samples. These are freakin' hilarious. Some of music in the songs isn't even done on real instruments, it's MIDI. There's just no way this can possibly not be a joke. Hate to burst your funny fuse, but Wing is 100% real!!! She's a musician from New Zealand and has been making a living singing her songs and covers for the last decade. I'm sure you're mind is blown -- like when you heard for the first time about Vunter Slaush -- but I assure you, she's legit. The songs in the episode are all her real songs, unaltered and un-believably amazing. She even signed off on her image being used in the episode, with the only stipulation being the approval of her cartoon "self."

You should check out that last album she just released. As you mentioned, it was produced by the one and only Rappy McRapperson. It has to be gold.

Is that a figure of Orgazmo on top of the trophy Kathy Lee Gifford gives Cartman in "Weight Gain 4000"? Wow, great eye dude! That is indeed a golden version of Orgazmo on top of Kathy Lee's trophy. He's also proudly mounted on top of the World Champion dodgeball trophy in "Conjoined Fetus Lady" (205). There's a bunch of references to Orgamzo hidden throughout the episodes, especially in the earlier seasons.
There was an episode where I swear I heard a song with Paul Stanley's voice. Is that him and if it is, is it a KISS song? I believe you're thinking of the boar-killing montage from "Make Love, Not Warcraft" (1008). They rock out pretty hard to Paul Stanley's "Live To Win" -- not a KISS song, it's the title track from his second solo album.
Ok, so i know it is one of the easiest songs to memorize... but "I have something in my front pocket for you" -- what are the lyrics? I got most of them cause it repeats the name of the song...but what is the rest!!!!?????? Calm down, calm down! I can help you out with those lyrics, guy. You just have to promise to put on your tap dancing shoes and serve up something fierce:

I've got something in my front pocket for you. Why don't you reach on in my pocket and see what it is.
There Grab onto it - it's just for you. Give it a little squeeze and say how do you do?
There's something in my front pocket! Something in my front pocket!

What did Cartman vomit out in "Tsst" (10x07)? My guess is he pukes up some sort of combination of bile, naughtiness, and KFC. To be certain, you made need to watch the 1980 sci-fi movie "Altered States." Cartman's surrealistic battle between his good and bad self is a pretty ripe parody of a scene from that cult classic.
In the episode "Britney's New Look", towards the end when all the people were taking pictures of Britney, who were the notable characters that looked awfully familiar? Damnnnn...that's a hard one to answer. Pretty much ALL of South Park is gathered there for the Harvest, including a ton of townspeople and celebrities that've had cameos in past episodes. Here's a solid list off the cuff -- it's not comprehensive, so don't bust my balls if I missed some people -- Irene from the County Dump ("Casa Bonita"), the Rednecks and Coyote Brown from "Apologies to Jesse Jackson", Pastor Phillips from "Cartman Sucks", Nelson's parents from "Stanley's Cup", a brunette version of Miss Stephenson from "Miss Teacher Bangs A Boy", Mrs. Striebel the art teacher from "Toilet Paper", Geoffrey Maynard from "Hellen Keller the Musical", Jeff Goldblum from "Cancelled", Detective Mitch, the Broflovskis, Gene Hackman from "Krazy Kripples", the Marshes, NWBZPWNR from "Make Love, Not Warcraft", Butters' Uncle Bud from "AWESOM-O", Rabbi Schwartz, Nelson (Randy's co-worker), Craig's parents, Wendy's parents, Principal Victoria, Cartman's mom....etc etc etc.

It's actually one of the most impressive gatherings of South Park locals ever done. And If you've gotten the chance to see it in HD or on Blu-Ray, it's even more impressive.

August 26, 2011
Which episode does Kenny die laughing? thank you faq guy! Mrphh mrprh mmprhh!! Kenny actually laughs himself to death TWO times. I think the main one you're thinking of is in "Scott Tenorman Must Die" (501), where he chuckles all the way up to heaven at the sight of Cartman's little piggy dance. He also flatlines at the end of "Chickenpox" (210), after a hearty herpes-infused laugh.
FAQ Dude, what episode made you personally laugh the hardest? Oh I see what you did there. You took the Facebook question that we asked you, and you turned it back around on us!! Well played, sir.

It's hard to pick a favorite, but I'll be real with you. The episode that still cracks me up the most is "Proper Condom Use" (507), followed by "D-Yikes!" (1106), "Chinpoko Mon", "Fishsticks" (1305), and "Towelie" (506) -- not necessarily in any order. There's a ton of episodes I love for different reasons, but after watching them all a billion times, those ones still make me laugh like a school girl.

What is Mr. Mackey's first name? Hard to believe, but Mr. Mackey's first name has not been revealed yet. The only hint so far was when his dad called him "Junior" in "Child Abduction Is Not Funny" (611), but since we don't know his dad's name, that doesn't help all that much. Mkay?
Is there a particular reason that you started animating celebrities instead of using the picture cutouts like you originally did? I know it was only on some celebrities but I loved the Saddam cutout and the Christina Aguilera hallucinations. I think the celebs are funnier with the real pics. Is it a rights issue? Well, that's not really very accurate. The truth is, probably 98% of the time, celebrities are always animated. Remember Kathie Lee Gifford in "Weight Gain 4000" (102) or Patrick Duffy in "Volcano" (103)? Since the show started back in 1997, most people get the animation treatment. But as you mentioned, there are the rare exceptions -- like Saddam, Christina Aguilera (in "Timmy 2000", 404), Ben Affleck (in "How To Eat With Your Butt", 510) and Mel Gibson ("The Passion of the Jew" & "200").

To answer your question though, it's more of a personal decision by Matt and Trey than anything else. If they want to do it -- including in any future episodes -- they definitely will.

Will there be an episode of South Park were they "make fun of" South Park? haha That would be funny if they were ripping on themselves. Terrance and Phillip actually DID take a little stab at South Park, all the way back in the Season 2 opener "Not Without My Anus". They can be seen briefly watching a bit of "Cartman's Mom Is A Dirty Slut" and commenting on how lame American TV is. It's pretty cool. You can check it out here...
Will the South Park documentary airing in October be available online? Great question, dude!¬ As of now, we're not sure if the documentary will be streamed on-line.¬ It will premiere on Comedy Central on October 2nd, at 10p EST. The camera crew was here filming everything, and we mean¬ EVERYTHING, for most of Season 15A (the first 7 episodes).¬ We can't wait to see it... It's going to be EPIC! ¬ We will keep our fingers crossed that we can stream it on the site, too.
August 11, 2011
Is there going to be a second South Park Ultimate Fan Experience? Our mind is still blown from that first Ultimate Fan Experience at Comic-Con...and now we're gearing up for Season 15's new episodes -- so right this second, there aren't any concrete plans in the works. But it was such a massive, amazing success, I would say it's a definite possibility. Stay tuned, we'll keep you posted as soon as we know anything...
The directions for asking a question say "to search the archive first." So how exactly do you do that? This is actually a great question, especially since there's no separate Search bar in the FAQ section. What you do is use the main "Search" in the top navigation bar. Type your question, click on "search", and the search results will display below. Then, look on that left hand sidebar -- you'll see a bunch of options: All, Episodes, News, FAQs, Blog Entries.

Click on "FAQs" and it will display any related Frequently Asked Questions. For example, if you wanted to know when new episodes for Season 15 started, you could search something like "Season 15" in that top search bar. You'll notice you get 14 FAQs that are associated with Season 15.

One last bit of advice, keep your search terms more general and keyword-related. The search is case-sensitive, so if you ask too-specific of a question, it probably won't return great results.

In what episode do the boys all go skydiving?? I know I've seen this, but after looking through at least twenty episodes I'm starting to think that I just made it up. Dude, you forgot the one cardinal rule of skydiving: "Don't forget to bring a towel!!"

You didn't make it up, I believe what you're thinking of is when the boys all jump out of a military helicopter (with Towelie) to invade Tynacorp and retrieve their Okama Gamesphere. It's not so much as "skydiving" as it is parachuting, but you get the drift.

Also, Tuong Lu Kim takes a parachute and bails on the boys after his "Shitty Airlines" plane runs out of gas. The boys don't parachute, but it IS really, really funny!

Is the Episode "The List" broken? Cause when i try to watch, all it does is cycle through the commercials (gets really annoying when the same commercials play 1 after another). Yeaaaaaahhhh...sorry about that dude. You're right, that episode wasn't playing properly. We're updating some things in our backend and somehow that file got a little mixed up. That episode should be back online by now though, sorry about that!
In South Park ("Chickenlover" -- Season 2, Episode 3), what's that song at the end of the episode when Officer Barbrady is in the freeze frame? That catchy little tune playing over the Barbrady freeze-frame credits is actually a parody of the "Barnaby Jones" theme song. You can hear it again briefly at the beginning of "Roger Ebert Should Lay Off The Fatty Foods" (211), during Garrison's lessons on the importance of Barnaby Jones.

Bonus fact: If you watch the credits, you'll notice the credited "Executive Producer" Robert T. Pooner...a fake alias featured again in future episodes. You may also want to see the credits at the beginning of "The Spirit of Christmas"...

When do Cheesy Poofs hit the market at WalMart? A lot of people have been having that Cheesy itch since we announced this -- they officially hit store shelves VERY soon! They'll only be available for a limited time though, so make sure to get your mittens on them soon!
August 1, 2011
Is Season 15 the last season of South Park???? It's like we're walking on sunshine!! Fans, we finally have news on this and we're happy to say, it's great news -- Comedy Central has just renewed the show through 2013 (Season 17)! So to answer that question, no, Season 15 is NOT the last season of South still have at least TWO MORE full seasons after this one. The back-half of Season 15 starts up with new episodes October 5th. Get hyped!!
Is the current snapshot featured for the random episode (baby Kenny) from an actual episode? Hell yeah, that's baby Mysterion, errr -- Kenny, bundled up tightly after a fresh re-birthing. It's actually from a very recent episode, "Coon vs. Coon & Friends" (1413) -- the third & final chapter in Season 14's Coon saga.
July 20, 2011
THIS IS VERY URGENT: Does the South Park Year of the Fan Experience cost any money what so ever? Do you need a Comic Con ticket? Whoa, Caps dude -- I agree with the urgency, so I'll give it to you straight: NO! The event is totally, 100% FREE and open to everyone, no Comic-Con pass required. We've rented out a massive 15,000 square foot parking lot, outside of the Convention Center at 1st and J Street, to make sure that EVERYONE can come on down to South Park!

The event opens on Thursday, July 21st @ 1pm, and is located at First and J Street in downtown San Diego. Hope to see you there, friend!

Hey, not a question but a correction on 1 of your answers. When somebody asked the question if Kenny ever died by a motorcycle crash, you said not in a regular episode, that's false! He was run over by a motorcycle in at the end of the episode "How To Eat With Your Butt". Well played, sir -- and you're 100% right! Kenny IS killed by motorcycle crash in Season 5's "How To Eat With Your Butt" (as well as in that "Flashbacks" episode). I was thinking about the Fonzie crash and got all cheesed out. See, this is why we have the best fans on earth! Thanks, dude!!
July 8, 2011
Hey! Where the hell is Pip? I didn't see his penis size. He's not part of Coon and Friends. He's didn't join Fatbeard on his journey. Where did he go? btw, You rock! SPS is lucky to have you. Yeeesh...Hate to be the bring of bad news, but Pip is dead dude. He was crushed to death by Mecha-Streisand 2010 in the "200"/"201" saga. So I'm guessing he wont be taking any magical pirating adventures or adjusting his penis size any time soon. My condolences...
Is that Slash in the background in the 100th episode or just one the kid's parents? Also, are there any other episodes that he appears in? He IS real, you guys! That is indeed Vunter Slaush ripping up a meaty guitar riff in the background of "I'm A Little Bit Country" (701). As far as other appearances -- obviously, he wooed us all over in "Crack Baby Athletic Association" (1505). And in "Fat Butt and Pancake Head" (705), just his magical hat can be seen in the front window of the "Ur Da Star" music-video-making store (aka where Miss Lopez made taco-flavored history).
In "Lice Capades", the part with the fly at the end -- is that a spoof of Lord of the Rings? You know, that part when Frodo is looking up toward the sun and the giant eagle comes down and picks him up? Well played, sir. That indeed is an homage to the final Lord of the Rings movie, "Return of the King." As you mentioned, it parodies when Frodo and Sam are carried off Mount Doom by the Eagles, except in our case, it's Travis being carried off Clyde's head to the safety of Angelina Jolie's pubic lice.
What episode do the boys try to find a replacement friend? That would be the classic Season 6 episode "Professor Chaos" (606). After the boys fire Butters as their 4th friend, they go out searching for the perfect mate, "Bachelor"-style. Who will they pick as their replacement friend...Jimmy, Towelie, DogPoo, Tweek, Clyde??

The answer is coming up...right now. (Tweek.)

Hey, in the Most Frequently Asked, I think you missed a couple big scenes that show Kenny hoodless. Don't you see him dead and bald in Super Best Friends, and unmasked at the very beginning of "You're Getting Old"? Good call -- that list was in need of updating. I will add "Super Best Friends" and "You're Getting Old" to that still-very-frequently-asked question. And mega-props on finding that Kenny reveal at the birthday table in "You're Getting Old". We were waiting for someone to notice that!!
July 5, 2011
What episodes does adult Cartman come out in?? Sadly, adult Cartman has only been seen ONE time -- at the end of "My Future Self n' Me" (616). Even though it's a brief appearance, Cartman still manages to make the most of it by ruining his entire future. Whateva, I do what I want!
Is the South Park x Kid-Robot release date really Aug. 4th or is that just a rumor? That's no rumor, dude! South Park's 1st series of Kid Robot figures does indeed unleash on August 4th. There's Mr. Mackey, Butters, Kenny, Stan, Kyle, Mr. Garrison, Towelie, Cartman, Mr. Slave, big-balled Randy, Professor Chaos, Chef, and a bunch more! We'll make sure to post a link up on our homepage and Facebook for it...stay tuned!
Hi, I don't have a question, I just wanted to make a correction to one of your answers. Someone asked in the June archive about the the opera songs Kenny sings in the "Quintuplets" episode. The last song is the 'Queen of the Night' from Mozart's Magic Flute, not from the Marriage of Figaro. Not that anyone actually cares... Even if no one cares, You still get props. I have a Ph.D in South Parkery, not music history...that's why we need the fans to keep me in check. Thanks, dude! Viva Mozart!!
My father (he's 76 and watches South Park) told me he heard a rumor that Kenny was going to be written out of the show. I hope not. Kenny is my father's favorite character. First of all, your father sounds awesome. Secondly, does your father time travel?? This rumor maybe have been true 10 years ago during Season 5, when Kenny actually was written off the show in "Kenny Dies," 513. But thankfully, Matt and Trey missed having him in the show so much that they brought him back. He returned at the end of Season 6 and has been back ever since.

It is really sweet that your dad travels through time! Tell him to say hi to K-10 for us!

What are the lyrics to the Vunter Slaush song that Clyde's mom sang in "Crack Baby Athletic Association"? He IS real, you guys!! I'd be happy to spread a little wondrous Vunter Slash joy to all you little boys and girls. Sing it with me....

Vunter Sloush Kapu-Sh-kuh, Shpealer in Mein Shoon-ska, Het Vaait Axle Rose-ia, Danka Vunter Slaush-a...
Vunter Sloush Kapu-Sh-kuh, Shpealer in Mein Shoon-ska... Het Vaait Axle Rose-ia, Danka Vunter Slaush-a...

What was the first episode Butters was in? I first saw him in Season 3 at the end of "Are You There, God? It's Me, Jesus." He was standing next to Cartman, Kyle, and Stan in the final scene. Butters has actually been around since the pilot episode -- he started out as just a background character but eventually got his first big speaking-role in Season 3's "Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub" (308). Watch this scene from the pilot "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe" the wide shot, on the left, you can see him in Garrison's classroom!

It's pretty amazing, almost all of those background characters from the pilot have since become legit characters in the show.

What episode does Kenny get hit by the motorcycle? I'm trying to figure out which one it is and I've asked a bunch of my friends which episode it was but i can't find it. I thought I'd seen every episode but this one just won't show up. I saw part of it in "City On the Edge of Forever." Please tell me what episode it is! DERP!!! Sorry guy, but didn't you notice that all of those flashbacks from "City on the Edge of Forever" never actually happened?? They're all embellishments of reality -- in that case, the Fonz was literally jumping the shark on his motorcycle...and killed Kenny. That isn't from an actual episode, unless you want to count that episode of "Happy Days". Now that's what I call a sticky situation!
What is the song that plays in Craig's show in Episode 811 ("Quest For Ratings")? You mean the theme song to "Close Up Animals With A Wide-Angle Lens"? That happy, romping music is actually a parody of the theme song to "The Benny Hill Show."
June 23, 2011
Isn't there another episode in which Stan's parents divorced? I'm pretty sure it already happened at least once... They did indeed get divorced/separate, all the way back in Season 2's "Clubhouses" (212). Randy goes out on the prowl as a single stud and we even meet Stan's step-dad, Roy. However, Randy and Sharon get back together at the end of the episode via a little makeup-clubhouse-sex. Now go cut me some firewood!
SO is the Lu Kim personality the real personality, or is it Dr. Janus? The REAL identity is actually Dr. Janus...Mr. Lu Kim was just his strongest alternate personality. But when push came to shitty wok, everyone in South Park realized that they'd rather have Chinese food than another sane they just let "Lu Kim" (Dr. Janus) keep thinking he was Chinese. It's a rittle sneaky if you ask me...
What does T.M.I. stand for? As far as slang goes, it's short for "too much information." In South Park though, it's very scientific short-hand for adjusted penis size.
Hey FAQ, In what episode does Mr. Garrison invent the IT? I went over all episodes but i can't find it :p That one has a tricky title -- it's called "The Entity" and it's in Season 5. Bonus factoid - the title is actually a nod to a Star Trek episode of the same title. No need to look any further though guy, you can watch that flexi-grip filled episode right here...
What was up with the ending for the mid-season finale for Season 15? I have been seeing a lot of mixed feelings about it from people, would you care to elaborate Mr. FAQ? Obviously, there's been a ton of questions about the most recent episode "You're Getting Old".

First of all, don't freak out. The crew is on their normal summer hiatus -- we will come back in September, as always, to finish up the run. There's no scripts being written until then (as usual), so we don't know what will happen, except that there will be seven new episodes starting in October!

Also, South park has been renewed through 2013 (Season 17), so no need to be worried about the show ending this season! Check out Matt and Trey's latest interview on "The Daily Show," it will answer a bunch of your questions...