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Part 40 - Winter 2011

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March 21, 2011
What is your top 15 Mr. FAQ Guy? I know you get asked about your favorite episodes all the time and you tend to say that you and the SP team love all of your children equally....but since we are all making our top 15 I figured you might as well join in the festivities. I can tell by that question that you've been reading the FAQs for a while now...and I super-respect that. So in honor your awesomeness and our epic Top 15 fan page, I'll give you my personal Top 15. Keep in mind, I'm a weird guy. I've watched these episodes a billion times. But these are still, without a doubt, my Top 15 picks:

1. D-Yikes! (1106)
2. Proper Condom Use (507)
3. Chinpoko Mon (310)
4. Major Boobage (1203)
5. The Death Camp of Tolerance (614)
6. Butters' Very Own Episode (514)
7. Manbearpig (1006)
8. Raisins (714)
9. Good Times With Weapons (801)
10. Woodland Critter Christmas (814)
11. Here Comes The Neighborhood (512)
12. Trapped in the Closet (912)
13. 4th Grade (412)
14. Make Love, Not Warcraft (1008)
15. Mr. Hankey The Christmas Poo (110)

Hey FAQ guy, in the "Conjoined Fetus Lady" episode, during the first game of dodgeball, Stan calls on two kids, saying "Jordan, Swanson." One of the kids who responds is Butters, while the other kid is a blonde curly haired kid I never saw before. Can you explain why Butters name was different and who the heck that other kid is? This question is actually a branch-off of a question in the "Most Frequently Answered Questions" section above. I'll try not to re-hash it too much, but generally speaking, there have been a ton of name changes over the years. You'll catch a lot of these mostly in the first few seasons, where background characters were still being developed and hadn't been given official names yet.

What you're seeing here is the same thing -- Butters was just a background character at that time (he didn't get an official name until Season 3's "Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub"). And that other character "Jordan" is Annie Faulk, a fellow female student that's friends with Wendy and Bebe (she doesn't really get a good speaking role until all the way into Season 8's "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset").

I will add these two additions to that "Most Frequently Answered" section though! Nice catch.

How many episodes has Kurt Russell appeared in? Is there one celebrity that shows up more often than others? To date, Kurt Russel has appeared in two episodes -- most famously in "Imaginationland: Part II" (1111), where he is raped by Christmas Critters, and then again as a background character in "Pee" (1314). He's also mentioned briefly in "Imaginationland: Part III".

As for a #1 celebrity cameo, that's hard to say. It's probably Mel Gibson, since he's been in and been mentioned in so many episodes. Many others have also made multiple appearances or mentions. But yeah, you might have to give it to Mel.

I recently re-watched the "Chinpokomon" episode (it actually came on TV while I was playing Pokemon, haha), and I noticed that one or two of the monsters look like Pokemon that weren't made for another eight or so years. So, all-knowing FAQ man, are Matt and Trey aware that they have psychic abilities, or are the Japanese South Park fans? Nerdily Yours, Jess Was it Furry Cat, Donkeytron or Pen-Gin? No wait, it was probably Shoe or LAMtron. On second thought, I always though Roo-STOR was ahead of his time...or Lambtor...or Chu-Chu Nezumi.

As for your question, many Japanese ARE indeed South Park fans. But still, I'm gonna have to say this was another instance of Matt and Trey's absurdly awesome psychic abilities. They're always way ahead of the curve in predicting pop culture trends and even creating them. I mean, they predicted an indie film about gay cowboys eating pudding in Season 2...and BAM! Seven years later, there's "Brokeback Mountain". It's a gift, really.

Who won your Season 14 contest and got the prize to be animated in the show? :) That lucky bastard's name is Matthew Klinner. He was animated into the waving-intro of the broadcast version of episode 1401. We also sent Matthew an epic, framed version of himself in the show signed by Matt and Trey.
Hi! I'm trying to find a good image of the small black demons of the "Season 4 - Episode 410 - Do the Handicapped go to Hell"... but I can't find one! Do you have one one the website or is it possible to send it to me? ^^ I want it for a tattoo!! We can't send personal emails to people, but I'll try to hook it up via FAQ. The demons made their debut in South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, but the image below is as high-res as we currently have. It should make a devilishly-fine tattoo; make sure you put it somewhere good...
K.. This has been buggin me for a while now.. is the episode "More Crap" making fun of the "King of Kong" thing that happened with Billy Mitchell? Because its all so similar.. Bono being Billy Mitchell and Randy being Steve Wiebe. Sorry if this has already been answered I just couldn't find it. Thank you Mr.FAQ man! It should be bugging you, because you are 100% on-point. That episode parodies elements of that 2007 docu-flick, except instead of quarters, we got Courics.
March 11, 2011
What up, duuude. Gotta a Q. In the amazing episode of supernatural slaughter (where Kenny must save heaven and defeat hell after "owning" on the PSP game "Heaven vs Hell"), it shows in the beginning that he is at an amusement park, but totally engulfed in his game. What park is that supposed to be? Silver Dollar City in Branson by any chance?? It's just that some of the rides are way similar, could be coincidence, though. Thanks That amusement park has actually been in a number of episodes -- most famously as "Cartmanland", the amusement park that Cartman bought for $1 million back in Season 5. Ironically, it was Kenny's DEATH on that very rollercoaster (The Mine Shaft) which wound up costing Cartman half a million dollars and bankrupting the park. Seems like Kenny had a much better ride with his PSP. As far as Silver Dollar City (in Missouri, had to goggle that one), I'm pretty sure that's just a coincidence. Amusement parks tend to look a lot like one another.
I just saw The Book of Mormon the other night (which was fucking amazing, by the way) and was wondering if there are plans to release a soundtrack anytime soon? First off, super stoked you liked it! The musical is amazing, and the songs they wrote for it are absurdly funny. The show is still in Previews right now -- it doesn't actually officially "open" until March 24th -- once they get everything finalized and it has opened for reals, we'll know better about a soundtrack.
During the scene in "Cripple Fight" wherein Cartman interrupts a church service, Kyle's parents, Sheila and Gerald, can be seen in the pews. However the church is obviously Christian (as evidenced by the crosses on the walls) but the Brofloskis are Jewish. Care to explain this? We are officially adding this to the "Most Frequently Answered Questions" category, since it gets asked at least 30 times a week.

Gerald and Sheila are indeed in the church with the rest of the town. You can see them on the left side -- in fact, Gerald's still wearing his yarmulke. The animators put the Broflovskis in there as a little easter egg. Townspeople get hidden all the time in large crowd shots like that, even if it doesn't make sense. A perfect example is the crowd shot below from "Britney's New Look" (1202). Watch close, you'll see random characters from probably 50 other episodes in there, even some that are dead. It's pretty sweet.

Hi FAQ guy! I was wondering, is the episode Britney's New Look an homage to Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery"? Good to know some people out there still read! It is indeed a nod to that classic short story by Shirley Jackson, where the townspeople gather once a year to ensure a good harvest. If you haven't read it, give it a spin.
Do the South Park boys have nipples when they are topless? Yes, they do. Kind of a weird, perverted question...but yah, they got nips.
March 4, 2011
Mr. Amazing South Park FAQ guy, Is the scene in "Stanley's Cup", where the Park County Pee-Wee hockey team meets the opposing team on the ice, a take on "D2: The Mighty Ducks" (a blast from my past), where Emilio Estevez meets the coach from Iceland? Well, yes and YES...This whole episode is actually an extended parody of the classic "Mighty Ducks" trilogy, more specifically from the first film "The Mighty Ducks". In fact, the crew actually used a lot of the first movie as a model for animation. Awesome examples being: The flashback of Stan missing the goal, and the celebratory end of the episode (except instead of South Park winning, the Red Wings take the trophy). In fact, if you look even closely-er, you can see Gordon, Hans, and Casey hugging and celebrating on the ice. They even parody their use of ?We Are the Champions?.

Quack...QuACK...QUACK, QUACK!!!!

In the episode "Cancelled," during the car chase scene where Chef and the boys are running from the aliens, what does the one alien say into the radio while riding in the police car? That Alien is channeling his inner Rosco P. Coltrane, the bumbling sheriff from the T.V. series, "The Dukes of Hazzard." In fact that whole scene is parodying a typical car chase scene, complete with an epic car jump, frozen mid-scene while a folksy voice explains what is happening.

Here's it is in the script...

The visitor driver is on the CB.

Coop coop.




Heya FAQ d00d. On the episode "Are You There, God? It's Me, Jesus" at the very beginning, the boys walk past a window with a guy in a long robe, holding a scythe which has "1999" written on it. What's that all about? I believe that is ol' Father Time holding a Death-like's a little homage to how everyone thought the world was going to end on Y2K. Remember that? You may have been too young, but people thought their computers were going to come to life, kill them and their heads were going to explode. Exactly what you'll be seeing again in 2012...
Why is season 15 starting a month later than most recent seasons? Fear not...Season 15 is starting up a little late this year because Matt and Trey are still in New York, working on their epic Broadway musical "The Book of Mormon." Preview performances just started last week, and they will be continually tweaking it and polishing it until it officially opens until March 24th! After that, they'll switch back to South Park mode and deliver you more hilariousness. The first new episode of Season 15 airs Wednesday, APRIL 27th.
Who voiced Miss Chokesondick and Miss Crabtree? Do (they) still work for South Park? Ahhhh...good question. Miss Choksondik was voiced by Trey Parker and Miss Crabtree was voiced by two people -- more famously by the late Mary Kay Bergman in Seasons 1-3, and then by Eliza Schneider in Seasons 4-6. Unfortunately, both characters have died on the show -- Miss Choksondik in "Professor Chaos"/"The Simpsons Already Did It" (606 & 607) and Miss Crabtree in "Cartman's Incredible Gift" (813) -- so they aren't being voiced any more. But to answer that last question: nope, Eliza finished her work with us here in Season 6, and yes, Trey Parker is still writing/directing every episode.
HEY. I have been dying to figure this out. Which episode does Randy dress up as Princess Leia??? I got ya covered, guy. It's from Season 13's otherwordly "Pinewood Derby" (1306), where an unidentified rebel princess breaks into the Hadron Supercollider. I believe authorities are still looking for the culprit...
February 25, 2011
Which episode does Butters' parents yell at him for making a face in his school photo? You're looking for "How to Eat With Your Butt", the ass-tastic-classic from Season 5. Watch it right here, and try not to make a stupid face...
Hey mr. all knowing faq guy, I was wondering in the episode "Dead Celebrities," at the end when Michael Jackson moves on as a little white girl (priceless by the way) and is out of Ike's body, why is his potty mouth bleeped when the other parts in the episode are not? Love, one curious fan. Ahhh...that's a little South park trick we've been doing for years now. Here's why: We use ACTUAL kids to record Ike's voice overs. So when they're recording the dialogue, we just have them say regular (non-curse) words...then we beep it out to make it sound dirty. For example, that line Ike says here, "Holy Shit! What the fuck am I wearing?!"...can be recorded as "Holy Shoe! What the food am I wearing?!", without the a 3 year old having to wash their mouth out with soap.

It's also done pretty amazingly with Trent Boyett in the episode "Pre-School" (810). Works like a charm...

In the episode "Death Camp of Tolerance," why does the Catatafish have a handgun? To protect against intruders. Mr. Slave's ass is filled with peril and danger.
Hey there, I was wondering how much fingers a south park character has? Cause in the early days you never saw a finger. But in the coon episode i saw that cartman only has four fingers. Same in the margaritaville episode. So are all characters doomed to walk around with four fingers? This is a dangerous question to answer...because the answer is both. Cartman, the boys, and most of the SP regulars have 5 fingers traditionally, but depending on the episode, costumes and/or poses, sometimes we'll cheat the animation and use 4 fingers. We did that, as you mentioned, with the Coon claws that Cartman has, and we've done it many other times too. But, come on, whose counting?
Hey FAQ, in the "Pee" episode, is there a movie being referenced when Randy flies in on the helicopter, shouting "Staaaan" and holding a little red shoe? If not, why is he holding a shoe?? You should watch the ending to the 1993 snowy action flick "Alive." It will make a lot more sense.
What is the second piece of art flashed in Kyle's dream in the episode "Passion of the Jew" I know the first is Bosch's "Road to Calvary". The second is also a piece of art depicting the Passion, but I cannot place the artist nor the title of the piece. There are actually THREE paintings that are flashed repeatedly during Kyle's nightmare. If you watch real, extra-close, you should see all three paintings. You are right on point with that artist too...all three are by 15th century painter H. Bosch, although I believe the one you mentioned and the 3rd one are both named Christ Carrying the Cross (painting #2 in "Vienna"; #3 in "Ghent"). The first painting that flashes is called Christ Before Pilate, also by Bosch.

POW!!! We had to call in some extra help on that one.

February 18, 2011
Dear mr. FAQ guy: On the episode "Over Logging," when scientists are trying to communicate digitally with the internet in order to reason with that a reference to something there? I think i remember that sound from a movie! It absolutely is referencing something awesome. That scene you're talking about is an homage to the 1977 classic "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." In fact, the scientist manning the digital communicator looks an awful lot like Director Steven Spielberg. Bonus "Over Logging" fact -- The Marsh family's journey out Californie-way is also a parody of the "Grapes of Wrath".
Dear Mr. FAQ guy, person, dude, whatever... What is a random factoid about South Park that even avid South Park fans, and frequent FAQ readers might not know? about this?

In "Medicinal Fried Chicken", the scene with Randy tying to move after his balls fall out of the wheelbarrow (below) was originally acted out by Trey using a big yoga ball. The animators took this video and animated it, pretty much frame-for-frame. Watch that clip below, and then try imagining that. Should kick it up a few notches.

Why is it that when you watch the SP episodes on here the ads/commercials are always twice as loud as the show? its getting really annoying having to adjust the volume every time the ads starts/ends. We know, we know. We have to watch the same clips that you do. Unfortunately, the ads are delivered as-is and they plug into our player automatically as soon as we get them. The volume for every ad is different, and there is no way (currently) that we can modify every one so that they sound totally equivalent. But consider your complaint registered, we're working on it.
Hey faq guy, just wondering how many South Park episode names are actually inspired by old Star Trek episode names? I've counted two ("City on the Edge of Forever" and "The Entity"), but I'm wondering if there are any I've missed. Matt and Trey and huge Trek fans, so there are TONS of Star Trek references throughout the series. I'll sidetrack and name just a few: Miss Claridge's wheelchair in "Pre-School" (810) is an homage to that of Captain Christopher Pike from "The Menagerie"; Michael Dorn's cameo as Worf in "Fun With Veal" (605); the evil, alternate-universe versions of the boys in "Spookyfish" (references the Trek episode "Mirror, Mirror")....

But back to your pretty much got it as far as episode TITLES go. "City on the Edge of Forever" is the direct name of a 1st season Star Trek episode. I don't think "The Entity" is the name of a Trek episode word-for-word, but it's absolutely a reference to it (I believe you're referring to the Crystalline Entity?). All that said, my knowledge of Star Trek is not that awesome, so I look forward angry emails from Trekkies telling me I'm wrong.

I have always been soooo damn curious as to why Cartman and Mama Cartman are green in their family photo above the couch...bad Cheesy poofs? Thank you! Never stop the South Parkz!!!! That yellowy-tinted family picture is a remnant from the pilot episode, just like the little smudge on the wall right next to it. That's how it looked when they first cut-and-pasted this show together back in 1997 and that's how they wanted to keep it looking as the seasons went on. Even as the animation got better, they kept those core construction-paper elements the same. That attention to awesomeness is probably why we're still rockin' after 14 years!!
February 11, 2011
Is the line "Haha Charade you are!" from 'Cat Orgy' an homage to the Pink Floyd song 'Sheep' off the album Animals? Hells yeah, it's from that Pink Floyd album. But it's actually from the song "Pigs (Three Different Ones)", not "Sheep". Also, Cartman has mentioned it more than just that once -- it's in "4th Grade" (412) and "Scott Tenorman Must Die" (501) too. I've attached all the clips below in all their floyd-ish glory.
Dear Mr. FAQie. Which episode of South Park has Cartman saying "hella" repeatedly? And yes, I'm from Northern California! That hella-spooky episode you're looking for is "Spookyfish", all the way back from Season 2. Too bad it wasn't EVIL Cartman over-using that phrase, he would have been sucked back into the other dimension. That would have been hella-sweet.

Bonus factoid: Bebe also uses the term "hella" a few seasons later in "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society" (610) -- but this time, all the boys think it's cool. Definitely had nothing to do with her boobs.

OK south park genius faq dood, I usually don't have a good enough question, but I have been watching a mad amount of SP lately and I am have one. In the episode "W.T.F.", where the boys take on being 'rastlers, is that part where the boys audition the new 'rastlers (where that guy breaks out in song) poking fun at the musical "A Chorus Line"? I think so, but your validation is so crucial here. It was worth the wait, dude. That's a great question and here's your validation: You are absolutely correct -- that scene is an homage to the Broadway classic, "A Chorus Line." It's only fitting, this episode was written while Matt and Trey were in the midst of creating their own Broadway musical "The Book of Mormon".
In the episode "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring," is that Evan Stone in the porn? Finally, your adult film education has paid off. It's only shown for a very brief moment, but yep, that's porn king Evan Stone in the hottest porno ever (aka "Back Door Sluts 9" aka Butters' "precious"). That dude really gets around....
Hey FAQ guy, I haven't been on here in a while so I hope you haven't answered this, but what episode was the "Aristocrats" joke supposed to be in? And why wasn't it included? It's my favorite joke and the South Park one is pure win. Actually, that Aristocrats joke was specifically made for the 2005 film "The Aristocrats". It wasn't meant to be in any episode and it never appeared in any, only in that documentary. That said, it is ridiculously obscene and hilarious, and may be the funniest joke Cartman's ever told. If any fans out there haven't seen that film (it features over 100 other comedians telling the joke as well), I recommend you Netflix that bad boy. Taa-daaaaa!!!
Now that you've given us a date for Season 14's DVD release, here's something I'm betting a lot of people are itching to know: WILL EVERY EPISODE be included on the DVD/Bluray? OK, so this is a pretty epic question that's been asked about a billion times -- and we have the answer:

YES. All 14 episodes will be included on the Season 14 DVD set!! So if you missed an episode or didn't get a chance to see one, release the confetti and party streamers -- all Season 14 episode will be on there!!

February 4, 2010
Why is Kyle bald in "Hooked on Monkey Fonics"? Seriously, what's up with that? He's got a jew fro every other episode. Explain the ways of the masters (Matt and Trey) to us simple mortals, Oh Wise and Knowledgable FAQ Man! Dude, how else could Rebecca have extirpated a lesion in Kyle's cerebral cortex?? Removing his auburn pilus (that's hair, dummy) is the first step in preventing infection to the synaptic responses!! I mean, come on! It's like you've never played Doctor before.
In the end credits, why does a Braniff airplane (with the saying "Believe it") appear at the end of each episode? Great question!! When Matt and Trey delivered their pilot episode to Comedy Central, they didn't have a bumper (bumper = that card at the end of the show that tells you who created it). Not having an appropriate company name or logo to use, they tossed in the logo of Braniff Airlines -- a defunct airline from the 60s and 70s. After the show aired, they were contacted by a company that owned the rights to the Braniff name and logo. An agreement was made to allow them the use of the logo on South Park broadcasts, but not on any other projects in the future.
Who did the voice of Wing? For it is as beautiful as a Pomeranian summer or the smile on a mother's face. How poetic. The voice of Wing was actually done by...Wing! The songs in the episode are all her real songs, unaltered and un-believably amazing. She even signed off on her image being used in the episode, with the only stipulation being the approval of her cartoon "self." The website that we plugged at the end of the show is her's too, you should check it out!!
Sometimes characters speak Chinese or Japanese - do those words have any actual meaning? Well it's pretty funny when Cartman speaks Spanish so I wonder :) If it has a meaning, I'll consider learning Chinese just because of that :p Yeah, a lot of the Japanese you hear in South Park is legit. Matt and Trey are huge fans of Asian cultures -- and Trey even speaks a good amount of Japanese. Hence the major influence you see in many of our shows -- i.e. "Chinpoko Mon" (310), "Good Times With Weapons" (801), "Whale Whores" (1311), and even the recent "Mysterion Rises" (1412)...which had a reference to the classic Japanese anime film "My Neighbor Totoro". Looks like you got some studying to do buddy...
In the episode "Butters Bottom Bitch," what artist provides the song about midway through the episode?? I believe it goes something like,"Suckin' on my (blank) like you wantin' me callin' me". It's a masterpiece and I must download it. That is a song delicately titled "F**k the Pain Away" by Peaches. Great for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and any social events involving the elderly.
January 31, 2011
How often do people send in ideas for new episodes and do you ever take any of their ideas? This is a good question, and try not to use a frowny-face emoticon when you hear the answer. People do send in submissions and episode ideas every day, and we never take any of them. We just don't take fan submissions, for legal and creative reasons. Besides, Matt and Trey have been doing this going on 15 years and over 200 episodes -- they got this dawg!
I heard that many of the songs played in the show were actually written and played by Matt and Trey, in their own band. Such as the "Montage" in Team America and Asspen, or the Jonas Brothers parody songs. How do they make the songs sound so professional and real? (in that crappy sort of way) I loved the "Gay Fish" by Kanye West, it sounded JUST LIKE HIS MUSIC, it was hilarious! This often gets overlooked, but Matt and Trey are amazingly talented musicians and performers. Plus, our in-house audio team is seriously the best in the business -- and Bruce Howell (our audio producer) has been with the show since day one. Between these guys, they write, play, and perform pretty much every original song that you hear on the show. "Montage", "Gay Fish", "Cigarette Song", "Somalian Pirates", "Queef Free", "Let's Fighting Love"....there are too many amazing songs to count, and they've all been done in-house. Not to mention all the songs in the feature film, "South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut." I mean...come on...Blame Canada was nominated for an Academy Award!

Also, you mentioned Matt and Trey's band -- they don't perform any more, but for a brief time they performed as "D.V.D.A." A bunch of their songs have been featured in South Park and their various feature films.

If you are itching for more brand-new, completely-original songs from Matt and Trey, New York is the place to be this spring. Their first-ever Broadway musical, "The Book of Mormon" opens for previews on February 24 and Premieres on March 24 at the Eugene O'Neil Theatre. Get your tickets now at!

Hey guys! I can't believe no one's asked this before, I mean with all the evidence around... is Cartman gay? People ask this ALL THE TIME. I'm totally seriously, all the time. Maybe 15% of the total questions we get. People also ask if Stan, Kyle, Butters, and Kenny are gay. All the time. And the answer is "nope". Cartman has definitely done some very questionable, bi-curious things in the past and who knows, anything and everything is possible. But to currently answer your question, no, he's not gay (and neither are the other boys).

In the mean time, I suggest you take a moment to enjoy the many awesome gay characters of South Park: Big Gay Al, Mr. Slave, Mr./Mrs. Garrison, and possibly, occasionally, the White Swallows bi-curiousness of Butters' dad.

Alright, I know this is a little late, but it's still bugging me. Remember back in 2004 when the episode "AWESOM-O" came out, and the week before you guys had been advertising on Comedy Central that the episode would be the return of Lemmiwinks? Instead you put up a little apology right before the episode, but I'm still curious what happened to the little Gerbil King. Will he ever make another appearance? Wow, you have some ridiculous memory!! And yes, you are absolutely correct -- there was going to be another episode featuring Lemmiwinks during the Season 8 show run. It was originally supposed to be Episode 806, which wound up being "Goodbacks". Here is basically what happened, during the pre-production process, the crew realized they didn't have enough time to finish the show the way it was meant to be done -- so it was scrapped.

But in the South Park world, that doesn't mean it's dead. Ideas float around for years sometimes before they are ever done. For now, the Gerbil King's legacy will just have to remain... a mystery.

I can't remember for sure what episode the Loch Ness Monster briefly appears in disguise, or even if such an episode exists. So awesome FAQ guy, using your unlimited question-answering powers, can you tell me in what episode I've seen the Loch Ness Monster, or if I've just seen some staff art of the Loch Ness Monster (and if I did, where)? I can give you tree fiddy for the trouble... Well, I believe you're referring to the episode "The Succubus" (303), where Chef's parents tell of their many stories of the Loch Ness monster trying to get their "tree-fiddy." More specifically, I believe you are referring to this clip below, where Chef's dad describes the Loch Ness Monster cleverly disguised as a Girl Scout. To date though, we haven't actually SEEN the Loch Ness Monster dressed up...only heard awesome stories about it.

Chef's parents also re-appear in the Season 6 episode "The Biggest Douche in the Universe" (615), telling more stories about that damn Loch Ness Monster trying to get their "tree-fiddy!"

January 21, 2011
I don't have HD so I cannot tell, but are those gold and platinum DVDA records in the record executives office in the "Guitar-Queer-o" episode? It actually did take HiDef to see the print on those records. But they aren't for DVDA, those are actually Gold and Platinum albums for BONO. Take a look at this image below, even with all these gold and platinum records, he's still #2.
So Sir. Faq-a-lot who or what decides the exert of the show that you show during the credits? Do Matt and Trey decide or is it the production team???! Great behind-the-scenes question, buddy! That little 15 second tag at the end of every episode is chosen by Trey, since he directs every episode.
Hey FAQ Person, I just watched "The China Probrem" and I have a question about the parts where Indiana Jones gets raped. I know the hill-billy scene where they make him squeal like a pig is a parody of "Deliverance," but what about the scene where Indie gets raped on the pinball machine and raped in the jungle? I was just wondering if those were also a parody of something. Thanks. Yep, those are all parodies of real movies. First off, you nailed the "Deliverance" homage where they make Indiana squeal like a pig. Here's the other two you're missing: The scene where Indy gets raped on the the "Howard The Duck" pinball machine is a reference to a scene in the 1988 Jodie Foster film "The Accused." And other one, where Indy is taken down in front of the temple, is a reference to "Boys Don't Cry" from 1999.
Hey Mr. FAQ moderator! I was watching "Merry Christmas Charlie Manson" and I'm pretty confused about Mr. Hankey. In the car ride to Nebraska they said Mr. Hankey got famous from a movie he was recently in. What movie made him famous enough to be in the shopping mall? It's from the amazing theatrical masterpiece "Me & Mr. Hankey", which debuted earlier in Season 2 during the South Park Film Festival (in "Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls," 209). I'm sure you've seen it -- Mr. Hankey is played by a monkey and co-stars alongside Tom Hanks. I'd go into more detail, but I'm starting to get choked up...
Hi! I would like to know what is the "ninja names" of the boys in "Good Times with Weapons"? Here are the ones I know: Stanley - Sharohachi; Kyle - Bounaku; Eric - Bulrog. What about Kenny and the other boys? The force is strong with you, young ninja apprentice. You got the gist of the ninja boys, but I will give you the inside scoop and real names, as they all appear in the script:

With his Tonfa of Takanawa, Stan is the great and powerful "Shadow Hachi". Kyle?s powerful nunchucks make him into "Bunraku". Cartman harnesses the power of his Sai to become "Bulrog", a tough, brute ninja that?s dedicated his life to eradicating hippies. And with his Shuriken Star, Kenny becomes the deadly, not-so-creatively-titled "Ninja Master Kenny".

As for the villains, Craig is "Ginza", with the powerful ?Blade of Kintama,? and Token is "Black Chaku", with the killer power of perfect spelling. Clyde and Jimmy aren't given official ninja names, but their strength and power has made the "Battle of Tokugawa" legendary....

January 17, 2011
Hi, first of all I have to say I love South Park. I've got two questions. Do you know that you have many fans in such a distant country like Poland? I'm also a big fan of band Rush. Could you tell me what's the story behind the intro for Rush's concerts with "Lil' Rush" ? Cheers to you! I'll answer that question about Lil' Rush first, since it's a winner. Long story short , Matt and Trey are huge fans of the band Rush. And the band is (and has always been) a huge fan of South Park. So Matt and Trey decided they would do a little introduction to the band's song "Tom Sawyer". It's not from any episode, so to see that clip, you're gonna have to go to a Rush show. Which is pretty awesome.

As for that Polish sausage love, we know very well about you Polish fans (and all the fans across the world). The support and love we get from our International SP community is cereally overwhelming. If I knew how to speak a lot of different languages, I would say "thank you" in your native tongue. But I don' "Thanks!" in English!!

Hey SP FAQ guy, i was just watching "Butters' Very Own Episode" and i saw the gas attendant speaking about the two paths and was wondering if he was the same man talking about the mountain in the episode "Asspen"?? Yep, that ol' gas station worker is the same dude, always dropping knowledge about the spooky, ancient history of South Park. In addition to the two episodes you mentioned, he's also in "Marjorine" (909), warning Butters' Dad that sometimes better.

Oh and ps -- he's is a parody of the character Jud Crandall from the 1989 horror flick "Pet Sematary." Yep, lotta history down that road...

In the episode "All About Mormons?" While the kids are first talking about kicking Gary's ass on the playground, Wendy is seen far in the background talking to a woman. Who is that woman? Wow. That's a pretty specific question. But my laser-eagle eyes got an answer for you. That woman Wendy's chatting with is Mrs. Streibel, the art boys' teacher. We got to know her pretty well in the Season 7 episode, "Toilet Paper." Check it out!!
So Mr. FAQ Guy...I got a question for ya...What happened to the kid from the "Toilet Paper" episode? Did his plan to T.P. the White House work? And how come he isn't in the Character section? Better make sure he doesn't find out he's not on the site...or your house will be next Mr. FAQ Guy! *evil laugh* You mean Josh Myers? Last we saw him, he was about to unleash a double-ply shitstorm on the White House. My guess is his TP plan was thwarted by Obama's dog, Sparkles, and he's now detained in Guantanamo with the rest of the pan flute bands.

He would be a good addition to the kids Character Page though. We'll try to get him added soon for ya!

When is Season 14 coming to DVD/Blu-Ray? Already itching to own the last season, huh? I don't blame you -- the smell of Medicinal Fried Chicken and Snooki smush smush is driving me crazy too. Season 14 hits the streets on April 26, 2011 and will be available in both Blu-Ray and regular ol' DVD. Mark your calendars!
There's been some cringe-worthy rumors going around about Season 15 being the final season of South Park. Please say it ain't so, as I'm pretty sure the cancellation of South Park is the final sign of the end of the world. Well, 2012 is right around the corner and the Mayan apocalypse would be a pretty epic way to go out. But let's not get too worked up yet. Currently, we are renewed through Season 15 -- that much is true -- but it's still possible that Comedy Central will pick us up for more seasons. You'll just have to be a good fan and tune in...hopefully we'll show those stinkin' Mayans who's who.
January 7, 2011
Are the rabbling politicians in Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow all saying "peas and carrots"? Nice catch, guy! Yes, those rabbling politicians are yelling "peas and carrots" -- it's an inside joke for those of us in the production world. "Peas and carrots" is something that film and TV extras sometimes mutter in the background to make it look like they're carrying on a meaningful conversation. A little behind-the-scenes movie magic, courtesy of South Park...and global warming.
Hey there, Uncle FAQer. Trey and Matt said in one of their mini-commentaries on the DVD that Butters is based off of a real life "Butters" from the SP Team. Is there SERIOUSLY a person like Butters, and if so, how accurate is the character portrayal of the real guy? Wul, yeah. Butters is loosely based off of Eric Stough, an Animation Director/Producer here at South Park. He's a long-time friend of Matt and Trey, and he is definitely Buttery. Obviously, he's an adult, so portrayal on the show is a lot more innocent and childish, but the inspiration is there.
Hey FAQ guy, I was just going through YouTube and found a South Park clip of the boys with Timmy in a "Gladiator" parody fighting Russel Crowe, and being saved by John Travolta. At the end of the clip I saw that it was shown a some award show. I was just wondering what award show it was? P.S. You should have a section for clips like one, the Jay Leno clip, and the Monty Python clip (if you don't already). Ahhh, that's quite the hidden gem! That short Gladiator-esque segment was actually made for the MTV Movie Awards back in 2000. It's unofficially known as "The Gauntlet" around these parts, and bonus factoid -- it was the first time we ever parodied Russel Crowe, John Travolta, and/or Scientologists. It was well ahead of it's time.

As for that Bonus Clip segment you mentioned -- we do have a "Special" section of our site already up which features the "Imaginationland" Movie. It would be awesome to get some more stuff like this up there, but there are a lot of legal issues with stuff created outside of our show. But rest assured, we're working on it....

In "Dead Celebrities" who are all of the dead celebs sitting in purgatory? I recognize Billy Mays and Farrah Fawcett, but who are all the others. There were a ton of celebs that made cameos in "Dead Celebrities" -- I might be missing one or two, but here you go: Michael Jackson, Ricardo Montalban, Oscar Mayer, Dom DeLuise, Patrick Swayze, B. Aurthur, Ed McMahon, Walter Cronkite, Ted Kennedy, DJ AM, Natasha Richardson, and David Carradine.
Hello, I'm sorry, but this has been pissing me off for quite some time, and I demand ACTION! (In as polite a demand as possible). Your Character section on this website lists Clyde as having a guinea pig named Stripe. In fact, it is Craig with the guinea pig. I DEMAND REPAIR AND RENOVATION (with no pressure whatsoever, of course). With love and furious hand-motions, Caitlin. Your furious hand motions have been noted, Caitlin. And you are 100%, cereally correct. Craig is the one with the guinea pig named Stripe, which we can see very clearly in this clip. I commend you for your fact-checking and diligence, and will be sure to update that in our Character page...right after I watch Red Racer.
Did Mr. Hanky ever sleep with Satan? I'm in a disagreement with my friend and she seems to think that Mr. Hanky has sexual relations with Satan. I say that shes way off...please help! thanks Mr. Hankey and Satan?? Your friend is waayyyyyyy off. Even though Satan has shown quite a fondness for Christmas, those two have never hooked up. Besides, Satan mostly limits his dating pool to people in hell.
When does Season 15 begin? Fear not, the first new episode of Season 15 airs Wednesday, APRIL 27th!! I know it seems far away, but those new episodes are gonna be back here before you know it. In the meantime, watch a random episode!!