South Park Studios FAQ

Compiled by Willie Westwood
from the list of questions answered by the staff at South Park Studios.

Part 4 - Winter 2002

Some commentary is provided in the third column
March 19, 2002
Q: What's the latest on the sequel to "Dumb and Dumber?"A: Actually, it was supposed to be a prequel. Matt and Trey opted out of the deal and returned the money, rather than half-ass it.
March 18, 2002
Q: Hey, on the early South Park DVDs released, Trey and Matt did little skits to introduce the episodes. On the new SP DVDs( such as Timmy! or Winter Wonderland)there are no skits to introduce the episodes. With the new DVDs coming out this summer, will there be any skits on the DVDs?A: The original series of VHS tapes and DVDs (on Rhino) had a budget for shooting introductions (those things cost a lot of money, believe it or not), the new ones do not.
Q: Why are Trey and Matt so upset with Indian Companion Friend in the Mr. Hankey episode, right after he speaks?A: Dude, you never had to work with Carlos.
Q: Do you think you will ever put full episodes on [South Park Studios]?A: There was some talk of putting up the original pilot episode (about 5 more minutes of additional material) on our site for download, but there were concerns about the amount of bandwidth that our site was already taking. Apparently, we're a lot more popular than a lot of people expected. The number of hits is pretty amazing.

Comedy Central was also in talks with a company that would have provided full episode downloads for a price, but we don't know what every came of that.

Q: Is it true that Penelope Cruz is after a voice-over role in the show? If so, will she be given a guest spot?A: Apparently there is truth to this rumor regarding Ms. Cruz's interest in the show. While a role was not offered to her, she did get an autographed movie poster.
Q: In the Gladiator short for the 2000 MTV Movie Awards, who was that guy who was complaining about the Romans not liking him? Who was he supposed to be?A: If you ever saw "Gladiator," that was a parody of Joaquin Phoenix's character, Emperor Commodus.
Q: All right, I remember seeing a *commercial* for the "I Love Towelie" and "I Hate Towelie" t-shirts. Are there ever gonna be some of those up for sale?? I also think you should make a Towelie t-shirt that says "You wanna get high?" That would be sweet!A: When Episode #508 "Towelie" first aired, the t-shirts were available over a Comedy Central 1-800 line. Those shirts, however, sold out long ago. When the ep re-ran last week, the prefix was changed to "555," just like real Hollywood movies and tv shows!

What most people don't know was the fact that there was a third t-shirt. It said: "We're Not Falling For Your Stupid Marketing Ploy!" Unfortunately, we had to cut that part of the Towelie "commercial" for time (so several crew members were left on the cutting room floor). If you watch closely, you'll notice the shirt in the existing "commercial." Freeze frame on the hot chicks the next time you watch the episode. Happy Hunting!

Q: Have you ever thought of doing a musical about the life of Ed Gein?A: I think a musical for one cannibal is quite enough.
Q: On what date did Kenny die?A: December 5, 2001.
March 17, 2002
Q: Why Cartman is called "Cartman", not "Eric" by others, while other kids are called in their first name?A: Because the person Cartman is loosely based on was refered to by his last name. You'll notice that the adults generally call Cartman, "Eric."
March 16, 2002
Q: Does "Darsh" mean anything, or did Tad just make it up because he couldn't think of a good insult?A: It's a parody of insult lobbed by a character in "Better off Dead."
Q: Now that things have settled down a little since Sept. 11th, are there going to be any more "That's My Bush" episodes(PLEASE!)?A: No, "That's My Bush" was cancelled last year. They did, however, rerun several episodes during Presidents' Day weekend.
Q: Cartman's voice seems to have changed (gotten deeper) in the last 2 seasons? Is Trey still doing the voice, or is it just because Cartman is getting his pubes a little early?A: Actually, Trey's voice has gotten deeper ever since HE went through puberty.
Q: Is it just me, or did the colour from the "Asspen" episode look a bit different than normal?A: No, the color palette was the same, as was the color correction process. One explanation could be the fact that there was a lot more white in the episode, as well as several new locations.Well, in the montage, the color fades to yellow somewhat as the song ends, but that's about it.
Q: What does Cartman's optometrist say at the VERY END of "Episode 303: The Succubus"? I can never figure out what he says while he's taking Kenny's eyes out.A: Dr. Lout said: "Say, you don't have three dollars and fifty cents on you, do you?

Tree-Fiddy! He's the Lochness Monster!

Q: Have Matt or Trey ever been on the Howard Stern show and if they have is a recording or transcript available?A: No they have not. There's a little back story behind this, but I can't get into it.
Q: Did that "Japanese girls eat their barf" thing in "Jared Has Aides" have anything to do with Yoko Ono, considering about 22.3 years ago (give or take a few months), John Lennon died?A: Nah, it had to do with these crazy video clips someone sent to a few of our crew members that showed Japanese girls barfing into each others' mouths. It was most foul.
March 15, 2002
Q: How did Kenny die?A: He died from a terminal disease (according to Mr. Mackey) in #513 "Kenny Dies." The diagnosis was a bit cloudy, but we're guessing that is was Ass Cancer.
Q: I know everybody is bugging you about Kenny. But what the hell happened to Timmy?A: He's traveling the country with the gang from "How's Your News?"
Q: How old should children be before they watch South Park? Is 14 old enough?A: Every child should be exposed to South Park no later than their 2nd birthday. Not doing so could result in severe learning disabilities and stunted growth.
Q: In the episode "4th Grade," is one of the Star Trek geeks based on the comic book store guy from the Simpsons? I just saw a pic of him and he looks pretty similar.A: No. The geeks are based on our very own system administrators, Sean Laverty and J.J. Franzen. They'll be making a reappearance in next week's episode, #601.
Q: Are the boys going to go to 5th grade?A: Eventually, yes - though it may not occur during the run of the show. Since it took 3 1/2 years for the boys to finish the 3rd grade, it only follows that they won't graduate from the 4th grade until the end of South Park's contract.

Except Kenny, that is. He's dead.

Q: In the Jared from Subway episode: "it takes 22.3 years for a tragedy to be funny". Is this based on something?A: Yes. 22.3 years is the approximate time period that AIDS has been diagnosed in the Western World. Hence, AIDS is now funny.
March 14, 2002
Q: In the "Asspen" episode, was the whole ski race bit a parody of "Better off Dead," or am I just an idiot?A: We parodied several 80's ski movies in the "Asspen" episode, like "Hot Dog: The Movie," "Ski School," "Ski Patrol," "Aspen Extreme," and "Better off Dead."
Q: How long does it take to create one episode of the show after its been written?A: It depends. Most episodes are written throughout the week. The quickest that we've put together an episode is 4 to 5 days (#403 "Quintuplets"), which used a few recycled shots from previous episodes. The longest time was six months for the pilot (#101 "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe").
March 13, 2002
Q: Maybe I'm the only one, but I would really like to buy a Towelie Towel. I don't care if it talks or not. Is there any way this is possible?A: Unfortunately, there were only two prototypes ever made, so the answer is no. One went to Comedy Central and one stayed with us. He's cute.
Q: I just finally noticed you getting credited in the credits. What was the first episode that you were mentioned?A: I first got my credit at the beginning of Season Five in "It Hits the Fan"
March 11, 2002
Q: When is the date of TBD and what is it about?A: TBD is not a show name TBD is short for "To Be Determined" and we have no idea what episode 601 is about yet.
Q: I guess your website is partly to be blamed for Kenny's death because you asked who should be kicked out as a poll.A: NO! Of course not! Whatever happens in the show is up to Matt and Trey, no a poll!
Q: Are you ever going to have an episode starring Tweek?A: Actually there already has been an episode starring Tweek. It was
Episode 217: Gnomes
Original Air Date: 06-16-1998
Whoops, 12-16-98
Q: What is the most frequently asked question that you receive?A: Funny enough... it's this one
Q: I notice a Writing Staff on the credits for episodes now. Do Parker and Stone still write for the show?A: Yes they do. Each week Matt, Trey and all the staff writers have a meeting and go over ideas on what they would like to do next for the show. When it all comes down to the nitty gritty, Trey has last call on what goes into the final script.
Q: Where was Kenny during the 'Super Best Friends' episode?A: Kenny was in the Cult with Kyle and Cartman the whole time, in fact at the end of the episode Stan finds Kenny face up in the the pool already dead and screams "Oh my God! They killed Kenny!" When he hears Kyle finish off by saying "You bastards!" it leads Stan to Kyle, where he saves Kyle's life!
Q: What the fuck is poon tang!? (Don't give me a crap answer!)A: poon·tang (poon'tang)
Vulgar Slang: (DEF) Ask your mom or dad
Offensive Slang: (DEF) Ask yor mom or dad

Crap answer

Q: Why is Cartman's mom such a slut??A: She's gotta find some way to pay for all the crack she smokes!
March 5, 2002
Q: Do Matt or Trey have any tattoos or piercings? And how tall are they?A: You mean besides the "Winona Forever" and the nipple rings?

As I mentioned in a previous FAQ: Trey is about 6 feet tall. Matt is 6'2", minus da 'fro.

Q: Hi. I'd like to know what happened to the scripts??? They're useful for people who don't know English!!A: We were told to take them down. I'm pretty bummed about it myself.

Luckily Big-Will has transcripts at his great site:

Q: In what year was South Park first aired, and have there ever been any cross dressers in it, I am trying to write an essay on a link between Kids in the Hall and South Park!A: I can't believe what you kids get away with in school these days. Well here goes:

South Park first aired August 13, 1997. There have been a couple of instances of cross dressing: Butters and Pip dressing up like Charlie's Angels in #308 "Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub," or Cartman dressing up like a an old lady in #206 "The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka," or as a Vietnamese prostitute in #208 "Summer Sucks," or as a tooth fairy in #402 "The Tooth Fairy's Tats 2000," or as an Arabian temptress in #509 "Osama bin Laden has Farty Pants" and #409 "Something You Can Do With Your Finger" where Wendy dresses up like a boy band member - which is not really cross dressing if you think about it.

Not sure about the relation to "The Kids in the Hall," but cross dressing has been going on since ancient times, where young boys used to play the parts of women. This continued through the time of Shakespeare. In relation to TV, Milton Berle, the mostly unfunny pioneer of TV comedy, was always in drag. As were Matt and Trey idols, the gang at "Monty Python."

Q: Eric Stough is a HOTTIE!! Is he married, or gay?!?A: Yes he is. And no and no.
March 3, 2002
Q: I caught a clip of E! and it was showing some party about the new Robin Williams movie and Trey and Matt were there do you know exactly why they were there?A: Cause there was an open bar. This is Matt and Trey we're talking about, right?

The party was for "Death to Smoochy" and it was at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, CO. Matt and Trey took part in a panel there. It only follows that they would take part in a party there as well.

March 2, 2002
Q: Do you pitch shift Timmy's voice along with all the other boys? If so, what does he sound like normally?A: Yes, it's the same shift as the other boys. Normally, unshifted, it sounds just like Timmy, only deeper.
Q: What happened to the Towelie plushes? They were only on sale for a couple of days. I want one.A: They will become available within a week or two. I want one too!
Q: Who does the voice of Kyle's little brother Ike?A: Ike has been voiced by several kids. Originally, Ike was voiced by the son of our audio producer, as well as another child. He just happened to have some recordings of them laying around. Later, we recorded voices at our studios. Those included both the son and daughter of our Supervising Producer, as well as the son of our former Production Manager.
Q: Who does the voices for most of the women characters now?A: The very talented pair of Eliza Schneider and Mona Marshall.

Trey voices Ms. Choksondik, if you haven't guessed by now.

Q: What are the words to that lame ass song in episode #311, "Starvin' Marvin in Space?"A: This is all I have:

One With the World

Soaring so high above the world.
Never thought I could be so free.
I'm one with the birds and magic is all I see…

Q: How many episodes of South Park has Saddam Hussein been in?A: CORRECTION! Apparently it's four, unless someone else jumps in to correct me.

#201 "Not Without My Anus,"
#206 "The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka,"
#410 "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell" and
#411 "Probably."
He was also in the South Park movie.

Q: Who did the voices for the four Afghani kids in the Osama Bin Laden episodeA: Mohammad Babak and Naush Bout (Not their real names). Matt still did Afghani Kenny.
March 1, 2002
Q: Since the contract on the image of the guy flipping in the air in the intro ran out, will those episodes of South Park never be shown again?A: Yes, we have the rights to rerun those episodes in perpetuity. We just can't use the clip on shows that aren't covered in the contract ("4th Grade" to "Kenny Dies")Which means that clip won't appear in the opening sequence when the eps make it to DVD and VHS.
February 28, 2002
Q: Is Matt the bitch, or is Trey?A: They take turns.
Q: What was it that Kenny said in the "Death" episode, when the kids were trapped in Stan's bedroom, with Death trying to get in?A: Did I answer this already? Not sure if I did. Anyways, according to Matt is was all jibberish.Oh well, I'll note that in Kenny's Wisdom
February 27, 2002
Q: Is there a visitor in every episode?A: No. There were only six or seven "visits" during the entire fifth season, for example. Eric's not sure about the exact number because the second half of last season was a blur.
February 26, 2002
Q: What's the best episode of South Park?A: Duh. "Jakovasaurs."
February 24, 2002
Q: In "Super Best friends", Jesus hinted that the Super Best Friends we see in the episode were only some of them. We know Moses is a member, but is it possible that Brian Boitanno could be a member?A: How could that be? Brian Boitano is an ICE SKATER not a DEITY.
February 22, 2002
Q: Can you guys put up head shots of your staff and Toddy Walters?A: We don't have head shots (What? You think this is "Models, Inc." or something?), but most of us DO have mug shots.
Q: Will Vol 7, 8, and 9 of South Park DVDs ever be available for purchase? Thanks for Timmy and Winter Wonderland DVDs!A: Although I've answered this question many times before, here goes. Basically, were not sure. Ever since Warner Brothers took over DVD/Video rights from Rhino, they've switched to theme-based releases.

Complete versions of seasons have been released in England and Europe (available through, but you'll need a DVD player that reads that region. Matt recently got an all-region player from Korea so he could watch all that freaky porno from Japan that was piling up. Check it!

Q: In Quintuplets, I know Kenny sings "Con Te Partirò" and then "La donna è mobile", but can you tell me what songs (2 different ones) he completes on stage in Romania?A: Not sure about the aria names, but they come from "The Marriage of Figaro" and "The Magic Flute." Both by Mozart.
Q: In "Spooky Fish" (Episode #215), did the idea for "hella" come from a certain Mr. T internet comic?A: Nah. It came from all those annoying people from Northern California. I didn't realize it was a regional thing until I went to college and everyone was, like: "Can you stop saying that!"
February 21, 2002
Q: Is the voice of Kenny always based on actual dialogue, or it generally gibberish?A: Kenny is usually saying actual dialogue just all mumbled. They trick is to figure out what he's saying all by yourselves!
Q: Where can I get a player guide for the South Park Rally video game.A: Check out this link.

Have fun!

Q: What do the character voices sound like before they are pitched?A: Kind of like the voices in the original "The Spirit of Christmas," only slighty deeper. Check out Trey doing Cartman's voice in "Baseketball" for another example.
Q: Who is the big fat black guy that said "Hey, hey, hey, whats going on Bit*h" and what episode was he in?A: That's Fat Abbott. One of our favorite characters, and a parody of Fat Albert (of course). He was in Episode #212 "Clubhouses." Eatin' the puddin'.
February 20, 2002
Q: Is the simpsons better than south park?A: According to Matt and Trey... yes
Q: Do Matt and Trey like Robert Smith and The Cure?A: Trey is a big fan of The Cure. That's probably why he asked Robert Smith to be in one of the first episodes of South Park to destroy Babara Streisand!
Q: How was the title "Probably" chosen for episode 413? Is there any connection with the title of episode 412?A: Episodes 412 and 413 was a two parter. Episode 412 being titled "Do the Handicapped go to Hell?" in which episode 413 responded by being titled "Probably"
Q: Which episode did T&P first appear in?A: Terrance and Phillip first appeared in Episode 109: Starvin' Marvin where they did their famous Thanks Giving Special!

A (corrected): Terrance and Phillip first appeared in Episode 106: "Death," where Grandpa Marsh tries to kill himself!

Not so, it was Episode 106: Death. They were the reason the parents went to New York and protested in front of Cartoon Central.
Q: Does Trey and Matt like Beavis and Butthead?A: Matt and Trey LOVE Beavis and ButtHead, at the end of their movie Bigger, Longer and Uncut Matt and Trey have Mike Judge (creator of Beavis and Butthead) do the voice for Kenny when he is unmasked.
Q: In episode #105, An Elephant Makes Love To A Pig, the final line is "That'll do pig." Is that a reference to something?A: That line is a quote from the movie "Babe" it's what Farmer Hoggit says to Babe
February 14, 2002
Q: Do you ever mention any of us users to Matt or Trey?A: Yes, and they think you're all batty!
Q: If south park characters are made of paper how do you get the explosions on the paper background?A: The ORIGINAL South Park was made by using construction paper... now South Park is ALL computerized.
February 12, 2002
Q: Please settle a debate from another board. Does a user have to be logged in here to submit a FAQ?A: No you do not have to log in to submit a FAQ. FAQ's are open to all users, if you're logged in your email address is displayed in the top box. If you're not it's left blank. You can submit a FAQ without your email address and it might still get answered, but no confirmation email will be sent to let you know your question was answered.
February 11, 2002
Q: What is the name of Kenny's older brother?A: Kevin
Q: Was there ever an episode where the boys actually find a copy of Crackwhore magazine with Cartman's mom on the cover?A: Yes in "Pinkeye" Stan and Kyle show Cartman the magazine cover of Crack Whore magazine that Cartman's mom is on the cover of!
February 6, 2002
Q: Has Squeak from BASEketball ever done any voices for South Park?A: Yes, Dian Bachar has done the voice of the announcer in for the dodge ball tournement in "Conjoined Fetus Lady" he did the voice of Chris in "Do the Handicapped go to Hell" & "Probobly"
Q: Who is the famous actor who saw south park and was amazed by it?A: George Clooney
Q: Who is Mary Kay?A: Mary Kay Bergman was the Original Voice Actress that South Park used for most of it's female voices from season 1-3
February 5, 2002
Q: What was Mary Kay's last eposide? Why have'nt you guys ever gave her some sort of dedication?A: The last episode of South Park was Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics and they had all her characters come out at the end. They also did a "IN MEMORY OF" at the end credits.
Q: In which episode did they mention Mr. Garrison's first name?A: They mentioned his name in episode 511 "The Entity" where they said it was "Herbert."
January 29, 2002
Q: Is there going to be another South Park game for N64 (or any other game system) anytime in the future?A: Matt is currently looking a new game developers for any possible new South Park games.
Q: What's wrong with Tweek?A: Tweek has a number of learning disablities along with ADD... and TOO MUCH COFFEE!!
Q: Did Trey or Matt see Final Fantasy The Spirits Within?A: Both Matt and Trey saw the movie and they pretty much agreed that it was visually stunning with a weak story.
Q: What is the fan mail address for South Park? A: South Park
C/O Comedy Central
1775 Broadway
New York, NY
January 24, 2002
Q: Do Matt and Trey like Power Puff Girls?A: We don't know... what we do know is that Eric Stough Director of Animation loves them!
Q: Will Orgazmo ever be released on DVD (region 1) , and more importantly, will it feature a drunken commentary?A: We've been hearing some talk about an Orgazmo DVD. We're not sure when the release date is or what extra features will be on it. We'll keep you posted. A week later, SPS provided the date - April 23 - and the link to Orgazmo's new Web site.
January 23, 2002
Q: Is there any episode in which the boys appear as babies?A: Yes, in Episode 208: Summer Sucks the kids flashback to when they were babies and playing with Fire Works
Q: What is Cannibal?A: Cannibal! The Musical is a film that Trey Parker and Matt Stone made along with some of their friends in College. Trey actually got kicked out of school because he was taking too much time making the film.
Q: Trey Parkers name appears in the credits for the cast of a 1992 film called "Newsies". He supposedly played the part of "Kid Blink" Did he actually appear in this movie or by some coincidence is there another Trey Parker out there.A: It is a coincidence that there is a Trey Parker in that movie. They're two different people, although they both seem to like musicals!
January 22, 2002
Q: Qui est le dernier president D'algerie?A: Liamine Zeroual.
Q: If Kenny's family inherited $500,000 from his death at Cartmanland, why are they still poor? Did Kenny's dad spend it all on vodka?A: Actually, whiskey.
January 21, 2002
Q: In #401, Cartman's prison uniform read 26354, but they referred to him as 24601. Is this a continuity error, and is the 24601 a reference to "Les Miserables?"A: Well, first of all, we never, EVER, have continuity errors. Bwa ha ha ha! Er, yes to both questions. Trey is a big fan of "Les Miserables," as evidenced by the Medley in "BL&U."
January 14, 2002
Q: How come in Episode 214 Chef's full name is Jarome Chef Mackaroy, but in Episode 408 his full name is Abdul Mohammed Jabar Rauf Kareem Ali?A: Because in 408 entitled "Chef Goes Nanners" he changes his name because he converts to Islam you big silly goose!
January 8, 2002
Q: There are online rumors everywhere that Butters is really named Jim, or Swanson, or both. Any basis for them?A: In the beginning of the show Butters was just another random kid in the classroom at South Park so his name has changed a few times. Originally his name was "Puff Puff" due to the little puff of hair on his head. Only just recently has Butters gotten his name "Butters" now he's a more prominent character in South Park so I don't think they'll be going for any new name changes anymore. In Episode 205, "Conjoined Fetus Lady," Swanson and Jordan are called out to join Stan's team. Jordan, the kid with blond curls, is knocked out by a dodgeball moments later, which leaves Swanson standing. That Swanson became Butters Stotch. As for Jim, it's really "Jill," the Charlie's Angel character Butters dressed up as in "Two Guys Naked In A Hot Tub."
Q: What is that brown stain above the left side of Cartman's couch?A: I don't know but with Cartman's mom being the way she is I don't think I want to know...
Q: What was South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut originally called?A: It was originally called "South Park: All Hell Breaks Loose" but the MPAA said that they couldn't have HELL in the title... wierd since such fine movies as HELLraiser and HELLbound came out BEFORE South Park did. They ended up making the title to South Park even worse as you can see!
January 3, 2002
Q: What does Mr. Garrison whisper in 514 when Butter's walks into the steam room?A: First you hear one guy say "Hows that?" then you hear Mr. Garrison reply "Well thats four fingers... try five"
January 2, 2002
Q: How did Homer's "D'oh"! originate? Also why does'nt Bart say "Eat my shorts" anymore?A: How the Hell should we know? We're a South Park website...
Q: Where did they get the name Cartman?Matt and Trey used their friend Matt Karpman's name as a joke. Cartman has a lot of the same personalities that Matt Karpman has. Matt just recently got married... how would it feel to be married to the guy that inspired one of the most irritating little fat kids?
Q: Who did the voice for God?Trey Parker, he was even the voice for Moses... maybe he's got a thing for deity's?
Q: What is Mr.Garrison's first name?A: Herbert
Q: Is Kenny dead forever? I must know!A: You are all going to have to wait to see if Kenny is dead forever in the sixth season.
Q: Wasn't that slideshow that the boys made to save Christmas actually one of the first South Park episodes?A: Yes, the episode "Crappy Christmas" was based on what Matt and Trey went through when they were making the pilot.