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Part 39 - Fall 2010

Some commentary is provided in the third column
December 16, 2010
How do you come up with the episode title names? Is it already determined for the episode before production, or do you make up the title in the middle of that episode's production? That's an awesome question. Much like the show itself, nothing is ever locked before production starts. So name changes do frequently occur in the 6-day production process. Here's how it works: each show is given a title on the first draft of the script (usually on a Thursday). But as more drafts and pages come in, the story often changes and similarly, so does the title. For instance, the episode "It's a Jersey Thing" started with the name "New Jersey" on Thursday, then changed to "It Came From New Jersey" on Friday afternoon, before finally settling on "It's A Jersey Thing" on Sunday. All of those titles reflect where the story was heading at the current time. But in general, no matter how many times it changes, the episode title is locked by the Sunday before it airs. Usually Sunday night we we post a preview clip for the new episode.

Some episodes, however, get a name on the first draft of the script and stay with it all the way through. That happened with recently with the episode "Creme Fraiche". It really just depends on the episode.

So is Scott Tenorman's Dad -- the one that they showed in "Scott Tenorman Must Die" -- actually Cartman's Father? That's his dad all right. He's seen only briefly in "Scott Tenorman Must Die" (501) before Cartman plans his demise, but yep, that red haired, mustached gentleman is (or rather, was) Cartman's biological father.
I'm watching Red Man's Greed with the guest-voice Alex, was that a competition he won or something to get on there?? Will you ever do it again?? Do you like my double question marks?? You got it right -- that was a Season 7 competition where one fan won the chance to do a minor guest voice on the show. His name is Alex Glick and he was a seriously lucky dude. We actually just did something similar at the beginning of Season 14 as well, where we animated one lucky fan into the intro of our show. As for future competitions like that, you're just gonna have to stay tuned. Season 15 is coming up and believe me, this is gonna be a big one...

(And yes, I do like your double question marks. Nicely done.)

Hey SPS! Just wanted to say, my girlfriend quotes SP in her sleep! And I was just wondering if Mr Hat will ever make a glorious return as Mr(s) Garrison's eccletic, homosexual, genius right-handed puppet. Thanks! First things first, that girlfriend of yours...hold onto that one. Quoting SP in your sleep = she's a keeper. As for that gay little hand puppet, Mr. Hat actually DID make a triumphant return earlier this season in the "200"/"201" saga. I know those episodes aren't super easy to find, so I fully expect a mailbag of angry FAQs after this response. But Mr. Hat was a key player in helping Cartman find out the true identity of his father.
What song plays in the episode "Clubhouses", when Kenny dies in the mosh pit? That is a ridiculously specific question...but fear not, young South Park apprentice, I have the answer. That raging mosh pit tune is by the punk band Dr. Know. The song is called "Piece of Meat". Get that and blast it at your next clubhouse party.
Who drives the school bus now? I remember Mrs. Crabtree being killed but nothing about another driver. Good question, and even if you're a super-fan, the answer is not very easy to find. But if you look closely at this clip from "Ginger Kids" (911), you can see that it's the one and only Mr. Jose Venezuela behind the big wheel of the bus. He was introduced to us officially in "Mystery of the Urinal Deuce" as the school's Janitor, so it looks like he's pulling double duty.
Hi, I have a question for you "the God of South Park". In the very first episode of South Park ("Jesus vs Frosty") why was Cartman killed and why was he named Kenny? That's a good question, and one I'm sure many hardcore fans out there are also curious about. That short "Jesus Vs. Frosty" actually pre-dates the show South Park by about 5 years. It was made while the guys were in college for an assignment in an animation class.

A few years later, Trey and Matt got some money to make a video Christmas card, and the infamous, stop-motion short "The Spirit of Christmas" was born (the one where Jesus and Santa duke it out for holiday supremacy). Both of these shorts were "South Park" before South Park ever existed. After the success of "The Spirit of Christmas" short, Matt and Trey got a deal from Comedy Central to make a pilot...and the rest is history.

As you mentioned, in that original short "Frosty vs. Jesus," Cartman was called Kenny, and his fat ass got killed. By the time "The Spirit of Christmas" came out, Matt and Trey started developing the characters a lot more. This was one of the big ones.

In "The Death of Eric Cartman," when Butters and Cartman find Scott Tenorman in the cemetery by his parent's graves, did the tombstone next to his parents' have Ashton Kutcher's name on it? Geez cheese louise, you are one observant little bastard!! Yes, if you look closely at the tombstone behind Scott Tenorman, you can catch a glimpse of "A. Kutcher" on the tombstone. Watch closely, and you might be able to catch that easter egg.
December 10, 2010
Me and my friend love SP like..alot! We just noticed there is no like episode making fun of blonds. Are we just blind or is there like really not one? If there is not thank you :-) I'm blond. Wow! You love South Park AND you get to have more fun? Blonds really do have it pretty good. Unfortunately, at this point there isn't an official episode ripping on your minority group. Sure, there's lots of stuff on stupid spoiled whores and boobs destroying the world, but nothing directly aimed at blonds. Bebe is a blondie. Maybe she'll get her very own episode one of these days...
What happened to the "Making of Major Boobage" page? When we rebuilt our site and launched the new homepage about two months ago, those behind-the-scenes pages didn't cooperate so well. So "Boobage", "Guinea-Saurus", and all those "6 Days to South Park" pages are currently being rebuilt and should be back up online in no time!!
Hello FAQ dude! Can you remind me please what was the episode Butters reveals to Stan his true identity as Professor Chaos in his room? (and then Stan calls him gay i think!) Sure dude! That sexually-confused scene you're looking for happens in "My Future Self n Me" (616). For the record, Butters definitely used a little too much silver.
What are the lyrics to the song Russel Crowe sings that makes poor little Tugger shoot himself? That's a great scene, and it's best played out the way it was written. So in honor of Russel Crowe and his best mate Tugger, I've included the clip and the script excerpt. Feel free to sing along....

Russell takes a guitar out of nowhere and straps it on.

(No Oh God no)

What's that tugga?! You say you REALLY LOVE THE SONGS ON MY ALBUM?!?!

Tugger shakes it's head violently.


Alright, then Tugga! I'll sing you another one!

Russell starts playing his guitar. Tugger suddenly turns around and tries to leave but it is chained to the dock. The chain pulls and pulls but won't let tugger leave.


You know that you're my baby - You know I need you now

(Still struggling to get away)

Don't know where I'm goin' - but I gotta get there somehow - yeah gotta get there somehow -

Tugger gives up trying to leave and instead takes out a huge set of ear muffs and places them on itself.


Gotta get the somehow - And you can stay awake tonight but I'm gonna sleep in these fluffy clouds.


Tugger removes the earmuffs and tries to leave again, but he can't.

SHA! I think I feel your heartbeat, can you feel mine - Lady looking lovely gotta take your love inside-

Tugger suddenly takes out a large pistol and points it to its head (its top part).

Yeah take it-

Tugger pulls the trigger and a huge spray of oil shoots out and Tugger falls sideways into the ocean.


My question is about the classic episode 406 "Cartman Joins NAMBLA." During the hilarious chase scene toward the end of the episode, what is the name of the French song playing during the chaos? Saque re bleu! That's actually an original little French tune that we whipped up in-house, with Trey singing the vocals. As for a name, all it says in the script is "A witty French song begins to play as we begin our very long French Farce shot." But feel free to call it "Saque re bleu!"...
Is the way Stan is gets sucked into Facebook somehow related to the movie Tron from 1982? Somehow? That's exactly what it's related to.. In fact, that whole part where Stan gets "sucked into Facebook" is a parody of the original (dare I say "classic") movie Tron. So is Stan's outfit and the whole Master Control/User thing. That "Yahtzee!" part was all Facebook though. As a bonus, here's an old-school clip from the episode Jewbilee (309) for some more "classic" TRON love.
December 2, 2010
Do Matt and Trey put hidden messages or symbolism in their show a lot, or am I just reading too much into things like in Scrotie Mcboogerballs. You're just reading too much into things dude. There's a lot of social commentary and parody in the episodes -- usually, it's quite poignant. But it's not hard to find. It's right there. The only things occasionally hidden in episodes is alien Visitors, and they're pretty harmless. Unless they are in a probing mood.
Did Matt and Trey mean to kill off Kenny forever at the end of Season 5? Yep. At the time, they were really sick of having to put a "Oh my god, you killed Kenny!" gag into every episode. They'd been making the joke for 5 seasons and they wanted to move past it. So that episode "Kenny Dies" (513) was supposed to be the great Hooded One's official farewell. The plan at the time was to replace Kenny with a revolving door of characters to take that role as the 4th friend...which is actually what they began to do in Season 6.

But midway through that 6th Season, they decided it would be better if Kenny was still around. So they began to re-introduce him into the show (Cartman drinks his ashes in "A Ladder To Heaven" (612), etc...). When Kenny re-appears in the last scene of Season 6, he just shows up like nothing happens. After that point, he's still in the show, but he doesn't die in every episode.

Is "The Book of Mormon" musical going to come to any other cities? If it could come to St. Louis' FOX theater that would be so tits. As of now, it's just scheduled to be performed on Broadway in New York City. But hopefully, it will be a big success and maybe even grace many theaters across the land. Keep your fingers crossed. Even better, go see it in New York! It opens February 24, 2011...and it's gonna be epic.
Is that a Marklar Marklar on top of the Marklars' Marklar in 4th Marklar? (Is that a Marklar figure on top of the nerds' computer in 4th grade?) Yes, that is most certainly a Marklar on their Marklar. Great Marklar, young Marklar! There's also a little Huki-Lau devil magnet on the nerd's fridge behind the boys, a reference to "Do The Handicapped Go To Hell?". Marklar.
In "Cartoon Wars", did I catch the Chicken Lover running into the community center with everyone else? I assume you're referring this naked dude with the red fro, who runs through the community center in a panic? That's actually not the Chicken Lover, although there is a very fro-y similarity. I've attached both characters below for you to study and compare. One will try to have sex with your chickens...the other just likes to party naked.
I have three questions. 1) Who put Timmy's super hero costume on him? 2) Will the Coon saga get made into a movie like Imagination Land? 3) How difficult was Cthulhu to animate?? I'll answer those questions in order, so as to preserve the freshness of mint and berries. Firstly, when you're a part of Coon and Friends, there is no such thing as handicapped. All the Coon Friends helped Timmy transform into the impenetrable Iron Maiden. That's how super-hero teams roll, dawg.

Secondly, they are no current plans to merge The Coon trilogy into a mega-movie, like we did with "Imaginationland." Doesn't mean we won't ever do it, but currently, it's not in the works.

Lastly, animating Cthulhu was a bit of a challenge due to the fact that it was a huge, fully-3D model that was a main character. However, this isn't something totally out of our animator's realm of expertise. Even though the show is purposely made to look very two-dimensional, we animate every show in Maya (a powerful, cutting edge 3D program). So we can switch into that that top animation gear at any point. However, we normally do it in smaller doses. Cthulhu was a beast of an character, especially since he was in so many scenes.

Dear Mystical FAQ Guy: Okay, I'm totally stumped on this one. I was watching an episode of South Park ("Cartman Sucks", to be exact) when I noticed that in the Season 11 theme song, there was a clip of a guy in a chef's hat chopping off a guy's tongue...I am a major SP fan and I've seen every episode at least once, but I don't remember ever witnessing someone's tongue get cut off. Is that from a deleted scene or something? It actually IS from an episode, it's just a pretty specific don't get all down on your fandom for not remembering. It's from "Hell on Earth 2006" (1011), when the serial killers dress up as bakers. If you remember, Satan hires "The Three Serial Killers" (Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and John Wayne Gacy) to go to earth and retrieve his Ferrari cake for his super-sweet birthday party. And that's when things start to get bloody. Watch this and you'll find that gem... (*For you fans looking for this clip in the intro, it was only in the opening credits for the first half of Season 11. The opening sequences usually change after each run.)
November 12, 2010
After watching the newest episodes, watching the first season is like watching a completely different show. The difference is like night and day! Are you planning to remaster an early episode for real someday, like it was joked in "Free Hat"? Not to toot out own horn, but the show does look pretty amazing now. (toot) High Definition allows us to do so much more with the visuals, as well as cram more jokes into the background of the show. As for the earlier episodes, we are already underway with converting them all to HD. It's a long, hard process, but quality takes time. Especially when you're adding Imperial Walkers and giant dewback lizards to every scene.
This is that time I hate the most, the longest possible time before more new episodes of South Park. Would you guys ever consider making off-season Webisodes or make a Spinoff series that airs in between South Park Episodes? I know it's tough. Several months without new episodes of South Park. I can barely stand it myself.

But don't worry. We'll be keeping it fresh here at SPS. We have some pretty cool content coming your way during the hiatus right here on this site. And as we speak, Matt and Trey are busting their ass getting "The Book of Mormon" ready for it's Broadway debut on February 24th. Even though it's not South Park, it's way better than webisodes.

Was that a Queef Sister in the new episode "Creme Fraiche"? Are they still with Terrance and Phillip? You got a nose for those queef sisters, buddy! And yessir, that's Katherine Queef in the orange shirt, next to her beau Phillip. It seems like those two gassy sisters are still indeed with Terrance and Phillip.
What was the "Cute Kitty" thing Cartman did in "Coon vs. Coon and Friends" a reference to? Tom and Jerry or some other old cartoon? It looked familiar. It's an homage to the old Merrie Melodies cartoon "Feed The Kitty", a Warner Bros. classic from back in the 50s. That cartoon features a cute little kitty named Pussyfoot and a big ol' bulldog named Marc Anthony. The Coon and Cthulhu make just as cute of a duo....
A big fan of Mysterion, I did not follow when exactly his true identity was revealed to be Kenny... Help me out FAQ guy, i think i've seen all episodes and don't find the time to go through all of them again... right now at least.... HELP ME!!!! :P Do this and i'll gift ya a six pack of beer... A local brewed pack..... Did you fall asleep through these last couple episodes dude?? I mean...Come on!! I can help you out, but you gotta promise to pay attention this time (and overnight that beer). Kenny was revealed to be Mysterion in the episode "Mysterion Rises" (1412), when Captain Hindsight was threatening all the boys with a gun. You can watch the scene below...then watch the next scene, where Mysterion reveals his special powers.
I think it would be great if you guys could get a Manbearpig costume produced. Any chance of this happening before Halloween next year? Considering Manbearpig is the single greatest threat to our planet and that his very existence may be the end to the human race as we know it, I don't think that would be a good idea. I'm cereal. I mean, can you imagine how Al Gore would react if he saw tons of ManBearPigs walking down the street on Halloween?? There'd be some super-cereal trouble.
Hey FAQovasaurus, What is the scene where Cartman is riding Cthulhu a reference to? Awesome question!! That's a reference to the classic Japanese anime film "My Neighbor Totoro", written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. That's actually not the first time it's been referenced either, check out the "Imaginationland" Trilogy for more Totoro goodness. If you can't tell by the countless references to anime throughout the years, Matt and Trey are HUGE fans of Japanese culture.
Dear FAQ guy, In the episode "Creme Fraiche", is the theme song to Randy's cooking show a parody of the "Trololo" song? La lalala la laaaaa....That is indeed a parody of that famous Russian tune "Trololo". I dare you to watch this and not get it stuck in your head. Creeemmmmeeee Frraiiccchheeeeeeee...
Hey FAQ, what's up? No really; How do you guys go about doing the comic scenes? They're really cool. Also LOVE the commercial reference! No really, we have the most talented animators, storyboard artists, and technical directors out there. Trey gives them a script description like this:

"The front page of the comic opens and we see the comic panels inside. Quickly the camera dashes to the first frame. The first panel is from the first Coon episode, but more comic book stylized. The newspaper machine in the foreground 'Who is Mysterion?' With Mysterion lurking in the background."

...and they make it look like what you see below. It's cereally amazing.

And glad you caught that commercial reference! For those who didn't pick up on it, that's a parody of the new LeBron James commercials where questions the backlash he's gotten from fans and asks "What Should I Do?". The Coon's answer at the end about sums it up.

Did I pick up an ad for an "Action Elway" doll? Also, are they still selling those Sea People? So glad you caught that!! Yep, if you pay very close attention to the comic book pages as they're being flipped, we've hidden a couple easter eggs in the advertisements. You mentioned a couple awesome ones -- Action Elway in "The Amazing Mintberry Crunch" comic, and in "The Coon", there's an ad for The Incredible Living Sea-People (a reference to Season 6's "The Simpsons Already Did It," 607). Keep in mind, you can see these easter eggs better in the widescreen, full-episode player -- it gives you all that full-screen, mintberry glory. Check that shiz out!
Is that Chipotlayaway in the background of the Shakeweight store? It caught my eye the second time I watched the episode. Ahhh...I like your style! Repeated watching definitely rewards you with golden easter eggs. YES, that is a display for "Chipotlaway" in the Shake Weight department store. For those with bloody underwear and a confused look on their face, that's a reference to a product sold in "Dead Celebrities" (1308). There's also a display for the MegaScrub from "Dead Celebrities", as well as the Margaritaville drink maker from the episode "Margaritaville" (1303).

ps - It's a lot easier to see these references in the widescreen, full-episode player. Check it out...

Was that Stephen Hawking's voice? And who voiced it? As much as I'd like to say we got Stephen Hawking to come in and do a guest voice, that didn't happen. It's actually just a computer generated voice. Most newer computers have something like this built in so try it for yourself on your PC or Mac - It's usually in the control panel or system preferences under accessibility options or text-to-speech.
I just watched "Orgazmo" for the first time (just because i had to watch everything made by the great Trey Parker and Matt Stone) and when I listened to the intro song "Now You're A Man" by DVDA, i kept thinking i saw it in a South Park episode. Was it or am i just crazy? No, you're not crazy at all. In fact, your doubly awesome for 1) your quest to watch all things Matt and Trey, and 2) more importantly, your super-fan recollection. Yes, that DVDA song actually WAS in an episode waaaaayy back in the the day, all the way back in Season 1's "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride" (104). It plays over the end credits of the episode. It's glorious and you can watch that right here. And here's a little DVDA bonus, you can also hear their original song "I Am Chewbacca" playing over the credits of "Starvin' Marvin In Space" (311).
I've got a question about "The Simpsons Already Did It". In the opening scene when they are putting together the snowman, did it refer to anything when Stan said "when has that ever happened, accept for that one time?"? Ahhhh....great question! YES, that is referring to something very significant. Before South Park was ever a television show, Matt and Trey made a short film featuring the boys called "Jesus vs. Frosty" (also known as "The Spirit of Christmas"). In the short, the boys put a top hat on their snowman's head and it turns into a murderous snowman monster. Long story short, Jesus comes through in the end to save the day. So yep, that scene was a little inside joke.
Hey whoever gets stuck answering these things, I was wondering, is the hair flipping Goth's name Luis? I just watched the new Mysterion episode and I think I heard the taller goth kid call him Luis, but it was too muffled for me to make out. Also, are there decided names for the other Goth kids? The only one I know is Henrietta for the big boned girl. I hate to disappoint, since it'd be pretty sweet to finally have names for those Goth Kids. But no, he doesn't say "Luis" there, he says "wuss". Just to be safe, I even double-checked since it does sound pretty muffled (I've attached a script excerpt below). As you said, the only Goth Kids' name that we know is the girl's -- Henrietta. The other ones just don't want to give into the conformist process of being labeled.

Mysterion turns around.

Cthulhu sees all. Hears all. The Dark Lord wants us to dispense of this one, kids. Give us a hand.

What? Dude, I don't wanna kill anybody.

We're Dark Lord minions now, wuss. What'dya THINK we'd be doing?

Ugh, what-evs.

The people all converse on Mysterion, he gets into a defensive pose, but looks panicked.

Who the hell is Mintberry Crunch?! Ahhhh...the elusive Mintberry Crunch. If you watched the most recent episode, "Mysterion Rises", you should be able to figure out the identity of all the boys. But since he's more of a background character, I can help you out. That blond kid's name is Bradley Biggle. And when he's not packing the Gulf full of flavor, he's hanging around in the boys' 4th grade class. Bradly's been a background character forever, it's nice to see him get a big breakout role. Mintberryyy Crrr-uuuunch!!
In episode "Coon 2: Hindsight", why is there a dead guy next to Jambu the Orca Whale (aka Willzyx)? Because a certain celebrity really wanted to get away -- far away -- where no one on Earth could rip on him any more. Stan and Kyle helped him get there, at the end of the episode "201". I know we're gonna get a floodgate of angry FAQers about this, but yep, that's Tom Cruise up there next to Willzyx. (Find a friend who still has it on their DVR!)
hey FAQ dude...I know it's been so long but I'm just wondering who did Mr. Jefferson's voice in the episode "The Jeffersons" and also in "Dead Celebrities"... whoever he is, all I could say is that he's good! I mean, he really copied Michael Jackson's voice there! He could even sing! Good stuff! Hey, it's never too late to go up MJ's wishing tree. That crazy-talented dude is Trey Parker. And yeah, he does amazing impersonations -- whether it's Kanye, Elton John, or Michael Jackson...the dude rocks it.
In episode 313, "Hooked on Monkey Fonics," when Rebecca turns into a slut, she kisses Butters. So then won't episode 1309, "Butters' Bottom Bitch," not make sense at the beginning when everyone says Butters has never kissed a girl before? That's a good question, but it's been asked/answered about a billion times. I'm going to redirect you to our new, "MOST FREQUENTLY ANSWERED QUESTIONS" section. It's on the main FAQ page, right above the "Archive". It has all the most common asked questions and answers, and I'll be updating it with more as we go. Definitely worth checking out before you ask a question, because if you're asking something that's in here, I'm not gonna answer it. Check it out!
October 29, 2010
Wasn't that scene in the "Coon 2" episode from Clockwork Orange? Because i f***** NostalgiaŽd Hard when i saw that!. You've got a soft spot for nostalgia, huh? Well, you're raging clue was right on! The scene with all the superheroes walking down the street in slow-mo was indeed an homage to the 1971 classic "Clockwork Orange." Watch it here and enjoy the nostalgia budday....
Has there ever been a vote on which episode is the South Park staff's favorite? If so, which one? Is there a least favorite? the least favorite the Pip one..? ...It is, isn't it..? Interesting question...we haven't ever taken a staff vote, but I imagine it would cause a bit of chaos. There'd probably be a lot of rabbling and people would probably start a riot like they did in "I'm A Little Bit Country." Typically, the staff favorites tend to be all over the map -- animators tend to like shows that were more challenging to animate (ie "Major Boobage" and "Lice Capades" - animating their eight legs was a nightmare). Different departments would probably give you different answers. Also, some staff members have been around all 14 Seasons, so they might lean towards more classic episodes.

As for least favorite, you have to love all your children equally. Right?

Was that a Antonio Banderas love doll from "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery" in the Coon's secret base? Hell yeah it was! You can get a good view of it in the full widescreen show, streaming in our full episode player. The notorious love doll can be seen in the background, wearing a blue superhero shirt, a red cape...and, of course, a cheetah-print banana hammock.
In the episode "Insheeption," during the scene where we first see Mr.Mackey as a kid during his dream, is that Trey Parker and Matt Stone standing next to him at the locker? Haha! Not a bad guess. I don't believe that was an intentional Matt and Trey reference, but you never know. Sometimes our animators throw in a little crafty inside joke.
October 21, 2010
When I click on the episode "POOR AND STUPID" it says: "DUE TO PRE-EXISTING CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS, WE CANNOT STREAM THIS EPISODE UNTIL 11.06.2010" but yet it says the original air date was on 10.6.2010. Why won't it let me watch it?!?!?! Calm down! What you put so loudly in caps there is correct -- it's temporarily offline -- but you will be able to watch it here in a little bit. Because of our contracts with cable providers and networks, we HAVE to take new episodes down for a brief period after they air.

Basically, here's how it works: We get the new episodes online right after they air on the west coast (around 10:30 pm PST), and it stays on our site for a full week after it airs. Then we have to take it down for three weeks because of aforementioned hella-lame legal reasons. After those three weeks, however, it comes back up on our site FOREVER! FOR FREE! In glorious high-quality streaming. "Poor and Stupid" will be back online in no time.

Who did the voice of Leonardo's character in the "Insheeption" episode? It doesn't sound like Matt or Trey. Damn, you got good ears kid!! You're right, that's actually Vernon Chatman doing Leo's voice, with Matt and Trey voicing the rest of the Inception crew. Bonus fact -- Vernon also does the voice for Towelie.
Hey sorry to ruin your fun about the jersey episode, but I live in New Jersey and nobody ever says "muff-cabbage" or "gahr-bage." So when you say it's just a jersey thing, your wrong. Care to explain??? We're not trying to be mean, it's just a Jersey thing, why be offended?
Excuse me, faq guy? Do you know the full lyrics to the "apples song" by Butters stotch and if it's on iTunes.... Thanks. (ps - I'm currently watching every episode in order and my goal is to be done in a week. It's day 5 and I'm on season 9.) First of all, I seriously commend your epic undertaking. I have no doubt that once you complete your journey, you will be a man.

And I have the full version of Butters' song for you, although I admit, it's not very long. To date, he's sung two full renditions. This one, from "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset" (812): "Loo loo loo, I've got some apples. Loo Loo Loo, you got some too...Loo loo loo let's make some applesauce take off our clothes and loo loo loo..."

And this one, from "Erection Day" (907): "Loo Loo Loo! I've got some apples! Loo Loo Loo! You got some too! Loo Loo Loo! Let's get together! I know what we can do Loo Loo!"

Unfortunately, there are no current versions on the song up on iTunes... At least not yet.

What what what!??? Was that a "There Will Be Blood" reference in Episode 1209, "Breast Cancer Show Ever"? If so, touche! Hell yeah. That shot right after Wendy kicks Cartman's ass and screams "I'm finished!!" is an homage to "There Will Be Blood". You can watch the carnage right here. Just remember, you f**k with Wendy, she drinks your milkshake.
In "Insheeption", is the football player supposed to Matt Hasselbeck, Quarterback for the Seattle Seahwaks? Yep, that's Hasselbeck alright. In full Seattle football getup. It's a good thing he went into that dream within a dream too, I'm not sure why, but it's so complex and cool.
Mr. FAQ guy, there are a couple of characters that appear to have more than one last name: Clyde, Token, etc. In "Quest For Ratings", Clyde's last name is Donnovan. But in the episode "Lice Capades", he's called Clyde Harris. Token's name recently is Token Black, but in the episode "Here Comes The Neighborhood," Token's family is called the Williams'. What are Clyde's and Token's REAL last names? These name change questions are asked so often, I am officially adding this to the new "Most Frequently Answered Questions" section! And here's the answer, plus some:

As you mentioned, last names (and even first names) get switched up a lot in South Park. To be perfectly honest, this name game is just a side effect of the way the episodes are made. When you're creating a show, start-to-finish in 6 days, most of the time goes into getting the episode finished and on the air before the deadline. And when you've done that over 200 times, little details slip through the cracks. So Swanson becomes Valmer, and Williams becomes Black, and Mr. Garrison becomes a woman who becomes a lesbian who becomes a man again thanks to a penis mouse. It's all pretty simple.

Here's the rundown of name changes throughout the years:

Jimmy Swanson ---> Jimmy Valmer
Token Williams -----> Token Black
Chris Stotch ---------> Stephen Stotch
Clyde Harris ---------> Clyde Donovan
Mr. Garrison, Ethan Garrison (pen name), Miss Garrison, Janet Garrison ----------> Mr. Herbert Garrison
Red, Bertha, Rebbecca ------> Red
Jordan (Season 2) ------> Annie
Swanson (Season 2) ------> Butters
Carol (Season 1, "Death") ------> Sharon Marsh

October 13, 2010
Dear mr faq-tastic, my question is about the newest episode, the jersey one. Did you guys change Ike's voice? Because it sounds a lot different then it used to. Well, yes and no. Ike's voice might sound a little different in "It's A Jersey Thing"...because it's always different. His voice is always done by the kids of staff members, so obviously, as the kids grow up, we bring in different children to do the voice. There have been a lot of Ikes over the years...
In the Jersey Shore episode, is the woman based on the real housewife that destroyed the table? Yep, that scene with Theresa at the Marsh's house was a parody of a scene from the reality show "The Real Housewives of New Jersey". Our version has a lot more muff cabbage, but both instances were equally filled with gah-bage.
What in the hell is muff cabbage? And don't tell me it's a Jersey Thing! It's a Jersey thing. I'm sorry honey, but you wouldn't get it.
In the new episode "Its A Jersey Thang", what is Snooki a mix of? Is she a rat or kangaroo or something? It's a Jersey thing, so it's hard to place exactly what All I know is she's equal parts tan, pickles, thong, and some sort of rat hippo with a stripper outfit. She's relatively harmless, just as long as she feeds on "smush smush" several times a day.
What is the name of the guy who played Little Bitch in "Basketball" and Choda-Boy in "Orgazmo"? Has he ever done voices for South Park? If so which ones? As much fun as it is to call him "Little Bitch", "Squeak" or "Choda Boy!", his real name is Dian Bachar. And yes, he's actually lended his vocal talents a few times throughout the years. Most notably as the fake Mr Hankey in "Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!" (216) and as the Announcer in "Cow Days" (213), as well as Satan's gay lover Chris in "Do The Handicapped Go To Hell?" (410) and "Probably" (411). He's also been a in a few feature films and had small part in "Galaxy Quest."
In "It's A Jersey Thing," is the scene with Kyle in the bathroom turning into a Jersey kid an homage to "Teen Wolf"? Ahhh, so glad you noticed that! It's not in the script, but as a Teen Wolf fan, I have to say that is pretty close to a scene in that classic flick. Very reminiscent of the scene where Michael J. Fox realizes he's a wolf in the bathroom, then opens the door to find his father...also as a wolf. With glasses.
October 8, 2010
Do you use storyboards alot or scripts? a big fan - damion rose Both, actually. Here's how the production process works: First things first, Trey writes the scripts -- usually a scene or two at a time -- and then that script gets sent around to all the different departments. Storyboard begins immediately to sketch out and board the scenes, while Trey and Matt jump into the recording booth to lay down the audio they just wrote. Next the audio and storyboards are combined in to a sort of motion comic called an animatic. Once the animatic is approved, the storyboards get passed out to the Technical Directors (who set up the shots) and animators (who start animating). It's a pretty amazing, well-oiled machine here. And it's all done in-house, in America. Fuck yeah!
How long does it take before y'all post the episodes online? We try to get the episode online as soon as possible after the show airs on the west coast (about 10:35PM PST on Wednesday nights). But it usually takes a little time for the site's cache to clear and for everything to be properly displayed. So if you live on the east coast, it will be there and looking pretty very early on Thursday morning. West coasters, it should be online very, very late Wednesday night.
Hi FAQ guy, I just watched "Poor and Stupid." Kenny seems to say alot this episode, most of the things I don't understand. So my question is: what is the complete dialog from Kenny in this episode??? Thanks so much Oh geeze cheese Louise, you're asking for a lot. I'm not gonna post the whole script up here because that would be crazy. But here's what I'll do, I'll give you Kenny's most chocked-full scene from "Poor and Stupid," along with the script from that scene. Pack a dip of Vagisil and feast your eyes...

Cartman answers his door to find Kenny looking pissed off.

Oh hey KENNY!

Dude, what the fuck are you doing?

Come in, dude, I wanna show you what I've been working on!

Cartman happily trots inside the house Kenny angrily follows.

Cut to a new shot where Cartman has a bunch of plasma TV's, DVD players, Toasters and other 'layaway' items.

Check it out! I thought I could just give all my money away and be as poor as your family. But then I realized- what do poor people do? Buy things even though they don't HAVE money by going out and purchasing things that are zero percent down and no payments for two years! That's how you people STAY poor forever! Am I right? That's it, right?! KENNY
Dude, fuck you!

Kenny, I'm just trying to get good at NASCAR.

Being poor has nothing to do with NASCAR!

Hey, I love NASCAR just as much as you do!


Oh it's so easy for you isn't it, Kenny? I've had to become poor all on my own, you know?! I wasn't born with a plastic spoon in my mouth.

(thinks, then-)

I've had to go buy stuff with zero percent down and no payments for two years MYSELF, I didn't have parents to do it FOR me like you do. Look, Kenny-- Kenny. We shouldn't be fighting. We both love NASCAR and we're both poor as shit.

Uhh- Excuse me?

Cartman turns to see at man at his door.

Hi, Mr. FAQ! On "Mr. Garrison's Fancy, New Vagina", who did the doctor show Kyle a picture of when telling Kyle how he'd look after his negroplasty? Thanks. That's just a random image the show licensed. In the script is just says, "Kyle holds out an 8x10 of some random black man in his forties."
Hi, Mr. Faq!! I noticed that in the episode "Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers," Scott Tenorman is one of the sixth graders!! Isn't he in 9th grade?! Why is he there?? Yep, he's there alright, riding along with the rest of the 6th grade mob. Why? Because he really likes riding bikes...and he really, really wants to see the hottest porno ever made. I'm cereal. Back Door Sluts 9 makes Crotch Capers 3 look like Naughty Nurses 2. Seriously!
I don't know about y'all, but this question of mine is pissing me off. What does Cartman say at the end of the episode Poor and Stupid? Obama is f*cking gay. Pisses me off. Gay as hell. Wul, lemme tell yar somthin' pal, you getting pissed off is startin to piss me off. So let's just settle this one with a script excerpt:

Cut to a shot with Cartman and Butters - Cartman is burned a bit and banged up. Kenny walks up to him and points in his face. Cartman takes the Vagisil out of his lip and throws it on the ground.


No, no go ahead Kenny, I deserve it. I thought I could just waltz onto a race track and do what these people do -- but I owe you an apology. The truth is I'm just too smart -- and with how smart I am, I'll always be successful and therefore have money. I just have to accept I'm too smart and rich for NASCAR. Time for me to give it up. Alright, Butters, give me back my money.


(walking out of frame)
The fifty eight dollars and thirty two cents I gave you. I want it back.

(walking out after him)
But you said to give it- I-I-gave it all -- but i - cuz you said.


The End.

In the list of the cutest to ugliest boys. I noticed there is a guy named Leroy. Who the heck is that!? Oh yeah, good 'ol Leroy! Not a very often used or referenced South Park student, but he's around. He's actually present in the back of the crowd of boys while checking the list -- the kid with the freckles and thick glasses. His biggest scene, though, is the one where he's showing off his dumb little frog at Show and Tell.
September 30, 2010
What do you guys think of the Simpsons using the same episode title " Elementary School Musical" for their season premiere? First of all, you should watch "The Simpsons Already Did It" (607). After so many years of Professor Chaos trying to come up with ideas that The Simpsons already did, it's nice to finally see them doing something we've already done.
In the episode "Chicken Pox," when Kenny and Kyle's dads are driving to go fishing, what is written on the back window? i think it says "now something" but i can't tell cuz its backwards. Plz help me faq guy, its driving me crazy!!!! Ok, deep breathe buddy. I got ya. It says "Know Fear" on the back window of the truck. It's a parody of that "No Fear" slogan and merchandise that used to be so popular back in the day.
Hi, I'm totally sure that you are not going to answer this question, but is true that Kyle was born in may 26? (i looked at his facebook page) If so, i was born in that day too! =P Ye of little's an early birthday present: yep, you and Kyle both have the same birthday (May 26th)! And here's a HUGE BONUS for you fans -- according to the Facebook episode "You Have 0 Friends" (1404), a bunch of other birthdays were revealed: Stan's is October 19th, Kip's is July 17th, and Clyde's is April 10.
Dear Mr. FAQtastic: I'm taking a road trip that will take me through Colorado (kill me now). I'm sure this has been asked before, and I've looked just about everywhere to see if there's a South Park, Colorado that boasts any kind of homage (and tourist shop, damnit!) to the show... is there? Well "South Park" is more of an area in Colorado than it is a town. It's like a large, grassy basin southwest of Denver. But there is an actual Park County in Colorado. You're not going to find any tourist stop that's gonna have stuff related to our show, but I guess anything's possible in that crazy mountain area. However, Casa Bonita is a VERY REAL PLACE. Look it up. It's on Colfax Ave in Denver...I have been several times and it's worth it just to see those cliff divers.
Greetings FaqMan!! I am studying to become a royal crowned chinpoko-master, and I only have a Lambtron, Pengin, and Shoe. What are the other Chinpoko-Mon that I must obtain to defeat the evil power??? You still need Furry Cat, Donkeytron, Roo-STOR, and Chu-Chu Nezumi! Collect them all and defeat the evil power! AHHH, Chinpoko ga dai suki yo!!!!
Dear FAQ Guy, why is the only song that Butters sings the "Apples" song? He seems more likely to sing Katy Perry's new album or maybe some Justin Timberlake. Butters has way more range than you think -- he's also quite fond of the Chicago tune "If You Leave Me Now." As for Perry and Timberlake, I think you'd need to talk to his feminine side, Marjorine. She's already displayed her love for bringing sexy back.
September 24, 2010
Howdy Ho Mr. Faq this is a two part question. The first one is "what episode did Mr. Garrison discover he was gay?" and the second -- "In the episode Death from Season 1, how come Ms. Cartman called Sheila Broflovski "Carol" and Sheila called Sharon Marsh "Carol" too?? Did you not decide a name for them yet or what? After denying it for 4 whole seasons, Garrison finally came to terms with his gay side in "Fourth Grade" (412). All it took was a mountain-man beard, a Tree of Insight, and a little help from Choksondik. I recommend you check out the whole episode, it's a classic. As for that question about "Death", yep, you hit the nail on the head. That early in the show, those characters were still being developed. In the scripts, all the parents are labeled "Kyle's Mother", "Stan's Father", "Stan's Mother", the first names weren't really set in stone. (As I've mentioned before, just in general -- name changes aren't an uncommon thing in South Park.)
Are those Facebook pages of Kip, Kenny, Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Butters real? Or just some jerkwad pretending to be southpark? Yes sir, those pages are all official and jerkwad free! Just go to our main South Park fan page, and then look on the left hand column. You'll see all our official pages for the boys right there.
Hey pigfaqer! I noticed that the character Scott Malkinson is only in the episode 1213. Why isn't he in any other episode? Even if he doesn't say anything, he's still a funny character. Actually, Scott's also in "Butters' Bottom Bitch" (1309) -- he's one of the first boys to buy some kisses from Butters' Kissing Company. You can watch that's almost like having someone care about you.
Just picked up the "Cult of Cartman" DVD and was watching "Scott Tenorman Must Die", noticed that Scott's pubes that he sold Eric were dark brown/black, but Scott is a ginger. Guess his curtians dont match his drapes? Also, who are all the men standing outside Mr. and Mrs. Tenorman's house. I see -- other then the obvious Jimbo, Ned and Cartman -- Stan and Kyles dad...and i think the poofy hair'd barkeep. Would really like to know who all the pervs were. thanks. Well, I think you answered your own question about Scott Tenorman's brown and curlys. As for those people standing outside of Scott Tenorman's house, you mentioned most of them: Jimbo, Ned and Cartman in camo, as well as Stan's dad in the fake glasses/mustache combo and Kyle's dad with the rainbow wig. The other three random people you didn't mention -- Kenny's dad with the paper bag over his head, and two random townspeople -- one with a stocking over his head and the other in a full scuba diving outfit.
Love the show (frequent FAQ visitor as well!)... Curiosity, any way the episode player can be modified to have continuous play of episodes from a certain season? I don't think there's currently an option for that, but I'll pass along the message to our website geniuses...
Do I spy a Paris Hilton on "Rehab Hero"? Or was that another super spoiled whore? Wow, you must have some good eyes and a great pause button. Yep, it most certainly is. Just remember when your playing Rehab Hero to party and be super lame to everybody!