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Part 38 - Summer 2010

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September 16, 2010
Hey FAQ person (or is it a robot???) I am like in LOVE with south park, but my mom hates it and makes me turn it off whenever she walks into the room. Is there any episode that you recommend making her watch that would maybe change her mind??? I'm only half-robot, so I can't fully understand your human emotions. But if you're looking to make your mother a South Park convert, i would recommend "Child Abduction Is Not Funny" (611), "I'm a Little Bit Country" (701), or "Smug Alert" (1002). I'd also recommend "Butters' Bottom Bitch" (1309), but that's only if you're mom's cool with prostitution.
I watched a movie called "Run Ronnie Run." Is that Matt and Trey making a cameo in that movie? Also is there any hints for the movie "Orgazmo" in any South Park Episodes? Yes, it most certainly is. They have a brief little cameo in "Run Ronnie Run" during the party scene. And YES, there are a bunch of Orgazmo references in the show, randomly scattered throughout the series. Orgazmo is on the top of the South Park Cows' World Championship Dodgeball trophy in "Conjoined Fetus Lady" (205). And of course, Cartman has an Orgazmo poster on the back of his door in a number of episodes. There's also the multiple references (and actual song clips) from D.V.D.A. -- Matt and Trey's rock group that sang a number of tunes for Orgazmo.
OK THAT'S IT!!! I've had just about enough of you MR. FAQ GUY!! my question damn it! Seriously, it's funny that you answer stupid questions when these people can easily look it up themselves..I have a legitimate question! What does CARTMAN say to BUTTERS in the episode SUPER FUN TIME when they hop onto the motorcycle? I bet you don't know..that's why you're not answering it...I knew it! Settle down, sassy-pants. In that scene, Cartman says "Okay, wait, you go there--". I agree, it's pretty difficult to hear with the song playing right over it. A little bonus behind the scenes, that shot with Cartman and Butters shifting positions around on the motorcycle is an homage to the Bond flick "Tomorrow Never Dies." The scene actually used to be longer, but it was cut down for air.
I was just watching "The F Word" and after the bikers decide they want more attention, I noticed a few things. One: the lead biker is blowing on some Vuvuzelas from the World Cup (AWESOME) and then another one is yelling "Chicken Spears" into a microphone. What the heck is a chicken spear? Thanks FAQ guy! When the show was being made, the temp audio that got animated was Matt and Trey yelling "Britney Spears". It was a complicated shot, so when they recorded the final audio, they just yelled "chicken spears" instead so that the lip sync was still correct. Plus, everyone knows Harley riders love breaded chicken fingers.
Unless I'm mistaken, I think I saw Sexual Harassment Panda at Satan's party in "Hell on Earth 2006." What is Sexual Harassment Panda doing in hell? Did he do the unthinkable, put his willy in another panda's ear? He most certainly is at the party! He shows up at the very end, after Satan lets everyone in. Watch this, Peetie the Don't Sue People Panda (formerly the Sexual Harassment Panda) is dancing in the big crowd shot at about 2:55 into this clip. Fear not though, Satan's party wasn't actually IN hell -- his Super Sweet Halloween Party takes place at the W Hotel in Los Angeles. And in LA, the lawsuit business is booming.
September 15, 2010
I'm listening to every episode of South Park, all in order, in anticipation for October 6th...and I just want your blessing. Carry on, ye South Park faithful. You have my blessing.
August 12, 2010
Hey FAQ guy, I was trying to remember the song Cartman sang in church in the episode "Do the Handicapped go to Hell." He says "It's a man's obligation to stick his boneration in a woman's separation..." That's so far as I can remember! Also how come Kyle never had a girlfriend? I mean, Stan dated Wendy, Kenny dated Tammy Warner, and Cartman kissed Wendy but never actually dated, but that counts for something. Firstly, recite this and memorize it: "It's a man's obligation to stick his boneration in a woman's separation. This sort of penetration will increase the population of the younger generation." Got that? It's very important stuff. As for your second question, Kyle actually did get a sweet taste of love -- remember he went out with the home-schooled girl (Rebecca) back in "Hooked on Monkey Phonics." He even got his first kiss and wrote her a cool song called "Rebecca."
Eric Cartman has saved Kyle's life 4 times. Earlier you mentioned 3. He also saved his life in the Planetarium. Doesn't that one count? Well, sure. It wasn't just Kyle he saved, Cartman rescued everyone in that episode (Mr. Mackey, Stan, Nurse Gollum..). But I ain't no chump, that counts. Great catch, superfan!
Hey mr. faq, does Timmy have a last name? TIMMY!! Surprisingly, he hasn't had an official last name mentioned in the show.
I, and apparently many people, missed "201". I know this may be too soon but I was wondering if you know if Comedy Central will allow "201" to be on the Season 14 DVDs in it's entirety? As in, how Matt and Trey wanted it? Please answer cuz I would really like to know. We honestly don't know yet. It's a lame response, but it's the truth.
hey mr person guy that writes faqs. I managed to get my teacher to imitate Mr. Mackey without her knowing, plus she doesn't watch the show so she had no idea what was going on. What should be the next step of imitation? Do you have a panda mascot costume?? If so, get her to put it on, write this on a piece of paper, and have her read it: "When one little panda puts his furry little willy in a another panda?s ear...That makes me a VERY SAAAD PANDA."

If you don't have a panda costume laying around (lame), then you could just try to get her to start using the word "derp".

DOES KYLE HAVE DIABETES?!?! I READ ON A SOUTH PARK WIKIPEDIA THAT HE DOES! :O Whoa, caps lock dude. Your e-yelling is hurting my earballs. And yes, Kyle has diabetes -- we learned this medical factoid back in Season 4's "Cherokee Hair Tampons" (407). Crazy enough, Kyle almost dies in that episode. Even crazier, Cartman saves his life...even if he did it against his will.
Hey faq guy, I was wondering what is the name of the banjo playing singer who opens every South Park episode? That's an animated version of Les Claypool, lead vocalist for the band Primus. He actually sings the theme song to South Park, hence his awesome guitar strumming in the beginng of every episode.
August 11, 2010
Dear MR. FAQ guy, I check back every week to read the cool questions people ask and the neat ways you answer them in. Anyways, my question is, whatever happened to Stan's dog Sparky from the episode "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride"? If something happened to him in that episode, I totally forgot, because it's been ages since I watched that episode. So if so, care to jog my memory? Thanks. Happy to hear that man. For cereal, my nipples perked up. As for Stan's gay dog Sparky, he hasn't been seen much since "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride". But there have been a few choice appearances -- most notably in "Proper Condom Use" (507) when Stan "red rockets" him, and in "Good Times With Weapons" (801) when the boys shave him and use his hair on Butters. He also makes a very brief cameo in the glorious happy ending of "Woodland Critter Christmas" (814). He's there with the family, as they're all gathered by the door. Woof!
Hey Mr. FAQ! Did I spy Butters, Red, and Craig in the crowd of kids waiting for Mr. Hankey's LaLaLand in "Merry Christmas Charlie Manson?" Love the show, and watched all the Christmas specials as part of my Christmas in July Party, and thought I spied those three! You did indeed. Butters, Red, Craig (and Kevin Stoley, Annie, and a bunch of familiar background faces) all made their way up to the Mall of Nebraska to see the fake Mr. Hankey....and then start a riot. That was back in Season 2, back when those kids were all background characters. Nowadays, I don't think we could get away with that one. THIS IS REVOLUTION!!
July 29, 2010
I have two questions, I hope you can answer one of them my good friends ;) 1. Is there a lost episode of South Park anywhere? and 2. Being mormon ( ha ha ha ) I was curious what was with all the references to Mormons? Aka a couple South Park episodes and Trey Parker's movie... lol I'll do you one better and answer both! Actually, there aren't any "lost" episodes of South Park. Every episode we've ever made has at least aired on television once. "200" and "201" might be a little hard to find right now, but they all aired on TV and are out there if you can find a well-stocked DVR. As for that second question, Matt and Trey grew up in Colorado, where there is a huge Mormon population. So I think it's more of a fascination with that culture more than anything else...they grew up with Mormons and know a lot about them.
Faq guy, what happend to Clyde Frog? Clyde Frog is alive and well. He was actually in a recent episode, "Dances WIth Smurfs" (1313), in the background of Cartman's show.
Hey Mr. Fackity Fack, Where can I find the "Cherokee Hair Tampons" featuring Cheech & Chong and the two-part episode when Satan and Chris are together? And now that I'm at it, how did Jimmy manage to surf if his legs don't work? Oh come on dude, you're not even trying! You can find those episodes with the Episode Guide or the search. DERP. And the Satan and Chris two-parter is called "Do The Handicapped Go To Hell?" (410) and "Probably" (411). And Jimmy is handiCAPABLE, remember? His legs do work very much.
Hey FAQ guy - whatever happened to Pip? He was honestly one of my favorite characters from back in the day (Especially love his episode with Damien) but I haven't seen him in a long, long time.... will he ever make another appearance? Oooooh...this is awkward. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Pip actually made a very recent appearance in "201"...and he was killed by Mecha-Streisand. So...yeah. Unless he's got some magic Kenny juice in him, it would appear that Pip is no more.
Hey, I was wondering exactly how many times Cartman has saved Kyle's life. My friend says it happens alot, but the only one I've seen is in "Smug Alert". I believe the official count is three times -- first in "Cherokee Hair Tampons" (407), where he unwittingly gave Kyle a kidney transplant, then in "Smug Alert" (1002) as you mentioned (he actually saved the entire Broflovski family). And then lastly in "Imaginationland: Episode II" (1111), when Cartman brings Kyle back to life after being attacked by ManBearPig...only because Kyle hasn't sucked his balls yet.
July 28, 2010
Whats the episode when Cartman eats through his ass and sh1ts through his mouth and everybody else starts doing it? Classic episode. Also tricky to find if you don't know where to look -- it's from "Red Hot Catholic Love" (608). And for the record, the scientific term for eating through one's butt is called "Intero-Rectogestion." It's VERY scientific.
So how did Paris Hilton escape from Mr. Slave's tight ass? She obviously did escape since she made an appearance in "200"...but seriously...she was either lucky or actually has intelligence deep beneath her stupid spoiled whore exterior. I believe Mr. Slave made the unfortunate mistake of eating Chipotle without an adequate supply of Chipotlaway. it cleaned him right out.
Hey Mr. Faq dude! I am sure you have received this question before, but what are your 3 favorite South Park episodes of all time? That's like an impossibly tough call. It switches week to week, but right now I'd probably say: "Proper Condom Use" (507), "Chinpoko Mon" (310), and "D-Yikes!" (1106).
July 22, 2010
Hi FAQ. Is there gonna be new episodes? Do you know the date? Yes. NEW EPISODES START OCTOBER 6th.
yo mr faq! i was looking thru the character archive on this website but i could not find the adult character "Halfy." I've seen him twice but never again. Well, I'm not sure if he's an adult...since he's only half a person. But you're right, we need to add him to the character page. In the mean time, you can check out his brief appearances in "Cartman's Mom Is A Dirty Slut" (113) and "Chickenlover" (203). And he actually does appear a third time -- very briefly on stage with the Pro-War people in "I'm A Little Bit Country" (701).
Hey Mr FAQ! In the episode "Behind the Blow" what were the lyrics to the little song that the young Terrance and Phillip sing on the old telivision show before they started their fart humor? You mean "Chicken and Ham"? That gay little number was a real chart topper back in the day. Here's the lyrics for ya:

Beef and lamb, chicken and Ham
-step to the left and clap a yo hands!
Gosh we love chicken and ham
Don't let it go to waste that chicken and ham!

Beef and lamb chicken and ham
Step to the left and clap a yo' hands
Gotta a little left chicken and ham
Don't let it go waste that chicken and ham!

Alright, so you probably get this question alot, but I'd really like to know...Does Cartman still have an anal probe, or was it removed at some point? Actually, we don't get that question very often. But I'm happy to say that, yes, he's still got an active probe up there, broadcasting his rectal transmissions to the universe. For more on this, I suggest you watch "Cancelled" (704). That episode discusses the alien probe in fart-filled detail...
hey mr. faq dude, as an old school South Park fan, I have the South Park video game for Nintendo 64 where you throw things at turkeys. are you ever going to make a full-scale game for xbox360 or PS3?? Wow, talk about a throwback. Mutant turkeys, aliens, and N64...I remember that game well. As for your question, we DID just release a pretty kick-ass tower defense game for Xbox Live called "South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!" But I am guessing that you mean a more full-scale, console game. There is nothing currently in development (those console games usually take about 2 years to make), but we have been discussing the possibilities very seriously. If I were you, I'd just keep your little gamer fingers crossed...
July 21, 2010
Who does the voices of Chef's parents, the McElroys? That answer will cost you about tree-fiddy... Thomas is voiced by Matt, Nelly is voiced by Trey.
In the new intro it shows Cartman with a hat on like he is at Sea World. What episode is it? Not sure which season's intro you're talking about cuz it's not in the Season 14 intro. But my guess is you're looking for Cartman's shark hat from "Free Willzyx" (913). It's purdy sweet...
July 15, 2010
i was reading about some of the characters on this site, I got to stan and it said he had asthma. Since when did stan have asthma? That's a relatively obscure reference, but yes, Stan does have asthma. We learned this little nugget it in "Sexual Harassment Panda" when Cartman is taking all of Stan's stuff. But luckily, it hasn't seemed to effect him very much. I mean, let's be honest...he's no Kyle's Cousin Kyle.
Hey FAQ Dude, can you answer a question about Xbox 360's, South Park Lets Go Tower Defence Play? If so, how can I get the last character Professor Chaos even though the thing to get him is over? And also, the to exrta challenge levels that someone told me he got a code from this website. Sure homie. There have been quite a few ways to get those codes. We gave out quite a few of them on and on Facebook. The Season 13 Collector's Edition DVD had the codes for Chaos and the bonus levels too. But since you asked so nicely... check your personal messages here at for a surprise.
Hey Buddy! In the episode "Cartmanland", when Kyle's parents read to him the story of Job, why do they read it from the Bible if they're Jewish? Also, Kyle's parents didn't finish the story: God gave Job back everything he lost and then some because he still praised Him. Ummm...because the Book of Job is in the Hebrew Bible? Derp. The Old Testament is the Jewish Bible, mostly.
Mr. FAQ dude sir, when does Wendy's voice change? In the older episodes it was high and squeaky, but then in the later episodes it became like a normal girl, when did this happen? It's changed over the years for a couple reasons. First off, Wendy's voice was done by Mary Kay Bergman for the first three seasons. Now April Stewart rocks her vocals. So there actually has been different actresses. But more importantly, ALL of the voices have morphed a good deal from the original season...even those done by Matt and Trey. It's mostly just a natural progression, people do the voices however they're comfortable doing them at the time. The show's been on for 14 years -- if you try to do anything for 14 years straight, you know there's gonna be some natural change.
Yo FAQ dude, Was Eminem ever on South Park? I MUST know! Not specifically. He's been mentioned and backhandedly parodied a few times -- like when Cartman's writing his Christian rock songs on the bus (a parody of "8 Mile") and in the music selection after Stan's dad gets served. But he's never actually appeared in any episodes. I do know that Eminem has made several South Park references in his songs though -- in fact, there's one on his latest album, on the track "W.T.P."
I asked this question once alreday. What happened to the clips?! Did they just vanish? PLEEASE answer already!! Yes, it seems like the clips for the episodes were temporarily down. We'll get them back up. Sorry, these things happen...mostly do to over logging.
A friend of mine told me that there was an episode of South Park where they parody "Twilight". Is it true? and if it is, what's the name of the episode? Wul,'s called "The Ungroundable" (1214) and you can watch it right here. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's a straight parody of the "Twilight" movies, but it's all about that vampire-teen absurdity. Grab some clamato juice and sink your plastic vampire teeth into it...
Good day to you sir. On this fine, fine day today, I was watching an ol' South Park classic, "Cripple Fight". In it, when Cartman goes in the church to yell "CRIPPLE FIGHT!", if I'm not mistaken I seem to see Gerald and Sheela Broflofski in the church. But don't they belong to the faith of Jews? Please tell me if my beliefs are indeed true, or if I am just going insane. No, you're not going insane. Gerald and Sheila are indeed in the church with the rest of the town. That's a little easter egg in there, glad you caught that.
Hey FAQ guy: In the episode "The List" (Season 11), while all the boys look at the list, I paused and I saw the name Jason...which is awesome, because my name's Jason! But I never heard of it before or after the episode. Is there a boy named Jason? If so, which one is he? Yep, he's that kid with the purple shirt and the balding, Phil Collins-ish haircut. He's actually been in the show since the pilot episode (you can see him in cafeteria) and is based on a friend of Matt and Trey's...he just hasn't had that many speaking roles.
who the hell is mysterion?????? Dearest fans,

This question has been asked about a billion times -- and as I've mentioned before, THERE IS NO DEFINITE ANSWER. I wish I could tell you who Mysterion in, but I'm seriously. I have no idea. Matt and Trey are the only ones on the entire staff that have this knowledge, and they don't seem to want to give it up.

BUT here's the clues I've gathered from that episode: It's one of the kids in Mr. Garrison's class and it's not Kyle, Cartman or Butters (because all of them are in a scene together with Mysterion). Also, Clyde was sleeping in class...don't know if that's a clue or if Cartman's Coon presentation was just that boring. And lastly, after Mysterion is "revealed", Cartman says he guessed the kid's identity earlier. The only kids he called out directly were: Craig, Kyle (it's not him), Stan, Clyde, Kenny, and Wendy...kinda.

So there. That's all I know. I'm super cereal.

July 12, 2010
What episode do Kyle and Stan talk bad about "Baseketball"? Also, do Matt and Trey really hate it? After seeing "The Passion of the Christ" in theaters, Stan and Kenny want their money back because they think the movie sucks balls. Stan mentions to Kenny "Look, this isn't about the eighteen dollar ticket money anymore - This is about being able to hold bad filmmakers responsible. This is just like when we got our money back for 'Baseketball'." It's from the Season 8 episode "The Passion of the Jew" (804).

As for that second question, hate is such a strong word. "Baseketball" is the only movie Matt and Trey have done where they didn't write and/or direct, they just acted in it.

What's the episode where the boys and girls in South Park have a huge war and the girls build a fort? please answer. "Proper Condom Use" (507) is what you're looking for -- it's an absolute classic. The girls build the fort at the end of the episode to keep out all the boys and their "diseases." For those not in the know, this is actually a pretty awesome parody of "Made Max 2: The Road Warrior." Butters even puts on the mask and does a pretty spot on Lord Humungus impression.
Hi, I watch South Park somtimes, not always, but in an episode I just saw last week Cartman said that Kenny's Spirit was inside him. I was so confused and I wanted to know if it was true and, if it was, what episode did Kenny's spirit get inside Cartman. That could actually be from a number of episodes, although most likely it's from "A Ladder to Heaven" (612) or "The Biggest Douche in The Universe" (615). Basically, here's what happened: At the end of Season 5, Kenny died "for good" in the tearjerker "Kenny Dies" (513). Pretty much all of Season 6 has no Kenny at all, but towards the back end of that season, Cartman drinks Kenny's ashes (thinking it's chocoalte milk mix) and get's his soul stuck inside him. So that's what you witnessed. That soul-drinking takes place in "A Ladder To Heaven" (612), so I'd watch that first. Then they exorcize Kenny's soul from Cartman in "Biggest Douche." And Kenny finally returns (for reals) at the end of "Red Sleigh Down" (617).

And just a general note to the public: This is what happens when you don't watch enough South Park. You become confused and disoriented.

What is the name of the episode where Kyle takes Cartman's kidney? Ahhh, nice one. People often forget that Cartman has saved Kyle's life on multiple occasions. This was one of those times, even though it was against his will. It happens in "Cherokee Hair Tampons" (407), and spoiler alert: Kyle gets the kidney with milk in it.
What ever happened to the phonics monkey? I believe he's still masturbating behind a drumset... just don't stare at him directly in the eyes.
Is there an episode that shows Stan and Wendy getting back together? Also is there an episode that shows Cartman killing his dad? Thanks FAQ dude... After breaking up in "Raisins" (714), Stan and Wendy relight the flame in "The List" (1114). They don't officially announce they're getting back together, but the puke shot at the end is as good as it gets. As for Cartman "arranging" to have his father killed...that happens in "Scott Tenorman Must Die" (501), although at the time we didn't know Scott and Eric were half-brothers.
What up Mr. FAQ dude. Wanna hit me up with a list of episodes that the funny farmer guy appeared in to randomly give advice? Nyep, lotta history down that road... Sure, I can hook that up. First thing you should know -- the Old Gas Station Worker is a parody of the character Jud Crandall from the 1989 horror flick "Pet Sematary." As for his South Park appearances, he first debuted in "Butters' Very Own Episode" (514), then reappeared in Season 6's "Asspen", and one more time in Season 9's "Marjorine" (909). But remember, dead is better...
June 29, 2010
Please tell there ever gonna be another South Park movie? This is probably the most frequently asked FAQ of all time. And rightfully so, the first South Park Movie was so potent, we're all still recovering from the blow. Unfortunately, at the current moment, there are no plans for a second South Park Movie. But you never know what the future may bring, crazier things have happened...
Hey! Are there any episodes that show Kenny without his orange hood on?? It's really hard to see a totally-unhooded, unobstructed Kenny McCormick in the show. But there are several episodes where you can see most of his face and it's pretty sweet. Check out "The Losing Edge" (905), "The Jeffersons" (807), "Margaritaville" (1303), "Pee" (1314), "Super Best Friends" (504) and "You're Getting Old" (1507, at Stan's birthday party). Keep your eye out for his signature blond mop of hair.

Most recently, you can also see a pretty amazing reveal of his face in "Broadway Bro Down" (1511). He standing in line for the diving board, all the way on the right!

For the fully-exposed, unmuffled version of Kenny, you need to check out the South Park Movie: "Bigger, Longer, and Uncut." It's awesome.

June 24, 2010
This is driving me crazy!! Who the hell is Mysterion? Although his identity remained a mystery for a long time, he was finally unmasked to be...Kenny. Watch "Mysterion Rises" for more on Mysterion and his super powers...
Hey Mr FAQ I read online that you guys stopped working on the rest of Season 14 because your still fighting with Comedy Central about "201." Any truth behind this? And if not why havent we seen any new episodes yet? Tosh.0 took their break the same week as you and he has been back for a few weeks now. Nope, no truth at all. Don't believe the hype! The crew is on their regularly-scheduled mid-season break, just as we've done for the last 7 years straight. There's always a Spring run of shows and a Fall run of shows...and right now we're smack dab in the middle of that. The crew comes back in September to start working on new episodes and the rest of Season 14 debuts on OCTOBER 6th!
In "Cartoon Wars Part I", Cartman said that he knew Family Guy would go off the air after pulling just one episode because he saw it happen in a different show, but I can't figure out what the was. What show was it? According to Cartman, the show that happened to was "Laverne and Shirley" -- a sitcom which ran from 1976-1983. Here's Cartman's thoughts on the matter, right from the script:

Off the air? But... We're just going to try and get the Muhammad episode pulled.

It's simple television economics, Kyle. All it takes to kill a show forever, is get ONE EPISODE PULLED. If we can convince the network to pull this episode for the sake of Muslims, then the Catholics can demand a show THEY don't like get pulled. And then people with disabilities can demand ANOTHER show get pulled and so on, and so on, until FAMILY GUY IS NO MORE! It's exactly what happened to Laverne & Shirley.

Woa, woa Wait a minute!

Kyle gets his big wheel in front of Cartman's and pulls the hand brake to block his path. Kyle gets off his big wheel...

Dear Mr.FAQ -- Where is Macon the Pig, how is he doing...And which season was he in =) (cant remember) Oh word? We got an old-school fan here. Macon the pig was never actually in a South Park episode. He was in the live-action introductions that Matt and Trey recorded for their "South Park: Complete Season 2" boxed set. The bits were called "Bakin' Bacon with Macon" and they are awesome! If you can find those gems, savor the flavor.
Hey in "Medicinal Fried Chicken," when the Colonel says "Jamie Olliver gave his speech at the White House, he wasn't supposed to give that speech Eric." It seemed kind of random, was that an ode to a movie or something? I know you guys do ode's to alot of movies so was just wondering. That was pretty much a word-for-word parody of a scene from "Scarface." Tony Montana is supposed to kill this guy that's gonna give a speech at the UN, but winds up not doing because there were kids in the UN guy's car (see also this clip, which parodies that). But yeah, that whole Cartman/KFC chicken-dealing ring from "Medicinal Fried Chicken" is a pretty amazing parody of "Scarface."
In "Meet the Jeffersons" and in BLU you can hear Kenny's voice without it being muffled by his hood. But the voice in the movie sounds different from the episode!! Was it done by two different people?? If so why and who did the voice? You got a good ear, kid. Kenny's unmuffled voice was indeed done by different people in those two scenes. In the movie, Kenny's voice was provided by Mike Judge (creator of Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill, etc). In "The Jeffersons," his voice was actually done by Animation Director/Producer Eric Stough.
Mr. FAQ, in the episode "The Return of Chef", did they just take take voice clips of Isaac Hays? If I'm not mistaken this was when he left the show because they made fun of Scientology. Yes and yes. Issac Hayes (the voice of Chef) left the show at the end of Season 9, after the broadcast of "Trapped in the Closet" (and yes, he was a Scientologist). As you correctly guessed, the dialogue for "The Return of Chef" was created by patching together lines from past episodes. And for the official South Park record, the last episode where Issac Hayes recorded new dialogue for Chef was "Die Hippie, Die" (902).
June 23, 2010
This is bullshit! I've been asking questions for over two years now and never got an answer. Is it because I don't ask questions that everybody knows the answer to? Is it because I don't start my question with "Hey Mr. FAQ guy" or "I'm a big South Park fan with awesome rockin tits?" I see you answer the same questions over and over and over and over and over and over again, but I don't ever get a reply. Why do you hate me you frequently asked asshole?! I don't hate anyone. In fact, I'm quite snuggly. As I've mention many a-time (which you should know since you're apparently so awesome and visit the FAQ regularly), I only get a chance to read and answer a small percentage of FAQs every week. So if I haven't answered it before, it's either because your question has been answered recently, it's lame, or I didn't actually get a chance to read it. Most likely, the latter.

But I finally did read this today and I must say -- kudos for wasting your question on a complaint. You did it!